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    TeamFourStar (TFS) presents the bloopers for Final Fantasy 7: Machinabridged (FF7MA) The Movie!
    Final Fantasy VII (FF7) came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a main stay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid in this new TFS abridged series!
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    Tifa - Sarah Ann Williams
    Cloud - Justin Briner
    Bahamut - Grant Smith
    Barret- Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
    Bugenhagen - David "Shockdingo" Dixon
    Cait Sith/Mog - Nick “Lanipator” Landis
    Cid - Brian Olvera
    Godo - SungWon Cho (ProZD)
    Lucrecia - Elsie Lovelock
    Red XIII/Reno - Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott
    Sephiroth - Mike Varker
    Vincent - Chris "Faulerro" Tout
    Yuffie - Courtney "Mystic Pyro Freak" Williams
    Zack Fair - Nathan "Natewantstobattle" Sharp
    Written - Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha & Nick "Lanipator" Landis
    Directed - Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
    Editor and Motion Graphics Artist - Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
    Music Production - Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
    Vocal Mastering - Natalie Van Sistine
    Character Art - Stephan Krosecz
    A huge thank you to:
    Autodidactic I
    Alex Bigley
    James Upton
    Darren Watson
    John-Barry Collis
    Alexandra Reed
    Alexander Xavier Koch
    Bruno Miguel Mendes Gameiro
    Adam Staiger
    Sean J Overstreet
    Brian Rhodes
    Wiliam Nitz
    Ryan Frankenstein
    Christopher L Thompson
    Harrison Gluck
    Meng Yang
    Christopher Ryan Scott Taylor
    Zachary Vash
    Walter Thompson
    Dexter wegner
    Joshua Singleton
    Julian Casarez
    T. Scott Kelly
    Chris Hardy
    Jacob Quinn
    elijah brown
    Kyle Daelemans
    Chloe Werth
    Craig Germon
    David Klinginsmith
    Nikolas J Doughty
    Sean Redpath
    Jack Larson
    Ryan Hobbs
    Matthew E Cooper
    Dean Avery
    Steven Veach
    Shawn Erway
    Tyler Nator
    Adam Bailey
    Andrew Curtis
    Colton Pleshek (MarioMaster1337)
    Francois van Eeden
    Cole Stormoen
    Philip Warden
    Evan Parmenter
    Robert Glanville
    Charles Dooley
    J.L. Schultz
    Tyler Owens
    And all of our other Patreon contributors!

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    1. TeamFourStar

      It's a groovy time for a movie time 📺

      1. Roachy the Sly 64

        @arbetor12 Thanks for the tip friendo :3

      2. arbetor12

        @Roachy the Sly 64 here's a good tip getting good try and imagine yourself as the characters and try and imagine how they'd bounce off each other also make them dysfunctional since you'll get some great comedy if that's what you're going for

      3. Roachy the Sly 64

        Hey I am a new youtuber, I would like to work for you guys, I am a fantastic writer by trade and would love to help you all write any script. I have an original series using Raid; shadow legends unironically as a base and fell in love with it's concept, but it's trying to tell a story that I think I know how to write. and would love to pitch it to you. I don't care who, I think it's something truly special and unique and eyecatching. please help me write an original series for you I don't even wanna be paid please

    2. R.H Zeno

      Taka sounded like he was having a stroke at 3:13

    3. Minato Arisato

      I didn’t know Natewantstobattle voices Zack

    4. Shane Caldeo Villagonzalo

      1:18 😂😂

    5. Julia W

      I just realized the bloopers are in alphabetical order.

    6. C4r4

      Can't believe it is over. I'm sad it is the end but happy that it happened, thanks for all the fun and I have hope that the future will only bring equally fun, great content. Thank you!

    7. TrueRamirez04

      3:48 Red x Perfect Cell 👌

    8. Legend Ragnell

      “Kurt we’re gonna need you to make some sounds” The Oricalcalamos

    9. Dark Mask

      I hope someday we get VIII Abridged!

    10. n00bowser

      I can totally imagine Barret as an angry French revolutionary!

    11. Gz senpai

      Please I need the next part

    12. Isaiah Miranda

      yuffie's mp is 69 N I C E

    13. Draca-chan or The Shuckgal

      I hope yall do advent children

      1. Draca-chan or The Shuckgal

        And the rest of the seven expansions

    14. Aussieroth7

      6:06 Eh... Depends.

    15. Sensu Dubs

      Always a treat to see behind the scenes stuff

    16. Slevin Channel

      Hey - Ever thought of reporting people on SEprom so it becomes more healthy? Basically, the opposite of cancel-culture? I mean: Thinking up search-results that lead you to Racists, Sexists and Hate-filled people like this should be easy. They normally want to let their hate out, you know? Same for P0rn and Nudity, who are big issues nowadays on YT. So i bet you find them and then you can flag them all you want. Just always remember to extra ask for Removal - and to always include the URL/Link! Hope you consider helping, as youtube is a famous MESS.

    17. WildDancer101

      What did they mean by 4 minutes 20 seconds later?

    18. James Pwyll

      There will never be a time when bloopers aren't funny to me 😊

    19. titan hades

      We need a Suikoden Abridged.

    20. Robbyn Trappen

      They ought to release the clip of all the Bahamut names Barret is rattling off in that one episode but without all the dialogue in the front. I can never hear all of them and some of them are really funny

    21. Alice Piper

      Polnareff voice!

    22. Joseph Renna

      So....this is only a week old and yesterday was that FF7R Intergrade announcement. Who’s excited?

    23. nnaproductions

      "Barret as a frenchman" Oh you mean Bagget! hon hon hon

    24. AniKbad

      4:02 Truth. Plus, you can not dislike Sam Eagle

    25. thegodessambrosia

      when will dragon ball abridged return?

    26. Hellacious Tunes

      I loved this movie

    27. Rui Vilas Boas

      Will there be more? Like crisis core or something?

    28. Val

      Hey.... don’t fly here... fly far away... from here

    29. Sonata Avalon

      “Can you save the world? I kinda live here.” -Turk number 1

    30. James D

      1:05 JJBA TAS, Polnareff, is that you?

    31. Rubaiat Rabby

      Pls Dragon ball gt

    32. A-New-Recipeh

      "And then they had the SEX! they have the sex?" Well Nomura has basically said just use your imagination. So in my head-canon, yes. Yes they did.

      1. Steve Jonas

        He and Kitase like to leave things open to interpretation of the player. Wise move in my opinion.

      2. Timothy McLean

        He _knows_ what people on the Internet like to imagine. It's basically canon.

    33. soy boi25


    34. Azzy Asbourne

      JJBATAS Team Four Star remaster. Make it now.

    35. white0thunder white0thunder

      I am gonna miss this...

    36. Firith

      Ah, so this is what Polneraff did before meeting Diavolo

    37. The Cybernetic Phoenix

      3:23 Dartz?

    38. Brooke Rickettson

      Bloopers, where Cid doesn’t sound any different. “Beep! The beep! BEEP! BEEP! The BEEPING !!!

    39. Lu F

      Can someone on team four star Bring back DBZ Abridged and Do the Boo saga

    40. Kriscerosaurus

      I needed this more than I can express.

    41. Crimson Crusader

      I guess we aren’t getting abridged versions of advent children, dirge of Cerberus, or crisis core?

    42. SsnakeBite

      3:08 - More like Selphie-roth.

    43. Jack Uzamaki

      I cant belive deku has cursed so much in this

      1. SilverKitsune100

        I never believed either. Deku is still a cinnamon roll though. I still love him

    44. Dr Coomer

      Mah Ted

    45. Ganhuyag Erhembileg

      good bey ff7ma

    46. Juan Gil

      I liked that they ended with a blooper of a Zack scene

    47. Zamison

      Wasn't ready for the Girl-Chan in Paradise reference

    48. ShadowWolf8224

      That moment Polnareff and Dartz came back for a cameo .

    49. Bryce McKenzie

      So many great bloopers from such a great series

    50. tagray234

      0:54 polnareff came back

    51. D. Eddy

      yes, THAT blood line! loves me some girlchan in paradise refrences.

    52. Game Bro Advance sp

      What happened to abridged?

    53. Adell414

      Sephiroth: I will destroy the planet...but first....let me take a Selphiroth!”

    54. KUMA

      Been here since the Hellsing days. And I'm so happy to still be here. Keep up with the funny content!

    55. badflamer

      Dirge of Cerberus abridged when?

    56. Hefty Jongle

      Canonically Sephiroth is related to the Brain

    57. The Dragovian

      I really, really hope we get news on the rest of the FF7MA OST soon. We're still missing that Main Theme remix.

      1. The Dragovian

        @kowjuice11 The one from Episode 12. It plays slightly after 8:30. I've been looking for it ever since the episode aired. If you know anything about it, please let me know.

      2. kowjuice11

        The one in the credits if the movie? Thats Knight of the round; you can find them on spotify

    58. Luke Targett

      There's a movie!?

    59. Toa Jalen Aurelius

      At 1:03 did Antfish turn into John Cleese, from Arthur and the Holy Grail, “Your mother was a chocobo, and your father smells like krakka greens!”

    60. Plikky Dee

      Ok so that really was the last ever abridged video from TFS. Now I am super duper sad.

    61. Theodore Tekkers

      "Let that be your... Final Fantasy" 🤣🤣🤣

    62. mattwo7

      Taka: 3:39 Also Taka: 4:03

    63. mattwo7

      4:00 He's not wrong.

    64. KinanEldari

      Booing Sephiroth. I approve : D

    65. Chaos89P

      "Chocolate pudding is my life."

    66. WeAre Harbinger

      I'd love to rewatch the whole series with french barrett.

    67. ainsley harriot


    68. Sapheiorus

      Note to self: need moar imagery of Sephiroth taking selfies.

    69. ultrayoshi100

      French Barret is just abridged Polenereff

    70. Emily

      I'm gonna miss this show

    71. Fireheart47

      Can’t believe it’s all over..

    72. Other Rider

      3:25 Wondering why darts is missing the lines

    73. shadowdart

      I watched this on mobile and the ending made me think my screen rotation was fucked. Flipped my phone twice before I figured it out

    74. Dakotah Blum

      I’m gonna miss this series

    75. WhiteRoseHichigo


    76. Chris Wilko

      "My brain just froze". That was beautiful

    77. LN SateLLA

      7:39 i also didn't realize till she pointed it out

    78. Jonah Helfrich

      Hass affed

    79. NukeDukem 614

      1.2k likes 12 dislikes nice

    80. frostbite0707

      i like how every one laughed at the same 420 joke.

    81. Rayquaoxys3846

      I thought Canadian Red XIII was funny enough, but can you fucking imagine if Red just had the voice of Abridged Dartz for the entire series?

    82. regenerations

      I have a suggestion you guys should do the mario and luigi games

    83. DreMan710

      Selfieroth lol now there's a meme for ya

    84. Reezy909

      Polnareff you’ve returned...quick somebody get some hoes and wine

    85. Pedro .Morosini

      How nice of Polnareff and Dartz to make a cameo on the bloopers.

    86. Lheticus

      4:44 "The same thing we do every night, Hojo..."

      1. ForeignRoninL

        That was a really good impression of Brain if I'm going be honest.

    87. Brutakalaka

      Yuffie sounding like an adult is freaky...

    88. Shawn Heatherly

      French Barret stole the video.

    89. Alex Malik

      Taka.EXE is offline.

    90. Xolcm

      Is Yuffie's voice actress the sister of Tifa's voice actress?

      1. MysticPyroFreak

        Nah. We just share the same last name. Williams is pretty common

    91. RedWizard86v2

      Taka slipped into Dartz for a sec there.

    92. Hitomi TomTom

      Selfieroth 🤣

    93. Bryan Diaz

      This is it...the last abridged content for a long time..😔

      1. Gary Taylor


    94. Scott B

      One last time... Is it pronounced Maa - ko or Mai - Ko Ep. 1 aired 9/3/2015

      1. SilverKitsune100

        Its Maa-ko.

    95. Naff Productions

      3:23 Darts?!

    96. andy taylor

      Will there ever be any other abridged series

    97. PurpleTheta

      YES! Someone did that “Selfiehoth” joke! I’m so happy! XD

    98. Joma

      Sephiroth doing Pinky and the Brain was something I didn't think I needed...

    99. ltloxA

      Was waiting

    100. XxChristmanXx04

      Sorry for being a noob..... When is the movie coming out. And that means there is no season 5 right?

      1. Bashhammer

        It's already out, dude.