Magic Time Wizards: Crucifixxer-Upper


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    Quantum and Gus partner up for the first time on a very important TIME MISSION involving talking whales, heads on fire, and some dude named Jesus Christ!
    Kirran Somerlade as Quantum Felnar
    Grant Smith as Gus Epoch
    Stephan Krosecz as Everyone Else
    Edited and Animated by Stephan Krosecz
    Score Composed by Cliff Weinstein
    "Magic Time Wizards Theme"
    Written and Performed by Stephan Krosecz, Kirran Somerlade, and Grant Smith
    "Bluey and Helmet"
    Written and Performed by Stephan Krosecz
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    1. Dracul JOSHI

      Actually, it would be Joshua...

    2. David Davodi

      How did I not get a notification?!

    3. Pop Goh

      Plz just make fist masters ffs

    4. Blamo G


    5. Hardin Origins

      "Those who find things offensive, have nothing better to do then to feel offended" ~ Some Random Wise Guy. P.S 30 A.D? But by then Christ was killed and crucified on the cross, they ain't gonna be find him. Another Note: His actual name was Yeshua and he wasn't white, he was uh... Middle-Eastern

    6. Fork 2

      Surprised there are so many dislikes

    7. Hex Ramdass

      This was really good!

    8. LordMida

      Next time, guys, make Grant's character look even more boring.

    9. Filip Trajkovski


    10. D4CH34T

      This is so stupid and I love it 🤣 please make more

    11. linkeffect82

      I had a fantastic time watching this crazy mess! It has a great, fun and weird setup, and the nutty adventure was an absolute hoot to watch unfold! Two thumbs up!

    12. Miraiyouko

      This was amazing from start to finish, and I definitely want to see more. Both improv and scripted dialogue was funny and the characters are interesting. The Randy Newman-esque song at the end made my day.

    13. meme daddy

      With maybe a little more skripting I can see this work. Kirren and grant do play off each other well. Also big respect to stephan on the DM and animation side

    14. TheRedRellik

      I've watched this so many times already. I don't get how some people say you guys have gone hill with your content since the end of dbza. This just proves you guys are still killing it. Can't wait for episode 2.

    15. Zibble Nixon

      I can't believe they actually got Randy Newman for the outro


      A series I'd tune in to on a weekly basis --- this is the one.

    17. Harold Garagiola

      Amazing. This is what Ive wanted for a couple years now on the gaming channel. Just Kirran and Grant doing their thing. All 3 people should feel proud of what they produced.

    18. jigsaw jigsaw

      It's a shame most people only care about DBZA. You guys have such a broad spectrum and are comedic geniuses.

    19. Kryptonian Kaiju

      This was waaay more entertaining than I thought and I want more of these stories!

    20. rapsody230

      This is super cool

    21. BloodrealmX

      This is amazing and I love it!

    22. Michael McDaniel

      Wow I love this

    23. Zero Exodus

      I need more of this in my life.

    24. Angus Uchiha

      *inhales universal translator. everyone in ancient Palestine speaks fluent modern English anyways*

    25. Rafi Green

      Kiran and Grant are amazing together. Stephan was godlike.

    26. GraeScaleFilms

      This is pure fuckin gold

    27. Karen McQueen

      Very creative and thought out. I only see good things coming from this new creative team of Grant & Kirran & Stephan. Can’t wait to see what this team does next. Love the animation and voicing of the other characters! You’re never too old to appreciate animation and Jeeeeessssduuuusss!

    28. McClain's Random Crap

      oh my god this is fucking amazing

    29. Links's True Power

      I think Kirran and Grant are better at improv comedy than the creators of Rick and Morty.

    30. Richard Rogers

      Yo it's covid time make buu saga of DBZ abridged before we all die lol but for tho I stopped watching ur guys stuff when u ended DBZA seriously hope u guys think about bringing it back and doing buu saga or og DB or DBZ or even super or super hero's

      1. Mayeur000Donz

        You need to make peace with the fact it's not coming back. They're burnt out, and they wanted to focus on making stuff they could monetize without worrying about copyright takedowns to support their business.

    31. MrAchsas


    32. Baba

      Wow this is lame as shit

    33. OG 2Tone

      Wtf happen to this channel 🤦🏽‍♂️

    34. Tom Foolery

      8:26 Blue eyed, paled complexion. Stick out like a sore thumb around here. Literally just passed a Roman soldier into a Roman occupied city... 16:23 Finally find Jesus who was %100 a Jew, %99 chance he was the middle eastern flavor Jew, and.... He's black... Not bitching btw, it only added to the comedy. He sounds like John Lennon for Gods sake, I get this is satire. Just thought I'd point it out, lol.

    35. Thomas Shelby

      We need dragon ball z back only way this channel it’s going to get The views back that it had When you guys realise that you made the biggest mistake I swear you guys had like 5 million subs when u where doing it and where getting millions of view an episode but I do get it must be hard carrying on with all the barriers you guys get but if you cared about your fans like you should and not about what is easy you would put your big boy socks on and do what needs to be done and finish what u started

      1. Thomas Shelby

        @CynicalSeth they made a super trailer Making a trailer for something that’s never coming out is a big fuck you to your fans Like saying we could do this we know you want it but no we’re not doing it

      2. Thomas Shelby

        @An enemy stand Then why make a trailer for it bro

      3. An enemy stand

        @Thomas Shelby they were never going to do super bro...

      4. CynicalSeth

        @Thomas Shelby @Zip Me they never said they would do super in fact they expressed back in the day that they had no intention of going past Z and anything related to super they did was just probably just a simple joke.

      5. Thomas Shelby

        @Mayeur000Donz buu saga was pretty good I think a lot of people would’ve liked to have seen how buu would have been made in the abridged Version

    36. Gusthavo 15 years and

      Comeback with Dbza

      1. Gusthavo 15 years and

        @Mayeur000Donz Wdym

      2. Mayeur000Donz

        Kid. Give it up.

    37. Troy Gaspard

      "When your head's a clock, you can make the decisions. " That was some mighty fine sacrilege Team4Star.

    38. SketchyBenito

      WTF did I just watch :o

    39. cooler1303

      ive watched this like 5+ times i love it its amazing how you guys were able to crank out this origional content and i hope we see more of it i like these 2 and it flowed amazingly considering its mostly improvised

    40. AlEcyler

      Where do I give money to keep this going.

      1. MilkDestroyer

        their patreon! :D

    41. TreasureBox Of Memes

      Harmon Quest New Game +

    42. Megalus Doomslayer

      Ok, I'm not saying anything, but bluey and helmet is more interesting than what you spent all of your blood, sweat, and tears doing here. I'm just saying.

      1. Mayeur000Donz

        Before: "I'm not saying anything" After: "I'm just saying."

    43. nwo1997

      Congratulations for pulling off the almost-impossible: having a time travel plot that involves ensuring that Jesus dies somehow not be super-offensive. Literally the most offensive thing here is either Jesus sounding like a Beatle (which isn't offensive), Judas coming off as sympathetic, or foreshadowing Judas's fate (which was accurate). I mean, think about it for a sec. The divine plan demanded Jesus's death. The only thing He did differently here was exorcise Judas. When Gus suggests that Judas do the thing that would expose Jesus around 17:15, He doesn't even bat an eye. He doesn't look at all concerned when the Romans start to take him away. This was the plan. Basically, Jesus did most of the work ensuring that He died, and everything went according to plan. Can't call that offensive. Absolutely brilliant.

    44. KoDOmega

      This is a hell of a thing to watch on Easter Monday

    45. Kitsune Rokaku

      11:17 "You done? I'm gonna say that you're done!" That plot twist, I legit almost choked on my water when that happened. I was as shocked as Kirran.

    46. TheLegendaryTashy

      Grant and Kirran are brilliant

    47. SmashBrotherX

      This was actually pretty fun. Kudos.

    48. PearCup

      but discord would cause the song to be out of sync

    49. fury1031

      God, I love how well Kirran and Grant play off each other. I rewatched Contradiction recently and have needed more of them.

    50. Blackchibisan

      This is racist and and allow me to explain why. While most people from that area had darker skin, the section of the nation that he and his parents came from was actually more populated with Olive skinned. So while “white Jesus” is racist, so too is black Jesus inaccurate. He was olive skinned like many Israelis you see today. Thank you for your consideration.

      1. An enemy stand

        Actual science begs to differ

    51. BruslyBeast08

      This is really good.

    52. Michelle Hodgson

      FEEDING THE BOT!- this was freaking amazing, looking forward to seeing the second episode next month!

    53. Goldy

      This was the best episode of Dnd I've ever seen....

    54. LVN914

      Good stuff. Best stuff

    55. TobisaruJC

      Kirran and Grant are such a boss duo and Stephan’s animation is awesome. Holy hell this concept for this vid is nuts I love it

    56. ItzElixsis

      I love this so much! I needs to stay just like this for another 400 episodes!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! "ArE yOu MoCkInG mE?"

    57. Anthony Catino

      What is this and sre there full length episodes?

    58. Itsa me Dawolfieman

      but why did you show us the discordcall where you guysmade up the story?

    59. Alan Krumwiede

      I’m not entirely sure what I just watched but this is amazing

    60. Ult_MPX

      " We have this guy, wh-who's coming here. He's sitting right next to you. He's just been sitting here the whole time, not saying anything." Isn't this how we were introduced to Grant for the 1st time? Weird...

    61. 00Clank

      Their powers and accompanying caveats are so great.

    62. BeastKing Zero

      Spending Easter watching a cartoon where their objective is to kill Jesus

    63. Mr. Fast


    64. Juan Carlos Prieto

      This is giving Magical Girl Friendship Squad a run for its money. And that’s not a complement.

    65. Ma Boss

      Why does quantum remind me of Frankie from Fosters home for Imaginary Friends

    66. The Doctor

      "The actual Jesus is here. He talks like a Beatle." "Naturally."

    67. Spiro Versa

      This is so much fun. Please sir, may I have some more?

    68. Gabriel Russell

      They should actually be looking for "Yeshua". Yeshua got translated into Greek where they didn't have the Y sound, and names ending in A were feminine while names ending in S were masculine. That got translated into Latin which got translated into the English "Jesus".

    69. sheogorath

      is the stream archive saved anywhere?

    70. Fishtache

      Anyone else get major tako vibes from quantum?

    71. RJ Ehlert

      I like this a lot. I also feel like this should be a real tabletop RPG. I also also appreciate the historically accurate Roman spear.

    72. Timothy Vera

      This was terrifying... Funny, but terrifying

    73. Stha Nero

      And here I thought the closing song was going to be "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life"

    74. Chelsea

      Shoutout to Stephan, whose hard work and dedication makes all this stuff possible!

    75. Salty Boi

      is that not Indeimaus?

    76. blunk778

      HELLLLL YEAH I love this guys good work

    77. Lady Crickett

      Bluey and Helmet had an epic journey of helping Bluey get to the ocean before he died. After saving each others' lives many times in the process, they became the best of friends.

    78. mcleary9615


    79. Rick last name

      This shit is insane....and I kind of love it xD

    80. Jay Lindo

      Jolly good show

    81. Aaron Smith

      Oh, oh, this, this right here, this... **chef's kiss**

    82. silversonic1

      While this was funny, the date was wrong. Jesus was betrayed in 33 AD, not 30 AD. So in reality, you guys killed Jesus 3 years too early.

    83. numaTruehome 100

      This reminds me, whatever happened to fist master?

      1. Mayeur000Donz

        I thin Stephen's still working on it. He might've experimented with another animation style before starting from scratch.

    84. Erritiguei1

      me, the whole video: "Man I hope there aren't any historians watching this video because I'm sure they'd be PISSED"

    85. The 13th

      they're going to have to destroy Hitler's art school application aren't they

    86. epiphany run

      Plz tell me there's more of this to come.

      1. RoninOfDeath

        @Mayeur000Donz Episode two is currently available to Patrons and Episode three is being animated.

      2. Mayeur000Donz

        Depends on if this video does well. They've said they'd love to do more, but it needs to be financially viable.

    87. Cadduceus

      this. this is what i want more of.

    88. endplanets

      Vaguely similar to Mark 3:31 Mary and her other son enter the market asking around for Yeshua (Jesus). The son asks a shop owner if he knows where Jesus is. Shop owner goes and asks this dude given a sermon and says his brother is looking for him. Jesus responds with something like 'everyone who believes in the Lord is my brother'. Its unclear if he tips his fedora afterwards.

    89. MissAshley42

      There's a bit of Adult Swim energy in this. The good Adult Swim. I like it.

    90. mattwo7

      The whole "partially improvised" deal creates some serious Rick and Morty/Solar Opposites vibes. (but not Star Trek Lower Decks because that one just doesn't have the same feel to it, feels closer to Final Space actually)

    91. Emanuel Kline

      What even is this nightmare fuel shit?!?

    92. Andrew Rose

      This is the best thing I've seen in a minute. Amazing

    93. Benjiman

      This was surprisingly (tho I guess not that surprisingly) good

    94. A.X. Roads

      Well uh yep I love it

    95. Cod of War

      If the rest of the series isn't about Bluey and Helmet we riot.

    96. Atticus Grim

      Powered by the Apocalypse is a cool game.

    97. ShadowSaberBaroxio

      I was expecting the Jesus/Judas kiss to be a lot less chaste than it ended up being.

    98. Fapalapagus

      Doing an improv show like this is hilarious

    99. leonwolf4

      lol Blue whale, when does that not just solve every problem. X3

    100. GlitchToph

      Ok this was great and I wanna see where this goes but can we talk a second about how f*ckin metal and genious it is to have as a time machine device CHRONOS ENSLAVED TO MANKIND'S WILL!?!? Like, I'm impressed, I love that too much, I hope that comes around somewhere down the line