Hindsight is 2020 | Talkcast Podshow Ep. 44 - TeamFourStar (TFS)


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    Heads up: This is a rough one. Join Taka, Lani, and Scott as they talk about the year that was... 2020.
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    1. TeamFourStar

      Get 10% off (save up to $47!) your own authentic Japanese snack box from Bokksu using my link: bit.ly/2LCoQro and code TEAMFOURSTAR10

      1. Garrison Allmon

        @WestWard Media I think yo mean our former president Trump

      2. WestWard Media

        @Garrison Allmon Because They Don't Support Trump, The Racist

      3. Garrison Allmon

        Ya know I had respect for yall until I heard yalls political views yall are funny but this slightly ruined my outlook on the abridged series

      4. Milos Petrovic

        Dear TFS. I have a Request! Death Note Abridged. please make it happen! Just Do it do-it do-it do-it do-it Do-it DO IT NOW!!!

      5. WestWard Media

        @Manuel Alberto Romero Well, They Have Sponsors That Are Impressed With Their Content. Also They Need To Focus On Stuff They Won't Have To Worry About Copyright Infringement. Give It Time, I'm Sure They'll Have More For Us Soon. I Actually Thought Of A Way They Could Do The Buu Arc Without Having To Worry About Any Animating.

    2. xGSUltiSpiritx

      2020 was no different to me than any other year, I mostly ignored it I didn't dislike lockdowns or whatever, barely was aware of it really The number 2020 sounds cool tho ...hmmm At first, I did like not having to be physically present in classes but it also made me alot more negligent which frustrated me more All in all, nothing changed much in my life that year

    3. THEEND4444

      New Mutants was really good in my opinion.

    4. Rob Senatore

      Legit cancelled my patron support because they went political. Seriously to say republicans oppose mask wearing and lockdowns just to be the opposition is ignorant.

    5. Supersonicspinattack

      This was the video that got me to buy Hades and I'm so hecking happy that it did

    6. Travis V

      I stopped playing Doom Eternal for a very specific reason. I don't play PC shooters often, and I learned how to WASD from home row (index on F), instead of sliding over one (index on D). Which hasn't been a big deal, I beat 2016. Unless you're fighting Marauders. I can't hit shift fast enough. I quit right around Taras Nabad.

    7. womp

      Never knew they were such insufferable leftists

    8. NovaStar3

      "But hey at least the stock market's doing good." Yeah about that...

    9. joshua bouck

      The government could've curb stomped the virus. The fact that we, as people, have to live in fear, wear face protection, and also keep away from each other is 100% USDA grade A BULLSHIT!!!!!

    10. Bj


    11. Wicked Jester

      In retrospect Lani's comment about the stock market being good is hilarious now

      1. NovaStar3


    12. Tyler Foster

      You're absolutely right, the psychological effect of the virus and the precautions necessary to combat it have driven a comparable number of people to hospitals for mental health issues as virus patients. It's terrible that the social response has been so shoddy that we have had to hunker down for this long.

    13. Jack Lawrence

      If I get this job im trying to get. I’m getting these boxes!

    14. Milos Petrovic

      Dear TFS. I have a Request! Death Note Abridged. make it happen! Just Do it do-it do-it do-it do-it do-it (DO! IT! NOW!)

    15. ThePhreakass

      When will you do the Buu saga?

      1. NovaStar3

        Let's give em 7 years. Maybe they'll be out of burnout? We can only hope.

    16. Luke Ray

      What if you switch the blues...... Show cast, Podtalk......hmmmm

    17. Seth Kunert

      Its like a fucking leap year jesus christ guys just keep track on it. It is literally the only thing showing you pay attention. That and future allusions

    18. Seth Kunert


    19. Seth Kunert

      Dbz kai abridged krill counter now

    20. Rising

      as a big last of us fan: the second game is beautiful, well acted and does a lot of amazing things for people with disabilities. However it is so unbelievable poorly written that any sense of it being a story game is lost. It completely misunderstands the themes it tries to convey and has no respect for its characters. When people say it has a good story, what they tend to interpret as good story is the fact incredibly talented actors are reading acceptable dialogue. But the overarching plot, story and characters are really quite horrible when you strip the pretty wrapping off of it.

    21. Kyle Parker

      Any hints on your next big project or series?

    22. Tommy O'Hare

      Its really sad to see, the shell of a channel this has become.

    23. Claymoresmash

      ******* **** ***** *** ***** **** **** **** *** *** ***** (there's your swear words, Nick).

    24. Limp Toast

      1:03:09 ah yes blame trump and not china for not warning us of the virus. Classic.

      1. NovaStar3

        Well to be fair, Trump is a fucking moron who refused to wear a mask for the first half of 2020, telling his people "It's no big deal" when it was.

    25. BOBimus Rex

      Ever considered doing Sailormoon Abridged? I'd donate for that...

    26. Patrick knight


      1. NovaStar3

        They've got burnout. It's not exactly easy for them.

    27. Chris Gordon

      Do more tfs dragon ball stuff I missed those cause I watched all the old ones so can you plz do more tfs dragon ball vids plz

    28. Vince Andrei Ong

      This podcast was very real for me, i loved it.

    29. RedTeamReview

      13:30 It's one of the reason I can't get into comics as well, especially Star Wars ones where the writer has this vision in his head of who Darth Vader is and what he says but they've never been able to capture it for me. But Last of Us 2 is a good game. VERY well made.

      1. Gabriel Saiz

        Y. J

    30. Tread

      Interesting how the non-Dragonball related videos on this channel pull about 30k views while the Dragonball clickbait ones sustain their add revenue. Thanks for the memories, guys!

    31. Dion Black

      Hey can you do the 2nd broly movie Ceres are least imagine boo Ceres for the Dragonball show

    32. FunDumb Hero

      Invisible Man- is actually a book about a black man speaking of his experiences as a white society doesn't see him. So... read that, Kaiser.

    33. 油Giygas64天

      You guys should just do the Buu Saga on another Channel. You guys should do an Abridged Series for original Dragon Ball all the way to the end of Super. You guys are the only ones in this world with the perfect opportunity to do this, if you don't do it nobody else will. *>:'(*

    34. NoobMaster 69

      DBZA is over?? * unsubscribe *

    35. Raj

      Team four star can we get an abridged version of dragon ball super 🥺.

    36. Gavin Henriod

      Love the show and TFS but don’t blame people not taking COVID seriously for the reason individuals are losing jobs, homes, or are in poor mental health blame the government. The government mandates are the problem not people’s non compliance. South Dakota had the most lenient COVID rules of any state and they’re better off for it. Same with countries like Sweden and Norway. Countries that did have strict lockdowns are just going into second ones like England and France. Sorry just had to state my piece

      1. Gavin Henriod

        @Anthony Starke haha right? The hypocrisy in the government is mind boggling

      2. Anthony Starke

        "How dare you question the government." Like these people have ever been honest with us before. Now magically everything gets to reopen.

    37. NerdMiGerd

      Wonder Woman 1984 is... fine, I guess? I liked what they were trying to do with it, but the dialogue is utter dogshit, the plot's kind of a mess, and a lot of the action scenes just... suck. As someone who liked the first movie it was definitely a let down.

    38. The Wolf

      Totally off topic but can we get a tfs cover of the ginyu force theme?


      I don’t mind Cyberpunk 2077 but the only I really hate about it is that it’s in first person, we should have the option to toggle between first person and third person, like in GTAV

    40. Jadon Gomes

      I know you probably can’t, but can you atleast do one more abridged episode just one for the road the bojack movie

    41. 이선호

      이제 dragonball episode 안하시나요?

    42. Michael Bowen

      You want to do new abridged series? With video game or anime ver

    43. Nobody

      You know what? You should really do a lord of the rings parody.

    44. Master Acorn

      I know tfs has stopped making dbz content. Excluding shortz. But since it ended with Gohan being the next hero. Why not give him that Bojack movie. Cut Goku out with your amazing editing skills. Make the movie about Gohan and him being his own hero. If Bojack being a pirate is annoying just ... change that. I hope some day the buu saga will happen. But with the Bojack movie it would make a lot of people happy...

    45. JakeDaVGM

      This may be a frequently asked question. But once this last season of AoT finishes up, do you think you guys will be willing to try to relaunch AoT abridged? After the show ends I doubt the company will continue to have issues knowing that the whole thing will be finalized

    46. youtubewatcher

      Is there any chance you'll make a Dragonball Sai motion comic/dragon shorts?

    47. Nathan Jensen

      I miss Unabridged. Can't wait for the US to be somewhat stable again so we can get the rest of it

    48. FerrousLupine148

      Doesnt help that CDPR prioritized PC over the consoles. Which makes it playable on PC but a broken shiity mess on consoles. If they had built it evenly they could have avoided altogether.

    49. Rick Bone

      Hades good? Keep seeing it on switch and contemplating getting it

    50. hobbes

      I hope you guys change your mind about abridging the Buu Saga. Honestly, all this other content is boring and bland compared to DBA.

    51. Carson Bailey

      I can't stand it if people cut me off irl, I have no idea how Scott and Lani deal with Taka.

    52. Erwin Calvo

      I really love your work guys, and I know you won't do this content again, my ideas are not the best but I eish to continue your abridged series if you allow me to do so, please make this comment reach this amazing guys

    53. SORTE

      Wow with all the new shows coming out and stuff during quarantine it’s rlly nice to also get some new tfs buu saga right guys?🤪

      1. Braden Bungard


    54. Rose13

      My mom and I discussed the stuff about masks when everything hit the fan because guess what?! We both remember Japan. Legit we both were just sitting here going mask? No shit

      1. Rose13

        My mom also has asthma and guess what, she still wears a mask. Shes so vulnerable for illness and age and people still ragging on her

    55. Trap Peach!


    56. AMWOOD co

      2020: the only year that when the ball dropped to end it, I said goodbye to it rather than hello to the new year.

    57. Caesar Ochoa

      It been a long time since I've watched anything 4 star related. It fills me with joy to see the team is still doing their thing. At the same time it remins me that I'm aging. We're all aging :,c

      1. Caesar Ochoa

        Also congrats on the weight lose Lani. Looking good man 👉👉

    58. Chris Scott

      Great show guys! Love hearing your unfiltered/honest opinions about objective reality. It's nice to hear and kinda calming too (in a "So, I'm *not* crazy" sorta way). Also, I'd totally listen to the three of you just kind of freeform talking about stuff more often, if that means anything (:

    59. D. Eddy

      minecraft was sold as an alpha. i bought it a week or 2 after it went beta.

    60. D. Eddy

      plague lands... sounds so close to play glands it makes me worried...

    61. Sisk Platinum

      Man you guys have sunk

    62. adam law

      Isn't COD Recycled Ops: Cold War early access?

    63. Gogurt


    64. Naruto Reviewer

      i know this is old news now but i still miss dbza so fucking much i started watching YEARS ago and my life has changed so much while watching dbza and now i watch this i know its not coming back but lets honor it once more everyone reading this just pray and say amen

    65. Redflametrow

      Honestly, I'm pretty confident Soul is my best film of 2020. Like it's one of Pixar's best in years, and it came out in 2020. Not sure if there's something else I really missed. But Soul had the actual weight that I thought Inside Out was missing. Which I know is an unpopular opinion.

    66. Tristan Woodhurst

      Starwars can have some new amazing games!!!! HALALOOHAH!!

    67. Bangerang Eliko

      @27:35 after a bit of practice in early game grinding, I got so much better at driving in cyberpunk 2077, so that mission with the anxious taxi and drive it all the way back was a piece of cake - all i had to do was treat the right trigger like my accelerator in my own car

    68. Brandon Lai

      If you guys just focused on making abridged episodes instead of wasting time on diff video formats, you'd get alot of episodes dished out.

    69. MrGBH

      Holy mackerel, Taka mentioned Host from Shudder. The main character is portrayed by a friend of mine.

    70. Qedo

      Lani, no meme but you looking good

    71. MrBrawler16

      Wow, that Bokksu pack looked absolutely delicious

    72. XTalonXL

      I know it won't happen, but we need a tfs dbs dub. I cannot stress enough how much we miss the laughs. My brother and I still watch dbza all the time.

    73. VitaminKay

      I got my emt license, got new apartment, got a new job, and a new bike. Still a bad year with some bright spots.

    74. FunDumb Hero

      Shit dude, I paid attention to every little detail for CyberPunk and even said I would wait another year if need be. unfortunately- buggy or not, Cyberpunk is just... garbage. Seriously, the character progression is barely skin deep, the hacking mechanics are useless, the stealth is broken, the city is an empty husk of a NPC hub ground. There are no real cyber Punk vibes-0 you coulda called it Rage 3 and I woulda believed it with it's highly coloured aesthetic and barely anything that grabbed me with it's themes. Subpar writing, the only character I gave a shit about died early. There were no choices in the game that became meaningful. All problem devolved into dumb shoot outs, the guns were lame (Rage 2 had more innovative weapons) there wasn't anything there. the NPCs were dumb af, there is nothing that felt worth exploring. Deus Ex THE CONSPIRACY felt more open ended in problem solving and even felt more Cyber Punkish. A game back in 2001. Dude, the game is straight garbage. The body Mods? Really added nothing. I played extensively and even restarted and without adding anything but loot (Which, don't bother upgrading, you'll find better in a few minutes) there was no deep RPG mechanics. DEUS EX was waaaay better. Even stoned the game bored and infuriated me.

    75. FunDumb Hero

      Sorry but I found Doom Eternal boring af. Not trying to shit on it, it was fine, just boring for me.

    76. Nyxayde

      This comment goes out to Kaiser. While listening to this video, my 5 year old daughter heard that you haven't seen Soul. To which she replied "he hasn't seen Soul! He needs to, its really good" 😆 so if you needed incentive to watch it, there you go. Its 5 year old approved

    77. Old Wolf Logan

      I lost my grandmother to Covid. I work in food retail, I am on the front line everyday, and if I happen to see an anti-masker, that is a card i am unafraid to play. She was the baby of my grandparents, the last of her generation. There was no reason for her to die, and I hope that she would have lived longer if our leaders were any sort of competent. Fuck 2020. May it die a cold and lonely death and be forgotten. Please forgive my rant.

    78. RagnaRok852

      I became a full time free lancer, met the woman of my dreams, and discovered what I wanted to do in life. However I nearly committed suicide two this year and hit my lowest of lows. So it evened our

    79. Elros04

      quarantine has been amazing for me... i learned to love to be alone... i can get food and stuff delivered to my door, no need to go outside where the stupid people are!

    80. akbmfm

      Never pre-ordered since 2010 thanks to Totalbiscuit. RIP.

    81. Obi Juan

      Are you guys getting together? I just so glad to see you around each other!

    82. Sophie Mason

      That film Taka mentions, that's the one where a former soldiers find a group of vampires on a Nazi ghost ship isn't it?

      1. The Weary 101


    83. Tnecniw

      I agree that the republican party fucked up regarding Covid. However, I have to say tho, Democrats (at the least at the start) caused SOOO many issues. Insisting it wasn't worse than the flu, saying any precausions against it was just people trying to prevent immigration. The tweet from the mayor of new york is still awful to read.

      1. Anthony Starke

        Not to mention Pelosi telling people to "come to Chinatown, have lunch!" And Biden calling Trump a xenophobe for shutting down travel to China.

    84. Ljubomir Juraj

      Jesus taka, for fuck sake you don't need to punctuate every sentence. Stfu for a hot second.

    85. marcial pena

      i think the larger story in 15 was done horribly but it dosnt stop it from being a good game you can just pick up and instantly enjoy and have a fun with. I could care less about the past of the history of what happened, all i care about are the four brothers on the road taking on whatever the world has to throw at them.

    86. SHADOWfox99

      Nomura didn't write FF7R all of that was Nojima.

    87. Anthony DeNicolo

      Is it me or dose Scott look very pale and tired? I hope he's doing ok.

    88. Dominic Dorian

      So how bad are the whispers in FF7 Remake? FF7 is actually my 2nd least final fantasy of all time. Even then, I was genuinely interested in the remake. But 4th wall breaking spirits that show up whenever the game deviates from the original just sounds like the worst story plot ever. I'm someone who really appreciates stories so that's the main reason I haven't given it a shot despite owning it. I heard the final section of the remake has you kill the whispers so you can go off on your own path but that was followed up by the creators making it clear that the rest of the game that comes out won't deviate from the original as much as part one did. So if there enough substance there to even justify me giving it a shot?

    89. Stickguy101

      love you guys, keep doing what you're doing :)

    90. Michael Pedigo Calderwood

      What are my thoughts on 2020? Mostly "Fuck That Shit"

    91. Charles Champ

      I wish I could play social games or watch streams.


      Thanks for that 2020 retrospective guys! And thank you for calling out the GOP for their shitty narcissistic behavior!

    93. lil washu

      I promise you… we just want more content from you guys? No matter how small, we love your content, and I miss seeing more from you guys!

    94. Blaine Hoover

      I miss unabridged so bad.

    95. TheAwesomeDarkNinja

      Takahata101 hating Last of Us 2 without playing it versus Lanipator thinking Last of Us 2 is a pretty good as he actually played it - is pretty much the fanbase in a nutshell.

    96. Tristan Fraser

      DragonBall super abridged?

    97. hawk222

      Dumbasses who don't wear masks at the end of the video (probably): "Cancel TeamFourStar!!1! " TFS: "Don't let the door hit ya on the way out, ya jackass!!"

    98. arutka2000

      First, happy birthday Kaiser. Second, Covid didn't change gaming behavior. I like to play alone (don't read into that). Third, 2020 has turned me and my kids into Vegeta and Trunks in the time chamber.

    99. Nathaniel Smith

      WW84 isn't bad, it's DC's take on FMA: Brotherhood. I mean that in the best way.

    100. Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK

      My year started with finishing a 42 day straight working streak without a day off at a truckstop, after coming down with what was confirmed in mid January to have been Corona virus on Christmas eve from a trucker, then having to drop out of my online college because the school had me get a program and install it with bad instructions that bricked my entire classes program which led to us all failing that course, being on a grant I have to pay for any failed classes which I could not do. Then in March due to poor management half the truck stop staff was fired including me when they changed schedules, neglected to inform the workers, then fired about 12 of us for 2 days of no call no show. Which lead to me not being able to receive any of the benefits I built up. Then I didn't receive any stimulus check until Thanksgiving and have had no ability to get a new job during covid. Luckily my parents travel in an rv and spend a lot of time in Florida where they got property, so I've been house sitting their place in Texas keeping it clean and maintained