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    TeamFourStar (TFS) Final Fantasy 7: Machinabridged (FF7MA) The Movie
    Final Fantasy VII (FF7) came out in 1997 on the Sony Playstation and has since been a mainstay to the series for fans all over the world. Join Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid as we reach the end of this TFS abridged series!
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    Tifa - Sarah Ann Williams
    Cloud - Justin Briner
    Cid - Brian Olvera
    Red XIII - Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott
    Shera - Elsie Lovelock
    Barret- Anthony "Antfish" Sardinha
    Marlene - Corinne "Megami33" Sudberg
    Cait Sith- Nick “Lanipator” Landis
    Yuffie - Courtney "Mystic Pyro Freak" Williams
    Godo - SungWon Cho (ProZD)
    Bahamut - Grant Smith
    Reno - Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott
    Elena - Morgan Berry
    Rude - Marc Swint
    Tseng - Scott "KaiserNeko" Frerichs
    Vincent - Chris "Faulerro" Tout
    Lucrecia - Elsie Lovelock
    Bugenhagen - David "Shockdingo" Dixon
    Zack Fair - Nathan "Natewantstobattle" Sharp
    Sephiroth - Mike Varker
    Aerith - Kira Buckland
    Mu 1 - Corinne "Megami33" Sudberg
    Mu 2 - Marc Swint
    Chobo Bill - Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug
    Ship computer - Morgan Berry
    Cosmo Canyon Doorguy - Brock Baker
    Pup 1 - Kira Buckland
    Pup 2- Brock Baker
    Written - Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha & Nick "Lanipator" Landis
    Directed - Anthony “Antfish” Sardinha
    Editor and Motion Graphics Artist - Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson
    Music Production - Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
    Vocal Mastering - Natalie Van Sistine
    Credits Song - Knight of The Round
    Character Art - Stephan Krosecz
    A huge thank you to:
    Autodidactic I
    Alex Bigley
    James Upton
    Darren Watson
    John-Barry Collis
    Alexandra Reed
    Alexander Xavier Koch
    Bruno Miguel Mendes Gameiro
    Adam Staiger
    Sean J Overstreet
    Brian Rhodes
    Wiliam Nitz
    Ryan Frankenstein
    Christopher L Thompson
    Harrison Gluck
    Meng Yang
    Christopher Ryan Scott Taylor
    Zachary Vash
    Walter Thompson
    Dexter wegner
    Joshua Singleton
    Julian Casarez
    T. Scott Kelly
    Chris Hardy
    Jacob Quinn
    elijah brown
    Kyle Daelemans
    Chloe Werth
    Craig Germon
    David Klinginsmith
    Nikolas J Doughty
    Sean Redpath
    Jack Larson
    Ryan Hobbs
    Matthew E Cooper
    Dean Avery
    Steven Veach
    Shawn Erway
    Tyler Nator
    Adam Bailey
    Andrew Curtis
    Colton Pleshek (MarioMaster1337)
    Francois van Eeden
    Cole Stormoen
    Philip Warden
    Evan Parmenter
    Robert Glanville
    Charles Dooley
    J.L. Schultz
    Tyler Owens
    And all of our other Patreon contributors!

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    1. Baobhan

      Shut up! You're Crying! :'(

    2. Baobhan

      Do crisis core next~

    3. Lost Ones Soul

      So this is it huh? The end of something...that like DBZA...changed the world......Red XII.....don't forget us.

    4. __

      i loved this so much, i hope they eventually do Advent Children or even the remake.

    5. MithrilRoshi

      God i cannot wait for ff9.

    6. Chocolate Joints

      I just found out this series ended now after following it since its release and honestly, what an adventure it has been. Bless yall for this, one of the best abridged series ever made for sure.

    7. Solaman Huq

      There all level 50 and they got like 700 health

    8. Brendan Jafet

      Aerith in episode 25: You're Cloud. Never forget that Cloud before finishing Sephiroth: I'm Cloud... never forget that

    9. 飛翔葉Hishouha

      Me forgetting this is a comedy : 🥺🥺 yes, omg it's sad yes You guys did a great job ! It was hilarious and moving at the same time ahahahaa

    10. Barricade2091

      Sephiroth : Foolish humans, you can't stop me. My mother came to this planet two thousand years ago with a purpose, with a meaning, to end the Cetra, because she knew, she had seen it before from the other planets she had liberated. Like the many she had encountered, she knew the Cetra would eventually turn against each other. They would become greedy, hateful, cruel. The Cetra would become human. The planet cried and she answered. Jenova was not a calamity, she was a Godsend. She was sealed away before her work could cleanse this filthy planet that now I, her son shall continue in her place, save this world from itself and rule it, as it's God! Tifa : Fuck your mom! Sephiroth : Why do you continue to fight? The cruelty of humans needs to be extinguished. Cloud : You're right, humans are cruel but humans are capable of more than that! They're capable of compassion. Tifa : Change Barret : Protecting Yuffie : Learning Red XIII : Teaching Kait Sith : Helping Vincent : Forgiving Cid : Dreaming Cloud : Humans are capable of good... Sephiroth : If that's what you truly believe, then let that be your... Final Fantasy... Got to say I absolutely loved that part

    11. Adam Rosenfield

      Why the hell does this series make me cry? Goddamn video games

    12. sume dokin

      Wish she wouldn't call attention to his two faces and his yellow belly.

    13. Prick Ayeey

      Tgis whole series was a masterpiece. Kept me up at night and late for work

    14. Smoka Gaming

      So lets be real, Red XIII's voice actor is Chris o'Neil, a.k.a Chris from oney plays, right? I could sense the "trying to sound funny whilst being serious at the same time" from anywheres :3

    15. Kahnac

      Might've already commented before, but I don't care, because I simply want to say how wholesome,sweet, and enjoyable the romance between Cloud and Tifa is, and how I love its development over the series progression. As far as fictional couples go, you guys at TFS made me appreciate these two more than I ever did before. Hat's metaphorically tipped to you guys and gals, and those who stand in-between for fleshing out two of the most enjoyable characters in this series (aside from a few others we know and love) - which I also say because, sadly, I don't have a hat. ^^;

    16. Plague Kat

      Could: ultimate weapon the next time we meet we’ll be prepared to fight you in aerial combat! Vincent: it’s on the ground now....

    17. MVious Cosplay

      The themes of FF7 that just gut punch you and bound to make you cry: The main theme Aerith's theme Zack's theme

    18. Emperor Luna

      I think Barret groveling was one the funniest things ive ever seen

    19. IvebeenshotImonfire

      I cried at this. What a touching, funny, and overall amazing series that shows how much a person can give for a work of art. Thank you for all your work. We FF fans, especially of VII, appreciate your awesome series to no end.

    20. Justin Valentine

      nice job guys, came to laugh, ended up feeling. great job

    21. RJ Max

      I'm gonna miss Barret and Red.

    22. Yeahroshee Chabanina

      Thank you for that journey to my childhood.

    23. DarthPingu07

      That ending music though! Where can I listen to that on its own?, 😍

    24. Terror Byte

      The comitic timing is fucking amazing

    25. INXISIV

      People who hate the remake 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    26. Ben Wolfe


    27. Villanious Mustache

      69 LMAO

    28. Levi Little

      24:36 God damnit takahata101 xD

    29. Maciej Vertes

      Everybody at TFS, you F*CKED UP! You were supposed to make me laugh, not make emotional and sh*t. Still, thanks to You lot, everytime I turn any of your videos on, it makes my day a hell lot better. I love You guys. Thank you for existing.

    30. Geoffrey Canon

      Damn, I got more emotion out of this series than FF7: remake! TeamFourStar, thank you. And Square, please don't fuck up with the later installments. This game is my childhood.

    31. Stonehawk

      That was so beautiful I literally cried. You've done a better job giving these characters depth and personality than the original game by orders of magnitude. This is more real to be than the official canon from now on.

    32. Repeater Odious

      Ah, another video, another comments field full of people who totally get all the best jokes and need to tell the rest of us.

    33. Arthur Castus

      "Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down..."

    34. TheBlackJoestar

      “Every moment is an adventure to say no.” - Bahamut

    35. Jake Daughrity-Johnson

      4:22 Can someone tell me what music is that from?

    36. KuRoRo022

      The fact Red screaming AVALANCHE TIMEE!!!! in the end, knowing Barret is Dead in that time and Red screaming like Barret is stil whit him, is so sad, but a great end. Remember, you can be armless, friendless and homeless , but NOT talking dog best friendless.

    37. Madison Moon

      lol now do 8

    38. buddy pigeau

      ....yeah good stuff man you guys kick ass keep it up

    39. metaphysicalmultikil

      5:48 Why are Yuffie’s Health and Mana 69s

    40. Gabe Patton


    41. Fawkes.

      Fuck....a five year journey this has been but a good one though

    42. Davis Keaton

      This is probably the last time I'll get goosepimples from FF7.

    43. sirfailalotful

      I haven’t been this sad to see a series end in a long time... Avalanche * sniff * FOREVER!!!

    44. M. G.

      31:49 wow this brings back memories. I remember when I was a kid I saw my older cousin do this Bossfight. He told me that if you didn’t have that one combo, that cloud was using in this fight, you would immediately lose. Actually he showed me this fight after I beat sephiroth in Kingdom hearts one. Lol 😆

    45. Ted Scheett

      Cloud: Tifa, I'm home! ???: Cloud Strife. Legendary Mercenary. Hero. I've heard a lot about you. Cloud: (Brandishing the Buster Sword) Who are you, and what are you doing in my house? ???: Whoa, there fella! I'm not here to hurt'cha! Don't get so hasty! Cloud: Talk, and I won't. ???: Okay... (steps out of the shadows) My name is Michael Theodore Mouse, but you can call me Mickey... and I need your help...

    46. Brent Batin

      24:36 Red: “YOU GUYS #### YET?!”

    47. Decode Lifehacker

      So are they doing any of the other games

      1. Decode Lifehacker

        @Ike Illue yeah i remember being pissed when they said they wouldn't do the buu saga

      2. Ike Illue

        @Decode Lifehacker It does. They have given use some of the best abridging content out there, over the years. It especially sucks if you watched the finally for DBZ abridged, when it first aired. They wrote that it would continue in the Buu saga. Then they changed their minds due to copyright crap, and because the Bojak movie was kicking their butts, so they edited out the 'to be continued' card from the episode. Major teases.

      3. Decode Lifehacker

        @Ike Illue oh.....shit that sucks

      4. Ike Illue

        Pretty sure they said that, with this movie, they are done abridging, and only focusing on their own content. Their DBZ shorts are the closest thing we'll get to more abridging content.

    48. Gz senpai

      24:36 I was waiting for it God dammit

    49. GroundMetal118

      at the end of it if you listen closely while red shouts AVALANCHE TIME you can hear Barret shout SHUT THE FUCK UP lol

    50. Daven Skilnyk

      We need Final Fantasy 8 Abridged.

    51. steelixman

      24:35 fun fact: that was on paper but never made it in the game

    52. JaykerPhoenix

      I can Savely say THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK TFS you did this Justice and went even further Beyond all the Work you putted in this has paid off and i am Blown away by it, it's just so freaking good you nailed the Jokes, the Intense and Serious Moments, The Emotional ones and the Voices were just sooo fitting. I personally hope that in the near Future you maybe doing a Final Fantasy 8 or Kingdom Hearts Abriged although i would understand why you wouldn't do it since its a lot of Work. I'm looking forward to your future projects keep going and never give up!

    53. Bluemilk92

      This has been such an adventure.

    54. Mason ray

      This whole series was great!!!! As a fan of the game, this was done so brilliant. Bravo!!! Mad me laugh the whole entire time. Thank you!!!!

    55. Fresh Burrito

      Ngl an FF8 and 9 Machinabridged would be cool

    56. Lucy Ravenwoods

      The ending made me cry Ngl

    57. Deavonne Cotton

      Avalanche Time!

    58. Louis DellaLucca

      Ant was awesome as Barrett!

    59. FannyPackMan100

      My GOD. This was one of the most amazing and incredible things I have ever had the pleasure and the JOY of watching. Team Four Star, you Truly are a BLESSING to this world because of the genuine, hilarious, and deeply moving content that you make. I enjoyed EVERY single second of this series, and it will forever remain in my memories as some of the most wholesome and wonderful content ever watched on SEprom. No amount of views or Pateron donations could ever express that. From the bottom of my heart, from the core of the Planet, from the depth of the Lifestream itself, thank you so very much.

    60. robbiex88

      This entire series was a gift. I love this game so much and you guys did a great job making me laugh and taking us through some really nostalgic moments. Well done team four star and thank you!

    61. Vegito Blue

      Are we gonna have final fantasy 7 remake abridged when the game is done? 🤔

    62. leon musial

      Oh shit is ff7 nazis?

    63. Johnny Norris, Jr.

      OMG Godo was ProZD! Sungwon Cho! This is some kind of Super Nerdstravaganza

    64. Robert Barnett

      Man, what a profound ending. Thanks for the ride, guys!

    65. Tyler

      i wan 2k choconuggies :(

    66. Eric Moreira

      We can't be defeated by a virus We DON'T be defeated by a virus F&$# you Covid 19

    67. Joshua Hendricks

      Barret has been such a mood this whole series.

    68. Zero Neoz

      Tifa redemption arc was amazing,no joke

    69. Dark slasher

      Red cures depression

    70. Pedro Okuma

      "Did you just launch that bitch into space?" "Fucking right I did"

    71. Super Saiyan Michael

      I’m not crying 😭

    72. Oscar BRC

      The voice of Cloud and Sephiroth are just like I imagen if the Final Fantasy 7 had voice actors

    73. Shiny HunterX420

      I am always amazed how great you guys do this. This is damn good. I wanna watch it again from the start.

    74. ReckyDaGuy

      "Whisper Bahamut?" "The future is always a blank page... and we choose to write No."

    75. 駱聯威Loh Lean Wei

      full of comedy with no fears

    76. ErenxJ

      Great, now we need to see the separate Avalanche time playthrough 0:05

    77. Arische Setmses

      So the city ends anyways. A pitty. At least that wolf character got a family.

      1. Ike Illue

        @Arische Setmses 15 and 13 are completely unrelated, just like all the other games are. At best they have references that turn into fan theories, like the theory that FFX is a prequel to FFVII, with Shinra being the founder of the Shinra corporation. But again, canonically, its just references, no actual connection.

      2. Arische Setmses

        @Ike Illue FF 15 takes place long after FF 13.

      3. Ike Illue

        @Arische Setmses I'm not sure what you are talking about as far as the latest FF game taking place long after the one before. With very rare exceptions, all Final Fantasy games exist in their own universes. The obvious exceptions are the direct sequels, like FFX, FFIV, and FFXII all have direct sequels, but they they take place immediately after the initial game, and they aren't the next number in the franchise.

      4. Arische Setmses

        @Ike Illue I was just thinking of how the latest FF game takes place long after the one before, with part of the game taking place at the long degrading ruins of the floating world.

      5. Ike Illue

        @Arische Setmses The end cutscene mythos? Probably not, since FF games tend to be completely unrelated to each other, and the only reason they use the FFVII world for anything, is because the characters are extremely marketable, so it wouldn't do them any good to keep the world, but put it in a time when all the characters are dead.

    78. szylaj

      34:01 im not crying. Shut up!! Youre crying!!

    79. MAV Arevalo

      32:03 Omnislash

    80. Hamza Guerra

      If FF7 was not from square Enix what y’all think it’s name would be?

      1. Ike Illue

        Probably something based off of the Miyamoto Musashi vs Sasaki Kojiro duel, as Cloud and Sephiroth were heavily inspired by the two Samurai in that legend.

    81. andy julsrud

      Ok seriously i'mnot the only one hoping this is how the remake will end as that line from cloud "defy destiny" suits so well with the harbinger boss fight in part 1 of the remake

    82. sonfox

      *Stands up and starts to clap soon followed by the entire rest of the audience, who also begin to whistle and cheer* Bravo, TeamFourstar, Bravo!

    83. FraN_

      Did everyone see Vincent flip his Gun a bunch of times. It was sick!

    84. FireFist63

      "Did everyone see me flip my gun a bunch of times?"

    85. A

      Wtf just happened?

    86. Trivator0517

      Square Enix is now make an hd remake... For mobile

    87. Hati

      Onion Knight is cutting onions again...

    88. Kyle Parker

      No advent children abridged? Also anyone know if tfs will make any new parodies?

    89. Archer Angel

      'I forgot where I live.' With Piccolo's voice kek. He's a hobo even across the multiverse. Either that or p damn close to Piccolo's voice...

    90. Isuina

      Tifa is a... influence on her...

    91. Michelle Mitchell

      Tifa said this is for my bar when sephroth didnt destroy het bar it was shinra

    92. pieniaurinko

      25:39 "We're not gonna be taken out by some damn virus!" Now that felt cathartic. Thanks!

    93. AArdW01f

      Even TFS can't make Grandpa's dying speech less powerful.

    94. Digi-Akuma

      Just like Hellsing Abridged, it's sad to see this series come to an end.

    95. 01of10

      Thanks for that juicy end-piece to an already succulent series. A job well done! Thank you!

    96. Botanicstone 62

      Thank you bros, for everything.

    97. Fintile 2012

      Any chance for an FFVIII or IX series?

    98. totoru4ever

      When you realize that your parody show turned almost the same as original material, but better.

    99. Q Q

      24:36 Shippers in a nutshell

    100. Justin Riley

      And now, we’ll never know what the legendary Dolphin Blow looks like (‘cept Cid)