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  1. Rapportus5

    I like that the Ginyu Force got some attention. Burter was supposed to be the fastest dood in the universe but just got immediately beat up by goku :(

  2. Mason Mugridge

    I love that I can hear the Alucard in Cell's voice when he says "Excuse me!?" To Vegeta

  3. Matt Ragusa

    9:18 Happiest moment of Vegeta's life

  4. Rapportus5

    Omg that was hilarious. "I have a questionable outfit"

  5. Ꭵ’m ᏁᎾW sleepy

    1:42 Peter griffin

  6. shuralmehki

    The official guys should just give TFS some money for creating this whole series, and then release it all as bonus discs to the official thing.

  7. J R

    Gohan is tailess and fatherless, but not best namekian gay friendless

  8. Metal Sonic is god himself


  9. Metal Sonic is god himself

    How many maites

  10. N V

    So everyone including goku didnt think about teleporting 17 and 18 far away from cell

  11. Joe Rod

    Honestly I feel like it got better in the later episodes especially cell love you’re guys work so much thanks

  12. Carlos Jimenez

    I believe Plus Ultra was the motto of the Spanish Empire.

  13. David Stone

    "If you look deep into your heart.....which is currently all over that tree...." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm fucking dead!!!

  14. Dominic Coppard

    “Krillin, senzu bean” “Senzu bean?” “Senzu bean.”

  15. KaiVinnyWho

    Tokoyami lmfaoo

  16. Prof. Sir

    Yes....more Vegeeta Content for the Vegeeta soul well...

  17. a denki simp


  18. IgnatianMystic

    39:36 The fűçķ is that music?

  19. Prof. Sir

    This was shockingly sweet.

  20. Kylander

    To this day I still call bullshit that Aizawa survived that beating. His skull should have been paste. That said, this is literally the best MHA video I've ever seen lol.

  21. Robin B

    I need a weekly sitcom of this

  22. Prof. Sir

    Anyone else gay for Zarbog? No? Crap.

  23. Bob A Linx

    Someone please list all the music references, there are so many! Mmm-mm-mm!

  24. Celphalon RED


  25. Rithrius

    Sonic CAN work in live action, it's just that the writers went with the most generic and cliché copy/paste plot they could be bothered to google.

  26. Joey Pritchard

    I love the Canadian subtitles. "Is Trunks the smartest person here or what? Yes. Yes he is."

  27. Man Of Evil

    need to do one of these for full metal alchemist, naruto, bleach, one piece....everything

  28. Rithrius

    They had easily over 5M subs before they posted this video. Frankly i'm surprised they still got 3M left.

  29. Orio

    3:43 why do I hear "I'm smart and bitch"?

  30. AllCanadian LGND

    Goku-regects saiyan revert to monke

  31. GlitterSparkles4Life


  32. joe charles

    2:27 one piece reference??

  33. 『Juice lord』

    “Yamcha right? How you hangin- how you doin’?” Anyone else love the reference with that one?

  34. SugarDonut

    2:02 XD

  35. Captain Repair

    We need a full series of episodes for this

  36. Joe Ferri

    1:11:54 1:21:39 1:32:21 My favorite parts

  37. AllCanadian LGND

    I love how they made Nappa dense af

  38. Eric Barnes

    "Vroom Vroom Follow the rules." I'm crying right now

  39. Enzo Santos

    The bird whistle Every villian: Why did the boss music start?

  40. OceanNinja1680

    Eh what do you know you eat hair 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Hiromi Tailor

    Things I caught on the second viewing: the school is sky high and Mirio was in the USJ's lake.

  42. mesesakeekedo

    The weird thing is its actually Cannon

  43. Brian Burt

    First of all, everyone loves Mineta

  44. Toast

    10 years ago noice

  45. mesesakeekedo

    That intro tho

  46. Toast

    It’s still nice to watch even when it’s not Christmas

  47. Tom Ault

    3:10 Bakugo reading the textbook presentation of borderline personality disorder.

  48. Tom Ault

    "Vroom vroom, follow the rules! (unless you're me in the Stain arc)"

  49. Mr Legend

    2:15 so funny lol

  50. Akila War

    0:48 / 2:24

  51. Dominic Coppard

    Guess they kept up their promise of f***ing each other

  52. Gracie Hanson

    I just screamed at 1 am “IS THAT FREAKING INUYASHA MUSIC” at 3:46

  53. Bvby Stixx

    You should do demon slayer: mugan train in minutes

  54. Aychaz YT

    "I'm a diabetic hulk"

  55. Ricky Lahey

    This may be the only time when a single handed yellow beam killed someone

  56. buddermonger2000

    So did cell just admit he had no feelings about killing the world and just wanted it as a reason to get to fight Goku? And if they fought to the end he would've been satisfied and not done anything else?

  57. Dominic Coppard

    I love how Piccolo was just telling Goku what to say

  58. That Guy Jared

    To be fair, diabetic hulk also scares small children

  59. Ray

    Oh, demons in another universe? That's nice, same here : )

  60. Ethan Stewart

    Why is it wrong for goku to a get a ship from Bulma's scientist dad?

  61. Kinggamesallday

    I love how vegeta's theme was the shitty ass gt theme music lmao

  62. Alferr Bidelspatch

    I was thinking as i am watching this, that this video reminds me of TFS. But then i realized it is actually TFS as i look at the name of the channel.

  63. joshberry777

    Lol that bit with Zarbon and Cell had me dying

  64. Dominic Coppard

    Bulma:*flirts with Trunks* Trunks:*internal screaming*

  65. Jacob Herrera

    Y does super saiyan gohan's hair look like goku base

  66. Shelby Sigouin

    lmfao "female" "shit he's a youtuber"

  67. Raeshawn Louis

    I don’t even watch demon slayer and this is still funny

  68. The Red Comet

    Your hair looks like lavender but smells like strawberries 😂

  69. Dominic Coppard

    Trunks:*screaming( Frieza: what?! King cold: sounds!?

  70. Dracul JOSHI

    Actually, it would be Joshua...

  71. Leyderman Escobar Diaz

    We need one for season 2 also the ending I was dieing

  72. Shelby Sigouin

    Cell "Kill me" Radditz "way past that point" lmfao

  73. Skye P

    1:32 When goku was a kid, he agreed to marrying chichi because he thought marriage was the name of a food

  74. Joker89

    I would pay to see this as a full series

  75. MrAB2357

    I'm glad TFS is raisin the issue of Jackie Chun. He's the biggest mystery Dragon Ball has ever seen. W/e happened to him? Did Toriyama just forget about him? I guess we'll never know

  76. Aneyko W

    Not gonna lie, Vegeta is cute in this art style.

  77. Jesus Dillanes

    Anyone else see moron in the back at 4:03😂

  78. Dragon Balla

    The part with Tokoyami literally made me spit on my screen! 😂😂😂