Top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball | #02 | DBCember 2020


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    ULTIMATE BATTLE COVER BY Friedrich Habetler Music:
    DBCember is back! This year we're counting down our top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball!
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    1. KaiserNeko

      AN ADDENDUM: The Manga specifically refers to this form as a Technique, much like the Kaio-Ken. Of which we expressly said would not count on this list. This might indeed be the case and UI being on this list may be invalidated by the rules we set. I, as the writer and the most knowledgeable about DragonBall of the 3 of us, acknowledge that. From our perspective, the way the form is treated walks the line between Transformation and Technique, at least to us, and the way its introduced is remarkably similar to past transformations, though the mastery of it is closer to, say, a technique. Ultimately, while our consensus may be wrong? We write these lists first and foremost to celebrate DragonBall, and we hope you accept our position on this as, if nothing else, an excuse for us to gush about things that we enjoy from a series we love! Especially since that's all this list has ever been: A way for us to talk about DragonBall with you guys. Either way? Thanks for tuning so far, and we hope you enjoy(ed) the video!

      1. Wötzit Tuyah

        @Lais Phinto shit take LMAO

      2. Lais Phinto

        The problem I have this stupid Form it is literally a rehash what goku had trained for the rematch against reincarnated piccolo and it is just flashier and hope that msot DB fans are just too stupid to realize that.

      3. Xander Toleman

        @Wötzit Tuyah The fact that Beerus doesnt get a noticeable change in appearance or power but simply changes his fighting style is the best example you can get that UI isnt a transformation. Your whole "unique case" thing just sounds like moving goal posts to me. But none of that really matters because I have the literal voice of god on my side. Toriyama okays the manga. The manga says its just a transformation. That is the be all end all.

      4. Wötzit Tuyah

        @Xander Toleman Kaio-ken is a unique case since it can stack with SSB, a distinction that no other ability really shares in Dragon Ball. UI is also a unique case, wherein Beerus when he used against the other Hakaishins didn't give a boost in power whilst in the Moro Arc, Moro directly states to Goku that UI Sign is an upgrade in power and body when compared to SSB. This video is about Goku's manifestation of UI, which is a transformation as well as being a technique. Let's not get wrapped up in the semantics of the ever-inconsistent Dragon Ball lore and canon. It's not your duty to be a keyboard warrior, dude.

      5. Xander Toleman

        @Wötzit Tuyah They are when clearly defined. Kaioken gives Goku an aura and a change in appearance yet no one bats an eyelash when its just called a technique. UI is just a better Kaioken. Both of which are CLEARLY LABELLED as just techniques. I'll be here calling out non canon bullshit as long as I need to. UI isn't a transformation as far as the canon is concerned

    2. The Real Dylamb

      I personally don't like the looks of MUI/UI. But it is very cool.

    3. elocfreidon

      The full ultra instinct form didn't seem to fit, probably because the whole colorization of super saiyan doesn't really work for Dragon Ball for any real reason. Almost like it was a design choice that fits someone else's creation. The full saving grace of Ultra Instinct is that any character can attain it. It's the super human possibility that fans have been wanting to happen for decades.

    4. Lucas Inocenti

      You guys missed an opportunity to expose how Master Roshi actually dodged Jiren moves in the manga to teach Goku the base of Ultra Instinct. The Manga did a MUCH BETTER job at goku learning UI.

    5. NeoGamest123 Logic

      That not exciting. It wasn't earned. It was garbage. Even the design is lazy and unoriginal. Even it's best animation is still the worst animation in comparison to it's predecessors an other anime at the time. This list team four-star created it's a joke.

      1. NeoGamest123 Logic

        @dnmstarsi It isn't because I'm still right regardless of your feelings. Super is lazy trash and that's a fact everybody knows it to be true so deal with it.

      2. dnmstarsi

        @NeoGamest123 Logic Feeling is mutual.

      3. NeoGamest123 Logic

        @dnmstarsi Feel free to feel that way.

      4. dnmstarsi

        @NeoGamest123 Logic Now, THAT'S better. Say that kind of stuff instead of simply saying this is crap and even stuff like "your list is joke". LOL And BTW I'm not praising Super. I'm just criticizing your comment about how it lacks actual criticism and even respect at times for the people who have a differing opinion than you. Ok, see you. ;)

      5. NeoGamest123 Logic

        @dnmstarsi How about the fact that nothing in it is original and I can literally direct you to everything it rips from conceptually. Dragon Ball super Fanboys don't have counter arguments for these. The series is so rush that their animation team was a bunch of novice that would do the in between animations of anime. Another reason why it's lazy a retailing of the movie but even worse instead of starting new after the movies. It's not even a secret that the DB manga Arthur Akira toriyama disliked supers animation. So I don't want to waste my time any further with you. So continue praise it to high heaven all you want it won't make it better lol. It's always going to be low tier anime trash.

    6. farfromhome2019 plays rblx

      Hey TFS it will be nice if buu saga comes or super ✌🏻

      1. dnmstarsi

        Neither will happen. Buu will probably be tackled via shorts and Super was never gonna be fully abridged by these guys.

    7. Bembo Majembo

      "A goal for all martial artists" Vegeta: no

    8. blueyeswhiteclaw

      I agree actually cause it had alot of build up and hype around it. It was the first transformation sense the original that felt actually earn throughout the entire series.


      @0:50 why does goku have a vulva between his eyebrows

    10. Isaac Blanco

      The only reason why it’s white is probably because it’s easier to draw

    11. Black Pilled Son Returns


    12. Helios sol-dios Mortal

      it is a transformation because the color of the hair change... and thats a sayan transforming thing... it almost feeld like this power van only hold by sayans...

    13. BIG MAK

      Papież kiedy umarł miał 85 lat - 8+5=13. Godzina śmierci: 21:37 - 2+1+3+7=13. Data śmierci: 02.04.2005 - 0+2+0+4+2+0+0+5=13. Postrzelony 13 Maja. 9301 dni pontyfikatu - 9+3+0+1=13. Zmarł w 13 tygodniu roku. JAN PAWEŁ DRUGI - 13 liter. czy to zbieg okoliczności? prześlij to dalej niech inni myślą... Sorry, ale musi się spełnić.... Pomyśl sobie życzenie a zobaczysz co sie stanie... Zacznij myśleć o czymś czego naprawdę pragniesz To funkcjonuje.... , osoba która mi wysłała tą wiadomość powiedziała że jej życzenie spełniło sie po 13 dniach po odczytaniu tej wiadomości Wypowiedz życzenie jak skończy sie odliczanie: 10... 09... 08... 07... 06... 05... 04... 03... 02... 01... Wypowiedz życzenie Wklej te wiadomość w ciągu 26 minut do 13 komentarzy Jeśli tego nie zrobisz stanie się przeciwność twojego życzenia

    14. Nunya Business

      Ultra instinct mastered is tapping into the power of the Angels, not gods which is why the destroyers are so stunned and stand in respect. His hair is white like an Angel...who are all stronger than the gods and trains them. Ssg & ssgss & ssgssE are all god level strength. From kai to destroyer. But UI is something that destroyers haven't mastered yet...hence why beerus had that weird look on his face when he said this mortal really is something else. He was jealous, awed,threatened, impressed. So people complaining about white hair, its angel power and all the Angels have white hair. The end.

    15. Pedro Silva

      The ultra white hair is to match the angels... This probably mean that any being with enough training can teach this state. This can bring back other characters to the franchise.

    16. TrueSolunar

      So, this means Ultra Instinct Shaggy is technically canon due to the Samurai Sword movie..?

    17. cenahater5002

      You told them to support the official release every time and they still couldn’t handle it. I hope someone on SEprom does the buu saga

      1. dnmstarsi

        If that happened, it wouldn't be the same. It'd just be like most shows that continued without the original team: lacking quality and what really made DBZA so damn enjoyable.

    18. TactlessC

      >UI is a transformation >Beerus thinks Roshi was doing it in the manga when he was dodging Jiren because the concept of "mastering martial arts to the point of moving on it's own" has been something that has existed and been noted for eons in other series INCLUDING DRAGON BALL ALREADY The only reason it's treated like a new form is for fucking marketting. Same thing with SSB Kaio-ken which is even more out it's ass about it's reason for existing than UI is arguably.

    19. Musomania27

      Yeah can agree, not enough instinct in Mastered version. Hope it can still be rectified in future uses

    20. Brett Reese

      I don’t like MUI. Regular Ultra Instinct looks so much better without the color change. They could’ve made MUI different by only taking away the aura, but keeping the standing hair and eyes. It would be a great illustration that Goku’s entire body reacts on its own and can maintain all of his power.

    21. Stin. Er

      Lol it’s funny because yeah Ultra Instinct isn’t ABOUT getting a higher power level, but holy SHIT is it a power increase

    22. Stin. Er

      Did. Did you people just call him Top?

      1. dnmstarsi

        Yes. That's what he is called in the dub.

    23. Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]

      I couldnt agree more

    24. Edward War

      I'll be honest I think the Manga already solved the visual issue. Take away the aura when you animate it for super in Moro and it looks clean af. I miss the OG dragon Ball days when Auras didn't matter anyways. Some of the best Goku vs Frieza shots are when he's not in that golden yellow aura just beating his ass with blonde hair and utter viciousness.

    25. Zhou Enlai


    26. Orthus Games

      Honestly, it seems like even Goku is surprised by how fast he moved when ultra instinct was introduced.

    27. lowrider993

      When Kirran said the final arc of the anime, I thought he meant the Moro arc

    28. Gabe Bradley

      Wow, no mention of the first user of Ultra Instinct, Gohan Blanco

    29. jayimzd

      I liked Ultra Instinct better when Popo taught it to Goku as a kid.

    30. demitrinarrow

      Musou Tensei in any anime is top tier.

    31. Mclekfkeiw Disidido

      UI is a technique with a transformation end of discussion

    32. Matthew

      Thanks for spoiling Dragon Ball Super for me! ...And Dragon Ball Z..... And Dragon Ball...

    33. PLightstar

      Always amazes me as someone who isn't in the dB echo chamber. I didn't know there was negativity around ultra.

    34. ben mansel

      What video has that bad of a dislike ratio?

    35. zharif zakri

      Kinda hoped they would have mentioned roshi sorta showed inkling of this form in the manga...

    36. Matteo A.

      UI is a technique, that's true. But not for Saiyans. Beerus doesn't obtain any particular aura when using it, and he is around the level of Sign. He should have at least the aura or the eyes. But he doesn't. Saiyans, quite obviously, transform while using it. That's simply how they work.

    37. Noah W

      I'm beyond happy that Ultra Instinct made it so high on the list. Honestly, everything they said hit the nail on the head for me, it was just fantastic in every way. I do wish, however, that they'd kept the black hair. Ultra Instinct very much did not feel like a transformation, but a heightened sense of existence. I loved that when he was using the form before perfecting it, he wasn't visually different beyond his eyes, this was a kind of martial art that exceeded the transformations that Elder Kai said so many times that they over rely on (one of the reasons I like Ultimate Gohan and really wish they'd done that whole thing differently). Don't get me wrong, I do love the transformations in the series, but I'm always left with this feeling of wanting an "ultimate" to them, like a level of Super Saiyan that once you achieved, there was no form above it. Ultra Instinct felt like it could've been that ultimate, something a character achieved that went beyond transformations and reverted them to a much more powerful base form, but, alas, with the White hair it feels to me like it'll just be another transformation in the Dragon Ball catalog of transformations. Goku will eventually find something to surpass it if the series goes on long enough.

    38. Alondro77

      Ultra Instinct Shaggy is the ultimate transformation ever. XD

    39. DEF Raven

      3:57 “out of pure bullshit!”

    40. LightForce4

      You know, I'm surprised that, for the stock that you've put into the interesting nature of Goku's monkey-related techniques in being meaningful in relation to the story's roots as a re-imagining of "Journey to the West," you never bring up the importance of this particular form as a return to those roots. It harkens back to the idea of the Monkey King Sun Wukong's ascension as a Buddha; he believes that he's become worthy of the title of "god/buddha" due to his immense power and talent, which only serves to anger actuals gods to the point where they try to keep an eye on him without fully recognizing him as a god (the parallel of Goku gaining SSG/SSB, which the other gods recognize, but show disdain for). It's only when Wukong has helped with the titular journey and showed his enlightenment (...sorta) that he's accepted as a full-fledged god/Buddha. Goku's Ultra Instinct is much the same; it's not until he demonstrates his enlightenment as a martial artist through Ultra Instinct that the other gods demonstrate and vocalize their respect and acknowledgement of his divinity (even doing so as a form of Fighting Buddha, Sun Wukong's eventual title). It's really interesting looking at DB Super not as a continuation of Z, but as a continuation of Dragon Ball in terms of creating parallels to "Journey to the West." It also, I feel, justifies it as a transformation rather than a technique. Unlike the Super Saiyan God forms, which merely give Goku godly Ki, this is Goku's transformation into a God. And while the silver hair may not look as striking, it does a lot to sell Goku as a God in this form, as his hair now matches that of the only members of the Divine Hierarchy that are "naturally" divine: the Angels. Given that Whis is the one who teaches him and Vegeta (and Beerus) to attempt to elicit this form, it implies that this is the true way to achieve godhood, which is why each God of Destruction is given an Angel teacher: to eventually teach them how to become enlightened and ascend to "true" divinity.

    41. John Di Pietro

      The other thing about Ultra Instinct that I love is that it's not only the fulfillment of Whis' comments about needing to move better; as you say, it's a culmination of everything from Roshi forward. Roshi taught that Goku needed to not waste motion; his training on the Lookout at Popo's hands (and Kami, but Pecking Order!) reinforced that as well. Even his training with King Kai and the Gravity Training that achieved Super Saiyan in the end is building on this as well, not only making Goku strong but able to move quickly and efficiently in any circumstance.

    42. kactusJack 19

      Merry Christmas and thanx again for dbza!

    43. Oligarche

      I though it was veggito the number one :x

    44. INYOFACE

      Ultra Instinct debut transformation=Super Saiyan debut transformation

    45. BrooklynVlogs

      It's a technique for Whis but a transformation for Goku

    46. Ethan Gonzalez

      No mention of the black hole created by the friction of the spirit bomb between jiren and goku? No mention of goku falling into it? No mention of the veins popping out of his face, which makes it look like his body was instinctively trying to brute force its way out of falling into a black hole? I think its pretty clear that goku unlocked the first step of instinct because his body had no other choice to survive so he broke the mental boundry keeping him out, unlocking extra stores of power and blasting him back out of the hole.

    47. KazyYazy

      Is ultra instinct a transformation

      1. MyLord DIO

        No Its literally called a technique in the Manga and even Kaiser said so. It being on here is literally wrong based on there own rules

    48. doppe african

      Personnaly i think ssj2 gohan's transformation is more deserving for this ranking

    49. Youthful Green Beast

      I personally think mastered ultra instinct looks amazing but to each his own I guess

      1. Aidan Angeles


      2. Speed Striker

        i like sign/omen more visually

      3. dnmstarsi

        Same. To me, it looks more Super Saiyan God than Super Saiyan God IMO.

      4. Wötzit Tuyah

        I didn't like it at first compared to - Sign -, but it's really grown on me over time.

      5. Name


    50. Lowell Lucas Jr.

      UI is basic, boring, and just a color swap. Great in concept but visually boring.

    51. Phuluso

      Kaiser :Gokuuu

    52. The Mariner

      Roshi's ultra instinct was far more satisfying. I wish they let him show it in the anime.

    53. Raymond Yongho

      Ultra Instinct Omen should have stuck to being the mastered form since it looks more so as a state of being than a transformation.

    54. AntMan

      What's up with these guys and the auras? lol. They're the best part of the transformations!

    55. Janky Jim

      this is my absolute favorite moment in all of dragon ball history. Thank you so much for talking about it

    56. Jorge Valdovinos

      How is using the spirit bomb breaking the tournament rules ?

      1. dnmstarsi

        He's gathering energy from everyone including those who were eliminated from the tournament.

    57. HidanVenom

      Definitely give Yusuke Urameshi the credit for this 😂😂

    58. Psychotropical

      It'd be funny if every dragon team fighter got it EXCEPT vegeta 🤣

    59. Erik Davis

      I still hold UI makes more sense for Gohan than Goku. They are both trained when it comes to fighting, although Goku does beat Gohan in that respect, but, as you even state in the video, UI is born from zen and inner peace. That is the exact opposite of Goku, but Gohan's entire "Ultimate" form is just a downgraded version of UI. They both don't change your base form much, don't act as some SSJ multiplier, and are obtained through meditation and zen. Even the auras are similar. The story even has Gohan stating he wants to achieve a new form that isn't SSJ but is an extension of his human/UI form. It just made more sense for Gohan than Goku in every way.

    60. Rem Tilak

      I don't know why, but I don't like any of the U.I. forms.

    61. Paul Grove

      Did they really put MUI above ssj2.....

      1. dnmstarsi

        Yes. It's understandably better and it does say something when one of the more vocal and critical viewers of Super favor it over all others except for SSJ.

    62. Memertron Gamer

      I love the mui and ui auras

    63. LuigiFan1305

      Jiren could've been such a cool character if they gave him a better personality.. Don't know what toroyama was thinking with Jiren's personality.. Such a waste


      Respectfully disagree with this

    65. Linkfanoftheyear

      The problem with UA is that they say it's about martial arts and natural instinct. But the form undeniably does straight up make him more powerful. I also found it a disappointing as a result.

      1. dnmstarsi

        @MyLord DIO Yes and no. It is technically a move but it doesn't feel that way to them and in terms of marketing and how Goku used it, it's less of a technique for him compared to Whis and others. In other words: To guys like Whis, it's a technique. To guys like Goku, it's arguably used as a form.

      2. MyLord DIO

        It's also directly called a TECHNIQUE in the manga and Kaiser even pinned a comment acknowledging that they are literally wrong

    66. Tater Salad

      It is also worthy of note that Jiren saying "I'll wait." after Goku panics about not having enough time to charge the Spirit Bomb invokes genuine goosebumps

    67. MediocreGaming

      Okay but seriously though, where the fuck was Goku's body after he ate his own Spirit Bomb?

      1. PolarPhantom

        Under the ground. I think.

    68. NODA_Republic

      Ah, yes. GoKOO, Jeeden and KAYfluh. ...fuck,I hate when you speak. It's so goddamn pompous and simultaneously wrong.

      1. NODA_Republic

        @KaiserNeko Do you say KAHtana as well when referring to the Japanese sword? With the strong emphasis on the first syllable?

      2. KaiserNeko

        @NODA_Republic I studied Japanese and grew up with the Japanese version. My pronunciation stems from that and my interest in correctly pronouncing another language I'm actively familiar with. That's all.

      3. NODA_Republic

        @KaiserNeko Not saying I think you're correct, having watched loads of DB in original Japanese and studying the language in school for a while, but saying you're correct even, do you pronounce spaghetti with the same level of authentic Italian intensity as you're purporting to do here? When pronouncing phô, do you add the upward inflection of the native language? If not, why do so for DB characters but not other culturally related things? If so, I admire your intellectual consistency but like, nobody wants to get lunch with that guy. I could understand if one was actively conversing in that particular language, but just because somebody speaks English like an English speaking native doesn't mean they're wrong.

      4. KaiserNeko

        But they're correct, with maybe the exception of Kafla/Kefla. Admittedly I'm defying the romanization they use there and instead defaulted to a proper portmanteau of their names. But Jiren and Gokuu are absolutely accurate.

    69. SomeRandomJackAss

      So, how did the Spirit Bomb hurt Goku? We’re explicitly told it only damages evil, and Goku has never not been pure of heart. Also, would it have even hurt Jiren had it landed?

    70. Trevor

      I 100% agree with the silver hair colour thing. It was done to sell merchandise and that's bad for the narrative.

    71. Colin Harris

      Oh no baby what is you doin with this pick?

    72. mysticj0

      How can one mastered a technique if he never trained it🤷🏾‍♂️

    73. IceBarrier Angel

      Sorry i know its cool but why higher than ssj2 gohan

      1. dnmstarsi

        They explained why in this video as well as well as SS2

    74. Phyzard

      Thing is Jiren has a pure heart/soul that's why the spirit bomb did nothing. Jiren wasn't a bad guy in this saga goku was.

    75. Despairs Magic

      I definitely prefer UI Sign instead of the complete UI. It felt more like something special and new instead of the typical "oh we need a new hair color to sell more toys and merch". If it stayed black and kept waving around, it would be awesome.

    76. Iceberg Slim

      It's kinda wack how they eluded to the #1 spot, at the very end of the video. The only reason I watch their DBCember lists is the potential of surprise with the rankings and how it would match up with my thoughts.

    77. Paul Mooijman

      This was the story arc, the tournament AND the form that saved the DBS anime in my mind. Everything else was a gigantic mix bag of 'eh's' and 'okay's'.

    78. SkyTech RTS

      I thought most people liked this form? doesn't seem controversial to me unless #1 is something absurd. I thought you guys were going to trick us and actually have lame SSJ BLUE as the 2 spot.

      1. dnmstarsi

        While it is popular, many find it wack that to them, Ultra Instinct is better than SS2 (Gohan), Perfect Cell, 4th form Freeza, etc. And that's controversial because fans love those forms more for various reasons.

    79. Car Bumb

      Ya, by this point the tournament already got super boring and I was just forcing myself to finish the run. The zeno fanboying was super annoying as was the fact that every time they get beaten down to near paralysis suddenly they get back up even stronger. That would make sense if they healed since that is part of their biology, but no they just get stronger for no reason. Also the "transformation" should not be since as you even said, it is first and foremost a mental aspect on a physical one. I mean, is that why the angles have white hair because they all naturally can do it? It would have been much more striking if it was just base form Goku suddenly not being able to be hit and wait a while for us and the on seers to pick up what was happening and then when it fall off the first two times it would be a surprise and then whis could say "O dear, he has not mastered it yet." As for the energy coming off his body, it should be the base but instead of the flame aesthetic make it a think outline showing that nothing is being waisted and he is using the power in the most functional way adding to the concept to this state of mind. As for the fighting is just that, fighting. knowing that they are going about lightspeed time ten does not change what we see, punch punch kick kick. Nothing better than anything that had happen before. The battles with master roshi and krillin where better because they had substance over brawn. Honestly by this point, if they were as powerful and had half as much plot armor as the top two, either one would be better fighters. I will admit that it was funny that they pointed out that all the bald fighters lost first. Now for those who made it this far, you may be thinking that I think of this too much and it has been years so of course I could improve on the form and story but honestly I thought of most of this just now. It is not hard. I was going to say like two sentences but just kept on going because it was easy to do. I could go on but no.

    80. Landon Hagan

      Another point in favor of Ultra Instinct is the name. Aside from just sounding sick as hell, the double-vowel sound really rolls off of the tongue in the same way as “Super Saiyan” or “Kaio-Ken”, even if it isn’t perfectly alliterative. It’s short, sweet, simple, and unique.

    81. BinaryFlareRC

      I think we all know what #1 is going to be: sweet Launch transforming into scary Launch.

    82. Thomas Hernandez

      I'm just gonna say it... it should have been Gohan or Goten. Not Goku. But for some reason they put goku back and center after cell games.

      1. dnmstarsi

        Because apparently fans or the big guys love Goku and passing the torch to someone else ain't satisfying to them.

    83. Arcanus Zenbrk

      One small thing: A part of me wishes Mastered UI to look like when Goku first unlocks it, where he's entirely white save for the pitch black shading and sclera and his eyes being just a single thin line of white, cause that looks so threatening and otherworldly, like a visual metaphor for Goku transcending to a level beyond the comprehension of a mortal. I'm not sure if I'd prefer it in the long run, or if I even like it more then what we already have (either way, Omen looks better period imo), but I definitely would love to see MUI's scenes and even his appearance in Xenoverse/Fighterz play out with that look.

    84. Malwar3

      I loved the auras....

    85. Hoss 4250


    86. The Draco

      number 1 pick is cringe

    87. Luiz Marinho

      Yeah, I was also bothered by the absence of instant dodging when Goku achieved the complete Ultra Instinct. No automatic attacks either, which is what supposedly was missing from the incomplete form.

    88. BJ Wessels

      Ultra Instinct is a transformation, at least it is treated as one. All of the buildup to it was indicating that it would be a technique though. Which is why it being just another transformation annoys me so much.

      1. dnmstarsi

        To Goku, it's a form. But others like Whis, it's a technique.

    89. 3DMaster

      Ultra Instinct: GRRRR! Such a great concept, reduced to a SSJ transformation; which is why it doesn't belong on this list, it shouldn't be a transformation, which makes the transformation BAD. Not good, BAD. And however good the original concept and first appearance is, it is marred by what comes after, so even if you accept the first appearance as a transformation it still shouldn't be on any list of the best, let alone this far up.

    90. stethespaniard2

      Disappointing. Didn’t like this one

    91. MRspg

      SSJ4>Ultra Instinct

    92. Boswell Doddler

      Does that guy say names wrong on purpose?

      1. Boswell Doddler

        @dnmstarsi Yeah, I know.

      2. dnmstarsi

        @Boswell Doddler Okay. But it can't be helped unfortunately. :/

      3. Boswell Doddler

        @dnmstarsi Oh you're right. My bad. Not wrong just makes me cringe.

      4. dnmstarsi

        @Boswell Doddler Yes you did. Look at your original comment.

      5. Boswell Doddler

        @dnmstarsi I'm not saying it's wrong. Just cringe.

    93. Max Irwin

      Number One: Garlic Jr. form

    94. NIKBIGMAK485

      Goku vs. Superman, round 3?

    95. Generality

      Hmm, has the #1 spot in DBCember always been a giveaway?

    96. NinjaRelic

      I dont think you guys could have POSSIBLY crammed more ad slots into such a short video, what the actual fuck is your problem, feeling the revenue cut since DBZA and looking for a new cash cow? Understandable, but 6 ads on a video this short? For shame.

      1. dnmstarsi

        @NinjaRelic It's not that excessive, dude. You're just exaggerating and even then, I don't care if there's too many ads. It's not like I'm forced to watch ads that are 2 minutes long and unskippable. But it's just a few seconds that sometimes can be skipped. If I was actually pissed like you are apparently, I would say that I have a dumb problem because I'm getting annoyed over something small but beneficial for them.

      2. NinjaRelic

        @dnmstarsi i understand the point of ads, and the need for monetization for these guys, but theres a point where it becomes excessive, and you know damn well if you got that many ads you would have been pissed off too.

      3. dnmstarsi

        @NinjaRelic (sarcastically) Oh, no. You couldn't wait less than a MINUTE to resume your video. I know unskippable ads suck but it's not a big deal and it helps them out in real life.

      4. NinjaRelic

        @dnmstarsi not long? I had 6, 15 second non-skippable ads on this video dude.

      5. dnmstarsi

        What's YOUR problem? They have to pay bills, DB is still a thing for this channel, their cash cow is a passion project first and foremost and these ads aren't very long. Don't be rude over small potatoes.

    97. Gavyn Smith

      Ultra Instinct is also my second favorite transformation. I was so excited to see the DBS hour long special that I watched it the minute it aired on Fuji TV( thank goodness Japanese is my second language). The moment that power made its debut, I was speechless for the rest of the episode! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! What I was hearing! To see all the gods in absolute shock, I realized that this wasn't just some typical power up. It was absolutely amazing!

    98. MongooseDave2

      It's just Musou Tensei

    99. Marcus Lambright

      Can anyone list 12-2 for the transformations? I'd love to watch all the videos later but it would help a lot to know what's ahead.

      1. Marcus Lambright

        @Jamnol101 thanks!

      2. Jamnol101

        2. Ultra Instinct 3. SSJ2 4. Mr. Perfect Cell 5. Kirran's love letter to SSJ4 6. Frieza 4th Form 7. SSJ3 8. SSJ God 9. Ozaru 10. Legendary SSJ 11. Buu's absorptions 12. Super Janemba

    100. Neel Das

      Regular super Saiyan is spot 1