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    Lani and Kaiser shoot the shiz about DragonBall for an hour and a half. No literally, that's the whole Talkcast. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR A 2020 RETROSPECTIVE
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    1. TeamFourStar

      The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/teamfourstar12201

      1. GSS's Controller

        I heard yall like talking dragon ball? My longest discussion took about 25 hours

      2. Brett Pendley

        What is halls favorite villain in super mine is still goku black and he is one of my favorite dragon ball villains in general

      3. Asmosis Jones

        the kaioken was learned when he was dead and trained for years same for ssj3 when his body had no limits or fears of dying again...the fact they found ways to have villains created on earth and transformations surpass those is so stupid to me..you already stated how goku somehow surpassed vegeta on earth is by being dead..thats why he is so shook by this revelation that a underclass warrior surpassed him

      4. John Morgan

        Alright, here are some of my thoughts: 1. Given all the alternate universes and timelines, I think it's safe to say Dragon Ball has embraced Multiverse theory and what's canon is now relative. 2. I feel like Turles/Tullece is a better character compared to Zamasu and Moro. He's a composite of some their traits, being a Goku look alike who steals planets' energy, and some of his backstory is pretty cool, such as how he met his crewmmates on different adventures. That being said, other parts of his backstory would need to be explained, like whether or not he's another brother to Goku and how he found the Tree of Might in the first place... 3. I wouldn't be surprised if the Broly movie is adapted into an anime arc. Whether or not it is, I think Toei is waiting for the manga to make some decent progress before adapting. That way there would be less filler. 4. Goku got some character development in Z. More specifically, finding out and coming to terms with his Saiyan heritage during the Saiyan and Namek sagas. What sucked, in my opinion, are that two of the biggest parts of that twist, Goku finding out he has an evil brother and accidentally killed his own grandfather were brushed through rather quickly.

      5. Otis Snyder

        You know in the dragon Ball super manga it shows that the kai rings are all alternate timelines so if you actually count all the rings each one is from a Pacific timeline including GT's timeline so therefore they're technically all Canon except for the movies I don't know how to tie those in I guess you could put them all in GT's (lol)

    2. xGSUltiSpiritx

      My favorite cookies are chocolate chip and Subway's double chocolate chip My least favorite is uhh... well, I don't actualy know what they're called... oatmeal? raisin? Raisin cuz as a kid, I mistook them for chocolate chip and was sorely disappointed I also don't like chocolate chunk, but I'll eat it, unlike the others... but idk, guess I'm picky like that

    3. xGSUltiSpiritx

      1:07:21 I actually loved Super's first opening lol

    4. Maggotbound

      I’m extremely curious why you constantly mispronounce the characters names. It’s goku not go-kuu yet the only name I see you pronounce correct is zamas/zamasu

    5. ZhinZhaw Gourneau

      If you want to skip the filler and get to the Moro stuff it's around 33:00

    6. Thorne

      48:40 - hey, he doesn't underestimate anyone! He just vastly overestimates himself.

    7. Joe Ferri

      28:12 Man I wish that would’ve happened in the anime

    8. LordSesshomaru86

      How are Broly and Moro canon? Broly's in a movie, the movies are rarely ever canon - Unless the creator specified it is. With Moro, the manga starts by saying a dragon ball tale..like it's a story, but not part of the main continuity. Was somewhat disappointed with both - Broly only because of the retcons and that it follows the same Super formula where characters from Z are somehow powered up to be much stronger than they should be(Frieza, Roshi, Broly). Moro because the same old dragon ball plots are what was followed "Boy, sure would be nice to be young again.", Goku "I'll let him go because I'm such a good guy."

    9. Holy Rollin' Moly

      The tuffles in GT are already a reference to the tsufurujins (tuffles) mentioned by King Kai in DBZ when he explains to Goku the history of the saiyans.

    10. zo Bo

      i kind of disagree with goku never having an arc in . He does change and has an arc especially in the sayain/frieza arc. It him coming to terms with the fact he is a sayain and that doesn't mean he needs to bad like raditz, vegeta or nappa were. He's "i am" speech is the peak of the arc. after that he is really just a mentor to gohan and the next gen up until he gets dragged back into fight buu. Since super has to keep going. Super got to go back on a lot of goku's development from the original story

    11. edg810

      28:12 I had to pause and rewind this part. LMFAO I'm dying rn. However even though now it makes sense why the anime's version is so stupid - it's not the 80's anymore and censorship is a bitch. What makes less sense is what kind of dirty ass strip joint got coupons? lmaooooooo I am glad I know this now. Thanks!

    12. Arcangel23XX

      Two more Oatmeal Raisen brethren confirmed!? As if I needed more reasons to love you guys and the work you do. Also, that tidbit about Martin being recognized as a Freeza is so wholesomely amazing and I love it. That's awesome. And seriously, someone called any of you a fake fan? Just...I don't even know how to process that. Don't get me wrong, I also used to be a gatekeeper when I was younger, hated that I used to be that way. But even I would never even consider you guys fake fans despite Kiran loving GT (jk love you Kiran). Asinine.

    13. Jesus Santos

      brolly's tits had a huge effect on my future bear development when i was a child

    14. Blake Soto

      Sad how much talent their wasting not making dbza and how many views and subbs they have lost. Rip tfs

    15. Devasta The Seeker

      I think you can start from any JoJo part because they're all mostly self contained stories. Knowing Dio from part 1 and 3 helps for part 6 but none of it is all that needed. Can't agree that part 1 is bad at all though

    16. Jono SSD

      Toriyama is the George Lucas of anime. By now Dragon Ball Super should be just called Dragon Ball Retcon.

    17. ChaosLordJiro

      Favorite cookie: Probably gingersnaps (soft or crunchy), but really good oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookies can challenge 'em.

    18. ihastoes 31

      if only they would do dragonball abridged.

    19. AttemptedPants

      Jojo part 1 intro is the best, don't @ me

    20. Will Kincaid

      Are you a creative washed up hasbeen ? Fuck it, do a podcast.

    21. Brett Pendley

      Watch goku get a new transformation like ultra instinct super saiyan

    22. Derek Davis

      Super as an anime isn’t done though, they’re literally gonna do the moro arc

    23. Gaaraape

      The reason why I can't stand Super is to a large part how they have utterly butchered Goku's character. He's stupider than he was at the beginning of the series when he first met Bulma. What the hell! One of the greatest features of Dragon Ball was watching Goku grow, mature and evolve as the series went on. By the time of the Cell saga Goku had become a lot more mature, sensible, perceptive, intelligent. Goku is easygoing by nature but he is also very serious and focused when necessary. Serious doesn't mean angry btw. His frankness with Vegeta's little trantrums during the Buu arc is what I mean. Goku had become a functional adult and quite frankly he was more of an adult than most of the cast by the time of the Cell saga and Buu arc.

    24. HugBug Wills95

      Chocolate chip is my favorite cookie,there’s a bonus chapter in the dbs manga that shows why Future Mai is young(I think they were trying to bring Goku back to life with the dragon,but Pilaf stole the wish and made his group younger),and I also like to take what I like from the DBS manga and anime and combine them into a canon!

    25. Shining Wizard

      Macadamia nut cookies are my favorite

    26. alex a

      you also don't say Kakaroto and btw i grew up with original dragonball anime and that one was ending with goku being all grown up and actually being smart, especialy when he out smarted tien. so seeing him being such a jackass in super...

    27. Daran Hollie

      When I was in High School my friend told me about JoJo & like a good boy I watch the first season online. I loved everything about it then I moved to the next JoJo & went "Yeah okay. This is cool." Then when I started 3 I got bored halfway through & never went back. To this day my friend is outraged. Like what you like & ignore what you don't. If someone's got a problem with it, fuck 'em.

    28. Samuel Booth

      Do you think Hit got paid for technically killing his universe 6 targets?

    29. SpySecretSquirrel

      Lani: I forgot about launch It’s ok lani, we all did

    30. LostFull

      Nail.....Nail.....NAIL!! Yes Lord Guru. I saw a fish.. That is all..

    31. uknownada

      The canon problem is so easy. The canon of Dragon Ball is the manga by Akira Toriyama. That's it. Dragon Ball began with Son Goku meeting Bulma and ended with Son Goku meeting Uub. The movies, the filler, the succeeding animes, all that junk, is superfluous non-canon material based on the original manga. That doesn't mean the superfluous material doesn't have value, but you don't have to treat it as canon. Dragon Ball Super is equally as non-canon as Dragon Ball GT. It's all fiction, anyways. The involvement of the original creator doesn't make it less fictional than it already is. What is "canon" is simply whatever story you personally feel is the best fit. The sheer fact that we have THREE completely different versions about how Beerus came to Earth, all overseen by Toriyama, should have clued every single fan in that this shit doesn't matter. There is no "true fiction" for superfluous material based on a source. Canon can be whatever you want, but if we want to lay down a hard rule of what canon is, then the answer is obvious. It's the source. Nothing else. Star Wars fans need to realize this too. The EU has always been equally as canon to the original films as the Disney sequels are now. Always.

      1. j wizz

        its funny how Star Wars & DBZ share similarities both beloved franchises that have its droughts of bad storytelling/writing, retcons, whats cannon whats not etc. However i have more faith in the Dragonball room they made in Shueisha than with disney due to the fact they have other people in the room to make sure the story of the series stays somewhat in line hence why ppl were so surprised by the broly movie

    32. James Sicard

      Maybe UI for mortals is a transformation and for gods its a technique

    33. Tyler.P.Cox03

      Is dbz A ever going too come back but I just want too say thank you for making all of these parodys

    34. PsychoticSaiyan10

      Won't lie, listenin to these two dunk on Battle Tendency got me feelin some level of disrespect I haven't felt in ages. Part 2 is my favorite part, and frankly ya'll need to learn to respect your elders, especially when they raised their children to grow into amazing Parts 3 and 4. Part 2 is dope, and ya know what, so is Part 1, go fuck yahselves XD Besides, Part 1 has Dio in it, and Dio is WAY more interesting in Part 1 than he is in Part 3, by virtue of us getting to spend more time in his head learning how he thinks. Part 3 Dio is the same character yes, but we don't get nearly as much inner thoughts from the amazing bastard, so it's only if you've already seen him in Part 1 that you truly feel just how cool and cruel he really is. Part 1 and Part 3 Dio both come together to make a pure and amazing douchebag whole, so severing one half of that pairing is utter nonsense and I won't hear it. If you don't like Part 1 fine, that's cool, but at least give it a chance, do it for Dio, do it for the memes.

    35. Discord's Advocate

      I've used the term "lego canon" before to describe to my Boyfriend how I treat dragon ball canon. I interchange all my favourite versions of each thing, so DB original manga, DB Kai, the bardok and trunks specials, the Z movies for battle of gods and Res F with the extra context from the non adaptation anime episodes, then the super manga up until TOP where I switch back to anime and then broly

    36. Jacob Albright

      What about Anime April

    37. Serenity now

      I literally grew up watching Dragon Ball-Dragon Ball Z. As a kid I never questioned why Goku had a tail in a world were the king of the Earth is a furry. By the time Dragon Ball Z started and they reveal that Goku has a tail because he is in fact an alien blew my childish mind

    38. Edgardo J. Cruz

      1:13:03 The Tuffles are a canon race. Have been for a long while. They just did not get much focus. The T.O.P. showed off one Zarbuto from Universe 2, but that is it.

    39. GamerEX

      Waking up at 4:30/5 in the morning to watch original Dragon Ball sub and Sailor Moon. That was part of my childhood

    40. KK Kinner

      Moro is definitely one of my favorite villains any villain that punches a hole though Goku is one of the best for me

      1. Segieth 4

        I liked how Goku got a scar from that too.

    41. ColeTrain316

      Jolyne is best Jojo, fight me Scott.

    42. Crazy-Cat-Shack

      I really like the first jojo.... :(

    43. ColeTrain316

      I honestly never noticed that Ayres wasn't voicing Frieza (fight me) the whole time. I knew about his medical issues, but I just assumed he was being a massive trooper about it and was recovering more quickly than one would have thought.

    44. Larry Copes

      Frost gets screwed over so badly.i never thought DBZA was disrespectful to Dragon Ball it pointed out things the fans saw but overlooked because hey vegeta finally achieved ssj2 with some magical help but hey it happened. If u watched dbza and u don't laugh a lil bit u the asshole.

    45. KamiAnime S

      I love power levels man

    46. H Extraordinaire

      Antfish got me into jojo too. The first one i read was part 8. It had me at testicles

    47. TheMook19

      I started at the first JoJo. I feel that after the 2nd part started to get weird.

    48. Michael Mitchell

      Really hope the Granolah Survival arc has nothing to do with Goku, and allow a no name Saiyan enter the limelight and maybe achieve SSJ 4.

      1. Michael Mitchell

        @H Extraordinaire it could be in relation to 17's wish. Of the six missing universes, that could be where the no name Saiyan resides, as well as, the SSJ 4 transformation. It would be an interesting reason to introduce new Saiyan's, that's all.

      2. H Extraordinaire

        A no name saiyan? You've got 8 to choose from and two are infants. The only one i can even imagine using that form is broly

    49. vi !

      A lot of the reason I can’t 100% behind super, is what they did to Goku. They made him so impossibly dumb, which he never really was. He was always naive bc he grew up in the woods and is very pure, but he was strategic and SMART in battle. They really made him unlikeable when he was such a cool character before and now he’s an incapable adult

    50. Grimoire666

      28:39- Goku anime: D'oh I forgot. Goku manga: Trunks lost his timeline! What is wrong with you?! Roshi: I'm sorry. Later Roshi: Moro's Earth and it's about to explode! What is wrong with you?! Goku: I'm sorry.

    51. Nicolas de

      For me the only canon is dbz abridged

    52. Rocket 2020

      I feel like the first opening song's lyrics of super dragon ball heroes perfectly describes Goku's personality

    53. Rising

      Something that is specific in the manga is that it actually shows Beerus being able to use Ultra Instinct at a basic level and they also make it clear among the other gods of destruction he is very high ranked if not top-dog since he takes on several other GoD's at the same time(he fights like 8 of them) and after completely destroying Vegeta says to him "in another universe you could've been a god of destruction" but that he's easily at least another million years away from even being an opponent for Beerus. So it might sound weird, but other than Toriyama's statement of Beerus using X percentage during battle of gods. Beerus being ahead of everyone still makes some sense. Since it could easily be assumed that Jiren might be stronger than some GoD's, if not most, but not Beerus.

    54. crimsonera

      White chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

    55. Dionisisdenis

      I agree with Scott about the jojo part.Lani's opinion is pretty bad tho

    56. Adam Cooper

      You didn’t mention the best part Zeno riding beerus like a horse

    57. Biggggg5

      The worst part about Goku not getting character development during Moro was that it was so perfectly set up for him to get it. When Merus sacrifices himself it’s the first time Goku is there to witness a sacrifice of someone explicitly stronger than himself for a Cause. Everyone’s already dead when he shows up in the saiyan arc. Krillin and Roshi were killed practically off screen by piccolo. His against cell doesn’t count because he’s giving up a mortal body for an eternity to train without having to care about things like a family. And he wasn’t there for Vegeta’s against buu. And on top of all that the majority of these people are straight up weaker than him. Merus choosing non-existence to save the galaxy, I would have thought it finally would have knocked one of Goku’s brain cells against something that even with all that power, there are things beyond it. Without realizing it, he’s on the same path as Jiren, just is a more happy personality about it.

      1. Patrick

        Goku was never the type of character to ever get any real character development in Z, he’s the type who stays true to his way and influences those around him more than changing himself.

    58. Stupid Webcam

      I love Chozetsu Dynamic

    59. 7h341mi6h7y808

      Chocolate chips for sure, but snickerdoodles have been coming up the ladder recently

    60. Frankie Cedeno

      The Moro arc was fun until the end. Vegeta should have won, but devolved into those damn tropes.

    61. Gabriel Pedro Bento

      The sad thing about DB Super is that there is no consequences for anyone.

    62. Frankie Cedeno

      As for “where do we go from here?” I feel like the obvious answer is the universes that were too strong to be in the tournament of Power.

    63. Collin's Pizza Co.

      My favorite cookies are Thanks A Lots

    64. HMiche93

      Peanut butter, nowand forever.

    65. m s

      Can you reach out to the Trash Taste bois for the JoJo thing? That would be amazing.

    66. Samuel Harms

      *Spoilers for Moro arc* I’m surprised that when they we’re critiquing the lack of Goku Character progression in the Moro arc, they didn’t bring up when Goku gave a villain a Senzu bean. Again.

    67. croubo1

      I would argue that Goku's arc ends when he goes Super-Saiyan and defeats Frieza. While his character doesn't really change from the end of Dragon Ball to Namek, there is still something of a story of him being a young dad and discovering his alien origin and exploring that Saiyan side of him. Everything after that is kind of retreading old territory with him, mainly with more transformations and more powerful enemies. I would love to see the timeline where Goku dies on Namek after killing Frieza, and Gohan takes over as the main character going into the Android/Cell saga. Maybe even do a JoJo thing and have Pan eventually take over as the main character later down the line.

    68. Kyle Smith

      But Parts 1 and 2 of Jojo are the only good ones

    69. Kyle Smith

      1:03:00 There's actually a panel in the Super manga showing that the Pilaf gang used the Dragon Balls to turn young again right before the Androids attacked

    70. Aman Jilani

      Hey Scott, when Moro says: “Blue hair..?”, he’s not reacting to the form as if it’s the first time he’s seen it. Goku just demolished (SPOILERS) Saganbo, and Moro wanted to see the power Goku used to do that (Ultra Instinct Sign), so when Goku powers up to blue, that reaction’s more of a: “...You’re only showing me that form?”, rather than: “what’s this?!?!”. Later in the fight, he says something along the lines of: “Enough of this! Show me the power you really used earlier!”. This actually isn’t a plot hole, but a weirdly ambiguous dialogue choice!

    71. Mason S.

      1:14:25 This is so true, somebody would be annoyed with me an a mutual acquaintance cause all we would do was talking about the stuff we didn't like about certain franchises not understanding that we complain about the annoying/bad stuff because we do love the franchise and just wish they were as good as they could be.

    72. Chris Higgins

      I can respect that takes on JoJo in dragon ball, and I even agree with most of them. But if you ever come to my house and see that oatmeal raisin cookies are the best you will be in the guillotine

    73. Chris Higgins

      I can except the takes on JoJo and Dragon Ball, but if you ever see that oatmeal raisin cookies are the best in my house you will be in the guillotine

    74. David Sempere

      Oatmeal raisin cookies are the best

    75. Roger Alvarez

      I just think we need to retire Goku from DragonBall... The world is interesting but Goku is so far above it that it makes it boring.

    76. Sergeant Superbeast

      47:48 I feel like saying "He's not the writer he used to be" implies that Toriyama's ever been a good writer which...I mean...

      1. Sergeant Superbeast

        @Asmosis Jones not saying Supers issue are due to him but its not like Dragon Ball and certainly not Z were bastions of writing quality

      2. Asmosis Jones

        toriyama has very little say and does not write it anymore nor does he do it weekly like before so not being around it much outside of a few small things for close to 20 years can make someone rusty so like with gt super is a mess of his ideas on a piece of paper and some designs new characters and he lets the anime staff and now manga staff of super go wild hes not really involved with his story anymore

    77. The Archivalist

      >canon is up to the interpretation of each individual 32:53 -taka "That's where you're wrong son. The true protagonist of this entire series is farmer with a shotgun, and ya'lls canon is wrong." -Farmer with a Shotgun

    78. bellowingsilence

      My theory on the UI transformation vs. technique debate: Ultra Instinct, as a concept, is a technique. Goku’s uses of Ultra Instinct (Sign and Mastered) are transformations that allow him to tap into his Ultra Instinct. I also theorize that Saiyans require a transformation to fully utilize UI, as their Saiyan instincts otherwise get in the way.

    79. Jack Lawrie

      With Super’s canonicity, I have it as the thing that came out first is canon. Because that’s what people are exposed to first, so it’s what becomes the collective consciousness version. So BoG and RoF film, U6, Trunks and ToP anime, Broly film, Moro manga.

    80. The Irish Viking

      something i love about the freeza hell scene in the English dub is that the... girlfriend?.. partner? for freeza's VA plays some of the bears tormenting freeza

    81. Steven Made This

      do you wanna dream again?

    82. Sorenthaz

      One thing I'm looking forward to if they ever do animate the Moro arc, is that they could really flesh out spots that the manga sort of rushed through, namely where the Z Fighters are fighting with Moro's henchmen. Also getting to see the Gohan-Piccolo combos will be fucking awesome. Maybe we can see Vegeta's training also fleshed out a little more and some things better explained, who knows. Overall though despite its issues the Moro arc was pretty fun and Moro (at least up until his transformation) was a pretty terrifying villain, and it felt like the first arc that really returned to Z's form more than any other Super arc, even down to having Vegeta/Goku rendered out of commission for a period, and then twisting it to where Vegeta is the last one to show up and change the game significantly. And it still played to Super's theme with their fights where no final fight is really ended by Goku alone, and they did a really good job with making the final moments feel like a desperate struggle and a team effort with Vegeta being the one to carry things for once.

    83. Sorenthaz

      I actually lucked out and got to see the "BLT dub" of the first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball as a kid on Fox Kids, so I knew who Goku was and knew about the whole monkey tail + full moon = giant Godzilla/King Kong weremonkey thing. Had no clue who the fuck Piccolo or other characters like Krillin/Tien/Chiaotzu were though, but it was pretty cool seeing Goku grown up though I was confused as hell as to why he didn't have his tail anymore and got rid of it. But technically Dragon Ball did come out in America a few years before Z, just only the first 13 episodes (covering the Pilaf arc) and only like 7am every Saturday or some shit for a few reruns.

    84. Cody Ayers

      So when are you going to start the Buu saga??

    85. MPViewer

      This comment may never be found, but explaining why Mai was young in trunk's timeline is because pilaf and the others made a wish with shenon right before piccolo was killed in the attack of future androids 17 and 18. The wish to make them younger turned them into babies again which explains why Mai and trunks are around the same age. It can also be assumed that the same event happened in the original timeline of the android attack since pilaf and the others were kids with the seven and a half year time skip to battle of gods.

    86. Brian L. Smart

      When y’all were talking about Baki I thought u guys were going to talk about how yujiro is voiced by shadow the hedgehog....I hope u like seeing the strongest man alive as a hedgehog

      1. Brian L. Smart

        @Martin Aguiluz kirk, once u see it u cant unsee

      2. Martin Aguiluz

        Which one? David Humphrey, Jason Griffith or Kirk Thornton?

    87. MyLord DIO

      UI is a Technique as literally called in the Manga Shouldn't have been on the list this year Should have been on the list last year Guys fucked up your own list and then said "fuck you guys, we dont care, its awesome" Whatever..

      1. jrpludacrous

        And in the anime, Beerus says "Yes... That form! It truly is Ultra Instinct!"

      2. flameknightdragon

        well the manga is not considered canon to super so what it says does not matter.

    88. jafortune

      My favorite cookie is a brownie. Fight me. Super Saiyan 4's pants should have been shorts.

    89. VashXTrigun

      Double chocolate chip cookie

    90. stablechaos123

      I always thought SSJ4 turned goku into an adult because he becomes too powerful for the Dragon's magic to affect him. However, given that Great Ape can turn a baby Saiyan into a castle sized monkey, it's not much of a stretch that SSJ4 adjusts his body proportions to something he's more comfortable with.

    91. King2084

      There is no canon anymore

    92. Swedish X

      iirc, I think DragonBall did get A dub before Z, but it only ran for 13 episodes or so, and it got such poor viewership that it got scrapped. So, technically OG came to the west first, but practically Z was the first one that the west actually watched.

      1. jrpludacrous

        The Harmony Gold dub where Korin was called "Whiskers the Wonder Cat"?

    93. Jake Xenon

      On the JoJo note, I loved the first and second JoJos. The second is still my favorite.


      1:11:00, maybe time to bring back SSJ4?

    95. Adrius Vale

      Part 1 may not be my favorite Jojo but I will stand by Jonathan being my favorite Jojo. My favorite part thys far is part 5 but I do need to read part 6.

    96. marlon welty

      The dbs anime has more “show only” things then the manga (the manga doesn’t have any manga only things, they’re just cannon) kioken blue, toppos god form and jiren weird Buff form with knock off ui isn’t cannon so I’d say they’re either going to retcon the anime or the anime isn’t cannon

    97. Mike Hendon

      Favorite cookies are Girl Scouts Tagalongs. Close second are the Pepperidge Farm caramel apple pie cookies. Oatmeal Raisin are the false prophets of joy. You bite into them, knowing in your heart and soul that what is to come shall be cookie with chocolate chip, and instead, you find that you have bitten into lies. Lies and misery, dragging you down to a Hell of dried grapes and often a mouth-dryingly oat bran taste. Lies, damned lies, bordering upon the cardinal sin of statistics, are the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. The arch-traitor of cookies. ...joking aside, some people dig those, and they are welcome to them.

    98. zeone3000

      It's the same thing Genkai does and a buncha of other animes do.

    99. Mizuirazu

      I'm a big oatmeal raisin cookie fan as well

    100. Dr. Barber

      I started on JoJo memes and then started at 1, then to 2, then to 3. Honestly like 1 and 2 better than 3, 4 lost me a little more, then I just could barely watch 5.