Final Fantasy 7: Machinabridged (FF7MA) - One Winged Angel - TeamFourStar (TFS)


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    Arrangement/Production - Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstien
    Mastering - Dj CUTMAN
    Original - Nobuo Uematsu
    TeamFourStar presents the One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7: Machinabridged (FF7MA)

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    1. MurasakiTsukimaru

      Sephiroth: What did you do?! Cloud: Defy destiny

    2. Officer Doggy - TIMMEH

      Smash time boi.

    3. Zach Attack

      "Why is there music?"

    4. Corey Tapp

      you skipped the weird flute section me no like

    5. Iannams 10

      I am NOT a fan of whats happening right now. Why is there music? Oh that's not good... Uhhh... I'm hecking worried! what the hell?! Ooooooooh! spooky. Oh crap! He's got a theme song!

    6. Guru Sandhu

      Found this on my spotify reccomendations, thought it was a God of War OST. This remix is so good i couldn't describe it. I was even listening in an underworld map it fit so well.

    7. Minato Arisato

      Every Versions of Cloud: wait why do we hear boss music? Every Version of Sephiroth: MOTHER!!!

    8. Alexander Smith

      There's frogs in Paris. Little bears panicking. There's frogs in Paris. Little bears panicking. Sephiroth!!!

    9. mTHAIOS

      "If that's what you truly believe, then let that be your final fantasy" As funny as the punchline to this was, this line is extremely badass as a title drop

    10. Tiny Society

      That jazz part was so goddamn satisfying

    11. daleketchup

      Sephiroth: Cloud. If you don’t biggity bounce yo ass up out of this bed- Barret: THEN I’M GONNA WAKE YO ASS UP BY KNOCKING YO ASS OUT! Also good morning sleepyhead

    12. Ad ho Pl

      On start that sound for me like something from lord of the ring but Man IT's get better

    13. Quentin Brown

      Seph-dawg: "Who the hell do you think you are?" Chorus: Row! Row! Figth thah powah! Seph-dawg: "Shiiiiiiiiit..."

    14. Minato Arisato

      Sephiroth: this is the end.... Cloud: yeah...yours Sephiroth: who the you think you are? Cloud:*Overdrive(correct me)* Cloud: I’m Cloud never forget that

    15. Tiny Society

      "Let this be your Final Fantasy...!" Barret: I already made that joke Don't care *B O O M*

    16. Ross The Boss

      This is such an interesting and unique remix

    17. Knight of Arkronia

      I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I honestly believe that Sephiroth is more evil here than he was in the original game!

      1. WolflovingShadowlord

        @Knight of Arkronia course not. He's meant to be dry humour

      2. Knight of Arkronia

        @WolflovingShadowlord At least Abridged Frieza and Cell can be funny, but this version of Sephiroth doesn’t even have that going for him!

      3. WolflovingShadowlord

        every villain in an abridge is more evil than in the original

    18. Sin Overlord

      “Uhhh.....” “Why is there music?” “What the hell?!” “Oh crap! He’s got a theme song!” “Oooooooh! Spooky.” “I’m hecking worried!” “Oh that’s not good....” “I am NOT a fan of what is happening right now.”

    19. Athlynne


    20. Pro bot pixelz

      Septherioth: "I failed my mission to destroy the planet, and I even loss to that loser Cloud. At least things can't get any worse..." *insert dead charecter here* : "Seeeeeptherioooooth, Seeeeptheriooooth, I'm haunting you."

      1. YourOfficial Sephiroth

        @NEO ET yea.

      2. NEO ET

        @YourOfficial Sephiroth so sephiroth traveled back in time and made cloud and friends kill the god of fate so he doesnt have to live with Zack's ghost

      3. YourOfficial Sephiroth

        @NEO ET I mean think of Zack's personality in CC but somehow more annoying and Sephiroth is his partner throughout. Like how Nappa was with Vegeta. That would haunt him for sure.

      4. NEO ET

        @Anthony Basmadjian i tought about Hojo but Zack would be too a great fit

      5. NEO ET

        Hojo: my dear son, how long it was? No matter. Im sure with your power we can return and breed you with Ruby weapon to create the GREATES CREATURE THERE IS!

    21. Mr. L

      “Sorry to CUT this meeting short.”- Sephiroth

      1. WolflovingShadowlord

        "That. Was so... lame" - Tifa after getting slashed because gotta get those digs in

    22. Dark Alice

      Oh man, I was really hoping this would have been Cloud's rendition of One Winged Angel from the machinabridged.

    23. Forevergent777

      Cloud: Uhhh... Tifa: Why is there music? Barret: I am NOT a fan of what is happening right now. Red XIII: I'm hecking worried! Yuffie: Oh crap! He's got a theme song! Cait Sith: Oh that's not good... Vincent: Ooooooooh! Spooky. Cid: What the hell?!

    24. Blood_Fire exe

      “My mother came to this planet 2000 years ago, with a purpose, with a meaning. To end the Cetra. Because she knew. She had seen it before from the other planets she liberated. Like the many she had encountered, she knew the Cetra would turn against one another. They would become greedy. Hateful. Cruel. The Cetra would become human. The planet cried, and she answered. Jenova was not a calamity, she was a godsend. She was sealed away before her work could cleans this planet, But now I, her son, will continue in her place. Save this world from itself. And rule it. As it’s GOD.”

    25. Chibi Ninja Gaming

      RED!! TOSS ME! *_KNIGHTS OF THE ROOOOOUUUUUUUUND!!!_* (Bonk) F*** F****** F***

    26. 7Sins_Pride TrueRealism

      Can we please get a abridged final fantasy remake but do it like Kai

    27. Mariomaster 456

      Sepiroth: I killed your mother cloud. Cloud: SEPITHROTH!!

      1. WolflovingShadowlord


    28. Mr. Mark

      Seph-Dawg! Please don't go! Come back here! Cloud needs you! SEPHIROOOOOOOOOOOTH!!!

    29. Natsu Dragneel


    30. Greg Despines

      Sephiorth: my fellow humans, I've come to save you Everyone: hurray, it's an angel Sephiorth: FROM YOURSELVES!!! Everyone: oh no, it's an angel

      1. Lemuel Delvalle

        He’s invited to Smash Bros ages ago.

      2. Blue streaks The hedgehog

        Me: Why do I hear boss music?!

      3. The one wing angel Sephiroth

        Now shall I give you despair

      4. WolflovingShadowlord

        i can never watch that scene from hellsing ultimate abridged without thinking of this comment.

    31. Juan S. Moreno

      You're right, It's all over... for everyone, for everything. It's all over... F O R Y O U

      1. reyonXIII

        Best part, it's based on the lines he was SUPPOSED to have at the start of the fight in the game. Again, shows Antfish and the guys did their homework with this game.

    32. Mark Sanders

      1:10 Hadestown joins the chat

    33. Tristan Hogan

      I wonder if they will release piano version because I love that one

    34. alfasilverblade

      Dancing Mad > One Wing Angel.

      1. alfasilverblade

        @YourOfficial Sephiroth just check that famous scene from Psychose and then play the start of 1 wing angel. Getting stabed in the shower final boss edition.

      2. YourOfficial Sephiroth

        @alfasilverblade that's B.S

      3. alfasilverblade

        @YourOfficial Sephiroth with your profile name i see why mister official Sephiroth. I dont like the start of the one wing angel theme. It sounds like the knife in the shower scene from Psychose.

      4. YourOfficial Sephiroth


    35. khfan4life365

      “Seph. Dawg. Please don’t go. Come back here. Cloud needs you. SEPHIROTH!”

    36. Julia W

      Is the rest of the FF7MA soundtrack gonna be released? I know other pieces haven't been included in Midgar Mix and Journey Jams.

    37. Wolvrin 7111

      Damnit I just started Pokemon Sheild today and I immediately hear Kirran's voice as Hop. Lol great start to a new year. Love you all

      1. Aahron Berazate

        I thought of the fourth Gym Leader as Sephiroth. He not only killed me 3 times,more than every other Gym Leader combined,but he feels like he is the embodiment of my darker side,which Sephiroth is for Cloud in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.

    38. Mephileshomer

      ‘Hey guys? Did we just kill God?’ ‘Looked more like a one winged angel, if you ask me.’

      1. NEO ET

        so red was just bad at math because im sure he has 7 wings

    39. static Void

      gen 5 nuzlocke please

    40. Hooded Sayain

      What if u brought back the dragon ball abridged crew for like an anime wars situation add new members and like make your own story and animation that would be awesome

    41. YEEEUGH!

      Where’s DBZA

    42. Cooldude M

      This is awesome and very well made But the original is still my favorite

    43. Shan Ming

      Cloud: Hey look Heres these guys Theyre so cool Killing fools CLEPHIROTH! Seph-dawg Please dont go Come back here Cloud needs you SEPHIROTH! Thats probably my favorite moment of the whole series besides barret

      1. WolflovingShadowlord

        Don't fuck up

    44. Nana - Chan

      This is the most menacing version by far and hell, I dig it 😱🖤

    45. Captain Falcon

      This is nice, but when do we get that somber piano version that plays when they "fail?"

    46. TM Punk

      Nice Cover of The Best Theme Song for a Villain in a game "One Winged Angel" Sephiroth.

    47. Hyunsung Kim

      Let me give you dis pear

    48. mr simpleton

      The new smash bros character is pretty cool I hope he doesn't rain on clouds parade

    49. Jacob Andres

      Cloud: *enjoys life and the people around him* Sephiroth: STEPPING ON THE BEACH!

      1. WolflovingShadowlord


    50. Nanowire


    51. Maxjira Prime

      0:06 extended

    52. alexa mora

      abridged dragon ball super

    53. Captain Caballero

      So is FF7 Machinabridge also over or?

    54. Papa Pepper

      This is how boss music SHOULD sound

    55. Zerixo Slacker

      Just do the fucking buu saga....please?

      1. NEO ET

        if they just ignored Bojack.

    56. Arctris

      Cloud: Thanks for bringing me into Smash Mario. I really needed to clear my head. Mario: No-a problem. We actually had another friend of yours eager to join in. Cloud: Oh really? Who? 0:00 Cloud: ... O god no... Sephiroth: O me yes.

    57. SuperMichael 98

      Sorry guys, not a fan of this remix.

    58. KaraokeKid

      What a remix😃. Absolutely fantastic guys🤘

    59. Movemeister

      This might actually be my favourite version of this now.

    60. Boonraksa Boonparn

      how many version of one winged angel you want on your phone? YES

    61. RuneKatashima

      So, like, when are you guys going to finish FF Abridged?

    62. YuritZen Presents

      The Advent Children version is way better

    63. George INFINIT

      Hey can you guys continuing with majin boo saga pls

    64. Lite paw

      CLOUD : *PTSD triggered*

    65. Rushena Fyne

      ok now give me a 36 hour loop please

    66. Kaibaman41

      If the final episode came out during The Game Awards.....Team Four Star could have predicted Sephiroth in Smash. Let that sink in

    67. Justin Bassit

      Cloud- “sigh, I’m safe in smash” Sephiroth- “psst” Cloud- *oh shit*

      1. WolflovingShadowlord

        i read the psst and thought of the guy from "it's free real estate" except replaced with sephiroth and whispering "i will never be a memory"

    68. Monkey D. Ex machina

      "Hold the phone" why is this just now poppin up

    69. Caleb Miller

      Latin is scary sometimes man

    70. Just a Hiei Watching Videos


    71. otaku games

      What other abriged anime will there be? Or is there not gonna be any more?

    72. Mayeur000Donz

      This sounds really good, but every different part feels too brief!

    73. Dragoescu Ioana

      Sephiroth? Like giant sword silver hair planet destroyer sexy guy Sephiroth?

    74. Lucas B

      He is going to kill mario.

    75. OP Meta Knight

      That’ll do for my new smash main.....

    76. arutka2000

      We need Seph-Dog vs Mr Perfect Cell.

    77. Monochrome Weiss

      Still gives me Kingdom Hearts flashbacks.

    78. Devilishmug

      Omg yes! It's finally here!!

    79. GameStressed

      This rendition gave me war flashbacks fighting him in kingdom hearts 1 and 2 on proud/critical

    80. Dee Williams

      Another one? Add it to the pile.

    81. ilovefunnyamv2nd

      unfortunately, now I just want to listen to the OST One Winged Angel...LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE

    82. Seamus I Lattimer


    83. TheGamerLover

      Cloud: I fear no man. But that thing... it scares me.

    84. vazak11


    85. The Black Cat That Hates You

      *K A M A E L*

    86. Sabal Shrestha

      No one has kicked out of one winged angel.

    87. PsychoSound

      Excellent job

    88. Ricky Torres

      I dare some audiophile to merge all versions of one winged angel together

    89. West .Raz

      you ever see that live version of this song on youtube? might be the best one

    90. Tyrell Brown

      My Friend: (Plays Music) Me: Why do I here boss music? (Recognize the music) Me: Oh Shit Run Bitch Runnnn!!! My Friend:😈😈😈😈

    91. topdog2007

      angel of light: hahah i achived god hood sephiroth: hahaha cute cue my music angel of light: WAIT WHY DO I HEAR BOSS MUSIC WHY IS IT IN LATATIN WHY IS THERE CHOIRS sephy: time to parish with this world *summons metor* cloud: ah shit here we go again

    92. SorryIBlackedOut

      "Oh Cloud... I... will never... be a memory."

    93. Docxy

      Im still a little sad barret didnt get to use the "on the other hand" line himself

    94. Drunken Poker Dragon

      I realize that these are not the lyrics but all I hear is "Bells, Frogs, Big cherries. Peter Pan, Mac and cheese. Sephiroth!"

    95. PMW3


    96. Benny Dang

      Cloud: can I not have a break for 5 mins!!?!?! Sephiroth: haha no

      1. WolflovingShadowlord

        i read that and thought of shrek so what played out in my head was cloud:can you not torture me about Niebelheim for FIVE MINUTES

    97. blitzø I.M.P

      * 0:00 * SEPHIROTH: you will know what true Terror is Cloud: what the F___ did I do 😰

    98. Dan Inda

      That thumbnail artwork makes sephiroth look like integra's super edgy brother lol

    99. Daniel Jessen

      Yo Seph Dog! What we need is a cool theme song!

    100. Avi Trivedi

      Mario: Why do I hear boss music? Cloud: Oh good, so I wasn't just hearing things.

      1. Mariomaster 456

        Run MARIO RUN!

      2. Freezeburn 98

        this is a typo, he'd respond with "oh god" rather than "oh good"