Top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball | #12 | DBCember 2020


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    DBCember is back! This year we're counting down our top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball!
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    1. KaiserNeko

      Re: 0:22 I wrote this script in *October.*

      1. Ike Illue

        @Ricky L Do you blame him? I know the media is desperately trying to paint him out to be the bad guy, but when things happen like, Trump is winning in 4 swing states by tens of thousands of votes, after the majority of the votes were counted, then they decide to stop counting for the night, and continue in the morning, sending everyone home, just to have everyone come back in the morning, and it just so happens that they found hundreds of thousands of votes, just in the swing states Trump was winning in, where 96% of them were for Biden, turning the states from red to blue, it brings into question the legitimacy of the election, among many other things. Then, to add to that, they are fighting every step of the way to not do audits. Why do you think that is? If everything was legit, then all an audit would do is make Trump look like an idiot, for claiming fraud.

      2. Michael Tomlinson


      3. Joe Ferri

        Hi Kaiser

      4. Giga B

        I can see the future

      5. NICO

        sure, but can we get a release of the DBcember track you use?

    2. Aldo Bobadilla

      But... Janemba is not cannon, rigth?

    3. Jack Killingtons

      Sooo... when will #TeamFourStar start making DragonBall Super episodes??

    4. Rugged Lemmings

      Ayyyy, my man Super Janemba made the list! I'd say 12 is a fitting spot for my favorite movie villain. His design is great, his attacks are awesome, and I love the way he "cubes out" to teleport around. That said, yeah, he has no character whatsoever. Really would have been sweet if he had his own saga in the main story.

    5. Dylan Undead

      “SeNd Me PiCtUrEs Of YoUr FeEt!” Could not stop laughing.

    6. BIG MAK

      Papież kiedy umarł miał 85 lat - 8+5=13. Godzina śmierci: 21:37 - 2+1+3+7=13. Data śmierci: 02.04.2005 - 0+2+0+4+2+0+0+5=13. Postrzelony 13 Maja. 9301 dni pontyfikatu - 9+3+0+1=13. Zmarł w 13 tygodniu roku. JAN PAWEŁ DRUGI - 13 liter. czy to zbieg okoliczności? prześlij to dalej niech inni myślą... Sorry, ale musi się spełnić.... Pomyśl sobie życzenie a zobaczysz co sie stanie... Zacznij myśleć o czymś czego naprawdę pragniesz To funkcjonuje.... , osoba która mi wysłała tą wiadomość powiedziała że jej życzenie spełniło sie po 13 dniach po odczytaniu tej wiadomości Wypowiedz życzenie jak skończy sie odliczanie: 10... 09... 08... 07... 06... 05... 04... 03... 02... 01... Wypowiedz życzenie Wklej te wiadomość w ciągu 26 minut do 13 komentarzy Jeśli tego nie zrobisz stanie się przeciwność twojego życzenia

    7. Annie Brown

      Great video; y’all are the real deal.

    8. Fluffyplayery

      Janemba always finds a way to scrape into the list doesn't he.

    9. Dr. Frieka AKA [Daniel-Constantin]

      I know the Cell and Buu sketches, but i didn't know Janemba had another design

    10. LunaLycanroc

      Send me picture of your feet! XD

    11. Danny L Pardo


    12. JulianimeIsAmazing

      I want to know what Kaiser's list possibly could have been if villains didn't count. like what bro? SS1-3, G, B, and Ultra instinct and like that's it? The villains coined the meme "This isn't even my final form"!

    13. Kalai Miller

      I think I’ve always liked Janemba because with never watched the movies and judged him off of games and his design was dope

    14. Morten J.

      They really love putting Janemba at number 12. Next year they'll be like ''Top 12 Bulma outfits. Number 12: Super Janemba''

    15. Nicholas Cain

      Jesus Christ, why did this guy make the list? From the sounds of how much you critiqued how forms were earned and stuff, it makes it seem like you let this form be on the list simply because it looked cool. I watched Frieza's final form some time before this and there was a comment on how golden frieza didn't make the list.......well, I'm convinced now it could have taken the 12th spot at least lol, I mean it's really clear you guys were scratching your heads for this one.

    16. ItsYoBoy Kris Fields

      On the 12th Day of Freeza Day my Lord Frieza game to me...12 trips straight to hell and Janemba's power increase

    17. lowrider993

      I didn't think they would pick movies

    18. B

      Still waiting for Fusion Reborn Abridged

    19. rebellorebellion

      I think we all know what the top 3 probably will be

    20. Logan Stewart


    21. I am kobe

      Please bring back abridged 🤦🏻‍♂️

    22. FishandChips CPT

      Janemba is actually one of my favorite characters because of his looks and his base(Story, skill and power)

    23. ralphyman

      I miss Taka doing these DBcembers...

    24. Getsuga Tenshou

      Ok, this one I didn't expect.

    25. Connor Beith

      I feel like in order to develop Janemba, they would first need to give the demon kid that would become Janemba more screentime and character imo.

    26. Jericho Wolf

      Yea but jenemba made use of every villain character from the story design. Look closely and you will see frezia,cell,and buu within the character desgin choice. As for color well you got me.

    27. Scizor Bullet

      Yall depend on yhis personality shit a little much. You can have a amazing character badass without a personality

    28. Rdskinsfan27

      Babidi does look like he’s into feet

    29. JAC 073

      So I'm assuming SS3 won't be on the list...which I hope I'm wrong in. From my perspective, SS3 was just Goku coming back after doing nothing except pushing his body further and further in the afterlife. It was all the training, all the pain, all the improvement, and all the payoff. 7 years of focus to come in and wreck peoples shit.

    30. bellowingsilence

      I think what makes Freeza’s transformations actually interesting is the fact that they are technically a means of him holding back. We learn that what we think is his “original” form is a transformation, and that each time he transforms, he’s getting closer to his actual, true form, choosing to hold back less and less of his power. This contributes to the build up in the narrative. They aren’t a buff, but an illustration of the heroes actually pushing him to unleash more and more of his true power by matching him at each stage.

    31. Positively Dreadful

      Why you gotta tease us with Abridged character's we'll never get?

    32. The Pyro

      Let’s be honest we all know what number 1 is gonna be

    33. oblivexx

      2021 xmas - top 12 Bruce Falconer Scores. Ginyu theme number 1 for me.

    34. kamahl55

      Bring back DBZA!!

    35. Oliver Strike

      Hahah the "send me pictures of your feet" cracked me up

    36. The Gamer Carlton

      Super Janemba is so underrated he should've been in the main anime like at least right after the Majin arc

    37. Kirseu 64

      And that "Send me pictures of your feet" line is the only sneak peek of DBZA Season 4 and what it would have been we will ever get.

    38. MultiMegaman64

      I like the devil take on Super Janemba

    39. Keith Purvis

      We all know number 1 is going to be goku going super saiyan for the first time

    40. Bio Bane

      The one babidi line makes me want the buu arc. 😢

    41. Robert Trujillo

      Pikon shouting to janemba, saying "You have no personality!" Hilarious.

    42. christopher auzenne

      "wow I cant wait to see what there picks were for 12-2" "what about number 1" "what you mean super saiyan?"

    43. Phinal Flash

      FFS, this movie is so overrated.

    44. Michael Daniels

      I thought the fat one was Janempa and the skinny strong version was Janemba?

    45. Kamodomon

      I'm happy to have this one even on the list at all. So #12 is alright in my book.

    46. Trav Pots

      Good job

    47. Carl Stockman

      Was that a low-key ad for the final season of DBZA with the Babidi voice at the very end?

    48. TheKyrix82

      I kinda like the horrifying Buurunga we almost had...that would have been a very different saga, and we could've gotten cuddly fat buu when he lost his evil

    49. Christian's Brain

      There's an alternate timeline where TFS did the Buu saga, and Abridged Babidi is just a pervert.

    50. flashbring5259

      That's cool sjs on the list

    51. King Bash

      Janemba is probably my favorite villain design in the whole series. I’m a sucker for Satanic/demonic aesthetics, so that added with a badass sword, make him too cool of a character to forget.

    52. J wall

      I really wanna see super Janemba with base Janembas color scheme

    53. BALD MAN

      You should stop making db content, because if you dont wana make db parody, then you should stop.

    54. Mohammed Sakayl

      667th!!!!! sorry to break the perfect number for this transformation.

    55. Inuzuna

      I almost forgot to check for these this year. I'm pretty sure the Great Ape and Cooler 5th form will be on the list at some point. I'm not keeping my hopes up for Baby Vegeta's armored form getting on this list but I'd be pleased to see it and not expecting Hirudegarn to make it

    56. Ray Akuma

      Buu almost looked like brabidi

    57. Luis E Zarazua

      Please do one more season of dbz abridged pleaseeee

    58. Trami Nguyen

      I love these Dragon Ball Z transformations!

    59. SkyTech RTS

      Buubidi most certainly has an onlyfans account.

    60. *Screams Geometrically*

      That horrifying Buu form...? *I want to see that in a game*.

    61. Robbie Liddle

      I like his legwarmers

    62. 01of10

      Damn, I can`t even remember that guy.

    63. Totally Not Mark

      Looooved the rational behind this. Great take on transformations!

      1. Ninja Monkey Media

        Oh hi Mark!

      2. Alex Kirkpatrick


      3. Alita FullArmor

        @Neo-Filthy Frank Thank you mate.

      4. Neo-Filthy Frank

        @Alita FullArmor based

      5. Alita FullArmor

        You have terrible content...

    64. Moon Moon

      Can I get a ‘send me pictures of your feet’ sound clip

    65. Ryan Frankenstein

      So an idea I had about Janemba that may or may not have been the original plan before the movie was only an hour long; the Fat/Baby form was him in just pure uncontrolled chaos of the explosion that created him with this transformation being him when the evil in that explosion takes control.

    66. montel4eva

      Send me pictures of your feet.

    67. The magical Onion fairy

      i thought you said this one was going to be top 12 dbcember moments

    68. T Tag

      Are they saying NO SUPER SAIYAN 3 WITH THAT MONTAGE!

    69. Just Vibin Bro

      This probably wont get seen, but TFS are you aware of a new channel trying to continue DBZA ? I didnt hear about them until a few days ago but they seem like they could have some potential but they do pay some homage to you guys in respect, however theres only one episode out right now

    70. T f

      The way janemba transformed was dope, the warp was sick.

    71. Yuma Tsukumo

      God I wish they did the buy arc , that would have been hilarious

    72. The Slim Creeper

      Also. The Transformation Sequence is visually very cool, too!

    73. RondoOfBloodX

      When I was a kid I saw a Janemba action figure and thought for the longest time he would be a form of Cell.

    74. KeroPlays

      Calling it now SSJ1 #1 Kero!~

    75. VetreeLeek

      Team four star is the best SEprom channel ever

    76. yungo

      Ogre buu could have been cool.

    77. Mateo Connor

      One of my favorite movies in dbz and favorite non cannon villain

    78. ConboRPG

      Why the hell wouldn't villain transformations count.

    79. Final hazard

      From giant baby (Janemba) to Majin Buu as a demon (Super Janemba)

    80. Akaketsugami

      but all of that shouldnt let us forget that ultra instinct is a technique like the kaioken and not a transformation so it shouldnt be on this list. Whis always described it as a technique, check the series.

    81. PolarPhantom

      Ultra Instinct will be interesting, cause Ultra Instinct Omen was fairly abrupt (though foreshadowed long ago) but Complete Ultra Instinct was a very long and strong road to get to.

    82. Marioparhmari

      It's only thanks to you guys That I remember what day it is

    83. Oku

      This sounded more about Janemba itself than it's transformation but I can't blame you guys, it's design is so cool

    84. Bruh Moment

      Why im feeling sad about they videos now :(

    85. Kabissz

      Imagine my schlong in this form!

    86. Brandon walters

      Lanny sounds like me harassing random on siege at the end

    87. Z A K

      Ssj transformation better be in the top 3 or this ranking is messed up in standings

    88. Z A K

      I think ssj blue wont even make the list with the criteria

    89. Lea Fox

      Oh fuck yes, did NOT expect to see Janemba on this list :D Guys kickin' this off with a good one!

    90. Marco Maruszczak

      Good to hear you guys again in Dragonball related stuff. God damnit I miss dbza..

    91. Jubjub McNasty

      Seeing several clips of Zarbon here is making me worry that he won't make the list proper at all, and that'd be a shame. His beauty and the beast shtick was really well executed with short but ominous build-up in the series. And he's like the reverse of the frog that turns into a handsome prince, and the way it turned the tables of Vegeta who'd been on a roll up until then was great. Zarbon deserves at least a credit so I hope he isn't nothing but a footnote on this list.

    92. Kevin Swinson

      Was showing SS3 a sign of things not to come I wonder

    93. MMTrigger

      I get the feeling Goku's first SS transformation is going to be No. 1 again.

    94. Blindfire

      I just thought of this: how did Freeza turn golden? Like he mentioned in both in movie and anime that gold is goche but he did it to assume the top of the pecking could he not have been any other color he wanted? I might have a final tomorrow but I NEED ANSWERS DAMMIT!

    95. cheezemonkeyeater

      Well, now I know what abridged Babidi would have sounded like.

    96. Space Ghost

      I know it IS a transformation but like, I feel like "Super Janemba" is just considered normal Janemba by everyone. Like he's basically just a character not like, Frieza form.


      All the talking and all I can think of how good the animation used to be

    98. Michael Epstein

      Do the boo saga

    99. ShadowWolfRising

      I'm honestly just waiting for the movie that Canonizes him. He seems to have gained enough of a following over the years he could be the next one. Him or Garlic Jr.

    100. APKPhantom

      I'm pretty sure we all know that super saiyan will be #1