REVIEW: #TheSnyderCut | Talkcast Podshow Ep. 49 - TeamFourStar (TFS)


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    No Snyde-remarks here: We're diving FACE FIRST into the controversial, the celebrated, the previously ethereal SNYDER CUT!
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    1. TeamFourStar

      The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

      1. Omega Lock

        @John Morgan yes. And just reading what happens doesn’t do it justice.

      2. John Morgan

        @Omega Lock I guess? Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League were the films directed by him right?

      3. Omega Lock

        @John Morgan so you didn’t watch any of Snyder’s DC movies?

      4. John Morgan

        Only saw a couple of the DCEU/Snyderverse movies (Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad) but after researching online, I'm not big on it. I liked some ideas, such as Wonder Woman being the first superhero instead of Superman and Batman, but overall it felt too dark and rushed to me.

      5. Mystleteinn

        I found it funny how Kaiser worked on DBZ Abridged, an entire show about understanding character motivations and tropes and playing off them in his own interpretation but can't fucking respect Zack Snyder understands the characters and has a valid interpretation. I don't even enjoy most of his work or think it's for everyone, but this level of shitting on it is just really disappointing.

    2. Joe Ferri

      1:11:54 1:21:39 1:32:21 My favorite parts

    3. Blue lantern Guardian Angel

      I know some people has issues with darkseid being defeated the first time but I had a different interpretation from that. He was fighting Zeus, the king of the Olympic pantheon and ares, who's super juiced with a literal world war happening

    4. Vincent Dawn

      With sucker punch he was about an abuse story that got somewhat overcome from the protagonists processing as how it is displayed.

    5. Mash709

      The village that we meet Aquaman in was filmed in Newfoundland Canada (my home province). At least the ending was, as there was a Newfoundland and Canadian flag in the background, and also Jason Mamoa filmed a series here and suggested it to Snyder and the location scouts. He was hanging out at the pups here in St. John's for a while. Really cool guy.

    6. mccowan3rd

      I really wanna hear this watchmen debate because I love that movie

    7. goblinounours

      Personally, what the Snyder Cut did was demonstrate how much Warner Bros / Josh Whedon f@cked-up the movie in 2017, how much scenes which served to establish major characters (like Cyborg, Flash, Steppenwolf, Darkseid, etc) were cut. Definitely, if the movie had been finished back in 2017 as Snyder intended, things would've been different. It would've likely had a sequel and everything. Big movie execs like Warner Bros should get their collective heads out of their asses and just stop trying to cut movies, just release it all in cinemas. Some people can't handle a 4hrs movie? Well f@ck them. Cinemas can't sell as many tickets? Well f@ck them too.

    8. NekoEcho13

      You know, in a way, Kaiser predicted the Zemo cut when he talked about the Hifl short and his desire for more twerking Ginyu Force. 😂

    9. TheAwesomeDarkNinja


    10. Shiiro

      Anyone else just have little to no problems with it or is it just me?

    11. Some Guy From The Internet

      That "you're more loved than you think you are" thing is only uplifting when it's true, it is annoying when it isn't.

    12. Jack Spade

      Kaiser's opinion: Synder has been an edgy chad in social media so he can never be good or have genuine moments of vulnerability....ever.

    13. romin raims

      Why tf what the opening so fucking funny🤣🤣

    14. jacob levenson


    15. Dylan Johnson

      That's was amazing skillshare ad. I love how it looks like your working up to say something then you keep getting interrupted by the transition.

    16. Bangerang Eliko

      @1:27:04 canonically the "black suit" is called the "solar suit" in superman rebirth comic arc. Where hes just recharging with solar energy while a Kryptonian Eradicator masquerades as him until hes a t full strength

    17. Michael Perez

      Fun fact about synder verse Dick Grayson is dead as stated by Synder and the suicide squad director in interviews.

    18. Bloobaba

      I think Whedon’s Superman is the most Superman we’ve ever got in this universe. I know we’re supposed to hate Whedon and everything he’s touched right now, but no his cut has genuinely some improvements... also it’s not the length of my fucking colonoscopy

    19. Thomas Paolucci

      No one has ever seen Zack Snyder and Vince Russo in the same place at the same time. That combined with the entire bodies of their work lead me to believe they're the same idiot.

    20. Nick Rodriguez

      Sooooooo these videos aren’t as good as....Those Dragon Ball Z abridged! Jesus Christ go back to what’s good

    21. Enzo Draws

      10:53 GIRUGAMESH

    22. Guardian

      It’s creepy for Barry to brush Iris’ hair out of her face, but who wouldn’t deeply inhale Aquaman’s shirt?

    23. Torterra

      Force Awakens is probably the most consistent of the three movies and is the least offensive. Last Jedi, while I don’t personally like the choices they made, I appreciate for the risks they took and how straight forward it was with its message. Rise of Skywalker can go die in a hole full of shit. And that’s my take on their bit that they ended on that is completely different from their main topic.

    24. ranwolf76

      Knowing he would kill me for even tying, there were times I wanted to give new Steppenwolf a hug. Dude, looked like he needed one at times.

    25. McKenzie McQuarry

      They spent a lot of time and money turning a 5/10 into a 6/10.

    26. Chance Kuzma

      I like Scott and I appreciate Scott’s point of view, but Jesus dude not every film needs to be dragged through film theory

    27. Mugdha Mahdi Shams

      Whoa, I haven't seen tfs in a while. Since when does Nick have long hair?

    28. alwaysanewinterest

      How do we know Dick Grayson was the Robin that was killed again?

      1. alwaysanewinterest

        @RandomShinigami7 thanks

      2. RandomShinigami7

        Zack said in an interview a few years back that Dick was the dead Robin. There was also a set prop from BvS’ graveyard scene (the one in the middle, that’s actually Bruce’s nightmare) that had a gravestone for a “Richard Grayson” that was cut from the movie. HOWEVER, someone else (I want to say Suicide Squad’s costume designer but I’m not entirely sure) said it was Jason. I suspect Zack wants Dick to be the dead Robin while everyone else wants it to be Jason for both comic accuracy and for the Nightwing movie to happen.

    29. IcyDeathspike

      20:55 wrong there

    30. obadboy

      Can someone answer me why was steppenwolf able to beam down to earth but darkseid couldn't? And why was darkseid just watching steppenwolf catch a beat down & not walk through the boom tube...I guess steppenwolf owing him 50k more worlds was holding him back🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    31. Macaroni Men

      I really think you guys shouldn't even talk about DC and Marvel comics when you don't know them, cause neither DC or Marvel has ever given a shit about the comics, especially the spirit or the characters. I really could care less if the story is accurate as long as the characters are true to themselves, and I cannot think of a single character that is similar in any way other than name and maybe appearance, and even then that is barely ever the case. Also Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle

    32. Dante Crossing

      Rich would be solely disappointed if Lani forgot how to edit.

    33. William Blankenship

      I absolutely loved the movie. I had a few problems with it that you guys mentioned. Like... Martian Manhunter’s reveal just kinda destroying that moment. Or how yeah, some of the slow motion was a bit much. I just, like Nick said, knew that was gonna be the case with any Snyder movie. My main problem with this movie though was the exact same problem I had with the original. They just make Superman so f*cking OP. I understand though why it’s necessary cause as you guys mentioned they have to set him up to be like the nuke you drop on Godzilla. The ultimate weapon and savior of the world. I also understand that most of the Justice League just isn’t really that powerful yet. The Flash is still trying to figure out his power and doesn’t really understand the speed force yet. Cyborg’s still trying to figure out his powers also. Aquaman doesn’t have the fabled trident that makes him powerful enough to go toe to toe with Superman. It just annoys me and it always has since the original that he’s so OP when he resurrects. Not even Wonder Women can touch him which I think is really unfair to her character cause she knows how to use her power unlike the rest of the justice league at this point and in the comics a pissed off Wonder Women has ripped Superman apart. And consistently is the one that can go toe to toe with him. It’s just annoying that her, and 4 other members just get completely pwned. Not even her lasso works. It almost does. He has that little head nod like he’s trying to remember who he is so okay I’ll buy it. She legit can only get a single headbutt in though. I get that they do it cause it’s Superman. He is super powerful but I just feel it destroys the integrity of all the other characters cause he makes it look so easy to just pummel the rest of the justice league by himself. It’s always annoyed me is all. I liked the fact that you guys mentioned they can’t really follow the comics to a T for the simple fact that it’d be impossible and probably wouldn’t make that great of a movie. I just wish wonder women would get a few licks on the dude and maybe 1 minute of her actually going toe to toe with Superman cause she can easily. I might be a little biased though, not gonna lie, just for the simple fact that when I’m asked Batman or Superman? My answer is always Aquaman. And along with Nick my favorite member of the Justice League is the Flash. So I understand I can be a little biased towards Superman. That being said, the original cut probably annoyed me more cause they didn’t really show or talk about the speed force enough so I always thought they underplayed the Flash. I remember the original cut I was so mad Superman could follow him with his eyes and dodge him with ease. I did really like how they touched more on the Flash and showed that he really hasn’t figured his powers out yet. All in all though I loved the movie (not the original lol) and really liked the podcast. Keep up the good work guys. Figured I’d throw my two cents in though. 🤟🏼

    34. UtherDant

      What is the bar for Scott's good? It seems like he describes it as a good movie and says it's not good and think he means great movie.

    35. Prophaniti666

      "That's like complaining about explosions in a Michael Bay movie." So a perfectly valid criticism if it ruins the flow of the scene(s)? And I don't agree that it being "just part of his vision" is a good counter to that as a complaint.

    36. Random Person

      Anyone else when they heard the Snyder cut was gonna be 4 hours long just assumed it would be the original movie in slow motion?

    37. Pyronic24

      I am someone who hasn't seen the Whedon version. So with that in mind, I have to say that I loved The Snyder Cut. I actually watched it twice on my own. I really enjoyed the introduction of Barry and Cyborg. I do get what you guys were saying about Barry being a little creepy with Iris, but other than that, I thought he was a great character. They absolutely showed how op the speed force can be and I am *here for it*. In some ways, I like to consider Cyborg as the heart of this epic, but that's probably because we spend so much time with him. He's just a real fleshed out character imo. Cyborg walking through the holograms as he's vomiting exposition is great. The scene with Cyborg in the Unity is my favorite from the film. Darkseid getting wrecked the first time we see him is believable, because while he is a New God in the comics, he is fighting the Old Gods who are more or less not gonna give a fuck. Also the reason why Darkseid is controlling Supes in the knightmare is because, yes Lois is dead, but also due to that emotional vulnerability, I think Darkseid uses the Anti-Life Equation on him. At the very least, that's a theory. If the Snyderverse is completed, we'll probably get confirmation about that. BTW, Darkseid looks incredible as does Steppenwolf, who looks like something from Doom. Superman being the McGuffin is dope, don't have much more to say about that. I love Superman in the DCEU as a whole. I got a little choked up when he was walking through the ship with both his father's voices coming through. Granted the score also helped with that (Superman's "Flight" theme is my favorite). This was easily an 8,8.5/10 for me.

    38. Kuba Pelka

      Loved hearing LittleKuriboh's take! Hope you're doing well Martin!

    39. RiderNexus

      As someone who liked 300, disliked Watchmen's movie adaptation, indifferent to Man of Steel despite seeing the potential in it, HATED BvS and was just meh on Josstice League I was shocked how much I liked this, like, this might be my favourite Justice League adaptation, in a very long time. Heck, I might say it's better than a MAJORITY of the animated movies in the New 52 Era and... certain comics (Cough)Heroes in Crisis(Cough)

    40. Ofir Barak

      Did Lani just said that Skillshare is fake??

    41. Rajdi Petro

      Rip Boo saga

    42. Naff Productions

      I'm glad we got a "THE BIG SHOW?!" reference. I miss The Mark Remark.

    43. Lordroboslayer

      no like fr please make a bojack unbound abridged plz!

    44. Holly Taylor

      Wait what about the buu saga

    45. Michael Santamaria

      The Village was in Iceland and the song the girls sign to him is call "Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu" a tradition hymn about a woman trying to get love from a man who will not return said love Also Steppenwolf is Darkseid uncle in the comics sometimes

    46. Jordan XCVI

      I understand everyone has a opinion but Kaiser just needs to chill on the Snyder hate and if the man wants to direct the other dc films let him, like nick said it’s his fan fiction the man made it happen

    47. Soup Cube

      Man, I watch these sometimes and I feel like lani and Kaiser just don’t like eachother. The vibe/dynamic is off a lot of the time. It’s a shame cuz I respect Kaiser’s opinions on most things and I wanna see and hear them. But the vibe is just so off sometimes...

      1. KaiserNeko

        @Jordan XCVI No, I just speak honestly and openly.

      2. Jordan XCVI

        Kaiser just pushes too hard on making his opinion more valid than anyone else’s especially when it comes to comic book lore

    48. Torterra

      And I was wrong. This film wasn’t the train wreck I thought it would be. I’m not gonna go out of my way to watch it again, but I’m glad Snyder got his due.

    49. mixtape weezy

      So is that little kuriboh hating hard af on the snyder cut?

    50. L2Reek

      Man I miss abridged

    51. Pedro Joaquin Chávez Magallanes

      Wanted to say, thank you so much for making the Attack on Titan Abridged Series. Without that, I would not be the fan of the Series, and enjoy such amazing anime. Thank you guys, so much.

    52. Jack Donaldson

      I get what Scott is saying about the previous films slightly undermining the more hopeful elements of the Snyder cut, but I think it's wrong. Hope isn't something we find in times of triumph. It isn't something we find when we are at our best, nor is it something we need at that point. Hope is what we find by going through our darkest moments, by going through loss, by making mistakes, by cocking everything up to the point where we feel everything is lost. That is when we need hope. That's where it makes a difference and when we are very lucky, and the stars alight just right for us, that is when we find it. Batman and Wonder Woman are both leaving the darkness, and have both found something to believe in and both have found their cause. They have both found hope again and can become symbols of it. I don't think that the journey, in this case, diminishes them as symbols of hope. I think it elevates them. I think the course correction is inspired by Snyder's personal life, I don't think it was his initial vision, but I think the journey from MOS to ZS Justice League works really well and makes the characters richer (even if the initial vision did make MOS and BvS worse films) .

    53. Derek Skelton

      Humans had the most secure hiding spot. Make as many jokes as you want, but the Atlanteans and the Amazonians basically had neon lights pointing to their mother box.

      1. RandomShinigami7

        It was also the last box Steppenwolf found.

      2. Siegfried86 '

        I love the mentality of the different people tho: Amazons: We shall conceal it in a secure dome that we can crush and bury if necessary where we keep the box guarded and surveiled at all times for the rest of all eternity Atlanteans: We shall hide the box at the deepest depths of all the oceans, keeping it guarded and surveiled for the rest of all eternity Humans: *King empties the third pint in the last hour* Put some dirt on that shit, that'll do And what's most hilarious to me is that the box of men was just put where ever with no oversight and it was the most difficult one for Steppenwolf to find😂

    54. MrEman5112

      Lani: I’m also the guy who liked X-Men Origins Wolverine Me: damn, I guess he do miss sometimes

    55. Ultim8 Lifeform

      I think this is the first time I’ve agreed with Kaiser more than Lani on anything during these.

    56. slowbrofist


    57. aqua duud

      What's the opening song called

    58. Wave Master

      Time force doesn't exist, Barry made the Speed Force and by running fast enough he can go back to the past or future

    59. KeroKaminaX

      the theory for the snyder joker is that he didn't kill robin, he was originally robin and then was turned into joker similar to the Batman Beyond version of Death in the Family

    60. DeathEatsCurry

      I can't wait for the fan cut that keeps all the good stuff but cuts all the self indulgent Snyder bullshit and slo-mo.

    61. astherax1

      Just rewatched dbz abridged.... guys... We miss you! I really want to see more! Buu wouldve been epic!

    62. Cameron Pearce

      I like X-Men Origins: Wolverine too, and like Star Wars Episode 8 and 9 quite a lot too. Personal preference is a wild thing

      1. Miguel NewMexico

        but that's illegal!

    63. Cameron Pearce

      (seagull sounds) we live in a society

    64. Cameron Pearce

      Flash pulled a Christopher Reeve's Superman moment. Ran around the world so fast it turned backwards

      1. Zacman1123

        God you're right!

    65. Cameron Pearce

      It's be funny to to be Bruce seeing Flash running backwards away from the action

    66. Cameron Pearce

      I love it when the Flash does Speed Force stuff. Like in the DCAU when he defeated Brainiac/Luthor

    67. Jamarie McCrimmon

      Justice League the new frontier is still is the best

    68. Cameron Pearce

      I kinda like the idea that maybe the reason Darksied never returned was because he was called to earth as a test, and then failed it when he retreated, and it wasn't like a planned out voyage

    69. Redflametrow

      1:04:00 Honestly this is making my tear up a bit. I realized this recontextualizes Cyborg's greater story. How his father left him the message, sacrifices himself, and then Cyborg listens to it. Cyborg is very much so a story of family loss which might be why Snyder focuses on it so much in this version.

    70. Sean Fisher

      Honestly, I kind of dislike the way they use Superman here. It's the fact that he trivializes half of the league that bothers me. Aquaman and WW are here EXCLUSIVELY for their combat prowess. The fact that Superman immediately curb stomps Steppenwolf when he appears makes the entire battle beforehand feel like it's just a stall tactic. It's even worse when Steppenwolf dies, because the final combo attack just feels so hollow, like Snyder is just looking for an excuse to insert WW and Aquaman into the final attack when they contribute basically nothing to his defeat.

    71. Dominique Odom

      1:51:41 to 1:52:10 honestly,the best defense I've heard about Zack Snyders Films and something I agree with. I'm a fan of DC,but I'm not so big of a fan as to not enjoy different takes on the material. As much as people love Christopher Reeve's Superman,were sold a throwback to those films with Superman Returns and it didnt work then,people wanted something different,then when people end up getting something Different (Man of Steel) people whine and say they want things back to the way it was before,and the cycle continues with DC. It's the same reason people are getting ANOTHER BATMAN MOVIE after nearly 10 of them.

    72. Cameron Pearce

      "Darksied and Steppenwolfe are a broken family" ah, just like the Diamonds

    73. Jack White

      I got the reference at 10:50.

    74. Bearer of Bad news 13

      1:55:06 that’s true I liked the legend of Korra more than Voltron Legendary disappointment.

    75. guitarpunk77

      Am i the only one who feels like kaiser is in denial about liking this movie?

    76. Honest

      I went into this blind, I was expecting them to explain why there are 2 different movie versions with flashpoint.

    77. Josh Ritz

      My beef with the Snyder Cut, as a concept, is that even if he didn't walk away from the project, there is absolutely no way the studio was going to let a 4 hour super hero film hit the theaters. The DCEU had two successes with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but two relative failures in man of steel and BVS. This four hour epic would've been cut down to a 2 - 2.5 hour shit show or dumped by the studio entirely

    78. ZBH

      I was hyped for this then I saw LK here. Now I'm extremely hyped.

    79. Ig_needs_a_wig

      I read Martian Manhunter's motivation for speaking to Lois is that he has an admiration and respect for her. I legit think that was meant to be a human moment to give Lois some hope. She had developed a professional relationship with the General from Man of Steel through BvS (Director's cut) and I think he felt he could more strongly affect her as Martha.

    80. Ig_needs_a_wig

      I like the Danny Elfman score, but this music is more thematically appropriate/consistent with what came before. The leitmotif reaches as far back as Man of Steel and for fans of those films (like myself) it really sells many of the big moments. The new music adds quite a bit as well. Age of Heroes is quite hopeful and Lord that Flash theme when he enters the speed force? OMG it's incredible! Black suit Superman is to absorb as much sunlight as possible, which increases his overall power. It's been like that since the first time he donned it after his death in the comics. That's probably part of the reason Supes was such a mismatch for Steppenwolf by the final fight.

    81. KamiAnime S

      I love this move For my fan brain it’s a nine out of 10 but if I want to be like one of these Oscar guys it’s a 7.5 for how long it is if it was a three or two hour and 30 minute movie maybe eight

    82. Chris Cannon

      Fans joke a lot about Cavill's mustache, but I'm surprised hardly anyone jokes about Batman growing a beard the very next day he goes to see Aquaman, then later, he has no beard.

      1. Chris Cannon

        @KnightfallProtocol Batman not having a beard in the beginning as Batman, then all of a sudden growing one when he meets Aquaman.

      2. KnightfallProtocol

        @Chris Cannon what scene?

      3. Chris Cannon

        @KnightfallProtocol Okay, checked it, the scene wasn't even in there.

      4. Chris Cannon

        @KnightfallProtocol Yeesh, what version was I watching. lol Okay, I'll double check, either way, thank you for the info, I hate giving out misinformation.

      5. KnightfallProtocol

        @Chris Cannon they cut to him shaving in the josh wheadon version too. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    83. Ig_needs_a_wig

      Great explanation on Cyborg's reaction to revived Superman... I bought the scene and didn't think of the Mother Box element to the equation.

    84. Ig_needs_a_wig

      To be fair, Man's Motherbox took Steppenwolf the longest to get lol. I laughed soooo hard at Man burying their Box in dirt.... I also totally bought Man doing it that way lol

    85. Siris 95

      I really hate Snyder's version of Lois Lane. Superman the animated series's version is still the best.

      1. Miguel NewMexico

        Dean Cain is the best Superman.

      2. Ali Paloba

        Superman and Lois, as well as Smallville, are really fantastic too.

    86. Crimson Crusader

      It took me 3 days to finish the snyder cut.

    87. Tom M.

      Honestly, Scott is right when he says Snyder’s not a fan of this stuff. By his own admission in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Snyder was never a fan of DC or Marvel superhero stories. It wasn’t until Watchmen that he got into it, and Watchmen was a big superhero deconstruction story that Snyder took at face value. He didn’t seem to get the full point of it, not saying he’s dumb he just missed the point, and then carried that idea set into his approach of these movies.

    88. Ryan Fenton

      Agreed on most points - Now, please, cover Invincible - it would be the perfect follow-up to all these topics. The voice actor/animation/video editing perspective would be fascinating there.

    89. Mae Stewart

      I hate that I got their ancient meme reference at 10:55

    90. gmsarc

      "Why didn't Batman kill the Joker?" there was a fan theory in years past that Robin (Dick Grayson) was a brainwashed Harley Quinn to be the new Joker. that's why in suicide squid Batman straight cold-cock's her. It's the only reason I can think why this punisher wannabe batman didn't kill him for decades

      1. 0 8

        NOPE, DECONFIRMED BY THE DIRECTOR. So it's just a dumb plot hole

    91. Ig_needs_a_wig

      In response to hating Zack's vision of these characters: This is an Elseworlds story though...

    92. goodyb0y55

      Steppenwolf should have been Kalibak

    93. ChibiMiiTen

      I need them to do a post spoiler cast where they talk about Synder's original plan of how the JL sequels would go, from Superman succumbing to the anti life equation to Lois' pregnancy to the fates of each of the JL members.

      1. Rt gtz

        I would love to hear that!

    94. What's A Good Username?

      Unu per l'algoritmu

    95. Nathan Weast

      I love that Martin sounds like RIngo Starr; reminds me of my childhood.

      1. Jobs248

        I see you grew up watching Thomas as well lol

    96. Matt329

      God that movie was a goddamn drag to sit through I agree wholeheartedly with Kaiser’s dislike towards Snyder and that he should never *EVER* touch another superhero flick for as long as he lives Outside of the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam movies, I cared more for the DC heroes in the Justice League animated show and the shows leading up to it than I ever did with the dreck Snyder cranked out

    97. Andrew S

      You guys should cover the new prime series "Invincible" the viltrimites in the show are like Saiyans mixed with Kryptonians. Basically if Vegeta fused with Clark Kent

    98. Hyper Squire

      I agree Kaiser, the slow mo is kind of over used and takes to long in certain scenes

    99. Digital Foods with JP12x

      I'm waiting for a fanedit where the motherboxes wake because one is used to revive Cyborg (aka, using a f'cking motherbox). Superman's death doesn't 'signal' anything as there were centuries of no Superman and a bunch of new Kryptonians that showed up in Man of Steel.

    100. Jaikthesnake

      I was so confused that ancient Earth civilization consisted of Atlantians, Greek gods, Amazons, Barbarians? and...Mongolians?