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    Nick and Scott talk about the new hot shounen action series, Jujutsu Kaisen!
    00:00 BOKKSU!
    05:27 The Round-Up! (New Segment)
    20:41 Jujutsu Kaisen
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    1. TeamFourStar

      Get 10% off (save up to $47!) your own authentic Japanese snack box from Bokksu using my link: ​bit.ly/2MGvvBN and code TEAMFOURSTAR10

      1. Gally Algaliarept

        Have you noticed the revealing once hand that if you explained it has a trade of to boost your ability

      2. SuperHooktailJr

        @Juho Tapojärvi I've already seen the 6th episode so far on Crunchyroll and VRV.

      3. Juho Tapojärvi

        So, regarding Inumaki, there is a pattern to it, and it's in the canon prequel manga, which... yeah, anyone who hasn't read it yet? Now is p much the time that you should read it.

      4. SuperHooktailJr

        I hope you guys from TeamFourStar talk about another new anime called So I'm a Spider so what?

    2. Caleb1915


    3. PureDragoonEyes

      I lost my shit at "what are my options? Buy an iphone?"

    4. Big Cat

      Is 4 stars Bento dead forever?

    5. KohVan97

      The way powers work to me anyway are like a cross between spirit energy from yuyu hakusho and nen from hunter hunter

    6. Akinokaze Haruichiban

      Hearing Lani talk about wishing a manga would be finished after 20 years..... Guyver is still going [at a horribly slow pace of less than10 chapters a year] and started in 1985. The last volume [32] was upto chapter 199 in 2016. Apparently there are chapters upto 245 in Japan, but that's only something I've heard on reddit and no manga sites even have anything past 186 as far as I can find. Lani, I really hope your manga gets finished, cause it really sucks to be strung along with no end in sight and then for the artist to seemingly vanish off the face of the earth :P

    7. Akinokaze Haruichiban

      Hearing Lani talk about liking horror makes me wonder: Have you guys seen the Korean live action series Sweet Home, on Netflix? It's really good.

    8. Ed Daggett

      Yeah Manga’s definitely not ending this year lol. It’s got a few years left. Next season is gonna be great, Gojo’s flashback arc and Shibuya are incredible

    9. Cameron Robinson

      I always thought of it as mob psycho mixed with naruto

    10. LCG_Saint

      Jjk abridged?

    11. Javkhlan Sainbileg

      I hope Sukuna and Itadori never become friends and they end up killing eachother

    12. Daniel Denmon

      If you're sticking with wrestlers, Randy Orton would make a perfect Endeavor.

    13. Spurgatto7

      minor spoiler alert, But they way you guys described Gojo's power is basically identical to the idea of Zeno's paradox, if that's the name of the idea you were looking for. the original idea involves an arrow fired from a bow, but the result is the same

    14. spectral muffin

      Most generic shonen since 2010!

    15. EZ is Eric

      Bautista was serious in Blade Runner sequel. And will be in Dune. I think he's probably the best(acting wise) wrestler actor.

    16. hydria

      Actually, if you go to your google account to data & personalization you can still download your google play music library.

    17. Black Ball GamePlay

      Day 1,463735376383628367353837 of asking for DBZ abridged

    18. Chiara Sulis

      36:50 Zeno & the tortoise paradox. Gojo's power are being a factual zeno & reaching an absolute Buddhist version of it (and reverse it?)

    19. D-Rock ShotDead

      Nvidia does the game streaming really well I can play destiny 2 with zero lag

    20. Fen Rir

      will you do Jujutsu Kaisen in X Minutes in the future.

    21. Tonye Bright-Ihua

      Can we get another DBZ abridged

    22. Vyldim

      48:34 to answer that: Both

    23. Francisco Juarez

      "Maki is rock lee" Ohhh man Wait till might guy appears then

      1. FunDumb Hero

        I don't know, I feel she is a bit like Tenten also since she makes all those weapons. I mean I get the no curse energy thing like Rock without Ninjutsu, but yeah. Maybe a mix?

    24. mrbigman006

      Damn the difference in views since the announcement of no more dbza is just sad

    25. Arcane Chaos

      For everyone who is only watching the anime... You are not prepared for the future.

    26. raininess

      I don't think an opening has ever had me going "You LIED to me!" that hard.

    27. Redflametrow

      Sounds like they talk about Zeno's Arrow Paradox. I found it really cool when they used it in Marvel and otherwise enjoyed the paradox. Because yes, there is an infinitely divisible amount of space between every object. Which does make pure math behind physics of a concept fall apart. We just have to ignore these paradoxes for them to work.

    28. The GamerGooster

      Damn nick is looking slick as fuck

    29. Antônio Neto

      Wha about my boy mechamaru?or panda?

    30. Nick Delarosbil

      For Jujutsu Kaisen, which do you recommend? English Sub or Dub?

    31. Quincy Darnell

      Full metal alchemist abridged please

    32. Kyle ProStricklett

      Came back after a while to see if there had been any content worth watching made since dbza and hua had finished, still haven't found any

    33. jasonFCB123

      Kinda want to you guys to do buu saga and dbs so much but y’all prolly will never do it :(

    34. WestWard Media

      3:09 Kaiser's Reaction Feels So Anime I Love It

    35. blunk778

      1:3:0 I think one piece is paced very well, theres just a lot of story to tell and world to build. Oda taking his time makes things richer for me. Then again i like long stories where they take their time, not like spongebob where it just drags its self to the grave but longer manga let me hold onto the series for a while.

    36. a wild melon boi!

      So I watched that video where you say that you can't make DBZ abridged :( I didn't understand anything but was sad :(( I really wanted to see mystic TFS gohan and vegito :((( C mon man iam just a melon

    37. Genda

      why you did stoped dragon ball ambrige?

    38. genghishank1

      Damn, this channel has really jumped the shark, eh?

    39. Rahma Shifa


    40. Rustablecub604 _

      as far as Nanami is concerned he was a jujutsu sorcerer first, he just went to the salaryman thing after he decided he didn't want to do it but went back when he realized he preferred the sorcery to it

    41. Tyler S

      John cena= buff all might Christopher walken= frail almight

    42. Delsie Chariton

      finish dbz abridged plz

    43. Debate Me

      Bro we need DV abridged back you guys would kill super

    44. Jack Leonhart

      I just started reading this due to this pod show, I am really digging it, thank you for the recommendation, guys!

    45. Austin Peters

      This is boring!

      1. Austin Peters

        @SadPanda Touché

      2. SadPanda

        @Austin Peters Yesn't.

      3. Austin Peters

        @SadPanda yes

      4. SadPanda

        @Austin Peters No.

      5. Austin Peters

        @SadPanda yes

    46. Zach Hadley

      Wish Kaiser knew how impossible it is to get the manga right now lol

    47. AJ Diaz de Villegas

      You guys should do a nuzlocke on Pokémon Black or White that would be awesome since it was the first Pokémon game I played

    48. Polo JN

      So you guys dropped DBZA so you can do stupid podcasts all day...? Well, i guess whatever pays the bills...

    49. william weygandt

      Being in the Read section part of this show i know more then they do about said show. They got a little details wrong but Damn did they nail it.

    50. Big Chungus

      Anyone else here after DevilArtemis' announcement?

    51. Gavin Guajardo

      Bring back DBZA you nerds.

    52. Joel Tucker


    53. izuku midoriya

      Can we get the rules of Popos training

    54. Renzythegreat91

      “Innocent people will die in this scenario” *laughs in Shibuya Incident Arc*

      1. Rustablecub604 _

        my thoughts exactly

    55. Cassian

      So, I am not super into battle Shonen genre. And the series described as "Naruto but with HxH and Bleach blah blah..." does nothing for me, doesn't even tell me much about it other than "It's like all these other Battle Shonen you also don't care about". Anything that you guys think might sell me on the series? That makes it stand out?

      1. Slater K

        If you haven’t liked other battle Shonen, I don’t anticipate you will like this. It’s fairly well animated and has some cool horror, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s nothing new but it’s probably done better than what you’re used to if you’re comparing it to Bleach or Naruto.

    56. Leon Blankenhorn

      13:47 I've played Cyberpunk 2077 over Google Stadia, and in my experience it already was perfected. No noticeable lag, good video quality, very few connection issues, and even if there are any, it just let you reload and jump straight in again. The issue is just that you'd have to buy all games again. GeForce Now also is quite good, and has the advantage of using your existing library.

    57. topher nolastname

      I started reading JJK back when the manga was on chapter, like, 37 or something-- I saw it was a new Shonen Jump series with good art, and thought "this is gonna be big". There's a theory in the "Comicsgate" movement that a LOT of successful animators & comic artists are autistic, and I think it's true with manga/anime & the JJK guy fits the mold. Considering how many hikkokimori are undiagnosed autists & how many hikkokimori get into manga/anime... it's math. If you watch any interview with Akira Toriyama, it's extremely awkward, he can't make eye contact & looks down, he only talks about his own interests & answers questions nobody else asked, makes weird arm & hand movements, makes quirky weird/funny unironic statements out of nowhere that make people go "lol what the fuck~~ lol" and talks about how he didn't get along with people when he was a kid & that's why he started drawing. It's like a cut-and-paste backstory of an autistic artist. My main argument for why the JJK guy is also probably autistic, is that "Watch a lot of movies and you'll learn human emotions!!!" scene early on. That's what struggling autistic writers/artists do so they don't have to socialize & risk public humiliation with their weird personality. Hence: JJK's ridiculous amount of unrealistic melodrama (that much melodrama NEVER happens IRL-- only in movies), the hyper-convoluted "this makes sense to nobody but the person who made it" magic system, the amount of movie-dialogue conversation (why try to actually come up with conversation based on something that actually happened to you, when you could just collage together pieces from a few actual movie scenes?), the self-counsel-moralizing themes that read like somebody writing down their inner monologue the amount of contrived movie references that get made in place of real conversation, the bitchy unlikable/fat women (because those are the only girls autistics can get), The quirky/funny dialogue you don't see in other manga. The themes about "the evil in people's hearts" & overcoming chronic loneliness with (unrealistic) friendships who never leave you... It reminds me of what Hayao Miyazaki said about the downfall of anime: "There are too many Otaku making anime now, who spend all day inside & never experience life. How can you write about life when you don't experience it?" Sometimes it works, though, like with Eiichiro Oda (another undiagnosed autist I feel; he gave an interview once where he talked about how much he wishes he could see the sun)

      1. topher nolastname

        @Vincent Duah You're the one with the issue here bruh. I'm just sharing facts-- you can interpret them however you want. I am also more aware of how cutthroat the manga world is than u probably, that doesn't have anything to do with my statement. In fact, it supports it-- autists have success in difficult fields because they are so asocial & pattern-focused, they can excel in one particular difficult-to-master area filled with regimentation at the expense of everything else, like drawing comic books & animation. Or the army. This is why these people are virgins so often, and out of shape (and commit sexual assault in the army lol) Because they develop "special interests" like drawing or animation, or knowing everything there is to know about frog biology, or collecting information about 18th century French politics, or having encyclopedic knowledge of ever 118-lb kickboxer in Japanese history... as a coping mechanism for not getting their biological need for socializing met. And how are you ever supposed to Meet & Talk To People & Lose Your Hikkokimori Virginity when this is what you do for 10 hours a day? I'm trying to HELP Hikkokimori-- you're trying to hinder them. Also: there's this weird thing where people both "don't want anyone to be ashamed of their genetic conditions!" with things like autism, but when you actually bring up their condition & relate it to their fields of expertise-- you're "diminishing their accomplishments". I think it's because "Autism" has become the new euphemism for "moronic" in everyone's minds, because they know it's something nobody wants. Given the sheer amount of undiagnosed autists out there struggling, spreading Real Awareness is the only real way to help.

      2. Vincent Duah

        @topher nolastname ok and? How does that affect you in any way, shape, or form? The industry in Japan around manga is very cuttthroat as well did you take that into account? And just because a few of the big names share these attributes doesn’t mean they’re automatically autistic. And if they are why does it have to be such a big deal to point it out to the rest of the world to diminish their achievements as artists and creators? In the long run it might create some awareness but unless the systems is changed from the ground up it’s honestly pointless

      3. topher nolastname

        @Vincent Duah It's the unfortunate truth about autism, hikkokimori, comic books & animation, and JJK. Also, I stand by everything I said about autistic writers using movie scenes they re-worded in place of actually living life to base their writing on

      4. Vincent Duah

        This is probably the most mean spirited and dickish comment I’ve ever read...

    58. Ruby Da cherry

      Please abridge attack on titan

      1. Ruby Da cherry


    59. deshaun fortune

      Y'all are whitewashing all these my hero characters😂

    60. Andrex888

      I remember when this channel use to be good, it’s depressing to see the state it’s in now

    61. Siddharth Ganesh

      tom hardy as all foe one (dark knight rises as a reference)

    62. kenneth walsh

      man do i want those snacks

    63. Sky Mommy

      Dame, Lani’s looking hot!

    64. Dan Dimensions

      Hey team fourstar y’all should talk about kaiji great anime or that deserves more attention.

    65. Nathan Weast

      2 things; loved seeing Kaiser's "Food Wars" reactions to the bokksu treats, and when I started watching this the like count was at 666; this is the most cursed podcast channel.

    66. Amy Makin

      As a spouse of a Google person _ dumpster fire.

    67. Blastotron

      Gojo is basically if a wizard also knew quantum mechanics, and thus he is OP to fuck and back.

    68. Alex Malik

      *listening to this as I’m reading through the manga* . . . today’s just coming together 😂

    69. Ninwa

      The green, green grass of Gojo-me

    70. David Voorhees

      I'll be honest I loved TFS for the abridged series. After those ended I stayed and was hoping they we're gonna start a new show but it feels like it's only games and podcasts

    71. Cieren Davis

      I didnt even know Netflix still mailed dvds

    72. LittleDarkEyes

      This makes me really miss Anime FMK. I know it was stopped due to time constraints and projects, but it got me back into watching seasonal anime.

    73. ya boi

      I personally really enjoy Yuuji as a protagonist because of how grounded he is and how the world and situations he finds himself in constantly challenge his beliefs and character. Like in his fight with Mahito, only a few episodes prior he tells Junpei that despite the fact that he is a jujustu sorcerer and is aware that individuals like cursed users exist in this world, he wouldn’t want to kill them because he believes the moment he does so and allows that option of simply killing whatever stands in his way to take root in his life, he’ll have lost a part of himself in the process because it will just become a descending slope. Then a few episodes later after Mahito kills Junpei he says arguably my favorite line in the series thus far: _“The next words I spoke came so deep from within my gut they made everything else I had ever said feel like a lie.”_ “ *I will kill you.* ” One would think this was incredibly hypocritical and that’s the point. Sure Mahito may not be human like a cursed user but Yuuji specifically used the word kill in both the anime and the manga, instead of the word exorcise which is the common terminology used in jujustu kaisen when talking about extinguishing curses. His moral code was challenged and it shattered in the face of adversity, but it makes sense. Most people would want to murder the individual who mutilated and disfigured their friend, regardless of how rigid their moral code was.

    74. Yash Solanki

      The manga is no where near the end. We just wrapped phase 1 of 3 and that was epic and it only gets better from here. JJK is probably sticking around for 5-6 years.

      1. Martin Aguiluz

        Welp... It's not. Recent news state that this will finish in less than 2 years. You're way off man☺

      2. Brendan Smith

        I mean, I love Kaiser, but he was waaaaay OFF about my hero ending. When he was talking about how his nearing the end, or final battle, I was just sitting back laughing, because I knew this was leading towards a “phase 2” of the series. There were just way too many things left unfinished and unexplored

      3. Billy193

        I definitely hope so

    75. One-Bar Warlord

      Scott just flashing the forbidden coffee mug, hiding the label but I know where thats from, cause I own one to

    76. Zeromeaus


    77. kumakun17

      The only sponsorship ad i never skip

    78. Gally Algaliarept

      No its not ending

    79. Mongoose

      Im curious how the ad at the front affects their algorithm stuff since I know I just skip it every time. Welp, good thing the podcast is sponsored

    80. Wes Dee

      Shouldn't take One Piece's arc formula for granted. Most other Shounens is just go to place, big fights occur. And even then, OP Has been changing it up ever since Zou.

    81. Eiffal.B

      And the day this comes out, we get Schoolgirl Mahito. Wonderful.

      1. MrTigracho


    82. Adam Benko

      Schwarzenegger for All for one ? That's a great pick :DDD Do you have some videos with commenting like your top 5 animes of 2019 / 2020 ? thanks.

    83. Donald Varner

      Idk Lani walking tall was pretty good

    84. Zacman1123

      Lani looking good in that leather jacket.

    85. Allispie

      I 100% agree with the manga end date conversation and with Scott about the 2nd OP being *inaudible exclamation* I fucking love everything about it. Especially the drumming in the song lol. Also, the first ending sequence is phenomenal. But yeah knowing that there's only a few episodes left of AoT and not having ready the manga fills me with the best kind of anxiety lol.

    86. Andres Campos Munoz

      Personally I don't mind spoilers for me the way someone explains the shows/movies what I picture in my head is not the same of what I see on screen

    87. RheanKing

      Google Play Music was kinda great. THEN THEY KILLED IT. Fuck SEprom Music.

    88. Novekye

      I really hope you guys get into mushoku tensei and dragon quest: the adventures of dai. 1st one is the series that kicked off the isekai trend and is honestly the best of them. And dragon quest was a classic trend setter of the 90s with some of the best character developement anime has ever had. Both super amazing stories that should not be slept on.

    89. Allispie

      Lockdown has allowed me to really start watching more anime over the last couple months. This and Re:Zero are fantastic and I probably never would have watched them off not for the current state of the world.

      1. Allispie

        @Brendan Smith my friends that watched a lot of anime before the pandemic don't watch it and now the tables have completely turned because I won't shut up about how they need to watch a particular anime lol

      2. Brendan Smith

        Oh man, I am sooooo glad Re:Zero has such an amazing anime adaptation!

    90. PolillaBenG

      Kaiser, if you want serious Bautista, watch the opening of Blade Runner 2049, or the short film "Nowhere to Run" where he plays the same character.

    91. SinSlasher505

      40:45 *Sukuna starts laughing*

    92. luke1x

      Hope to get JuJutsu Kaisen in X minutes!!!

    93. Holycow 8498

      Todo is easily the best of the Kyoto school best friendo he is

    94. Dracosfire 7

      I've read the manga, and for the most part I thought this show was just fine, nothing too special, mixed some stuff up a bit, but still fairly normal shonen affair. Then *something* happened that made me sit up and pay attention, and I will say, it only gets better from where the anime is at onwards.

    95. Ian Ah Nee

      Hanami TALKS IN REVERSE!!!

    96. Novad selir

      I can't wait to see when everyone sees what happens when Sukuna really goes out of control.

      1. Ciarán Smith

        hey, i'd say it actually "wasn't that bad" tbh... :P

    97. John Spoodermen

      I love how lani now is rocking that biker look nice 👍

    98. shinchuriky

      Lani looks so god damn cool on the bokksu add

    99. mangasaint

      Read the manga, but just up to the point that the anime is. A lot of little things are left out, such as how abilities work and the jokes are a little better structured. All I can say is good luck stopping if you begin reading it. Note that I usually read the manga and don’t watch the anime at all, but that doesn’t happen with this show, I can’t wait to relive every moment of this show animated.

      1. EliteTrainerXeos

        Nothing has been left out of the anime apart from the narrator, which Gege personally decided.

    100. TheMasterOfAllStuff

      i love the episode in Jujutsu Kaisen where they call about stonks for a really long time