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  1. Mitsuri Kanroji


  2. Jason Santos

    Yeah seems cell and freeze a talk shit one another

  3. Strange Mercy

    More please.

  4. kingkool30

    GOD I love these

  5. Metastabillity

    Frieza was killed by Vegetas son. Who was beaten by Cell's Sons. Hm

  6. Bigjob Bob

    Absolutely wonderful, keep going please I want at least a good 12 episode season ha!

  7. Vonn Kodii Ocenar

    😂😂😂 15 man he kinda funny man

  8. Starfall 21X

    You guys are way better than the official series

  9. Andrew Zanoni

    4:03 … look in the river

  10. LarkManEXE

    I hope you guys make an ep that explains how Freiza got strung up in that tree.

  11. Ash

    "You're father's an idiot." To be fair Goku does have brain damage that he suffered as a very young child that did a complete 180 on his personality going from a mean and violent kid to a sweet and loving kid, which the hit to the head should have killed him but Saiyans are very durable so he survived with damage to his brain, with his genius shining through on occasion but mostly in battle.

  12. Valcross

    Keep em coming 😂

  13. CobaltFox Plays

    4:46 I love Raditz reaction

  14. Deadpools Sidekick

    I'm sorry but when they mentioned dodgeball I couldn't help but think of one of Lytheros DBFZ lobby shenanigans where Frieza and Broly were throwing thier energy ball attacks at eachother, with actual sports balls edited on them and dodgeball hit effects playing.

  15. Hira Hiro!

    I love how Frieza and I think Reccome and Jaice are laughing when they got their ass kicked by Gohan 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Glenn Quagmire

    i feel bad for cell tbh

  17. Sofa King Tilted

    How the hell was there country music on the radio I thought there was no more country

  18. ReliableEGG

    Gohan's Anger Is My Favorite Song Of Dragon ball

  19. Jay Butler

    DBZA Cell is the best DBZ villain

  20. Bob jones

    Wait is no one gonna mention how Frieza died to Vegata's ki- oh....

  21. Harrison Riggs

    Raditz perking up at "my father was a brilliant scientist" is killing me. Perfect.

  22. John Goshe

    Are we gonna gloss over the fact that y’all had an ACTUAL HENTAI DVD 8:37 ?!? I haven’t seen that since I worked at FYE.

  23. Devilsblight86

    Was he about to reveal to Frieza that the Super Saiyan who killed him is Vegeta's son? ...Frieza would NEVER live that down...

  24. Bolt Thunder (Knight Of The Wind)

    1:09 i just realized thats a giant baby bottle

  25. Zan Lich

    So noone is gonna mention the fact he was holding porn in the hi-div ad. And a sailormoon dbz crossover one at that. Or are we all glossing over that?

  26. TGRohrbacher

    … is he wearing a tighter-than-skin-tight shirt, or is that a pale aF tan-line‽

  27. anti-triggered femenazi klub

    Fuckin loving this series!

  28. Ookami

    I cry so many times every time I watch DBZA lol

  29. Sanjin86

    More please

  30. Bigby 505

    This it's best show I ever saw on DBZ TFS

  31. The Spell Alchemist

    I could listen to this all day

  32. kenpoarniceguy1

    Perfect Cell totally owned Frieza.

  33. Lucky Jolteon

    This fucking idiot 👇

  34. Nathan McWilliams

    4:50 Raditz: "Depending on the version you watched, My Father was a Brilliant Scientist as well. Always howled at the Moon when he was an Oozaru, he did."

  35. Nicodemas Prime


  36. Alan Lowstuter

    Bardock"Frieza must be stopped no matter the cost" The touch starts playing Me: nostalgia go Brrrrrrr

  37. Elepole Eolis

    Nothing in the world could have helped the level of burn Cell was about to unleash on Freeza, good thing the twin demon stopped him.

  38. Jacob Wickman

    why no king cold?

  39. Ecko

    I remember watching dbza as a young kid and laughing and enjoyed it see this is really sad seeing this but just as Minecraft Story Mode Said Nothing Last Forever I understand thank you for my childhood

  40. Crimson Shade

    Oh kami you guys are sick why Guru!?!? I'm...palllllllllllllle!

  41. ComicWriter 2020

    Man, this brings back nostalgia for the abridged series.

  42. lidiane bezerra

    Por favor adicionem legendas em portuques(brasil) por favor

  43. adviseal

    guru how did you die. CANCELL CULTURE

  44. Brian (Darkgoku)

    Didn't cell have 5 forms? Larva, imperfect, semi-perfect, perfect, and super perfect cell.

  45. Shoddybee

    I 100% did not think that we were going to get any more of this. I'm so glad to be proven wrong!

  46. Humad 4X

    WANT MORE!!!!

  47. sanzo8100

    Cell: The super sayian who killed u was actually from the future and he was vegetas kid! Frieza: wha…….no….nooo….NOOOOOO!!!!

  48. Agent719

    I just realized Cell was beaten by probably the only person there who's DNA he wasn't made from.

  49. Benjamin Gamper

    Cell the cultivated opera singer. Love how you done this series 😂

  50. Wisdom For All

    I wanna see the dodgeball episode. WHO IS WITH ME?!?

  51. MetalSonicDragon98

    NOOOO I WANTED CELL TO TELL FRIEZA THE TRUTH!!! Man this was amazing and hilarious, I honestly didn't expect a sequel I love that HFIL is now a series (at least I hope is now a series)

  52. potato man

    I am the wandering turtle here to save lives. There is a fan based parody of a fan based parody. It is buu saga abridged and it is currently like old dbza. They say what we all are thinking. Please show them love do they can blossom like sea weed

  53. Rei 3155

    Doing the lords work

  54. Food_ Toobs

    Are we just not gonna talk about that Sailor Moon/DBZ hentai Lani has at the beginning of this promo?! Lol

  55. Tera

    simple question. why doesn't cell cut off his leg with the ankle bracelet and regenerate?

  56. Benjamin Gamper

    Cell: Be afraid of you're god. But spoilers....., i'm not listening. 😂😂 just perfect

  57. Jake Uzamaki

    Love this, it’s honestly great

  58. king sora

    Jimmy fire cracker reminds me of escargoon from the Kirby tv show

  59. Ignacio Kinbaum

    George Joestar sounds like Gozaburo Kaiba

  60. Mimi Mimi

    "we have dragonballs but thats like a whole day" meanwhile lord slug goons can find them all in an hour.

  61. EvilKittie (EvilKittie)

    Raditz has to be my favorite currently in this series.

  62. guillermo contreras

    Wait... so gero, inst in hell??

  63. Tower Gray

    Oh my... the episode was great! But... Lani "Caveman" Pator, my goodness... you okay my friend? Has Covid left you on that desert island too long?

  64. HauntedNimbrethil

    Zarbon and Dodoria, loved the dynamic

  65. Snake Bolt

    I wonder if king cold will show up

  66. kordell

    “ *ahh godzirra* “

  67. The Rookie cop

    Kermit with a C should be in HFIL by now.

  68. gcervantes47

    I was hoping Cell brought up the fact that he was the only one to killed Goku, pissing freeza off even more

  69. omegafan101

    I understand if they don’t do the movie villains but I’m pretty surprised we haven’t seen Gero. As a cyborg he still has a soul and ki higher than Raditz at least so logically he’d be here. Edit: Shit I guess King Cold would land here too.

  70. DialD4Death (Delta)


  71. guillermo contreras

    I need a full season of this. Please TFS :(

  72. SlickChick

    This is so good, I hope its a series!

  73. MegaMetEXE

    You guys seriously need to make more of this is pure gold

  74. otakon17

    I love this and would be grateful to receive more, thank you.

  75. Jared Cook

    Everyone laughed at Cell because most of them beat Gohan at one point or another

  76. SalveMonesvol

    Without ki... isn't Racoome the strongest down there?

  77. TimeZeroHour

    Why did cell not brag about him killing Goku at the start? Was he building up to it at the end before getting cut off?

  78. EMGuy

    Is it weird that Raditz (RADIZ!!) is my favorite character in the show?