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    DBCember is back! This year we're counting down our top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball!
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    1. KaiserNeko

      I just realized I did NOT talk nearly enough about why this form made it this high. I might add something for the FULL LIST VIDEO, but for the time being: While the form isn't necessarily earned (although a lot of people in the comments have mentioned that his years of accomplishments and building relationships are what helped him acquire this form, which is valid), it's one that feels otherworldly in its introduction. The slimmed down, more gentle design for Goku helps emphasize the nature of the power. Combined with a very different, fiery aura, and the fact that God straight up elevates him to being able to go toe-to-toe with Beerus? It genuinely feels DIVINE. Like he's entered a new realm, beyond traditional Super Saiyan.

      1. christopher auzenne

        yeah thats kinda why blue annoys me because its now the form above it, like what originally made it cool was that it seemed like it wasn't going to be a standard form but instead a ritual that for a short lets you walk in the shoes of a god but now if you did it once you can do it whenever + a better form. It would have been so much better if blue was just the form created from the residuals of god and left god as the ritual then for a short time you can be a god (similar to fusion in a sense with a ritual then short power up)

      2. John Zhou

        but then we get ssj blue and that godly form is further diminished as the DBS series continued

      3. LightBluePhoenix

        Yeah @KaiserNeko this form is definitely the personification of the power of love and friendship, because how many Saiyans from Planet Vegeta would willingly give another such power? Hell King Vegeta tried to yeet Broly for just being born too strong. It was also a hilarious way to say Videl was pregnant.

      4. Max Kogan

        Here's where your argument on putting it down form being unearned kind of falls apart: You say this like he's never done this before. Don't you recall that the only reason that he was able to beat Demon King Piccolo was because he drank from Super Sacred Plot Water? He did what he had to do to protect his home and family and its not an unprecedented event. Also, that is just one of two ways to achieve the form, the other way is through the discipline and training that you said it lacked cuz remember that Vegeta didn't use a ritual. Plus, I'll bet you're placing Potential Unleashed/Mystic form/Ultimate from or whatever you want to call it 😂 on this list (if you don't I'll sue XD) and that is without a single doubt not an earned form, all you have to do is let the elder Kai meditate for a day and do his thing. Does that make the form any less cool or amazing? No, it doesn't. You're literally doing everything at your current maximum potential which is why I wasn't bothered by his super power up (ok maybe a little 👌 XD), but yeah this isn't a good argument for placing it so low.

      5. MrThorsStone

        It may not be earned in the traditional sense, but the fact that Goku acknowledges that and is dissatisfied with it makes up for that to me. Also his fighting style changes a bit when he uses it, which I like.

    2. Michael Madness

      Saiyan God implies there’s no transformation, and Goku explains in both Resurrection F and Super that Vegeta found out how to do the form on his own by learning God Ki

    3. Annie Brown

      It seems like the God energy somehow... rubs off on the Saiyans around it. I always thought it was something like that that enables Vegeta to reach God/Blue and why Future Trunks has hints of the Blue aura in his Rage form.

    4. Zen Vendaboi

      Am I the only one who thinks they could've just done everything they did with with SSJB with SSJG?

    5. Excavalon 1

      "Saiyan God?" Doesn't exactly sound right to me at all.

    6. Ūdra Kosmose

      Really? Goku palette swap? Goku Kaioken palette swap? Really?

    7. Nathan Hutchison

      "Should've been called Saiyan God" - I agree

    8. BIG MAK

      Papież kiedy umarł miał 85 lat - 8+5=13. Godzina śmierci: 21:37 - 2+1+3+7=13. Data śmierci: 02.04.2005 - 0+2+0+4+2+0+0+5=13. Postrzelony 13 Maja. 9301 dni pontyfikatu - 9+3+0+1=13. Zmarł w 13 tygodniu roku. JAN PAWEŁ DRUGI - 13 liter. czy to zbieg okoliczności? prześlij to dalej niech inni myślą... Sorry, ale musi się spełnić.... Pomyśl sobie życzenie a zobaczysz co sie stanie... Zacznij myśleć o czymś czego naprawdę pragniesz To funkcjonuje.... , osoba która mi wysłała tą wiadomość powiedziała że jej życzenie spełniło sie po 13 dniach po odczytaniu tej wiadomości Wypowiedz życzenie jak skończy sie odliczanie: 10... 09... 08... 07... 06... 05... 04... 03... 02... 01... Wypowiedz życzenie Wklej te wiadomość w ciągu 26 minut do 13 komentarzy Jeśli tego nie zrobisz stanie się przeciwność twojego życzenia

    9. Hiei518

      They earned it by having babies.

    10. Diego De la Fuente

      1:45 SONG NAME????

      1. Diego De la Fuente

        Nvm found it, it's called: Literally just "Super Saiyan God Theme"

    11. albert mooney

      im just saiyan.

    12. Ammex

      I.. actually really thought the super saiyan god aura looked super cool in battle of gods

    13. Kumakare

      Kawaii in the streets Subarashi in the sheets

    14. Pj Spirit

      Super Saiyan God was earned through Goku’s life journey if we’re being real here. Without Goku and all he’s done, none of the saiyans there would be around for the ritual. Unironically, the real Super Saiyan God was the friends we made along the way. Also the aura is fantastic. I adore the flowing fiery aura

    15. RedTeamReview

      Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue somewhat ruined Super for me. They're literally just adding colors to the rainbow while making the other cast of characters obsolete. Part of Dragonball's charm was the cannon fodder of Goku's friends who held the line until he arrived. God forms just make those characters obsolete. Now only Vegeta and Goku are the only ones doing stuff which makes it lame. Tournament of Power may have included the other characters but barely. They could've easily have made it 3 fighters from each Universe instead of 10.

    16. CatfishShotgun

      oof, yeah I do not rate this take but that's ok

    17. Aidan Klobuchar

      How did Vegeta obtain God? Push ups, sit ups, and PLENTY of juice.

    18. Evan Light

      Even though it is technically weaker than Blue, God just feels more powerful mostly because of how calming and even mysterious the form feels and looks.

    19. Frankie Cedeno

      2013 was so long ago.

    20. Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]

      Always wondered if SSG Goku Black would have a different hair color

    21. CoolNameGuy

      "God had a lot to live up to"

    22. Key Parker

      Lmfaao Toriyama straight up said "NO CAPES" 😂

    23. NoQuarterNoMercy1

      Ugh. I hate having to hear the gay fanboy gushing over these anime characters. Give it a break.

    24. pashlyn

      Oh God Lani is right how have I never realized this

    25. Seamus McFlanery

      I agree with Lani. It should be Saiyan God and then blue should be Super Saiyan God.

    26. The masked Overlord

      But....i love god trunks

    27. TheBigL1

      Honestly, one of my favorite things about Super Saiyan God was in fact Goku's internal conflict over whether it was earned or not. There's just some valuable insight into his character when he admits his dissatisfaction at having been unable to reach the form by himself.

    28. TBuckley 20

      In my headcanon vegeta did the satanist equivalent to the ssj god ritual he probably grabbed discarded Saiyan tails and put them on a pentagram

    29. BrooklynVlogs

      Dragon Ball Super points out through Goku that they did the ritual for Vegeta after. So he got the power the same way Goku did.

    30. rhonda howard

      What brings the transformation down for me is that for such a *godly* transformation, it sure is weak against mere _mortals_ now isn't it? As much as I love Kefla, there's no way she should've stood a chance against Super Saiyan God, fusion or not. But Goku still gets bitchslapped even when he taps into what is supposed to be DIVINE power.

    31. MaxNMotion

      3:10 me, the one guy who loves the aura “Oh” Can it not be said that SSG is the culmination of the hard work he’s done on his own his whole life (plus his afterlives)? Also I thought the whole point of the movie was that he can’t reach the form without help from his friends / family. Feel like we’re forgetting that he’s never achieved anything without some degree of help-techniques (y’all made a joke about this in dbza) or the many masters Goku has had to train under: Roshi, Beerus, Kami, and King Kai. Edit: Kaiser acknowledged this in an above comment so maybe I typed a paragraph on a Japanese cartoon for nothing.

    32. Souluos

      I really like that God isn't earned through conventional means and is more of a reward for the rebuilding of the Saiyan race. If you think about it, after Saiyans were nearly made extinct this form would have never been possible if not for Goku getting married and having a family as well as helping Vegeta to change and start a family of his own too.

    33. AntMan

      This should be in dead last place. Lame design with red ribbons on his boots, horrible (and cheesy) way to obtain it that is the opposite of any previous super saiyan transformation, and it's not even a real super saiyan form. Ironically, it's the aura they criticized that I do like about it.

    34. Wolf-Vanack

      Bro they just dissed the fire aura, smh

    35. veriloq

      Why is the top comment always a spoiler

    36. Speedy Spider

      Also that fire effect is fking awesome

    37. Colin Harris

      SSG > SSGSS SSG Vegeta > SSG Goku And while Goku didn’t gain it though training, I think he totally earned God. Just ... in a different way. He earned it through his family that he built and through his friend whose life he saved and helped to redeem with Vegeta.

    38. Kaneki Kingstorm

      When i saw god vegeta in the manga, i really thought one of his boots would come off with a kick and hit black square in the face

    39. Bazdeku

      I still think that Super Saiyan God SHOULD look like Super Saiyan 4 I mean if that transformation is supposed to represent their Race in God form why does it not look more like a Saiyan? (which a common characteristic is the fact they have a monkey tail)

      1. XJSPlays02

        @Bazdeku no

      2. Bazdeku

        @XJSPlays02 yes

      3. XJSPlays02


    40. bear

      Yo, totally unrelated, but the trans pride flag tfs shirt looks clean. If that was on a rainbow tie die shirt I'd buy 3(so when the first ones were worn out I could have new ones)

    41. Geoff Speedie

      what is the pic of trunks at 2:40 ? the abomination pic. someone please lemme know

    42. dmdudes2

      i feel like this form was earned thru the connection of family which is what super is pushing instead of individual power which is what the db and dbz pushed so i personally like how they did it even tho it took until the T.O.P for that point to really be clear since a lot of dbs still falls on goku being the solo dominator tho its moved to actually having vegeta help before getting whooped more

    43. Joehova Witness

      Okay, but did anyone not sit in a theater that erupted when vegeta transformed in to super saiyan god? Everyone went crazy

    44. Your Average Ohioan

      They say SSGSS is the hardest to pronounce but what about SSGSS evolution.

    45. KevinT Creations

      So the tfs crew are gay for dbz characters?

    46. redfinale

      Despite the power attributed to the god forms, I fondly disliked them because they didn't have that feel of power, at least for the most part. Super Saiyan God coming to bear against Beerus in Battle of Gods was one thing, a foe so powerful he made SSJ3 his bitch with a flick of his finger now actually having to put some effort, but otherwise, they lack that wow factor that going to the other forms did. Base God is just base form with red hair and Blue is just SSJ with blue hair. Base form to SSJ, especially the first time, holds a fond place in most people's hearts. SSJ2, more so when they normalize its appearance to basically SSJ with lightning in the aura, isn't as impressive, but both SSJ3 and SSJ4, both look and feel powerful. The radical visual differences as they transform makes you think "oh, shit got real"

    47. lowrider993

      He should've just stuck to the naming them with numbers

    48. The krillsterEX

      I love this... “ did we include blue in the list” ( uncomfortable breath in)

    49. killer 1000

      Vegeta train with wish to unlock super saiyan god

    50. Saiyana Brief

      Frankly, I really like this form. Althought getting to see how Vegeta achieved both SSG and Blue would have been awesome (and seeing how Goku unlocked Blue and how did it first-maybe Vegeta one ups Goku FINALLY! Maybe that's why it's not shown-Toriyama couldn't let Vegeta have a win.) it's still a cool form. And when Vegeta went God in DBS:Broly, oooh ooh oooh! It was awesomely epic. The theater roared!

    51. Christopher McConnell

      I like the idea of God being the antithesis of Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan being pride and rage; the natural way of Saiyans, versus God being humility and calmness. Like they have to go against their very programming to become a god

    52. Charles Champ

      I like calling SSGSS/SSB "Super Cyan" myself.


      this should been 11

    54. Nagato Yamiyo

      I don't understand the hate for SSG Trunks... He keeps his base form hair like Goku does, only difference I guess is more of a red/crimson color compared to original magenta, which has been more or less lost because SSG is now that red/crimson color.

    55. DracoInduperator

      2:30 IIIRC to unlock the God form you have to absorb Divine Ki, it never said what type of Divinity it had to be. After Goku gained that form, Vegeta went with Beerus and Wiz to train. I always assumed he absorbed some of the Ki they naturally emit in their day-to-day lives. I got nothing for how they managed to obtain Blue though,

    56. Cole Noir

      I believe Goku explicitly says that Vegeta earned his through training. He learns to feel God Ki and then taps into the energy. He even makes a point of saying that Vegeta did what he couldn't.

    57. Obluda Chan

      When I first watched Battle of Gods I was actually shocked. I has seen so much of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in promo material, merchandise etc and never once seen God, so I assumed that that was God form. I was surprised to not see Goku get Blue hair in Battle of Gods and that that was another transformation on top.

    58. Obluda Chan

      If Super Saiyan God is what happens when a Saiyan channels God kim then surely Black's base form IS his Super Saiyan God right?

    59. Conrad Morcillo Fito

      This is my 1r one pick.

    60. LaughinGhost

      Dragon Ball Heroes is just officially produced fanfiction and nothing more.

    61. Insecure89

      I like Super Saiyan God a lot. The slim body, the burning aura, the gentle look, it all gives the feeling of something more Godlike, because it doesn't look threatening at all but it has an amount of power that is stronger than SSJ3 by miles. More than that, the concept of the God Ki really makes me like this form a lot, because it's so versatile and has so many abilities, like regeneration (not as strong or fast as Majin Buu, Cell and others, but still present, as show in the Anime version of the Battle of Gods), greater manipulation of the Ki, the stable nature of the form, etc. Super Saiyan God is probably my favorite form, and I would love to see it as a transformation for CACs in Xenoverse 2's new DLCs (yeah, Xenoverse 2 is getting new DLCs), or maybe in a Xenoverse 3 if that happens in the future.

    62. Zeldaboy

      I liked how to break through to a level yet unknown, Goku had to put aside his pride and accept help. That is real character growth, and not something OG Goku would do. Once he has attained that form he can continue to work at it himself. However the need to humble himself and do something so out of character to defend against an unstoppable opponent was amazing to me. I also like that off screen Vegeta had to have done this same ritual. So Vegeta also had to grow even though in DBZ and DBS Vegeta's growth was more apparent. Dunno I saw this in theaters and deeply, deeply loved it. I am also very old and saw all of the Dragonball series (DB DBZ DBGT) before this.

    63. Josiah Oliver

      Wait, doesn’t black have to achieve ssj3 first?

    64. HellfireComms

      I think Vegeta rocks the SSG colour much better than Goku, but it's the other way around for Blue.

    65. Megadon 1337

      The hell is Super full power Saiyan 4 limit breaker?

    66. Anthony Marino

      Gotta say I disagree with the downsides you guys mentioned. The fact that it wasn't really earned feels intentional since it's used as a catalyst for exploring and developing Goku's character in the Battle of Gods movie. He has to come to terms with the fact that he needed help to obtain this form. It's remarkably in character. The method in which it's obtained is also downright touching in my opinion. The idea of needing to use the relationships he's formed along his journey kind of ties back to Dragon Ball's beginnings, when Goku was just a young boy exploring the world and making friends. The fact that the friends he's made on his journey are now required for him to take his first steps into godhood just feels so fitting. It's such a great contrast to the other incarnations of Super Saiyan as well. Instead of being realized through the pain of loss, it's realized through looking back at how far you've come since the beginning of your journey. It's so heartwarming. Sorry for the stupidly long comment, but I ADORE this form. It's easily my favorite transformation. I understand why people have gripes with it, but I just...don't have any. I love everything about it.

    67. suiko2fan2

      Hold your fire this man isn't Black!

    68. BryanThaiNk

      3:43 Now imagine Sonic as Vegeta

    69. Knight of Psychosis

      To earn the God form, Goku and Vegeta should've had a proper fist fight with no powers to attain it first - Make it a reward to earn.

    70. Mr Flobbles

      I'm assuming Vegeta done the ritual too? Not like there were any downsides to it.

    71. Luna Sturgis

      This is my favorite design, it's so fucking coooooool

    72. Ringtail

      While it wasn't "earned" I'd argue it was "deserved" because if anyone gets made into a God on Earth it should be someone who knows what living a mortal life on Earth is all about.

    73. Danielsworlds

      The slimmer frame and calm aura to God makes it so cool. In the way that final form frieza is cool. It does not need more muscles to be powerful

    74. Ethan Acevedo

      I feel like Vegeta was able to go super saiyan god simply because he could go Super Saiyan Blue. Like... just logically he had to be able to go god in his base form, to go super saiyan in his god form.

    75. Jaycub Auch

      So, if the anime returns, one thing I want to see is an explanation for the green flash in Goku's Blue transformation in the Broly movie.

    76. Shootingstarr

      "Goku didn't earn super sayan god" oh, I guess the friends and family who enabled him to achieve this form weren't earned. I see how it is

    77. Sorenthaz

      The implication for Vegeta is that he learned it offscreen by training with Whis between Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F, before Goku caught wind of it and joined in. Guessing Whis told or possibly straight-up gave him a shortcut. Like Whis would totally be the type to just casually go, "Oh you don't need to do that silly ritual just to obtain god ki." Maybe there was Actual Divine Water that Vegeta got to drink or something. Only other explanation is Vegeta obtained it through sheer stubborn offscreen willpower like he did with Super Saiyan (anime filler patched the blanks but that's it). Could also be that training on Beerus's planet and basically living among divine beings somehow gave Vegeta a natural affinity towards unlocking god ki. As for Blue, if I remember right it was heavily implied that they began tapping into the concepts of it by going through that super dense training void that Whis threw them in. I forget if it was the manga or Super anime or what but if I remember right there's a moment where they're training and the blue aura flickers and Vegeta/Goku simultaneously reach an epiphany on how to achieve SS Blue, or at least control their ki to a degree that allows them to achieve it.

    78. lautarosoad

      Yeah, no, Super is shit. Sorry.

    79. Great Heights

      This form was trash imo.

    80. Quake

      I still love super saiyan god more than most other forms and I'm still a little upset that they immediately went and replaced it with the very next movie and then it was almost never used until closer to the end of Super. Same feel as Frieza's final form. No big crazy muscles or lightning or anything, just pure, condensed power.

    81. A.X. Roads

      2:40 Why does Trunks have a Soul Calibur What is that I must know

    82. Leon/Bakuretsu

      Kawaii in the streets, Subarashii in the sheets OH MY FUCKING GOD

    83. SkyTech RTS

      This was almost an "Enlightened" form of sorts before they just skipped over its progression with shitty SSJ blue.

    84. Supermidget

      My favorite form... I wish goku would stay in this form

    85. Supsas

      Honestly god’s aura is probably in my top 3 favorite auras (up there with blue-kaioken and 2 but that’s another conversation) just how different it is from the others, it even has a completely different feel from blue imo even though they’re both god ki

    86. Zorro3k6

      Yeah... while we never see them acquire Blue... there is a blink and you miss it scene when they were training in that realm Whis sent them to. When a punch of Goku and Vegeta collides, blue ki is sent ripping through both of them. Both of them notice this. It's that scene where I think they discover Blue as it fits into rules of the realm. They have to keep all that ki inside the whole time in order to move.

    87. NotOptimal67

      Anyone know the name of this song I've heard so many times yet still don't know the name

    88. boop AGM

      I think Xenoverse 2 is literally the only place where they sorta explain where blue came from

    89. boop AGM

      It's better than Blue

    90. Robert Wheeler

      We do see both of them acquire blue...whis taught them in the super anime...

    91. Caboose

      *me waiting for them to talk about the positives*

    92. Ookami

      This one is one of my fav it’s just so calming and powerful

    93. Oguzhan Gungor

      My favorite super saijan BY FAR. I just love how calm it is. It has this warm gentle feeling to it. Also, it is the antithesis to everything that one side of the fanbase I don't like, you know, the part that wants super saijan 5 and have it be this edgy as all hell clusterfuck. Honest to god, I wanted this to be the main form throughout the entirety of super. Hell, when I first saw blue, I thought that was just Vegeta's version of this. Different people, with their own god ki, representing their personality, but alas, that was not meant to be. P.S, Vegeta still looks amazing with the red hair. Also, I fucking laughed so hard when kaiser said "Kawaii in the streets, subarashi in the sheets" :D

    94. Positively Dreadful

      Honestly, I just don't like this one whatsoever, but now that I've actually seen Battle of Gods, I can appreciate it in context. Visually it's disappointing as hell, but then it A) isn't enough to beat Beerus and B) fades away shortly into the fight, so being such a minor physical change does indeed feel like good character design. Upgrading to blue and then bringing this back is where it just falls apart again for me, though.

    95. John Di Pietro

      Honestly, while the form has some serious weaknesses, in terms of transformations, Vegeta's actual turn into God in Broly is one of the most beautiful transformations in the series. It does owe to being a film and thus having more money for animation, but it's a full on magical gir- er, Saiyan transformation that really feels right. Honestly, his transformation into regular super saiyan in that film was the only thing I felt was more fluid - literally, as it was presaged by golden ki streaming off of his body as he brought it to bear.

    96. Gan Khef

      I really love this channel.

    97. Jericho Wolf

      Thank you. Toriyama didn't know what the fuck he was doing and the fans should have known better Red form saiyan god. Blue form super saiyan god. The dark blue form from vegeta. Super saiyan God 2. There fixed all the bullshit.

    98. Myopic Manatee

      I feel the transformation was earned. **SPOILERS** It is earned through Goku's character development. His willingness to accept strength from others is what ends up unlocking the form. It also plays into the planet surviving. Goku is willing to admit defeat to stop Beerus's final attack.

    99. Kusanagikaiser999

      Sorry but no....this is the LAMEST transformation in all DB, not even in the film was idolized well, not only was underwhelming design, making Goku.....skinner and thinner and just put his normal hair red and big cute eyes, making this form the BISHOUJO version of GOKU (and later Vegeta), but in the debut of this form, Goku faces Bearus and he did NON DAMAGE while he used the Saiyan God form, he actually hit Beaurus and give him a fight using the normal SUPER SAIYAN transformation.....that alone make the form a JOKE, that and the fact that the only decent sequence of transformation using this form was in the Broly movie and every other time is just a quick flash change, make this and Super Saiyan Blue the 2 worse Transformations in DB history.

    100. phoenixfireblazer

      THANK YOU LANI! What I've been saying for years! It makes so much more sense!