Top 12 Dragon Ball Transformations | Honorable Mentions | DBCember 2020


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    We're naming off the transformations that didn't make this year's DBCember list.
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    1. SmithArrangements0601

      Can we get your opinions on the current manga regarding the newer godly forms?

    2. mylifestyle55

      Honorable: TOPPO, Dispo, Bergamo, Ribrianne, Kakunza, The Robots from that universe which combine into that huge 'thing' ...and especially Hirudegarn (first to second form).

    3. EZMoney

      “They didn’t want him to be taller Frieza.” (Insert Cooler color 2.)

    4. Oom The Mighty

      No love for my man Garlic

    5. ŠØÜŁŹ

      We want team four star back

    6. Jay Streets

      First and foremost I would like to attempt to clarify and relate to is the real understanding between almost record breaking historical epic memories of the 1st original super saiyan introduction and well where I honestly believe that true dragon ball fans saw the moment destruction of the super saiyan transformation timeline was more than noticable.

    7. Jay Streets

      I'm a late 80's fan who wholeheartedly understood the journey of what it truly meant to become a super saiyan. But I honestly think the connection was lost between the americanized censored version was somewhat rush during the Buu saga a shortly before was released

    8. Jay Streets

      Before I give my honorable mentions. As a die hard fan of the complete series from Dragon Ball thru Dragon Ball Super. I'm siding with the writer or you guys for that matter. I state that for multiple reasons.

    9. Brain Trope

      Wait... why is this video the most viewed one from 2020’s DBCember series? Even more than the full list video. That’s a little strange, isn’t it?

    10. kadindarklord

      Giant Namekian sounds more like a technique to me.

      1. kadindarklord

        If they'd done Blue, the way that they did SSJ4. Make it be something Freeza provokes.

    11. #TheGame

      If with the kefla discussion on how goku kept up with kefla. She wasn't trained in that form. (Getting used to herself) and she also hadn't been through the kind of gruelling training the U7 saiyens had been, especially brolly. And despite how dumb he is, goku has so much more training and is able to strategize far better than kefla weakened or not.

    12. Ian Simmans

      Sorry majuub

    13. Drojasz Jones

      Yeah majin really isn’t a transformation. More like a state of mind

    14. Tom M.

      Why do you guys hate everything new?

    15. Lewis Maddock

      You know, one of the fantastic things about Toriyama is that in the 80's the guy was already thinking about androids, artificial intelligence after Blade Runner, and also genetic manipulation with Cell, before Dolly the Sheep. His references are insane.

    16. Scubzervis

      They should put raditz in fighterz

    17. Chance Kuzma

      Super Vegeta in Super is Blue2. Ssjgss2

    18. AGW

      Base goku never fought kefla.

    19. Mr. McGee

      The inner giddy child in me, takes control when talking about transformations and stuff like that. Everything is cool when it's a transformation, I don't care about story shit or anything else.

    20. Blood War

      32:20 yet again... they skip Bojack

    21. N0ugamiNeur0

      Damn, really doing Garlic Jr., Launch and Herudigarn dirty

    22. Bobby Rare

      I liked GT when it first came out. but as i got older, i started to understand it's flaws and respect it's greater moments even more. SO now I think it's overall not that great... but had some of the best moments even VS Z

    23. Glaceon

      Fetus cell to imperfect cell not a transformation its a metamorphosis

    24. Solistor

      Broke: Fake Super Saiyan Woke: Super Saiyan Omen

    25. Nurse Valentine

      Maybe it's me understanding Majin Vegeta wrong, but I always thought that he never actually turned evil. My assumption was that he learned about that Goku returns, he gets his fight at the tournament... and it gets taken away by Babidi and his minions doing their stuff. Like, the entire time, Vegeta doesn't care about what happens with the plot, he just wants to fight Goku, who is only there for 24 hours. Then he sees that Goku has become even stronger, that the minions of Babidi are stronger through the evil magic... and so he decided that he will get his fight, no matter what. Like, he was never controlled by Babidi whatsoever. Yes, he killed those people at the tournament, but he very clearly did it to get Gokus attention, so he can finally fight him. Because that was all that mattered. And that's also how he defied Babidi while still being under the majin influence, because he never was just evil at that point. He used the magic to become more powerful, to force himself in Gokus way, so he can finally have his battle that he wanted for 7 years. And afterwards he realized what terrible things he did just to get an unfulfilling fight, and sacrificed himself for the greater good.

    26. VelkanKiador

      I love that Cooler looks like Predator and Freeza looks like a xenomorph XD

    27. CrazyDylan21

      I think I'm one of the few that thinks Gohan's writing from the Cell Arc is a bit overrated. Entertainment wise, it's great and that's how I mostly view it, but if I were to take it really seriously like PlagueofGripes did on his "Many masks of Gohan" vid, it's flawed and it's no wonder Toriyama decided to not make him the MC as the Buu Saga went on. some examples, not enough tension, make the cell jr's fight the others to make Gohan mad, Gohan's too strong and hasn't gotten hurt real bad, have Cell blow up, and revive him with a power boost and have Gohan get hit really hard. Also, I like SSG Blue, I could've sworn that it's assumed that Goku and Vegeta were able to become more powerful than they were in Battle of Gods when we see them, especially when they trained with Whis and Golden Frieza only got great when Frieza came back after the Resurrection F arc. But yeah Trunks Super Saiyan Rage was meh, should've just gave him something else that makes him able to handle Zamasu. Though it has been a while since I saw the Goku Black arc so maybe he did, idk. (Spirit Bomb Sword is cool, even though it should've completely killed him)

    28. Joe Ferri

      55:27 TFS fixes Resurrection F

    29. Chris Strack

      Royal blue vegeta is his best transformation. Its his only on screen transformation

    30. AlphaBenson

      I dont really understand the love for Manga Trunks in the Goku Black arc. Functionally speaking, he is reduced to the same narrative importance as a single senzu bean.

    31. Black Rosè

      I love Super Saiyan Rage >:)

    32. Samuel Heim

      Why not do a top 12 db characters?

    33. Trevor

      Next year maybe do top character introductions. Supreme Kai had Piccolo shitting himself when we first see him and Trunks murdering Frieza. Some very cool introductions

    34. Triwolf Delta

      I wish they talked about perfected blue in the manga

    35. Maximilliano Orosco-Randhawa

      Vegeta already had SSJ2 before Majin Vegeta there was just no need for him to show it until his rematch with Goku

      1. Maximilliano Orosco-Randhawa

        @Ahturos what’s the point of using of using a form when there is no need to, there was real reason for to turn SSJ2 that doesn’t he didn’t have it plus if he achieved because of the Majin Mark Vegeta would have it activated even before they transformed they even were warped the Martial Arts stadium

      2. Ahturos

        What confirms that? I am watching a review serie of the Dragonball manga and it does seem like Vegeta should only have SSJ 1.

    36. Krane2000

      I find it so funny that everyone forgot one of the most important aspects of Super Saiyan Blue: Vegeta perfects the form in the Tournament of Power, and is the first time Vegeta can do something and reach a higher power than Goku can. All for 5 minutes before Ultra Instinct comes about. Perfect Blue form is so inconsequential that literally everyone has forgotten about it.

    37. Roberts Zonīs

      Buu also just did absorbtion ... no ?

    38. Roberts Zonīs

      yeees show us on youtube how Lani reacts to hEROES

    39. Roberts Zonīs

      ummm the little guy sayain from universe 6? no? :D

    40. Deadwolf

      I got a neat idea for DBcember. Top 12 mysteries of the dragon ball franchise. Specifically lore stuff such as why are so many of the buildings shaped like domes or how did the King become the King probably a dumb question because that sort of thing is a lineage but still.

    41. Black Gamer

      53:30 The reason that Gohan had to get his potential unlocked again in the Buu saga, other than plot, might be because by that time, Gohan unlocked Super Saiyan & Super Saiyan 2. And as a result, he gained more hidden power. Whereas in the Namek saga, Gohan only had base power to draw from. I'm mostl likely wrong about this but it's just my guess.

    42. KK Kinner

      SSJ grade 2 is definitely my favorite transformation by far and vegetas newest blue form

    43. Ira Schell

      The capricious feast neatly step because millimeter proximally label beyond a mundane plywood. noisy, glistening glorious caption

    44. Jessie Thomas

      Launch can't even make the Honorable Mentions

      1. Bobby Rare

        or they forgot her like Toriyama.

    45. Dylan Johnson

      They don't mention hirudegarn at all! He total has a transformation on top of himself being one.

    46. Alex James

      Timestamps: 2:16 Monster Carrot's Transformations 3:08 Oolong and Puar 4:07 Buff Roshi 4:48 Super Saiyan Grade 3 (Buff Trunks) 6:34 Man-Wolf 8:46 Giant Namekian 10:25 Zarbon 12:06 Frieza Forms 2 and 3 15:56 Final Form Cooler 22:11 Pseudo Super Saiyan (from Lord Slug) 24:00 Super Android 13 25:17 Cell's Forms 30:18 Metal Cooler 32:15 Bojack's "transformation" is briefly mentioned 32:54 Fusion (Potara mainly) 37:40 Majin Vegeta 45:39 They bring up whether they considered Kid Buu as a transformation or not 49:10 Super Saiyan Blue 51:33 They realize they forgot Ultimate Gohan 55:17 Back to Blue 1:01:05 Golden Frieza 1:05:28 Super Saiyan Rosé 1:10:44 Super Saiyan Rage 1:14:28 Merged Zamasu is mentioned briefly 1:15:33 Ribrianne's Transformation 1:17:33 Top's God of Destruction Form 1:20:06 Super Saiyan Royal Blue 1:22:32 Ultra Instinct is brought up briefly while discussing Royal Blue 1:26:00 Baby's Transformations (they briefly mention Heroes during this) 1:26:47 Super 17 1:28:33 Shadow Dragon Transformations 1:31:36 Broly's Wrath Form 1:33:27 General Rilldo is jokingly mentioned 1:33:48 Moro is briefly talked about (from the Super Manga)

    47. Benjamin Vonstein

      My head canon for Golden Frieza will always be that it’s not an actual transformation but just a visual gag Frieza does to ape Super Saiyan when he goes all out.

      1. Bobby Rare

        Freeza :)

    48. SomeRandomJackAss

      Super Broly's "Ikari"/"New SSj4" or whatever from the movie? I mean, it's kind of just Fake Super Saiyan with yellow eyes, but maybe it counts.

    49. Tinotenda Muringami


    50. samsonthestomped

      Why they didn't bring back Ian Corlett for Black I will never know.

    51. Velnya L K

      How about Android 21's transformation? Certainly visually striking to say the least

    52. Golden Yak

      I like power stressed forms, especially among villains - 100% Freeza, Perfect Cell losing it vs. Gohan, and especially Fusion Zamasu against Vegito.

    53. Shreyas B

      35:53 lol wtf are you smoking dude. You really just mistook kefla for caulifla. Thats almost as bad as toriyama forgetting about ss2.

    54. Roberts Zonīs


    55. Roberts Zonīs

      make it matemathical out of all dbza cast ;)

    56. Jordan Allen

      Why did Launch not make the list?

    57. Mason Griffin

      I think you are conveniently forgetting that during the anime, they were training in Whis's orb. That's when they are gaining access to the Blue form. They are shown as first starting to access it. Of course its not got the weight or "gravitas" the other transformations have. Edited for spelling

      1. Mason Griffin

        @TeamFourStar see above?

    58. NiDiCi

      Was kinda hurt by the dissing SSGSSE or Super Saiyan Royal Blue. Like when I watched that episode at home I was screaming, I adored Vegeta and him basically pulling the "I'll surpass my limits for those I care about" schtick was cool as hell to me.

      1. Alpha Wolf

        Yeah but it literally never gets any explanation or use afterwards. Where was it in freaking Broly. Unlike Goku's UI he should technically be able to use it whenever he wants. Also i feel like Blue is just the laziest written form ever.

    59. chaoticjusticezero

      1:24:24 Finally, someone else who calls it Royal Blue! Not Beyond Blue or whatever the abomination was that canon calls it.

    60. Lucario SENPAI

      Playing this in the background while playing DBF. Really wish I finished it before the new year.

    61. ShrubberGlee Horror

      What about Hirudegarn? It was a kind of transformation, eh?

    62. Thomas Dahlberg

      Oh. So UI is a transformation because it changes Goku's look but Tien's ADDITION OF TWO LIMBS is a technique. Sure.

    63. Jeffrey Tee

      1:08:20 100% agree with the Nozawa tangent. I used to be one of those “I don’t like Goku being voiced by an old lady” people but now I cannot picture the character without the voice and it’s the way he should sound to me now

    64. Mason Williams

      Honorable mention: Hirudegarn also had a transformation.

    65. CJ Levin

      In all fairness, Blue is a Z form. The movie was officially Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F. So like royal blue and UI are the only super forms the vegeta and goku get

    66. Brando

      If you love the Majin Vegeta Saiyan Pride moment, check out a video from Lezbeepic called Majin Vegeta’s Pride. It does the moment justice.

    67. calvin mattoo

      The hate on Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and Super Saiyan Rage was so wrong. All based on looks when they are some are the best, especially their uniqueness and flair. The character justifications for transforming were reasonable and far better than dragon ball standard has for most of its characters. It do just be a boomer thing it seems but fair enough

      1. Alpha Wolf

        No those forms literally feel meaningless and useless overall.

    68. Clyde froge

      I guess I'm alone because I watched super live weekly on toonami. Took 2 years but I just didn't want to watch it in Japanese.

    69. Dustin Nelson

      I actually like the concept head canon I have for Golden Frieza that while yes it is a power up transformation it’s the kid buying a toy to fit in but buying the wrong one. The big thing that changed for the Saiyan’s when they went super was the gold hair. Frieza doesn’t have hair so he did the alternative, gold body. And I’m not saying that the design was lazy. To the contrary I think it’s great but in the sense of Frieza being a lazy fighter. He admits that he never had to train to get where he was and the only reason he’s trained was because that’s what the “monkey” did to beat him. That and turned gold. Boom. Golden Frieza. Off to kill the Saiyans. He can turn gold now. He’s better than they are... wait... Red? Blue? Fu...... Just a thought.

    70. Frankie Cedeno

      Hey, now. In Xenoverse it is called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (evolved)

    71. Frankie Cedeno

      It’s okay Scott! Ribrianne is I’m Xenoverse 2!

    72. JustcallmeDavner

      Super Saiyan Royal Blue? I thought it was Super Saiyan Blue 2. Weird.

    73. Matt Hoskins


    74. Drew

      I like Super Saiyan Blue BUT think it would have worked better if it worked like how I thought they said it did when I first watched RoF. I thought the way Blue worked after that movie was that Goku and Vegeta had permanently infused God Ki into their Super Saiyan form and thus it was permanently changed to this more powerful blue version. And since Goku didn't use Super Saiyan 2 even when he was losing to Frieza I figured 2 and 3 with God Ki would be too much for their bodies too handle so the story had changed the dynamic of their transformations to they now only have Base and Super Saiyan(Blue) now. And going into Super thinking that is how Super Saiyan worked for Goku and Vegeta now made me more excited for the show, cause it meant we would no longer get the fights of them going through all the Super Saiyan steps as they got more serious. But then the Tournament arc instantly took that away when they used regular Super Saiyan again which disappointed me.

    75. Gold Kobold

      “So how do ya feel about the list Kami Nail Piccolo?”

      1. Gold Kobold

        @NV Comics well they counted potara as a transformation and Piccolo is more absorbing the other two.

      2. NV Comics

        that's fusion

    76. ytmndman

      I always called form 3 "Duck Freeza" because he looked like he had a duck bill

    77. Tom O

      Please watch DBH or read the manga. It’s not as terrible as the internet hive mind say it ja

      1. Alpha Wolf

        I think the story pacing could use some work. But that's why Xenoverse exists.....if they ever make a 3rd one.

    78. darkalpha50

      Second form cell is basically just that spongebob episode where squidward gets slammed and turns handsome

    79. VashXTrigun

      What about Buu's transformation/ reïncarnation into Uub at the end of DBZ?

    80. Tom O

      DBS kinda shows how they got SSB but they still didn’t like do full on with a whole episode about how SSB was gotten.

      1. Tom O

        I can respect the point against SSB. I really wish people would realize that a lot of the forms after SSJ2 are pretty much unearned power ups (SSJ3 SSJ4 and mystic gohan)

    81. MigBird

      If you count Final Form Frieza, you gotta count Kid Buu, because both of them are just the characters returning to their original forms.

    82. Zion Altidor

      Super ubb?

    83. DD

      I'm the only one out here who dub only, love to see it

    84. TachyonDragon

      vegeta development in dbz is just like Saiyan Saga: upgrade Namek Saga: upgrade cell saga: major upgrade buu Saga: Go back go back go back

    85. MagicCardboardBox

      I like blue because I like the colour blue.

    86. Mike Churton

      Aww, they missed out Garlic Jr and co, Skinny-Buff Majin Buu and Majuub :(

      1. Bobby Rare

        they forgot Launch. also Majuub is a fusion so it doesn't count.

    87. Zokolov

      Top 12/24 female characters would be fun next year tbh

    88. Jorge

      To paraphrase my favorite video game critic: "the Goku Black arc (and GT) had some pretty cool ideas, it was just... Executed worse than colonel Gadafi."

    89. Sergeant Superbeast

      Kirin: I hate that song [Ultimate Battle] Internet: *So you've chosen death*

    90. esjob

      I always seen Guru's potential unleashing as bringing your current abilities out to the forefront. Not a this is your all but more this is your best RIGHT NOW. Where as Old Kai I see more as drawing out and opening up the path to your reserves permanently.

    91. Kelly Rocheleau

      Does Launch's whole deal count as a transformation?

    92. EarthmeisterIndigo

      Kaiser you had me then you lost me with you shitting on SSJBE

    93. Jon Spencer

      Wanna see them do top 12 most impactful death

    94. KVAcedo27

      I'm actually glad Blue didn't make the list It barely has any outstanding qualities

      1. Bobby Rare

        people just enjoy the blue. it looks cool XD

    95. Key Parker

      Another reason why they HAVE to do the buu saga eventually... LANI AS MAJIN VEGETA! MY. GOD. I can see it now.. "Vegeta killing those ppl isn't very nice!" "OF COURSE IT'S NOT NICE, I'M FUCKING EVIL!!" ...Amazing 😂😂

    96. Sarah2Cold

      easy way to make super 100x better. 1. during Res F have vegeta go god to deal with powered up frieza. frieza doesn't get golden here he just trained longer. alternatively, you can still have frieza go gold but he's defeated after they stall for time with god having been earned through vegeta's effort while frieza never mastered his form. maybe even have goku drop out of god form like in his fight with beerus to show vegeta has better mastery. 2. during universe 6 arc have blue be hinted at due to goku or vegeta learning to control their energy against hit. kind of like false ssj. 3. have blue first be used against black after he busts out rose and kicks goku and vegeta's asses in god form. maybe even throw in Kaio ken for the finisher instead of trunks bullshit. (god i hate super saiyan rage and just trunks' whole roll in that arc) 4. have frieza come back during the ToP and have him reveal golden frieza and cap it off with him controlling the god of destruction energy.

    97. Sarah2Cold

      The way I see Gohan needing to retrain to get his ultimate form is him needing to get his body back up to a point where it can handle his unlocked potential. like if he tried to use it in Res F he'd probably blow up. Kind of like One for All in my hero academia. He still has the potential inside of him that he can access whenever he needs but his body just can't handle it else it starts to break apart.

    98. Vergil Sparda

      In defense of super Saiyan blue at the very least it stayed a transformation throughout the series as opposed to needing newer better ones to combat every threat but sadly it was also the weakest transformation introduction in the series

    99. Charlotte Pringle

      On the note of Super Saiyan Rage I genuinely thought that it was the actual Super Saiyan 3. That the Super Saiyan 3 Goku had used before was like actually Super Saiyan 2 Grade 2 and the real next evolution of the Super Saiyan form was what Trunks achieved in the final fight against Fused Zamasu (and what Vegeta got very close to achieving when Beerus slapped Bulma). That's genuinely what I thought the form was. It's not much, and it would have been a serious retcon. But it would have been SOMETHING. It would still suck though.

    100. Kyle Goyak

      You guys totally forgot about universe 6 saiyans and frosts 2 transformations