TeamFourStar Holiday Shirts 2020!


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    1. Guye Swanson

      Disappointing. Stop pretending to make things and make things dammit.

    2. zorua O.

      no one gives a fuck we want dbza

      1. Dom

        okay this is facts and tfs views are DROPPINGGG and dying since they stopped making dbza which is really sad i love dbza i watch it everyday

    3. Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]

      You should make an episode for every 2000 tshirts bought

    4. Ashlynn Aragon

      one of your shirts is misspelled, the "angel or devil" shirt.......the shirt spells angel as the shirt for my dad, and the error got noticed by my mom lol otherwise, he loves the shirt, as he is a big FF7 fan lol

    5. Josh Russell

      Seriously though, what was the real reason you got "dressed up"?

    6. Adam Bajczyk

      Plz add more color variety, I have too many black tee's to justify any more

    7. kawasaki kamikaze

      Let's make the world 5% gooder

    8. zousss not zeus

      gawd damn he has slimed down

    9. Jordan Arnold

      Who filmed this?

    10. Jimmy Forrest

      Actual content

    11. jonathon kennedy

      I just realized the sephiroth shirt says angle instead of angel. Just thought it was dyslexia getting to me again.

    12. The Vegan Wujeeta

      I appreciate the margin of error joke

    13. Lord Omachu The Great

      pretty sure this is the reason why they can't do DBZA anymore, you know the whole making and selling Dragon Ball Z merch without TOI's permission or maybe they do have permission I don't know, don't kill me pls.

      1. Lord Omachu The Great

        @RoninOfDeath oh shit, wait then why can they not do dbza anymore?

      2. RoninOfDeath

        Thanks to US transformative parody laws they don't really need permission. So long as they use original art work and make necessary changes to designs in order to fit within the rules. They actually once posted the process of a previous shirt design on their patreon. Showing the different versions they went through till reaching the final one legal approved of.

    14. Tony Stark

      Thicc Lani became Swole Lani, kids . No excuses

    15. Ryan Kufang

      I still have the 9001 shirt 😆

    16. iCards


    17. Drake

      I'd love to wear the angle shirt but I know it'd be 90% me telling people that it's a joke and most of them not understanding it

    18. Daniel Mcilroy

      Lani has arrived, you may all clap

    19. RepublicOfUs

      The amount of people who don't know the "angle" meme is surprising. But, that's the cold, unforgiving passage of time for ya.

    20. Dani DM

      That Sephiroth shirt gave me psychic damage... great job.

    21. William Siders

      Launch Lani needs to be a shirt!

    22. Devin Dyquisto

      Put it on a shirt!

    23. John Riegerix

      A five percent increase? I'll OP like nobody's business now.

    24. Jamstaro

      Holy shirt Lani... What in the sams hell have you done ... You look great man. Making vegeta proud

    25. Sam Reid

      Can I see your data? Was this a double blind test? I don’t know, this seems pretty suss

    26. Jakob Jansen

      How did you bring Billy Mays back to life?

    27. udit 7063

      I was striving for this my whole life To make world 5% gooder I and my fellow human species on great lord frieza day will buy these goddamn sexy tshirts!!!!!!!!!!

    28. Hyrit

      Lani, Kaiser, guys....Im not gonna buy it to feel 5% Gooder...Imma buy it to support you, to love you and to keep you close, cause you are awesome #nohomo....#sometimesalittlebit

    29. Dan Fawaz

      Toss Kaiser is just an evolution of the Kill Masako meme. Change my mind.

    30. Jacob

      Now I want a 5% gooder t-shirt

    31. HuntUltimoZ

      Lani's got a point: Kaiser do be sus as hell.

    32. DeathGodRiku

      Lani looks like a shorter version of Jared Padalecki

    33. Lunch

      Us back then: *PUT IT ON A SHIRT!!!* TFS: Ight

    34. HM Brandon

      This is a very interesting commercial

    35. SSJ4Lunchbox

      T-Shirts being 3rd best transformation was a bit controversial, but not as egregious as hoodies taking the #1 spot.

    36. Kuntal Dive

      The green screen is beautiful...

    37. Komi-San Must be Protected

      My man Lani looking T H I N N

    38. Tony Mathew

      Beautiful advertisment. And of course Lani would wear jandals to his TFS talk

    39. DawnOfHavoc

      Is “angel” spelled wrong, or is that supposed to say “angle”?

      1. SSJ4Lunchbox

        It's an older meme, but it checks out.

      2. Tony Mathew

        I think that's intentional

    40. Hitomi TomTom

      This is great.

    41. LordPopo36 **

      Welled said my good man......THEY SUCK!!!!

    42. Oakton

      We need an "I am the Hype" Tank-top. Ain't nothing gonna spur you on like Vegeta

    43. DTOM

      Morning Angle.

    44. Yuri Nator

      Looks at Lani's head then his face; "Ah the old switcheroo I see, interesting"

    45. James Green

      Lani going for a bit of the Kenny Omega look

    46. Lee Menke


    47. Nick Delarosbil

      I can be your Angle or your Devil shirt... Was that a deliberate type on Angel or they effed up badly?

    48. Clark Nelson

      Why buy merch from a SEprom channel that no longer delivers its prime want more support but wont take the fight

    49. raininess

      Lost it at "placebo shirts" XD Also, look at that fluffy hair + beard combo! O.O

    50. XPlayer52c

      Still waiting for my God damn tea mug

    51. Jack Peters

      I dunno, the whole among us t-shirt feels a little late to the party

    52. Adir Barak

      That's actually good as hell, maybe even 5% gooder than good

    53. Lysander45

      Random thought, but when I saw Lani with the longer hair I said to myself, "Wow, Jared Padelecki let himself go after Supernatural ended."

    54. BuuTube

      5% gooder! Hahaha!

    55. Goldlink567

      Was gonna guess the cure was a gun. But the shirts are good too.

    56. Pokémaniac Guquiz

      How about a "Kawaii in the streets, subarashi in the sheets" shirt?

      1. James Proctor

        Only when they sell a Dakimakura.

    57. viralengine908

      Still better than an actual TED talk

    58. Axel ._.

      Dbza abridge buu saga??🥺

    59. DBZ PRIDE


    60. Кремлинский бот

      They skipped over the gay one cause they knew they was gettin shit on lmao

    61. Hexus

      Deffo need a 5% gooder t-shirt

    62. greg smith

      Lazy a holes

    63. David Hanson

      Thank you for your research

    64. Brainparrot

      Make real tfs talks, like ted talk parodies. Please, for the love of kami please

    65. Ratko Stojinovic

      Please im begging you continue dbzs 🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢😭😭😭

    66. Joe Carmine

      Yo, you guys should make the hat come in green and purple color scheme (piccolos color) I’d buy a lot of them. Also I just had my Xmas order come in, loving my hat and Satan I am the hype shirt :D

    67. Anthony Doll

      Lani is a meme machine incarnate. He makes jokes while telling you the truth of things at the same time.

    68. junkmonkeyZr0

      The fact that they made "Toss Kaiser" into a shirt brings me to hysterics. If only I wasn't broke, I'd buy that shirt, riding my bike across the country.

    69. Elias Molck

      To all those commenting on the spelling of "angle" and "yuor", they know. It's a meme, they spelled it that way intentionally.

    70. Epic!Sans

      This, is the greatest TED talk ever, of all time.

      1. Epic!Sans

        Sorry, I meant TFS talk!😃

    71. King Brunswick

      Love the video and merch just wish more of the shirt designs were for posters too


      Im never sad watching an Ad with Lani in it

    73. Akhilesh Datar

      The part about education and society was so true

    74. Campwise05


    75. Jake Clerico

      This is better than 95 percent of superbowl commercials

    76. Joe, just Joe

      Lani, I swear to God if I see you on daytime television hawking magnet bracelets I will find you!

    77. Arthur Durham

      I have no interest in buying the shirts, I just enjoyed the video. Good stuff

    78. TheMadMynah

      Quick honest question: Is the Sephiroth quote supposed to be "angle" instead of "angel"? Because if not it bothers me.

      1. TheMadMynah

        @Timothy Stigers thanks for the clarification 👍

      2. Timothy Stigers

        My guess is that it's deliberate. It's a reference to a meme from a few years back, I'm pretty sure. You can look it up, it's a thing. The second 'your' is spelled 'yuor', too. I'd give it another hour or two before they post/pin a comment to the top saying "yes it's deliberate".

    79. Vesperitis

      Lani's such a charismatic speaker you can see an angel's halo around him.

      1. Amazing Autist

        @DaimoMusic Ok and stallin was a human whats uour point

      2. DaimoMusic

        Lucifer was also an angel

    80. TheWitheredSoldier

      I want a Toss Kaiser shirt so bad lol

    81. Ray Stevener

      ..who the fuck was that? THAT WAS LANI?!

    82. Bashhammer

      I wish I had money for these. Unfortunate.

    83. The best Tommy Clarke

      Super sane four gogeta came out on fighter

      1. The best Tommy Clarke

        Super sayian

    84. Kyle J

      Bitch, I'm not "just good" I'm fabulous! But I'm buying your shirt anyway...

    85. Spyderman9001

      I will admit, I wear the Androids shirt all the time and I have never received more compliments in my life, so it's proven that your merch does, in fact, bring more positivity to the world

    86. MrSHADOWANGEL999

      good things come when you get sweet merch

    87. Chaz Drain

      This is awesome. Does anyone else get Steve Jobs vibes.

      1. Chaz Drain

        @jayjesse77 well they made Dragon Ball more popular with their videos.

      2. jayjesse77

        Lol. Steve Jobs didn't piggyback off of a popular anime.

    88. Delathen Leso

      I hate to say it, Nick, as *terrible* as you'd be at it, I'd vote for you over the current chucklefucks in office

    89. Rodrick Goldberg

      1:15 So, who wants to tell them what’s wrong with that Sephiroth shirt?

      1. Amazing Autist

        That is intentional

    90. Nathan DTS

      I'm only here to complain about the graph being the wrong way around. Your graph implies the more good things happen to you, the more TFS shirts you'll get.

    91. Ramon Reyes

      Yo, my boy Nick looking GOOD. Also, I'm crying after this TFS Talk, it changed my life.

    92. Based Platinum

      So who's excited for freiza day

    93. juan manuel ovalle

      is them misspelling "angel" on the sephiroth shirt on purpose?

      1. Amazing Autist


    94. Crazybean

      That trans pride tfs shirt is so good it makes me wish I was out and could ask for it for the holidays

    95. That Guy

      A STAGGERING 5%.

    96. Itzjsmithbubble

      Been missing these IRL videos

    97. Lucas Walker

      Hey yeah, I want 5% gooder!

    98. Kinoksis

      5% gooder? That is indeed a superior percentage to the 0% gooder I currently am!

    99. Jesse Santana

      If only I didn't already have a plethora of shirts. I would buy me a toss kaiser shirt cuz well..

    100. Squatting Bear

      Damn my nigga's on the GLOW UP SON LOOK AT HOW WELL THAT FUCKING SHIRT FITS! goddamn