Cell in a Hell | HFIL


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    HFIL Episode 1: Cell in a Hell
    Cell finds himself in a fresh new Hell, but finds a shot at redemption?
    Curtis Arnott as Cell, Guldo, Guru
    Marc Soskin as King Yemma, Recoome, Jeice
    Nick Landis as Goz, Raditz
    Stephan Krosecz as Mez
    Scott Frerichs as Burter, Zarbon
    Anthony Sardinha as Dodoria
    Martin Billany as Freeza
    Script by Scott Frerichs, Nick Landis, and Curtis Arnott
    Animation by Devil Artemis
    Editing by Scott Frerichs
    Music by Cliff Weinstein
    Compositing by Stephan Krosecz
    DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

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    1. DevilArtemis

      Glad to be a part of this guys! Had a ton of fun animating, Hope you all enjoyed the episode and want to see more!

      1. Delvovic21

        Yes! Lots more

      2. OakenObject 39

        this is DragonBall Super Sriends but TFS and i love it

      3. Nikola Shule

        You should have done the voice too.

      4. Arkham VA Productions

        I knew it! You had a hand in this.

      5. banane


    2. Pakrète D.

      so many possibilities !!!!!!!!!!!! how raditz turned the "fountain of water" into a "fountain of blood" why frieza was transferred to his personal hell the Ginyu force with the 2 brothers (I'm sure they must have gotten along well) zarbon who flirt with the 2 brothers? no, he has a "girlfriend"

    3. Rollie Purdy

      Please tell me there is a part 2 lol

      1. dnmstarsi

        Look at the description. :)

    4. phe25

      This is not counting the fact cell is from an alternative timeline. Which is a big no no when you get the grand priest.

    5. Rapportus5

      I like that the Ginyu Force got some attention. Burter was supposed to be the fastest dood in the universe but just got immediately beat up by goku :(

    6. Robin B

      I need a weekly sitcom of this

    7. Prof. Sir

      Anyone else gay for Zarbog? No? Crap.

    8. joshberry777

      Lol that bit with Zarbon and Cell had me dying

    9. Shelby Sigouin

      Cell "Kill me" Radditz "way past that point" lmfao

    10. MrAB2357

      Listen Bell It's Cell and you know that! So Frieza joined the Bloods gang while in HFIL? Makes sense

    11. Ben Jammin'

      I love the notion that Guru is Slug's evil half

    12. Mar00n M4v


    13. Mako O'roise

      This needs to become a series. I would PAY to watch this.

      1. dnmstarsi

        It IS a series.

    14. RetroPix

      I love how mellow Raditz is, HFIL must’ve did a number on him 😅

      1. dnmstarsi

        He couldn't escape his sins (by sins, I mean hitting Yemma in the nuts and managing to get into Heaven for some time).

    15. Daniel Pokorny


    16. JDeO1997

      At 4:34 you can pinpoint the exact moment Cell realized what sort of hell he's in for

    17. DynoSkrimisher

      Song for the afterparty

    18. atigerclaw

      "Kill me..." "Waaaaay past that buddy." And on that day, a new, strange friendship was formed.

    19. CheapBastard1988

      Looks like a "gay old time" in Hell.

    20. Ran Dam01

      Cell is not stronger than Lord Frieza

      1. Ran Dam01

        @Prompthorizen 12 Fuck you're right

      2. Prompthorizen 12

        At this point in time he is and by ridiculous amount if you know anything about basic power scaling.

    21. Hidden Lineage

      I love how Radditz is just a chill af bro.

    22. David Robertson 1

      How did I miss this?!? Awesome episode!

    23. Prince Vegeta

      I miss abridged so much.

    24. Bryan Diaz

      TFS is pulling a Dragon Ball Super. Like how Super won’t go past Z and fills in between the 10 years before the end, they’re not goin past the Buu saga and just fillin in the 7 years inbetween lmao

      1. dnmstarsi

        Unless Toei (and SEprom) learned fuck off within the 7 year gap...

      2. Reed Costello

        A beautiful idea

    25. Kindall Lowder

      Soooo... when do we see Lord Slug?

    26. SkyDucks

      i kinda want to see more on cell's adventures in HFIL not going to lie

    27. AlessandroTheCynical

      please make this a thing.

    28. Uno Uni

      Makes me wonder if we'll get more of this and perhaps have Kid/Super Buu added in another episode since it takes place 1 Year after the Cell Saga

      1. Uno Uni

        @dantedoomsday No I meant when cell got into HFIL Cell's introduction to HFIL is one year after the cell saga

      2. dantedoomsday

        Kid/Super Buu takes place 7 years after Cell, not 1 year

    29. berane 825

      Do continue this

    30. Simon Ferland

      0:45 “I'm a thirsty Bitch” 😂😂

    31. Joe White

      Tell me you guys are continuing this shit it's great lol

    32. Patrick Murray


    33. Michael Sciarrillo

      I miss my mommy she went beep

    34. Darth Revan

      my only problem is cell would absolutely wipe the floor with frieza. FUCKING SUPERKAMIGURU!!!!!

    35. metro893 gaming

      The end is perfect

    36. drkmgic

      Yo wheres episode 2. Lololol

    37. Deimoclese

      Love this so much. This should be a series. I would definitely watch. Couldnt cell just cut his leg off tho?

    38. Tommy R Collins a.k.a Tomtokyo

      I Love Japanese Manga And Anime Otaku World's Stuff's And I Love That Part When Cell is in Home For Infamous Losers or HFIL He Be Suffering For Rest of His Life So Anyway That Was Awesome I Never Get Tired of That Scenes And as For Cell All I Want to Say to Cell is Rest in The Underworld or a Different Underworld Call HFIL You Punk So Welcome to Home For Infamous Losers Loser...

    39. Austin Dyer

      This is literally so fucking amazing I want multiple seasons 😂

    40. Yoshifan1219


    41. ProGamer

      2:47 was almost on the floor from laughing so hard

    42. Epl Mbapple Reveiws

      Cell chop ur leg of grow another and wreck their shit

    43. shioriryukaze

      I have watched this 10 times in five days... Should I be worried?

    44. FlyingBeto3

      This WILL be a new series? Right?!? Please!!

    45. Chubby Dubby17

      Notice how Captain Ginyu isn’t there.

    46. ChampionImpulse


    47. Camren Johnson


    48. Corbin Brindle

      If only nappa was here

    49. Jack Of Knives

      Am I the only one who wants this to be a series?

    50. Korounet

      how did I miss it on day one?

    51. KAW

      I ship it.

    52. Namnevox

      4:10 In case you're wondering how to flirt like a sim

    53. AsiaanBoi

      I’m surprised how good the auto caption is on this video.

    54. Jeremy Borden

      Where's nappa

    55. Josh Lips


    56. GippyHappy

      Raditz sounds different. Like a young chill Vegeta.

      1. Sharpie

        Thats because that’s his first voice while you’re used to the other voice that got kicked out of the studio (as a joke)

    57. TheImmortalAJ

      I hope more EPs come out

    58. kyle tatsch

      We need part 2

    59. Captain Jurgh캡틴져

      HFIL not having Ginyu is kinda nice touch since he died as a Frog with power level lower than... Cell's new housemate.

    60. CornShow


    61. Jack Dunn

      More HFIL OR WE STRIKE!!!

    62. RJ Halbert

      this is the best thing ive ever seen

    63. Zealous

      ples makea more i lovea this cella guy plz cancer

    64. Doug Prado

      I would love to see a part two of this

    65. NeoSonic19

      Poor Cell, the guy has to endure an eternity of Ginyu twerking and Grand Elder Guru jabbering. Raditz is basically the only sane person in this short.

    66. Katame Kothriis

      6:05 "Y-You've awakened something I think....." *kinky*

    67. Tristan Band

      Dodoria is fabulous too. Just in his own way.

    68. Tye2K

      TFS please do season 4 all of this build-up is going to waste you guys CAN do it. FUCK Toei and Fuck “burnout” PLEASE BELIEVE.

    69. Kieslodarkmoon9

      The fact that Freeza just tail strangled Cell is a feat that I never thought could happen. Interesting series. Definitely be watch it ALL!

    70. Edge vericarz

      Do you remember a while back when team four stars that they're not doing any more Dragon Ball stuff

    71. Leo TUSS

      Imagine moving into a neighbour hood and before seeing your house you see your neighbours ,have a party and get abused every so often

    72. kembo white

      Love how it's been like a decade since they last used raditz voice so they just gave him a new one entirely

    73. Mariano


      1. Reed Costello

        a street or passage closed at one end

    74. and the Last Shall be First to Immerse

      If this ends up being a full series, I feel like Raditz would be the best part.

    75. Keyblade games

      "And I prefer Sprite!" Burter, you're even more of my favorite now than before. He knows which soda is the best AND IT'S FUCKIN' SPRITE BABY!!!!!!!!!!

    76. Wulf Mangetsu

      Could've gone my whole life not knowing how it would look like if the Ginyu Force were twerking.

    77. Manwith NoIphone

      He's Six years old hey Uhh R34 artist I think you need to ERASE THAT

    78. [fuyu]

      A code orange for Cell? Now I need to know what deserves a red one

    79. mmm gut sehr gut cell wird sehr viel schwitzen uwu

    80. Regis Eon

      2:36 OH no Priceless

    81. Trenton Bates

      lol I love tfs freiza, he's based of stewy from family guy I bet

    82. Vinny Boberino

      So based on cell being the newest villain here I’m guessing that of other episodes come out ,that villains after Cell could arrive and we could see the great voices TFS gives them.

    83. Tobi

      It took me till this video to find out they were saying "HFIL" and not "hipple"

    84. Alucard Hellsing

      What is guru doing there!

    85. Alucard Hellsing

      At this point they should work at a strip club

    86. Antony Standen


    87. Derek Sorensen

      I want more of this

    88. Conner Heise

      If it’s any consolation at least cell isn’t gonna wake up looking at the ginyu force twerking

    89. LiveFire12

      This... I want to see more of this . . . It's fkg hilarious!

    90. Alpha HUSTONN

      I was looking forward to seeing Uganda knuckles here though

    91. CrusaderTheFirst

      I have the feeling raditz is gonna get certified rehabilited and gets to go to heaven by the time of dragonball super.

    92. Tengou

      So eh, I hate to be a stick in the mud but can't Cell just wrench his own leg off? Boom, ankle bracelet gone.

      1. Reed Costello

        the bracelet grows back.

    93. Christopher Knoll

      Is this gonna be a series? This needs to be a series.

    94. Wipple Wopple

      Now I want a sitcom featuring Cell and Raditz as housemates

    95. Digi, A protogen called L

      also where was king cold and why did raditz keep the scouter on? xp

    96. Deavin Volkers

      Not gonna lie, I think this is the best. Freezer out here being an icon.

    97. Shaun Abbott

      Is it just me, or is the red guy the medic from team fortress 2?

    98. joseph Valencia

      Is raditz scared because if people found out he was goku's brother he'd get his ass handed to him

      1. Ten Digit Number

        Nah, it's more that he was used as a universal benchmark (and therefore the butt of everyone's jokes) for so long that he was going "oh god not again" and it was a HUGE relief when Cell didn't add onto it.

    99. Jake Hensley

      I want a sequel to this sooooooooo bad

    100. Golden Lightning

      Me when I saw cell meet zarbon I was like YO WTF!