Top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball | #01 | DBCember 2020


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    It's the FINAL ENTRY of our Top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball!
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    1. YourAverageMachine101

      But of course.

    2. SpartanZeDMan

      You guys did an oopsey at 1:00 right away... the term super saiyajin gets mentioned when Raditz is defeated, and Nappa and Vegeta are talking about Gohan's power, and that because he's a half breed, he can be a super saiyajin, stronger than a normal one. And if I remember right, Nappa is the ones who mentions it first.

    3. Kameron Brooks

      Saiyans wit attitudes 😭

    4. Jamareon Ballard

      I think next Dbcember, you guys should do top 10 Dragon Ball characters

    5. Jamareon Ballard

      U guys do know bulla is half saiyan like trunks right

      1. dnmstarsi

        They know but point still stands. She's a female Saiyan that can't go Super yet Goku and Vegeta Jr. can do so despite having less blood.

    6. Kawru_ kun

      0:43 I didn't know that to be honest

    7. Keaton Coffey


    8. Zig Zoinks

      We’re not dealing with the average #1 pick anymore.

    9. DiamondPNG

      Can you please edit dragon ball super?

      1. dnmstarsi

        Not happening. They're not very fond of Super and they're moving away to those types of videos (dubbing and editing over anime).

    10. Blaiddcymru

      I’m sorry...Goku’s SSJ transformation is not accompanied by the roar of an oozaru, unless it was added in during Kai. Funimation and Ocean Dub transformation was just the Goku scream.

      1. dnmstarsi

        It had the spiritual roar and even look of an Oozaru.

    11. Gusar

      I remember my brother and I helping our mom carry in groceries while the episode was playing where Goku transformed and we where like hopping over fucking couches to get those groceries put away as fast as possible and we took turns watching the TV and updating eachother and I remember as his hair became that sick fuckin golden color, me and my brother both dropped the bags of groceries in our hands and stared at the TV in awe while our mom was like "wtf are you two doing??" Hands down one of my coolest and most nostalgic memories, I will remember everything from Krillin's scream to the lightning strikes till the day I get dementia or something and can't anymore.

    12. John Barton

      Where is DBza buu saga 😭😭😭

      1. dnmstarsi

        @John Barton Yep.

      2. John Barton

        @dnmstarsi for real 😟

      3. dnmstarsi


    13. Slapman playz

      Day 1 of torturing TFS DBZA!!!!!

    14. Goldenstandard


    15. DarkBlades9001

      Here's an idea: Instead of talking about all the references, iconic moments, and such about the Super Saiyan. Talk about all the bad things about it. Defend it while talking negatively about it.

      1. dnmstarsi

        They already did. Its main issues are how it eventually/quickly became irrelevant to other forms and such as well as how easy it is for others to achieve the form and kinda undermining those who went through emotional and physical struggles to achieve that form. Super Saiyan has no other major issues other than being irrelevant in its own series and character development.

    16. Filipe Q

      Are their eyes are green!? Did I suffer from a cognitive dissonance thinking their eyes were blue, all these years? To me it looks like a greenish blue but blue nonetheless.

    17. BIG MAK

      Papież kiedy umarł miał 85 lat - 8+5=13. Godzina śmierci: 21:37 - 2+1+3+7=13. Data śmierci: 02.04.2005 - 0+2+0+4+2+0+0+5=13. Postrzelony 13 Maja. 9301 dni pontyfikatu - 9+3+0+1=13. Zmarł w 13 tygodniu roku. JAN PAWEŁ DRUGI - 13 liter. czy to zbieg okoliczności? prześlij to dalej niech inni myślą... Sorry, ale musi się spełnić.... Pomyśl sobie życzenie a zobaczysz co sie stanie... Zacznij myśleć o czymś czego naprawdę pragniesz To funkcjonuje.... , osoba która mi wysłała tą wiadomość powiedziała że jej życzenie spełniło sie po 13 dniach po odczytaniu tej wiadomości Wypowiedz życzenie jak skończy sie odliczanie: 10... 09... 08... 07... 06... 05... 04... 03... 02... 01... Wypowiedz życzenie Wklej te wiadomość w ciągu 26 minut do 13 komentarzy Jeśli tego nie zrobisz stanie się przeciwność twojego życzenia

    18. TheProtectorofTime

      If I remember correctly, that line about Pan and Bra not being able to go Super Saiyan was only in a guidebook. Said guidebook coming out before the episode with Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr., it being a way to handwave why Pan never went Super Saiyan in the show. Also, there apparently was an interview with one of GT's heads, and he said that Pan never transformed because she was set to be the damsel for Goku to save. And he said it would have been odd for her to suddenly not need to be rescued, as she was the one who started the plot. She can go Super Saiyan, she was never allowed to. Given how much you apparently research this series, why did you not know that? But, I could have gotten some details wrong, but I believe that's the gist of it. Also, of course the Goku Super Saiyan scene was your number one. How many lists have you placed that scene at one? At this point, I really have stopped caring about that scene, despite the fact I used to love it. I don't like Future Trunks going Super Saiyan, or Gohan going SS2 either. But, that's because I really don't care about those two. Rather than a lack of enthusiasm.

    19. The Last Wind Waker

      Kirran: This is a form awoken by rage! ...Or a tingling sensation in your back.

    20. Yusuf Gazi

      3:57 Pan goes Super Saiyan as a fetus though..

      1. dnmstarsi

        That doesn't count. The version that was referenced had no Battle of Gods connection because that moment didn't exist at the time. Plus GT canonicity is questionable at this point apparently.

    21. Matrim42

      ... ... ... ...SSJ2 was better...

      1. dnmstarsi

        You're in the minority on that. It's "better" because of Gohan but aside from him, it's just Super Saiyan with lighting and different bangs.

    22. TactlessC

      They stole the color warping cause it was supposed to imply the legendary super saiyan, born once every 500 years, included/originated from Bardock...which makes no fucking sense and kinda defeats the purpose of Broly's version being different but...pfeh.

      1. dnmstarsi

        Bardock isn't actually the legendary Super Saiyan. That was just a non-canon shitfest.

    23. emperor fishwagon

      Still sad seeing how little views they get compared to all dbz abridged episodes that instantly got millions of views....... Guess you probably should have stuck with what you guys did best but nah failing is soooooo much more fun... not

      1. dnmstarsi

        What they did best was always a passion project. So what if they "fail"? DBZA isn't meant to be their cash cow, it's a show made in good fun that attracted a lot of fans that keep treating it as the definitive version to watch than the intended gateway to the series. It's more sad seeing people like you not understand what the show was made to be.

    24. Jake Hicks

      "I swear our channels not dead.. we got 3 million clicks on a top 10 vid.. posted 10 different times..." this channel is dead af. Simple parole tricks will not change that. Low energy, feels very corporate. Go back to the basics.

      1. dnmstarsi

        They occasionally post videos about every month and their top 12 video is meant to be released on a daily basis. Clearly, you're just an ignorant person who thinks they're nothing more than DBZA because of their show and name.

    25. X X

      Indeed, Trunks and Goten achieving that form was SUPPOSED TO BE a WTF? moment. I think they were trying to rebel against the serious grittiness of previous arcs.

    26. X X

      I always found it insane that the female half-breeds could never transform.

    27. gonçalo Baia

      My favs are ssj on namek and Trunks's badassery on the Cell Saga, that shit still looks amazing with all the stuff they came up with untill now

    28. Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]

      Man, that moment when Goku and Trunks first transformed..

    29. the silvermystic

      Are you people thinking about doing another season

      1. dnmstarsi

        No. They aren't.

    30. Mike Ferrer

      3:56 Bulla's % of Saiyan blood isn't the same as Trunks ?

      1. dnmstarsi

        Yes but officially they said their blood was low. It was already bullshit back then.

    31. Joshua Roberts

      Dude seriously fuck 2020 it killed dbza

    32. unk

      i literally cannot think of ssj without instantly associating it with “muffin button”. you guys have ruined me

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    34. Golden Legacy

      THE most famous Transformation

    35. Nube

      How well does Kaiser know Japanese? I've been wondering for some time

    36. TeamEmjayFTW

      SsJ is the most important transformation in animation as a whole

    37. VashXTrigun

      I was sceptic about this number 1, but you can't deny the impact super Saiyan has had. Plus the First transformation of Goku on Namek is still epic! I agree that kid Trunk and Goten getting Super Saiyan easily is a bit cheap, but on the other hand I also found logical. Genetics are just scary man.

    38. John Zhou

      Of course, this is number one. Any other transformation would have been invalid

    39. Austin Conrad

      GREAT. SAIYA. MAN. Such a tragedy that the greatest transformation was overlooked.

    40. Zaurora

      I love y'all. It's always nice to see your avatars and hear your voices. Y'all are always so genuine and appreciative. I hope you could have a good holiday and hope you have a good year next year

    41. LiFeIsFuN

      Also, the saiyan where Goku’s hair was black, i among a lot of people call it “False SSJ”

    42. KalligTheGray

      Personally, I think this year's list is 100% dead-on

    43. Jared Watson

      Something about super Saiyan that not many talk about is how quickly it was flanderized. It had an immense power level, but it had the drawback of an unstable temperament. The longer the characters were in this form, the more reckless they would backfiring. Going super Saiyan even backfired several times during the android saga. However, after super Saiyan 2 was revealed, the mental aspect of the form was forgotten and eventually became the form to show the threat isn't a complete joke. Nothing about the characters were different except for the hair and it became a necessity instead of an event. By the time dbs came out with blue, the original super saiyan form was effectively obsolete.

    44. GavDraws

      so uh.. whens buu saga abridged?

      1. GavDraws

        dnmstarsi ;(

      2. dnmstarsi

        Cancelled. They confirmed that last year with a video.

    45. M. Muradbasic

      I wonder thou, Gohan‘s Mystic/ Ultimate Form, is that considered a Transformation or a Technique?

      1. John Zhou

        it's considered a transformation. A technique is something you learn. Gohan didn't learn the mystic form, he obtained it with old kai

    46. Lewis Genereaux

      Isn’t Bulla half saiyan? I’m pretty sure she’s the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma. So saying she can’t go SSJ is wrong. That would me she can go SSJ. Pan is a quarter so I understand she can’t.

      1. dnmstarsi

        That's still BS because Goku and Vegeta Jr have LESS blood than them and they were able to go SSJ. With that logic, Pan would be able to go Super Saiyan.

    47. Denis Marmureanu

      Cant you make abridged series for some other popular series or anime in minutes or someting....

    48. Colton Taylor

      Not gonna lie. I am surprised Super Namekian didn't make the top 12

    49. Shawn Heatherly

      Who cares if it was obvious? There is no possible argument against this pick. It's arguably the most iconic transformation of any media.

      1. dnmstarsi

        Some apparently do because they were expecting some surprise pick for #1 unaware that the list itself is already full of surprises. To them, the obvious is boring and a letdown. Yeah, I don't get those fools either.

    50. TheZprogram

      if you hate 2020 I hope you're ready draft next year

    51. PirateFox Box

      idk for me the best transformation was gogeta from jeneba movie I didnt know about fusion at that point cause i saw the movie before vegeto appeared and Jeneba was such a power house he put Cell pretty much to shame the whole movie Jeneba effects are also destorying the earth without him being there like this was a literal monster and than Goku offered vegeta a solution have se I mean make fusion and they fail misrebly at first but that failure gave a very comedic and idea of whats gonna come next eventually when they succeed a silent warrior appears and in less than 20 sec destroys Jeneba with one move this was like such a huge deal for my young child mind I would always yell at the screen at the buu saga "why dont they go gogeta" later I would more or less understand its cause they both dumbasses who wanna fight on their own :/

    52. rapsody230

      Yeah, i am still surprised how super managed to make ultra instinct so badass. I felt like a kid again when i watched it.

    53. Ray Akuma

      6:00 I NEED THIS ALBUM!

    54. Ray Akuma

      Bardock got that healing splooge though

    55. Brett McKinzie

      I more or less agree with the ones on the list, with one exception: fusions. Granted, they made honorable mention, but so did a good deal other transformations, and considering some of the spots on this list were simply variants of the same transformation (every variation of super saiyan made the list), I'm a bit disappointed NONE of the fusions made the list. The Potara earring fusion: Okay, this one was a bit of a joke. This one was the McGuffin-based version, and there's not much to it. Vegitto was an interesting concept, but overall, I'm not surprised that this one didn't make the list. It's only used in the series twice, and one of those was two minor characters who, in the grand scheme of things, don't really accomplish more than feed exposition. Also, considering the Potara fusion is supposed to be permanent, but neither transformation permanently holds, this one...completely fails to give any weight or consequence. Just another gimmick play; move on. The Metamoran fusion technique: I think this technique had a bit of potential. Not for the list; between the ridiculous "every fusion has this default outfit" and the even more ridiculous dance to initiate it, there's not much allowing it to be taken seriously. However, there was at least an attempt to give it some depth as a technique by giving it drawbacks. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it suffered from two fatal flaws. The first flaw: the lack of serious consequences. Yes, screwing up the technique makes the fusion product weaker than its parts, but the time limit mitigates that, IF they're unwilling or unable to break the fusion early. There is no part of this technique that carries any sort of serious consequences, meaning there's no weight for failure. In a series that has suicide techniques and five-minute techniques that can destroy worlds, this one could have been wonderful and terrible. Imagine a fusion where the time limit is a safety, where holding the fusion for longer starts to affect the minds of the two fused, increasing the likelihood of mental instability or death of personality. Give the technique some reason to handle with care, and it stops being a joke quickly. The second flaw: it's one of the moves Goku pulled out of his butt. Yes, the official reason was he learned it while training in Other World, but I don't buy the premise. One fighter, no matter how talented, would be hard pressed to learn a technique that requires two people in much of a useable capacity, let alone master it enough to be able to teach two young children in hours, ESPECIALLY if there was no impetus to learn it to begin with. Simply put, we're expected to believe Goku just picked it up because it looked interesting, and it just HAPPENED TO come in handy. This is the series' deus-ex-machina at work at its ugliest. Overall, a load of wasted potential spent on a joke, with no introductory buildup, little utility, and was forgotten as quickly as it was introduced. The Namekian fusion: Okay, THIS ONE should have made the list. Why this didn't feature more heavily in the Namek saga, I wish I knew. There was a sense of weight to this, as well as the potential for abuse. This was one of the few powerups that came with a price tag, a rarity in the series, and unlike other transformations, wasn't nearly as overused. Yes, visually unimpressive, but you can't argue with results. Seriously, Namekians got short shrift in the series, considering what they brought to the table; between the various race-specific abilities, the power to create relics that summon wish-granting dragons, and pseudo-magical talents, I'm surprised they weren't better represented. Anyway, that's my sole gripe about the list. Would have been shorter, but I'm long-winded.

    56. Farshid

      Please for the love of God bring back DBZ Abridged. There are literally very other few things in life I love more.

      1. dnmstarsi

        It ain't happening. Find something else to enjoy.

    57. Lucas Hernandez

      Low percentage of saiyan blood has nothing to do with super saiyan

      1. dnmstarsi

        @Lucas Hernandez Yes it does because that was what they said officially in the past.

      2. Lucas Hernandez

        We see goku Jr achieve super saiyan despite being pan's great grandson

    58. JustcallmeDavner

      I loved this whole list. You guys are always awesome. Where can I see more about your guy's opinions on Super though?

    59. Influx Neutron

      We need a new ep of hellsing abridged

      1. dnmstarsi

        Series ended.

    60. Mike Peskar-Murphy

      K. now do buu saga.

      1. dnmstarsi

        Ain't happening, man.

    61. Brandy Crain

      I keep forgetting the TFS guys do something other than not making DBA. I haven't been able to get into their gaming vids.. I fully support them doing interesting things tho like when they do them. Gigggity

    62. Jamie Hartley

      We’ve done transformations techniques battles games but next year I think we should have a top 12 characters The ones who made the biggest impact on the franchise

    63. The Donut

      I'm sorry, please do correct me if I'm wrong. Did they say that the Manga did it better? The 2 page 5 frame burst into the form with no feel for the sheer intensity of the form? Better than the most iconic animated scene in all anime? Sorry, once again I must have misheard it.

      1. dnmstarsi

        No. Kaiser said that it's hard to argue that the anime didn't do this better than the manga as the original version was quick as hell and just pops in the next panel.

    64. Halex Gaming

      lets not forget it's debut fight had it clashing with the Emperor of the Universe atop a dying world, the setting doesn't get much more epic than that and it's sheer impact on pop culture is staggering you can find people who have never even heard of Dragon Ball and they'll still recognize Super Saiyan.

    65. John Daniel

      Green eyes?

      1. Demi


    66. Patrick McDonnell

      Honestly I really wanna see pseudo-super saiyan get added into canon somehow, the aesthetic of it is just so dang cool, even if it wouldn't be that powerful

    67. LifeLockable

      I actually loved and agreed 100% with this list this year, lol next year you guys should do a top 10 characters list with cameos with each character saying why they should be there (or higher up)

    68. Mike Price

      The first mention of the super saiyan was by Nappa, his first appearance on that green world w/ Vegeta. Later on Namek, Guru, Freeza, Vegeta, & the Ginyu’s; all mentioned the legend of the super saiyan.

    69. Angus Uchiha

      Cell: butt I'm perfect! How could I not be number 1?! Scott: butt Super Saiyan is classic. It's the thing that makes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball. Curtis: ah whatever, at least non of the Namekians made it on the list. Cell: wait! Don't, you, voice, me? Curtis: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- TFS: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Majin Buu: man, fuck these guys.

    70. James Robson

      Happy holidays!

    71. GooTheMighty

      My favorite transformation was when Krillin grew out his hair. Blew my mind as a child.

    72. Goo Enough

      Start making dragon ball z abridged for buu saga

      1. Goo Enough

        @dnmstarsi "stop asking for dead product" SMH.I convey what i want.If that bothers you then that's your problem,not mine,basically.

      2. dnmstarsi

        @Goo Enough Then stop asking for dead products like some idiot in denial and go back to watching other stuff. They explained why almost a year ago.

      3. Goo Enough

        @dnmstarsi I always have something else to watch,silly simpleton

      4. dnmstarsi

        Start finding something else to watch.

    73. Golden Yak

      They don't really count as transformations, but I really like power-stressed forms. Freeza's 100%, Ultra Super Whatever Saiyan, Cell going nuts vs Gohan, Fusion Zamasu vs Vegeto in the anime... Like I said, not really a transformation, since its only an alteration of proportions, but I think it can add an extra bit of intimidation to a final form villain, one last unexpected buff as things draw to an end.

    74. Ksawarrior

      So... next year, best designed characters? Or best character relationships? Can gohan and piccolo rank higher than future trunks and future gohan?

    75. PMG VICTOR

      We all know Launch the true First Super Saiyan.

    76. Josh St. Louis

      Maximum over-saiyan

    77. synchronium24

      3:28 Why would blonde color be easier to add in than black?

      1. dnmstarsi

        Back in the day, there was no color for the manga, for the most part. Blonde characters in the manga often appeared as white hair which meant no further inking was required.

    78. TheDCVTitan

      How does Bulla have less saiyan blood than her brother Trunks?

    79. daverboy17

      The only thing I wish could've been touched on more in this video is that how for (almost) every character, the super saiyan transformation is unique, because how their super saiyan hair looks varies based on how their normal hair looks. Goku's is messy and clumpy, Vegeta's is basically the same but with more detail because it's not solid black anymore, Trunks's middle part gives him wings, with his ponytail version making them longer with the spikes in the back, and his non-ponytail version having this huge halo of hair.

    80. Brandon L

      Thank you again TFS!! Look forward to these every year, can’t wait for the next one 😎

    81. Shadeem

      such emotion required...or feel tingly, your call

    82. Brett Spangler

      You've done movies, games, villains, fights, techniques, and transformations, but how about this; Top 25 Episodes of Dragon Ball for DBCember 2021 The TFS gang looking back, and talking about the greatest/favorite episodes that Dragon Ball, Z, GT, & Super, would make for a pretty sweet Christmas gift.

    83. Kyle


    84. Leah L

      But super saiyan isn’t a transformation, it’s a technique.

      1. dnmstarsi

        Wrong. Your appearance changes when you undergo Super Saiyan.

    85. ZeeBatKing

      That Super Sonic moment tho

    86. Super Dylan0000

      I was curious if they'd add any of the namekian fusions for Piccolo. I forget if they counted those in the techniques ones.

    87. Jordan Jones

      SSJ4 is still the best looking form

    88. Johan

      Goku transforming for the first time still gives me chills. A top moment from my childhood

    89. Vivi *

      Frieza: Pop goes the weasel! Goku: My jimmies... ARE RUFFLED!

    90. MungkaeX

      I’m still questioning if Ultra Instinct counts when Kaio-Ken doesn’t. The build up to both sure make them seem like techniques, not transformations. Whis had been shown training Goku and Vegeta to use the technique. You admitting that “anyone could use it” seems even less like a transformation.

      1. MungkaeX

        @dnmstarsi WHAT?!?! I’m sorry, but that’s not an argument. “That means no more questioning or w.e. from you” sounds like the the B.S. spouted by some flat-Earther who can’t explain why they can’t see the Empire State Building from the Sears Tower. Kaiser and the rest of the T.F.S. gang are not infallible. They freely admit that. You putting their opinions on some unchallengeable pedestal is counterintuitive to having a productive discussion. If you didn’t want to have the discussion in the first place and blindly follow the opinions of others, why did you choose to engage with me and my comment? If you don’t want to have the conversation, no one is holding your feet to the fire to “defend” these opinions. You could have just ignored my initial comment, or any of the responses I’ve made to you in this thread.

      2. dnmstarsi

        @MungkaeX I know this is all for fun but when it comes to my "argument" of Kaiser explaining why it's still in despite of what the book says, then that means no more questioning or w.e. from you. Just respect what they've said and remember that this is made in good fun and it's their opinion. Comments like yours tend to ruin the spirit and fun of DBCember, k? Now, good bye.

      3. MungkaeX

        @dnmstarsi Well I think we all agree this is just for fun. It’s a fictional media that we are over analyzing here. If your argument is “Kaiser said so”, that’s fine; but I didn’t his argument was compelling either (and stated so in the comments for that video). If you want to present an alternative definition for “Transformation” & “Technique”, then we can get somewhere. I welcome a healthy debate.

      4. dnmstarsi

        @MungkaeX Yeah, regardless of what you think and your facts, this is a list made out of pure fun and Kaiser already explained and gave his defense on why it still counts in their book despite going against the manga with its flawed explanation. Point is, with Goku, it's a transformation. He became different as opposed to Whis. When he used it, it's a form especially given his change in appearance as opposed to something like Kaioken.

      5. MungkaeX

        @dnmstarsi Really going to be breaking into semantics here, but we’re going to have to clearly define the differences between a transformation and a technique if we are going to have this conversation. As I see it a technique is something “anyone” with enough training can learn. A transformation on the other hand is a physical change which is limited by biological components, and thus only attainable by those who from birth share those biological components. By this definition a color change hardly qualifies as a transformation by any stretch. The color change is simply an artists rendition to look cool or whatever. Unless we’re going to start getting into the science of why a particular technique or transformation includes any color changes or aura, it’s all under artistic freedom. The Classic Super Saiyan includes a color change, but also a number of other “features” along side that small visual difference. Removing the color elements it’s still noticeable the difference between standard and Super Saiyan. It is something that in most cases seems to require some amount of training prior to achieving, but is also limited biologically to those of Saiyan ancestry. I’d also argue that Super Saiyan is a poor transformation on that part (narratively is a very different story), but my point is that we agree it is a transformation. A “Mental” change just sounds like a different neural pathway, which is “learned” like any other technique. If you took a yoga class to deal with your anger management issues (theoretically, I’m not asserting you have anger management issues) your brain “changes” with that knowledge and training. But it is NOT that when you start deep breathing that you transform into your YOGA FORM! You’re still the same, but are making use of a technique ANYONE ELSE could potentially learn and make use of.

    91. Shoopidy Doopidy

      That, rustles my JIMMIES!!!!

    92. Yummy Nubs

      This is definitely the best christmas gift one could ever ask for. Thank you TFS and Fuck 2020.

    93. HagazX

      I was hoping Super 17 is in here. lol... an underrated character I always liked ngl P:

    94. 3DMaster

      Uh, that picture of the Saiyan, looks like Goku in an odd blue outfit, with a golden tail (Oh, thank you with the golden tail)... sauce!?

      1. Powoga

        That's Shallot, from Dragon Ball Legends.

    95. RedThunderDan

      Lani is so generous with his animated self haha

    96. Cartoon Getaway

      6:08 Jon Tron: Well, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. *Proceeds to squat along side Goku*

    97. PissedGrunty

      It was still really dumb that they never let Pan go SSJ in GT.

    98. marlon welty

      Unpopular opinion but if u take blue as a whole (which includes the broly movie) I think it should put rank god

    99. SubZero

      Wait, wtf, why isn't the SSJ 2 Gohan transformation number 1?

      1. dnmstarsi

        They explained why in #3. To quote Kaiser, "Because for everyone who ain't Gohan, it's just Super Saiyan with lightning and different bangs." While SSJ2 works perfectly for Gohan especially given how much memorable moments it gave us, the form itself doesn't apply to everyone else who used it. There is no change in their actions as opposed to Gohan and remember, Toriyama FORGOT it existed. It's nothing special to everyone else but Gohan when he was a kid. Plus Super Saiyan 1 is the Kamehameha of Transformations, dude. So many people were influenced by this form and in universe, this form is still effective and more iconic than all other forms.

    100. Shinkai Atusya

      When did Bulla go Super Saiyan?