Top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball | #05 | DBCember 2020


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    DBCember is back! This year we're counting down our top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball!
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    1. CanniestTread6

      I want the uncensored version of this video

    2. Annie Brown

      FANTASTIC video. You’re 100% right about everything, and have the exact amount of enthusiasm and sexual energy for SS4. I’m so grateful I lived through those times too; I’m probably about your brother’s age, but my friends and I did alllll the same stuff, and yes, it was mind blowing and it’s still wonderful to look back on.

    3. Preston DM

      Boom end of discussion, it's cannon now...

    4. Jack F. Brennan

      I hope Kirran is happy because ss4 gogeta is just the most fun character in fighterz

    5. nabilfikriza

      SS4 is GOAT cause he returned to monke.

    6. Sentinal1140

      GT is great it needs to be appreciated more and people need to stop giving it crap.

    7. Jebus

      I just think it looks really fucking stupid i'll be honest lmao.

    8. Bean Daddy

      You’re kidding right? Super Saiyan 4 being rare? Hell nah, Goku used it for almost every single fight after he achieves the form.

    9. L337M4573RK

      So...if Dragon Ball Super retcon'd DBGT, what the hell happened to Goku looking for and training Uub?

    10. Filipe Q

      Five times I got serious chills with Dragon Ball (in no particular order): 1- The time i saw the Final Bout opening. It was incredible; 2-First time I saw Dragon Ball GT opening (2 years before screening in my country); 3- Of course, the first SSJ appearance against Freeza; 4- When I got fooled by the Dragon Ball Kai opening, thinking it was the return of Dragon Ball; 5- In the end of GT - sure GT sucked, but feeling it was the end, in a way marked the end of my youth. I was 14 when the last episode screened in my country. I have had some other chills, like the Goku & Freeza vs Jiren, but whether I like it or not, GT had a pretty powerful impact to me.

    11. CrimsonIxion


    12. Loke The Lion

      It's a Christmas miracle or so they say, Kirran got his wish made true that day!

    13. DP 91

      I hate that the defense of red fur is always just "BECAUSE IT LOOKS COOL!" People shit on Super for hair colors making no sense, but red fur gets a pass? It has nothing to do with Oozaru at all lol. It should be black or brown, and SS4 Gogeta proves brown looks awesome.

    14. Solitus

      Nah, SS4 is still garbage, sorry not sorry.

    15. BIG MAK

      Papież kiedy umarł miał 85 lat - 8+5=13. Godzina śmierci: 21:37 - 2+1+3+7=13. Data śmierci: 02.04.2005 - 0+2+0+4+2+0+0+5=13. Postrzelony 13 Maja. 9301 dni pontyfikatu - 9+3+0+1=13. Zmarł w 13 tygodniu roku. JAN PAWEŁ DRUGI - 13 liter. czy to zbieg okoliczności? prześlij to dalej niech inni myślą... Sorry, ale musi się spełnić.... Pomyśl sobie życzenie a zobaczysz co sie stanie... Zacznij myśleć o czymś czego naprawdę pragniesz To funkcjonuje.... , osoba która mi wysłała tą wiadomość powiedziała że jej życzenie spełniło sie po 13 dniach po odczytaniu tej wiadomości Wypowiedz życzenie jak skończy sie odliczanie: 10... 09... 08... 07... 06... 05... 04... 03... 02... 01... Wypowiedz życzenie Wklej te wiadomość w ciągu 26 minut do 13 komentarzy Jeśli tego nie zrobisz stanie się przeciwność twojego życzenia

    16. Kenny- Raider

      8:53 i cant be the only one who fought an Alarm siren was ging off

    17. brandon barnes

      Wait ... That dude downloaded a full ps1 iso with the avi files... Thats 700mb... On dialup. Most respect Like for real 56Kb modem is 18MB an hour...

    18. Einav

      How i got introduced to ssj4 goku and dbz in general: my brother came home with a ps2 game called "dragon ball z budokai 3"

    19. RedFoxReviewer

      You literally took the words out of my mouth, I feel the exact same way and I have a very similar backstory to Why Super Saiyan 4 is my favorite transformation in all of Dragon Ball. I completely agree this was amazing

    20. Christopher Santiago

      When your mod cameos in a team four star video

    21. anime text mania

      10:20 shenron :your wish is granted

    22. anime text mania

      for fusin dance some how a vest apears and for potara fusion it doesnt

      1. dnmstarsi

        Dance is probably based on the species who invented the dance.

    23. Monroe Baxter

      What was the background music

    24. Octoking813

      I want ssj 4 in fighters! Bandai well we can do that let’s give him this Christmas miracle!

    25. ob1fun

      please please tell me what the music used in the start of the episode

    26. Sabaiba ikari

      8:18-8:23 Is it just me or did he sort of sound like krillin from English dub funimation?

    27. Marcho


    28. Matthew of Columbus

      What's the song at 3:55?

    29. Verathragna

      Hopefully Broly gets a Super Saiyan 4 form in the next Broly movie. Would make sense with this iteration of him.


        True but I would rather they flesh out his Green form, I wanna know more about what makes it tick and what makes broly so MAXIMUM. Vegeta however would be perfect for Siper saiyan 4 since it feels so tied to the primal saiyan-ness.

    30. Drunk Master of Hentai

      You know, if people asked where the fur came from for SSJ4.... I question to if they payed attention to the fact that SSJ4 is connected to Oozaru/Great Ape.... Aka, the Saiyan tranformation with fur... So, due to that tiny fact, I always figured the fur is from the Oozaru tranformation.

    31. Ka73b

      What’s the song @ 7:01

      1. dnmstarsi

        It's the episode recap version of Step into the Grand Tour.

    32. SierraLarson2

      This was so great to watch. SS4 is my favorite form, and seeing Kirran essentially fangirl over it is just... great. (He's also my favorite TFS member, so it just makes it even better.) C'mon Kirran, give us that hour long video. You know you want to.

    33. Zean Severino

      Wait. So does it make Goku a furry?

    34. They Call me Levi

      happy that ssj4 gogeta is coming to fighterz?

    35. Arcadia Green

      I have a dragon ball game on 3 1/2" floppy disk. Beat that

    36. Musomania27

      Yeah pretty much

    37. RedTeamReview

      Kinda how I got introduced to SSJ4 Goku. Friend had the internet, downloaded a clip from Kazza from the GT in Japan and we saw him fighting Baby. I feel like everyone I know who was a DBZ fan knew about SSJ4 Goku before GT even came out in the states.

    38. Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]

      SSJ4 should've been on 4th spot

    39. WhiteRoseSoldier

      So he knows now right?

    40. Logan Teague

      Don't hold back Kirran, tell us how you really feel

    41. WiseToLies

      This is the only Christmas DBZA post I liked and commented on this year. Big agree

    42. Manwitha Machinegun

      Oh god.... I had Final Bout... The roster really was mind-blowing, especially with codes. Considering not having seen them at all in anime lol

    43. AndreyOfDoom

      Such a fun solo episode!! SSJ4 is truly very iconic visually.

    44. Jay Dietrich

      I'm still waiting to learn instant transmission. Any day now. aaaaany day.

    45. Daniel Martinez

      Pretty sure his favorite team in Dokkan Battle would be Great Ape Power with a team of full super saiyan 4

    46. Sethfilms

      It's also really weird to hear Scott and Nick be called... Well. Kaiser and Lani again.

    47. Crow

      It's Goku's pants that made me hate it. First impressions are everything. Seeing those yellow piss stain pants with red made me think less of the character in a show that was barely holding my attention. Now the white pants that Gogeta gets is fire. If Goku had those or even the black ones from Heroes I would've been down to clown on SSJ4 from first glance. Maybe even a different color yellow, like a gold. Yes, it is a stupid reason to dislike something. I didn't care, I was kid.

    48. HueyLewis

      super saiyan 4 is cooler than super saiyan blue. search your hearts, you know it to be true

    49. Shizzlenizzlebizzlebar

      GT was bad. SSJ4 was the only good that came out of it.

      1. Rising

        Nova shenron kinda slaps ngl

    50. Tony Mathew

      I love the animation style in the beginning phase for the backstory

    51. clydefrosch

      i really still hope that the manga finally has vegeta divert from the fruity god route and let him be the sole holder of the ssj4 form as the prince and epitome of the saiyan race

    52. TallguyZin

      Soooooo. I'm guessing Kirran lost his mind at that FighterZ announcement.

      1. CanniestTread6

        @CSManiac33 is it on his channel?

      2. CSManiac33

        Watch his reaction to the SS4 Gogeta fighter showcase on twitch.

      3. Snake’s meme base

        Ironic that the announcement literally came out like about the same time

    53. Swedish X

      You'd think this entry was number 1 with how long it is, and how one sided the argument is.

    54. hip indeed

      Wow that's one of my favorite of these dbcember videos lmao. Long, passionate, and really perfectly encapsulated WHY this form is such a fan-favorite. God, the nostalgia scenes from year 2000 hit me RIGHT in the heart. That couldda been me, lmao.

    55. Isaac Guerrero

      Kirran this is so funny. Died at "Deflected"

    56. BladeRunner

      Well, merry Christmas you got ssj4 gogeta in fighters ;)

    57. GeorgyKong

      This entire video was so goddamn relatable. I remember playing Final Bout and printing images of SSJ4 Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta to my friends as a kid, and they were losing their fucking minds too.

    58. Jovian999

      I feel like 4 was wasted in GT, but it also serves to illustrate how unimaginative everything that came after it was. With Super all but pretending GT never existed, every palette swap transformation given to Goku (there weren't really any other characters by that point) feels underwhelming. It'd be nice if there was an event in Dragon Ball nowadays that did something other than make saiyans even more stupidly strong than everybody else.

    59. Fafnirs Bane

      BOOO for ss4. How is ir on the list when GT didn't ever actually happen? Tat show was imaginary, only existing in some people's sick minds. NEVER HAPPENED!!!

    60. Nyzer

      It really is the best designed successor to both the Oozaru and Super Saiyan forms. Super Saiyan 2 is so close to 1 that it's easy to forget it's a different form (even for Toriyama). Super Saiyan 3... the hair is too close to Raditz's, and while the missing eyebrows stand out, I don't think they stand out in a good way. SS4's hair is unique, the tail returns, the fur is very Oozaru-like. I don't know if red/black were the best colors since it doesn't make it feel like a Super Saiyan transformation anymore, but considering it actually isn't just a new level of Super Saiyan I don't begrudge that very much. The new Saiyan transformations in Super are just boring. And I wouldn't begrudge that if they were available to everyone, but, no, they are just Saiyan specific. Sigh.

    61. Zenic

      I personally don't like ssj4 at all, its just tired goku in a fur suit. He's either blonde, god or monkey, no in between please

    62. Most_undope

      Ssj4 gogeta will be coming to db fighterz

    63. sally williams

      I know you didn’t sneak the gt rap instrumental into this and think I wouldn’t notice

    64. Lloyd Steinline

      The moment I heard Kirran asking where Kaiser and Lani were, I had a feeling this was gonna be about Super Saiyan 4.

    65. Matt Campy

      Final bout on a bootleg CD was a glimpse into the future for so many of us

    66. The Gamer Carlton

      GT was trash but ss4 and ss4 gogeta and the open theme and the end of gt was all awesome about the show

    67. Cubero III

      Dudeeee u didn't even talk about vegetaaaaa ;-;

    68. SafeHaven

      Has anyone noticed this is the lengthiest video in the top 10 imo it’s deserved as it’s SSJ4.

    69. Good Gaijin Greg

      Bet he came when he saw that Gogeta 4 announcement for FighterZ. I know I did...

    70. RagingNingen

      Reject Godhood Return To Monke

    71. Matteo A.

      Shut up with your puny gods, I wanna have MONKEYS!

    72. Daniel Z.


      1. The James Show

        Super Saiyan 4 Goku theme from GT.

    73. DrFeelGoodFizzy

      rofl Kirrans love for the red fur.

    74. NonsenseGUS

      Super saiyan 4 is way better than ultra instinct. And honestly I believe it's stronger than ultra instinct because it down right renders the dragons wish useless for a time.... An ability that transcends whatever wishes are, let alone circles the series back around.

    75. silentassason

      I still think GT did the final send off to Goku right. Yes TotallyNotMark has influenced that idea but after watching GT again without personally watching Super, I think he made an amazing point. If you want to talk shit about GT just take into account...they were able to FINALLY and RESPECTFULLY kill of Goku in a way that should have happened during the Cell Saga. I love Goku but He has been forced into the spotlight far more than he needed to be. That is my YutTalk thank you for being here.

    76. uchiha bomber

      Should we tell em

    77. Monster Zero

      "Theres a SS4? THERES A SS2?" *9 year old me reading issues of Pojo in 2000/01*

    78. hikaratu

      GT is HOT GARBAGE, for sure. But SS4 isn't any part of the reason for that, it's a great design and if I made this list with just my personal taste it'd probably be higher even.

    79. DEF Raven

      The color and design is just SO bad. Who cares if it’s cool, it’s fucking ugly. Red fur isn’t cool. His blue belt is the only thing that looks good. His weird colored pants are awful.

    80. ImDaijokay

      If there was any hill to die on in regards to DB, it would be that SS4 is definitely the coolest looking super saiyan form in the entire series. Besides SSG

    81. chuck okoye

      This... This right here... This is a man of culture👌👌

    82. MaxNMotion

      I love that I got an ad right when he said “the pants” 😂

    83. MaxNMotion

      Only thing I dislike about it is the red eye liner. Doesn’t look good on Goku, but everything else about the design is 🔥 Also I hate SS4 Gogeta’s decisions; man wasted his time mocking Omega Shenron only to lose the fight 🤦🏾‍♂️

    84. Manuel

      This is my favorite form because of how vastly diffrent it was compared to the other 3 before it. It's non cannon yeah but it's a staple form that people lose their mind over whenever it shows up and especialy now that ssj4 Gogeta is gonna be in FighterZ

    85. Ethan Gonzalez

      ssj 3 and 4 are both ugly as sin, i dont care what anybody says,

    86. Souluos

      Fucking hell I love you Kirran

    87. Thomas Williams

      Fav Transformation here

    88. Callen Chaddick

      I’ve been in the minority about this since I saw GT as a kid. After the initial shock of a new form, I just never liked it. I thought it was over-designed. But I’m not so blind as to see why people really like it.

      1. demitrinarrow

        Agreed. Plus it feels backwards to have Goku and the other saiyans ascend to trained fighters by leaving their animalistic origins behind, then have their strongest forms be animal like. However, people love SS4 and that's ok.

    89. Kereshen Naidoo

      I agree with every word man....

    90. LegosGBS

      I loved this kirran, I basically had the same set up with the childhood and I went when further beyond by finding that infamous Super Saiyan 5...

    91. Lowell Lucas Jr.

      Dude I still own my Japanese and American editions of the game! Our staples are doing ALL the codes on the menu screen before jumping into the meteor crushing battles! Now if only I could get the Bebi code!

    92. Phuluso

      😂I don't think I've seen a bigger fan of ssj4 than this guy

    93. AntMan

      Even though I prefer SSJ3, I appreciate this video. SSJ4 clearly played a big role in this guy's childhood, and he made a lot of good points.

    94. The Everyday Thinker

      My headcannon of why goku goes from a kid to adult with SSJ4, is because the power boost is so significant it requires a full body transformation to compensate, like cell or freizas does.

    95. Tragoudistros.MPH

      I love his manic energy! "I will skin you alive and wear you like a Raincoat!!!"

    96. supersmashbro596

      ooh imagine kirrans reaction when he saw ssj4 gogeta in fighterz.

      1. LSP 330

        Just look at his twitter, he is so happy 😂

    97. Alberto Sierra

      After watching them all including 1, this is the best of the bunch

    98. nathan thebe

      Im gonna say ut now We need a dragon ball gt "Brother hood"

    99. Stephanie Louise

      Sad that he didn't talk about SS4 Vegeta, but I loved the trip back to his childhood.

    100. Tristan Beeswax

      I am so glad there are other people that actually understand that super saiyan 4 is one of the most badass and best transformations to ever exist in dragon ball. (Of course this is just opinion so I understand if you don't like it)