Animaniacs!! | Talkcast Podshow Ep. 42 - TeamFourStar (TFS)


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    It's An-i-man-ee, but is it totally insane-ee? Kaiser, Lani, and Zito give the facts on the 2020 Animaniacs!
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    1. TeamFourStar

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      1. MiniBasketballVT

        The world needs some talkcast podshows covering upcoming anime; Jujutsu Kaisen, promised neverland, Dr. Stone, and MHA this spring!

      2. Nathan Ramos

        @Agent K it's Vegeta and Nappa

      3. Agent K

        So is Goku and Vegeta’s relationship just Pinky and The Brain?

      4. Wow Justwow


    2. Master Psilocyeph

      Am I alone? (I don't have kids) would I not play this for my children and do my best to answer any questions they have (after a few viewings) to convey (and discuss) ideas/concepts from what I know in relation to how I've watched things change..?

    3. WildDancer101

      I paused the second episode to laugh my good laugh when Pinky said the battle cry we all know and debatably love.

    4. CZeke

      In case anyone else was curious, I'll save you the trouble of looking it up: that bit at 6:30ish about Histeria getting cancelled because "conservatives got mad about the truth"? Totally baseless. I can't find any evidence for that whatsoever. By all accounts the show was just low-rated and over-budget. (What he was probably thinking of was a single sketch that got cut after a complaint from the Catholic League.)

    5. Xerxes Torrero

      The amount of clearing throat and hocking, clear your throats before the podcast FFS.

    6. Jake Brown

      Feels like half of this is just Scott criticizing the show, appreciate Lani and Zito talking about what they love but Scott keeps bringing it down

      1. Jake Brown

        Which is not to say the show doesn’t deserve criticism in some areas but damn he passes the show off as being bad

    7. Micah Buzan

      I'm definitely inspired to watch the reboot now.

    8. Cyclops823

      33:06 That voice impression is actually pretty spot on

    9. Ofir Barak

      You guys are FUCKING AWESOM!!! I like it better when you guys do these sort of talk casts and topics. If the channel is devoted exclusively to DBZ than I lose interest. I'd like to see more content such as this on cartoons, comics, animation (not necessarily only from the 90's), fantasy, science fiction, literature.

    10. dan smith

      Lots of TDS in the podcast. Shame.

    11. Bruh MomentoMori

      So, any idea when we’ll get more of Unabridged?

    12. Raheem Aslam

      Idea: animaniacs abridged

    13. Landon Tapscott

      While I can respect anyone for having the own political biases, honestly the show leans hard on conservatism and alienated me in the process. I was excited for the reboot, but after the bun episode I had to tune out. Glad you guys enjoyed it, but its hard to enjoy the show when you are the butt of a majority of the jokes.

    14. goofboy96

      All I gotta say is if I don’t see Mr. Director and hear a “NICE LADY!” I’ll be so heartbroken 🥺

    15. Hedgeman98

      Wait this show stopped airing in America in 98, huh interesting I was born in 98 and watched this show when I was a kid so I guess like some other shows Animaniacs kept airing in the Netherlands after it stopped in other countries 🤔

    16. Darren2016N

      Ngl, while watching this show i started to skip the Pinky and the Brain segments because they were pretty boring to me

    17. Donn Achtenberg

      They could totally do a Buttons and Mindy bit next season, just think about it: The Mindy-lorian

      1. Cyclops823

        Oh no😂

    18. Joshua Folino

      Do Jujutsu Kaisen

    19. Sal Az

      I still need more Ducktales

    20. TriXie Kat

      Anilaniac... ANILANIAC.... -.- ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA Select+Start.. There, try again.

    21. Halan DeBoise

      Will yall just do s 4? It's the only way to revive this channel.

    22. Sweet King78

      35:24 I loved Rita and Runt, but I agree they wouldn't work in 2020.

    23. Tyler Foster

      Kaiser, you remind me of a young Glen Weldon. Also, Chicken Boo isn't the worst character. That honor belongs to The Hip Hippos.

    24. marc nunley

      Pinko and the brain with the random steam powered giraffe reference. Just outta nowhere. Lol

    25. Garvintron

      Damn, this channel really is fucking dead

    26. Confused NinjaX

      This was a joy to listen to! Thank y'all! ♡ Kept me very happy and entertained while I put up my 1st ever Christmas tree ♡

      1. Confused NinjaX


      2. Jordan Arnold

        Congrats on the first tree! They get easier from here, so stay strong!

    27. Mario Banegas

      I'm just here to yikes at the watch vs subs numbers. How the mighty have fallen

    28. ALLthegames

      I was kinda sad they didn’t say anything about the orchestra episode - that had some of my favorite orchestral music in it!

    29. Paul McDonagh

      Wow they do make other content! Welp time to rewatch DBZA again

    30. Luke Miller

      Would you guys please consider bringing back the Talkcast Podshow weekly? It’s one of my favorite podcasts out there right now. Feels like I’m having a conversation with some buds.

    31. clips 4days

      When is dbs abridged coming out MAN I NEED IT

    32. Dj Cuda

      Lmk if you need any voice actors or guests!!

    33. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      I've only watched the first couple episodes, and I'm very hesitant to continue. Animaniacs was my childhood. Speaking as a guy who watches a lot of anime, floods of memories involving other shows ribbing anime gets pretty awkward pretty quick. And I miss characters like Slappy Squirrel. Knowing we won't see them EVER for what is currently out is greatly saddening. That said, listening to this gives me hope. I've never been much for keeping on top of trends and current news (very much living under a rock), but hopefully there's enough wordplay, wit, and zaniness (without getting TOO "lolrandom") that I'll enjoy it.

    34. Writer in Black

      TFS: "Christmas episodes are so overdone" Me: So are you saying Frieza day episodes don't count?

    35. paige waters

      Omg get your asses back to DBZA, your content for the last 2 years has been so unbelievably crappie

    36. Eugenio Smolsky

      we need you get majin buu saga please... it will be so great to see vegeta again

    37. Brian Larson

      Hey, suggestion of a topic, Hollow Knight? Lore specifically, there's a lot to pick through.

    38. JellyFish19

      why would they abandon dragon ball abridged for this? :\

      1. Apollohates Hisdayjob

        Copyright is a major point. The fatigue of pouring so much love and effort into something and know that you are going to have a legal battle and demonitization every single time kills a Lot of interest towards investing in a multi year project with a large staff that lives across several states and some international.

    39. Ryan David Agyemang

      Could you talk about Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    40. Nero Strat

      28:45 Julia furry bait XD i love it

    41. DON-EAZY- E

      When are you guys coming out with the FINAL FANTASY 7 finale Season this month???

    42. Jay T.

      Zito had some Taka energy in that introduction bit.

    43. Violet Kurtz

      54:45 It's even more egregious cause they had an *entire skit* mocking shows that don't have shading in the original show.

    44. PeterWDawson

      Could I please ask that people not eat while on a hot microphone? Makes it really hard to listen to with headphones.

    45. Ducilios

      Okay, so I have to stop this episode of the podcast, watch the whole season then come back to keep listening because I am spoling things to myself.

    46. Surble Chev

      I was alright with the John Dimaggio mouth gnome, but did it really need that weird millionaire backstory? Just keep it as some magic gnome, point blank

    47. lejarey II

      ok guys so im more ready or hoping for a freakizoid reboot like really now heck im thinking of a freakizoid movie where he is added to DC cinematic universe

    48. starfreakist

      You do know Putin the President of Russia is a former SOVIET OFFICER in Russian Intelligence. That's why all the Russian jokes work Kaiser.

    49. topgamer101

      I don't know. I can't remember how much I laughed at the show when I was younger, but watching the first four or five episodes now and I'm not really laughing anywhere close to what I thought I would. Sure there's a few jokes that are decent, though I tend to laugh at the simple one liners and silly shit like the Mayo. A lot of the stuff they are talking about in the talk cast isn't making me laugh all that hard. I can't tell if I've just grown out of whatever the Animaniacs humor was/is or maybe the writing/timing just isn't lining up for me and isn't working all that well. Maybe the dumb goofs are just coming off childish and it's just not hitting me. Kinda sad, but I guess that's how it is. The show just isn't doing it for me now.

      1. Meer Kat

        I think the writing is to blame. Like they did a good job recreating the feel of Animaniacs, glad the voice actors were back but when I was watching it I was comparing the first few episodes of the old and new series side by side and the old show was just better. Plus this one was way too focused on only politics. The old one had some politics sure, but it picked more on all sides and they weren't like the focus of the entire skit. Honestly I'm tired of all politics regardless.

    50. R. Babylon

      Being guaranteed more seasons doesn't mean shit. Just ask Joss Whedon.

    51. GENKU

      Just saying you should finish off yhe dbz abridged series even if the episodes take even longer. It's pure gold.

    52. Delathen Leso

      Man... Scott's sense of humor has seriously slipped over the years. Animaniacs was great, but he seems to not get half of what makes it so.

      1. topgamer101

        Or he has different tastes. Or his tastes have changed with additional life experience and working on his own shows and writing. Or he's looking at the show from more than just one angle and considering more than one viewpoint. Nah, his sense of humor must just be shit. >.>'

    53. puh082hud ;qel'duj

      The past bottle spindly list because tray suddenly calculate after a fixed industry. squeamish, ill machine

    54. Kah Rocks

      Man i love listening to Zito juggle phlegm for an hour

    55. Cartoon Getaway

      Yeah, I can see Slappy as an Uber driver

    56. Silverlight

      "Fear mongering, the third worst mongering after war and fish," The pennywise riff and the treble thing with the composer were my favorite

    57. o0bookwyrmknight0o

      The “Australia solved their bun problem” is a double joke because they have actually had European rabbit problems destroying their ecosystems and farms in the past. The only difference between the episode and real life, they are actually still having problems with their rabbit populations!

      1. Apollohates Hisdayjob

        They are still having trouble with their bun problem too.. Really all they did was the attempt the "tiger rock" solution from Simpsons, except it involved confiscating their citizens private property.

    58. Lightly Salted

      Real quick this is unrelated but just finished watching every season and all the side movie and show of sword art online and I gotta say it is the kingdom hearts of anime because I am left with more questions then I had answered and I dont know who to talk to about this....maybe a therapist...probably a therapist

    59. brad carver

      So uh you guys gonna play Among Us again or what?

    60. Mr. Mystery

      Was I the only one that groaned out loud when he said an animated zit got under his skin?

    61. Sam Baroglio

      I never watched the original, so I get to binge-watch it all.

      1. Chris Sadler

        To be that young...

    62. Nathan Ramos

      [Well Vegeta what are we going to be doing tonight?] ( the same thing we do every night Napa try to take over the universe! )

    63. Karis8894

      Enjoy the reboot, but wish the rest of the cast had been brought back. Personally find the idea of certain segments being to “dated” to bring back a bit hypocritical, cause if they believed that, then The Warners should also be excluded considering they are a reference to the Marx Brothers, which the show lampshades multiple times. Hell, this technically made them a more dated reference in the original show, the. The Goodfellas would be today. Just no respect.

    64. J0ECRAWF15H

      I have a LOT of mixed feelings about this. one the ONE hand, the humor feels NEARLY identical. supposedly they were ALWAYS overtly political, I don't remember that *at all* as a kid watching.... Yakko, wakko and dot however feel like they've mostly remained untouched. they're still the same characters that we know and love. Dot hasn't completely TAKEN OVER, which I did somewhat expect, but it hasn't happened yet. Pinky and the Brain also remain untouched. even _better,_ some might say. I didn't like how they introduced a female adversary that _completely_ took over Pinky's role of ruining Brain's plan for the entire episode. (Pinky did nothing but literally _watch_ that entire episode...) I didn't like all the new political stuff. The Trump impression was pretty spot-on but the bun-buyback episode was practically MADE out of cringe. They also suffer from a SEVERE lack of other characters. There's _nothing_ wrong with 'heloooo nurse'. It irritates me that idiots/jackasses like you virtue signal en masse until her and every character _like_ her (Ms. Bellum, Jessica rabbit etc...) is just GONE. Let women be hot again, dammit! Aside from that the main few that I miss from the old cast are Slappy the Squirrel, and then Rita and Runt. (and then I guess ChickenBoo? I really don't think he ever actually was the least popular, I really think ppl just didn't know his name back them... we all just knew him as the giant chicken with the terrible human disguise...) but yeah the show really suffers from the Warners having to carry roughly 2/3s of the time, as opposed to their usual 1/3. could REEEEEEAAALLY bennefit from bringing back all the old skitz. REEEEEALLY want them to bring back Freakazoid now. and Darkwing Duck. and I need to Tiny Toonz Reboot to f**king get here already (and I need them to make fun of how they tried putting bugs and daffy together in an apartment as a show... like really REALLY badly lmao)

    65. James Lail

      "It has been 22 years!" *Me, who's 22* ......Oh my.

      1. Some Guy

        Same. All of this stuff was before my time lol

      2. TJ

        I'm 21 and didn't think anything of it until your comment. They've been gone longer than I have been around

    66. Wiley E Coyote

      I never really watched the older Animaniacs, but I would say it would it would probably be the Slappy Squirrel segments. For the new one, I have to say Here Comes Treble, the music episode where they torment a conductor.

    67. Pride fallen

      Next episode for you guys to do is archer or jojo bizarre adventure

    68. CsBTransition

      It feels weird watching an Animaniacs that looks the same from start to finish. As opposed to TMS animated but, Kennedy animated bit, etc...

    69. EggHeadNoob

      Will you ever make Dragon Ball Super abridged?

    70. Scottius Maximus I

      🎶 It's time for ãnąl-maniacs, We have gay-4-pay contracts. 🎶

    71. Denomolos

      Snort, snort, hawk, swallow, loop, repeat.

    72. Ren Cen

      I take it Kaiser didn't read that the controvercies that happened later on is the stab toward Johnny Depp as in the posters in the reboot songs and aswell that telephone number in one of the Pinky and the Brain episodes was actually a sex hotline!

    73. SKay

      No manspreading comment?probably dodging the bullet of controversy there. It was unfunny, period. It might have worked as a smaller reoccurring joke in another skit, but not the premise for an entire short.

    74. s1vy

      Whoever constantly clear their throat during recording. I beg you. STOP.

    75. Reino Ventura

      Hey team four star,can you make a yu yu hakusho abridge pls????😢😢😢😢

      1. Reino Ventura

        If it was team four star,it will be a great comedy

      2. Msoulwing

        Um... Lani made that years ago.

    76. virgiltheart

      Honestly I suspect there'll still be some Trump-related jokes in Season 2, seeing as how both seasons were written long before the election last month.

      1. dan smith

        Not like they can actually do real boundary crossing and do hits on Democrats.

    77. Sarah Ellwood

      I haven't been able to watch it l probably need to bite the bullet and get Hulu for a shirt time. What I have seen on SEprom has been great. I miss the other characters though.

    78. Reino Ventura

      Hey team four star,cam you make yu yu hakusho abridge pls?????😢😢😢

    79. Nick Nick Nick

      I appreciate someone had a cold, but can the guy snorting please chill or learn the subtle art of the mute button

    80. Clyde Northrup

      I feel ambivalent about the reboot because there are many great jokes and despite retreating some old concepts and losing most of the characters they understand the base character traits of the 5 characters so well that I recognize them in spite of all the problems and politics. The segments that worked best were things like the Greek Games where you have a simple concept and a fun set up for the warners being at cross purposes with the Arnold wannabe and settle things with innocent joy, cartoony mischief, and humbling the proud so they stop taking themselves or their obsessions so seriously. The original show was irreverent and did things like Loony toons because they could and had been told not too and I don't think this show has enough of that spirit and attitude but the characters always feel in character and there are more good jokes than bad so I can recommend it, just not more than I recommend the original. Also if you want to do any kind of controversial or irreverent humor, you cannot play favorites, you cannot take prisoners.

    81. MAK3X7

      ngl, I'm with wako, the buns episode won't over my head.... wait buns rymes with... oh fuck.

    82. Yungandrekless

      That final segment in this video on Joe Biden was so funny, I'd be devastated if it DIDN'T show up in the next season

      1. Yungandrekless

        @Kenta Kitsune Know what? I'm an animator. I'll make it if no one else will

      2. Kenta Kitsune

        Oh fuck yeah! I could literally see it in motion listening to them

    83. Mese Ktet

      I will miss Slappy, But Sherri Stoner retired, so even if the show wasn't pissing off OG writers, I don't think we would get more Slappy. On the plus side, if there is ANYTHING that could get the producers to get back all the writers it's demands from Sheri Stoner that she will return as Slappy if her old writing pals get a pass at some scripts.

    84. Mese Ktet

      We know Joe is in favor of "Traditional Marriage", but not really paining a target on his head with how obnoxious he is... yet.

      1. Mese Ktet

        @Warrington Feaslefeet How Animaniacs is going to handle the Presidential change, they can't keep making fun of the giant man-baby as he will be out of office. I was commenting on the part they were raising that question. Will they make fun of Joe Biden, cause they can't keep making fun of tRump.

      2. Warrington Feaslefeet

        whats the problem?

    85. Humming_Bird246

      I agree with the video note but to fit with the rhyme it should have been "It's An-i-man-ee, but is it totally insane-ee? with Kaiser, Zito, Lani. and those are the facts"

    86. shadow king13

      I remember when they had the segments “leak” and I too refused to watch them until the episodes came out.... the kicker is I don’t have any subscription service cause reasons

    87. Jaydon

      6:40 What show is he talking about here?

    88. Jay Bee

      I know Im in the minority when I say this but... I get so happy when I see a TFS upload without Quinn.

      1. Jay Bee

        And Im not trying to be mean, he seems like a nice dude I just dont find him entertaining enough to completely take over their gaming channel.

      2. Jay Bee

        Joseph Perez You know I never thought of it but yeah he totally does sound like a young Ben. Except a young Ben who grew up in San Francisco with no actual sense of humor or charisma. I tried really hard to like Quinn but he has never actually made me laugh.

      3. Joseph Perez

        Young Ben? Sorry, I know it's a weird thing, but I can help but thing Quinn looks and sounds like Ben if he were like 15 years younger.

    89. Dillon Mosher

      Overtly political? I'm out.

      1. Dillon Mosher

        @Kentrc11 political, sure. Overtly political, no. It's fine to have political beliefs, and no matter what, those will come out in one's work, but it shouldn't ever be the focus of a cartoon.

      2. Kentrc11

        Leave if you want - Animaniacs has always been political.

    90. GokuSS400

      "goodfeathers flock together while Slappy whacks them with her purse! Buttons chases Mindy, while Rita sings a verse! The writers flipped! We have no script! Why bother to rehearse? "

    91. akil charles

      Regarding to one of the songs in the new Animaniacs series I kinda like the Dot song vote for cartoon rights. The song was okay but seeing all old called back cartoons like the Flintstones,Yogi bear,Bugs Bunny,Sylvester and even the Loonatics (which may me laugh) were nice to see them come back. And I think both Daffy Duck and Sylvester were voice by the same actor which I fine neat.

    92. Demongunner7

      Love that you guys talked about this. ALSO, can anyone tell me if Rob had a voice double for when they sang the beginning of "Reboot It"? I've never heard Paulsen sing high notes like that.

      1. Jackie McCann

        No, he did not. That was all Rob Paulsen.

    93. MrSHADOWANGEL999

      a show which you will grow to love in different ways as you yourself grow and that has grown with it's audience glad to see it's return

    94. Rookee Alding

      Dot is Babs.... ( both in voice and action. ) it's not a bad thing. Slappy was played by Sherri Stoner.( she did a lot of things) The gnome skit should have gone to freakazoid. As for voices, I thought in the past that they pitched the aninmaiacs voices up In the original show.

    95. Krytos911

      If you guys now have Hulu check out Solar Opposites, made by some of the Rick and Morty guys like justin Roiland, it shares a lot of the humour, art style - though hearkens more to season 1 of Rick and Morty. I won't ruin anything about it, but its worth giving a shot

    96. Oyster

      I feel like the gnome was one of those flexing excersises like "Lets come up with a concept that will set the audences expectation SO low that whatever we actually give them will seem great" and it was, favorite bit by far for me

    97. That Annoying Furry

      Modern Animaniacs is propaganda garbage.

    98. SATOhara

      Julia Brain is the best thing to have happened all year.

    99. UmamaGoblin

      Policy wise trump isn’t much worse than most American presidents, personality wise trump deserves the dragging 👌

      1. Apollohates Hisdayjob

        Preach! I wouldn't even say on policy he is necessary worse than most, it's just a question of which side benefits more, because the ones getting the shaft are always going to have a much harsher view.. and unless you're in your 40s or older, you have a very limited experience under different presidents. Also agree though, Trump has one of the worst, garbage personalities of most of the past presidential Candidates!

    100. Bo Dukes

      Really? We have NOTHING on Joe? 👃🏼👃🏼👃🏼