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    On today's episode, we have an exciting interview segment, as well as a stunning musical guest!
    Esscents: esscents.us/
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    1. ScathakaByron

      I wish I could like it twice. Kirran and Grant are hilarious. And I saw you too, Quinn!

    2. Florida Dude

      This was my favorite WandaVision episode.

    3. Jefferson Evans

      I’m using this video as proof that I’ll upvote your videos even if I don’t like them

    4. Hunterxii

      Buy saga

    5. AwesomeBill FromDawsomeville

      This was absurd and amazing. I want more of this!

    6. AnEvilBastard

      Someone's been rewatching Steve Brule.

    7. Devious Spirit

      This is the quality I subscribed for ;)

    8. SierraLarson2

      God, I love these two. You know what I need? Kirran and Grant making a cameo on Supermega.

    9. John Eusebio

      Chris didn't even TRY to take out that kid's kneecaps! What the hell, man?!

    10. alucard971

      Giving Tim and Eric runs for their money. But hey It's free real estate.

    11. Sgt SealCluber

      The fact that they used wheat bread for that PB&J is unforgivable!!! 😁🤣

      1. Sgt SealCluber

        @An enemy stand The reason you don't want to use wheat bread is because it has a distinct and noticeable flavor that isn't the best with PB&J. Definitely not the way you would make it for someone's first PB&J, but I'm sure there are people that eat it that way. PB&J is best on plain white bread with a glass of milk. 😁

      2. An enemy stand

        Are you not supposed to?

    12. Nick Erhart

      I love how the wheel grant made to even out the questions was 86% kirran.

    13. muffin button

      The opening had the same energy as the game grumps 10 minute power hour

    14. BloodrealmX

      This is like a twelve-minute Mr. Biffo's Found Footage sketch and I love it.

    15. Michael Wasilko

      NOW ***THAT'S*** Q U A L I T Y

    16. JeskidoYT

      So the dragon balls have hit you guys too huh?

    17. Javier Areas

      I laughed way more than i probably should have with this 😂😂

    18. Avi Trivedi

      Kirran is a goddamn national treasure

    19. Azure EXE

      This was the long game. We all know Grant and Kirran weren't fans of DBZA when it first came out. They infiltrated TFS and now they're running the show. Absolute madlads.

    20. Jonathan Albright

      HOLY SHIT!!!!!! MORE PLEASE!!!!!! That was exactly what I needed, Kirran and Grant, you guys are the best comedy duo since Spade/Farley.

    21. Nick Ferrazza

      Is this what happens when Scott's not in the office?

    22. I

      I think this may have originally been for unabridged.

    23. AdiKor007

      that ending had some serious potato salad vibes... and i love it

    24. SaucerheadTharp

      Wow. Just wow. Props for Asher. First he kills Grant. Then he goes to the air ship and kills Scott on Among Us.

    25. Ronald Schutte

      Tim and Eric would be proud boys

    26. Jason Johns

      It's been a week, where's episode #2???

    27. smashbrosfan31

      I feel Like Lani and Kaiser built Grant and Kiran but their programming malfunction and they never bothered to fix them or thought it was funnier

    28. LoudBeardGuy the Third

      This is unmatched QUALITY entertainment.

    29. Akiva T.

      Dont know how I missed this but Im really glad they plugged it in that among us stream so more people would be aware of it. Hoping to see more Quality!

    30. Rhunic

      Grant and Kirran are synonymously my favorite power couple and there is nothing you can say to change my mind.

    31. SaucyTendies

      this is some quality content right here algorithm

    32. Womd wonderful Wins

      Love this shit

    33. atnagaming


    34. Clint Parsons

      Reminds me of Jay and silent Bob.

    35. Mackenzie Cotterell

      Anyone getting “The Internet & You” vibes from this

    36. Wil Evans

      My ad for this video was someone telling me the VCR is back, I think I better do the time warp again

    37. Wil Evans

      This is the highest production SEprom Poop I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t be happier

    38. Lucidess

      I love this, thanks guys.

    39. Someone Someone

      Waiting for the buu saga

    40. Getsuga Tenshou

      I like Quality

    41. Tejfol

      This is better than Buu saga lol

    42. aqua duud

      Gettin unabridged vibes

    43. Vincent Roberts

      I'm just in the comments section because I love this direction for the channel and you can have all the engagement

    44. koasantiago

      Quarantine did K & G good. Handsome and handsomer

    45. Onyx Burst

      Was Mitch McConnell the face you guys used for the evil on the MHA sandwich? If so that is hilariously perfect!

    46. Brandon B

      This is really bad

    47. Jarid Hope

      Both better and worse than I expected.

    48. Jesper0707 951

      "oh he's bleeding" fucking killed me

    49. RemLasher77

      Your upload timing of this video was off, TeamFourStar . This video would have more impact if you guys had uploaded on 3/31.

    50. FuellingObsession

      I'm getting Tim and Eric vibes

    51. Nanny Names

      So this what y'all doing instead of dbza buu saga? Very impressive

    52. robert miles

      this is hilarious!

    53. Phantom9252

      I don't think I did drugs.....

    54. Kriscerosaurus

      I don’t know what I just watched or if I even really did. More please?

    55. Delagator


    56. David Fellner

      I'm very confused by this, and I can't tell if that's the intended effect. It does, however, give me hope that Unabridged may be coming back soon since they're filming stuff again!

      1. Tuckendorf

        In case this hasn’t already been stated elsewhere, all this footage was from before the pandemic. So no, unfortunately not likely to start filming Unabridged again yet.

    57. izzhaus


    58. Nate

      Between Two Ferns Redux

    59. scribbleowl

      I need 10 more episodes right now

    60. Doink3

      Q U A L I T Y!

    61. Nylon Protest

      Please just give them both infinite money and time to make whatever they want.

    62. isislv31

      Maybe you could continue the final fantasy story with FF7: advent children

    63. isislv31

      Hello, I was wondering if you were gonna do another machinima abridged

    64. J. F

      Kirran is quietly becoming one of the best TFS members.

    65. Manabingu*Ginga

      I LITERALLY laughed SO hard I started CRYING 😂 THank you Kirran and Grant for a QUALITY video 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    66. Thomas Paolucci

      Lani whataver you're paying them it's too much.

    67. Marc Q

      WTF just happened?

    68. James Offutt

      You guys are the best hard working fools!

    69. Valtteri Arola

      3:22 That's a spruce ya dumbos! I've come to expect much better of your show and when you fail to life up to your usual high standard, I truly feel you're loosing respect for your audience. Signed, A Concerned Internet Denizen

    70. Jake Brown

      Does esscents deliver the smell of 'Skyline Chili Colon Blow'?

    71. blunk778

      Someone likes the eric andre show

    72. Fran Miller

      This has intense Adult Swim vibes. I love it!

    73. Kathleen Rose Muir

      I could watch Grant and Kirran for hours 😂😂😂

    74. DarkRaven2000

      I feel like i just had a waking fever dream, and i love it.

    75. Guilherme Rodrigues

      the pure chaotic energy of this, I love it

    76. Defiant Moon

      I know this might not be the best video to post this comment on, but I just watched Hells and was confused when I recognized some of the voices. When I found out it was TFS I lost it. For like 30 minutes after the film ended I was sure it was some sort of parody and now I just see Soul Eater abridged

    77. DynamiteArc

      This is actually the last thing you see before you die.

    78. Liam Storer

      The fuck did I just watch

    79. Anthony Christian

      Loving this... but I do miss the swear czar.

    80. Master Psilocyeph

      I like this, but it does remind me of Binge watching Adult Swim right after I escaped the 90's enough that I might someday believe that anybody, (even me), can achieve that dream of making a living on just existing. Keep on Keeping on, I love it! (no promise that that's a good thing though) (bad comment notes: all I really want is to know if we're moving past the Cell Saga, Tim and Eric were fine but I wasn't a fan of Tom goes to the Mayor)

    81. David Leland

      So Grant grew like 5 inches lol....

    82. Sebastian Pickett

      I love this

    83. Andrew Vrba

      This reboot of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job is pretty good.

    84. Hi I'm Aiden

      I don't know what I just watched but I loved it

    85. William Fisher

      Such a fucking good video!

    86. Tab Martin

      Is this a parody of brutalfoods

    87. Daily Dose

      This is the weirdest Tim and Eric skit I've ever seen.

    88. CanniestTread6

      This kinda looks like a video made for an online mystery type thing

    89. Beta Rugula

      Not the kinda content or humor I expect when following TFS, though if you guys are having fun that's great

    90. Dojima H. Hog

      I feel like Kirran could do a good Joey Jordison cosplay

    91. YUME The Mighty Guy

      Yes!!!!! More please

    92. none of your business

      I do love me some of this type of content and have even made some myself in the past, but Oily Josh Fuck I cannot begin to fathom that the hell the thoughts behind this masterpiece were...

    93. Andrew Thomas

      This is the best thing I’ve seen on this channel since DBZA ended. TFS really needs to get back into the studio. And in-person SEprom game videos on the gaming channel. DinnerTime FTW

    94. Jared Gutstein

      This is so bad. So sad to see.

    95. Grimalkin

      Definitely need more of this. Big chaos vibes. Also I genuinely do not think I have ever seen Kirran or Grant stand up, so that felt kinda weird

    96. Scott Brady

      The Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job energy is strong with this one

    97. Griffin Burke

      god tier work

    98. FateStayN1ght

      Just imagining them in front of the camera trying to be this bad makes me lol.

    99. Cornelius, Consumer of Calzones

      Scott and Lani are tied up in a warehouse somewhere while this happens.

    100. TheGreenSheep Gaming

      This is what happens when you go cold turkey off the abridged series