Top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball | FULL COUNTDOWN | DBCember 2020


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    DBCember is back! This year we're counting down our top 12 Transformations of Dragon Ball!
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    1. Pump daddy C

      I think the white hair suits him

    2. Kimberly's Pride

      TeamFOurStar be Like is that low hanging fruit well better go for that nothing can be better than that apple right there Even though there is a golden apple on the next tree

    3. cream of mushroom

      can that guy say goku right

    4. Pump daddy C

      That design of cell, it’s like if cell absorbed 18 first

    5. Mike Clarke

      Ultra instinct is a technique its the equivalent of the 8 gates in Naruto Shippuden not a form and the manga calls it a technique so it’s a technique

    6. Mike Clarke

      You put perfect cell over ssj god and ssj4?!

    7. Mike Clarke

      Kale and Califla are sisters actually (just looked it up) and Caulifla has a crush on Kabba in the manga so.... not lesbians

    8. Tankbusta

      I actually want a Bulma outfit list now.

    9. ColdFireWalker

      1:00:15 whats the music here?

    10. Just Cooler Then You

      What even is that thing?! Is it Super Saiyan blue as a sword? I am both confused and concern that's a thing. 22:18

    11. No-One In Particular

      I actually like silver hair for Ultra Instinct. It's (almost) the polar opposite of Goku's original hair-color of black, helping show how he's changed. He's not fighting because he wants to, or because he's angry over the death of his best friend, or because he needs to buy time for Trunks to get the Dragon Radar. He's fighting because he's fought so much that it's become instinct.

    12. Pump daddy C

      Can next year be top 12 kirbstomps

    13. Matthew Judge

      He is in fighterz

    14. 44briggs

      You should do a list ranking all the dragon ball sagas from the original, z, got, and super

    15. Aurelien Benoit

      Wait, basically anyone can achieve ultra instinct, so that makes it a technique right?

    16. Julien Rineman

      Gohan missing the patorra earrings is the perfect example of goku not teaching gohan how to catch

    17. Miles Targosz

      Idea for 2021: In celebration of its 25th anniversary (although it was back in February), Top 12 Good Things about Dragon Ball GT! Not just plot points or concepts, but stuff like Music and Animation too!

    18. Spazer Abaneko Zeroshki

      I remember goku saying that Vegeta legitimately obtained Super sayain god through training from Whis

    19. Hat

      the only thing stopping me from looking like broly is time

    20. Turtle Master

      My head canon is that a cicada Got in the tank and is the base that the DNA of everyone else is just there

    21. BloodrealmX

      "Dear men: What is preventing you from looking like this?" Skeletal structure? Physics? "Anyone else sad that Toriyama got rid of the Saiyans' tails as the story went on?" YES! OH MY GOD, YES! I absolutely agree with Super Saiyan 4. It's the perfect blend of mixing the Ozaru and Super Saiyan forms and out of anything from GT to be re-used for Super, it should the this.

    22. Low Quality Polnareff

      da supa swine

    23. owab fudol

      1st TFS episode of 2021

    24. Joxyver H

      Super Saiyan 3 makes it feel like Goku harnessed the power of a Dragon

    25. knightshade86

      I was so nervous that SSJ 2 Gohan wasn't going to be on this list. I'm overjoyed that he made top 3 transformations. Gohan vs Cell is my favorite part of DBZ.

    26. Jarmany Laboy

      Im curious if a saiyans tail is cut off and they eat a senzu bean how come it doesnt come back

    27. Dylan Morris

      So, I have no idea if tfs will see this, or if they already have the next DBcember set, but I have a curious question. Is there enough retcons throughout all of DB, DBZ, DBZK, DBGT, and DBS, not including any of the movies except Broly and BoG, to make a top 12 retcons?

    28. Bruh Moment

      When ultra instinct the no number 1

    29. Ravin Gamer

      I love how you can feel the pain Goku is going through when turning super saiyan 3 against buu

    30. Mr Internet

      kinda would of been cool if the canon broly with his transformation being linked to the great ape harnessing would of took ssj4 design but i guess both broly form and ssj4 were too set in stone to go off script but still i would of liked if GT is taken out we got to keep that form

    31. Yummy Nubs

      Just realized that Cell got 4th on both of lists he was on probably wasn't intentional but that's hiarious

    32. Anomalocaris

      Still would like to see a return of saiyans arc. If for nothing else than to give final Goku vs Vegeta clash, and I mean FINAL

    33. Hati Hellfire

      I like the animooo

    34. Todd McKnight

      The universe 6 SS1 tranvermations all felt cheap. Caulifla especially, at least Kale had *some* emotion, caulifla just puts the energy to her back

    35. Luke Scothon

      here is hoping for a top 12 bulma outfits for dbcember 21

    36. Skul, the borgar eater

      No yeah I can’t help but disagree with you here, full respect to your opinions but there were many turns where I was just left thinking “....really?”

    37. PiousMinion

      One of the video's narrators is annoyingly switching to a heavy Japanese accent for specific words/names, right in the middle of his sentences. e.g. Goku, Jiren, etc. It's like hearing someone talk about pizza but every time they say mozzarella, they do so with an over-the-top exaggerated Italian accent in the middle of a sentence. Just stop, please. You aren't being more accurate, you're being a pretentious tool and you sound ridiculous.

    38. Biggie Monkey

      Ngl, super saiyan has a cool transformation but also looks its worst to begin with

    39. T. Laire

      So if raditz went ssj3 would he have even longer hair? Also why did the ending for gt make me feel kinda sad

    40. Cabana Ent

      Y’all are goat’s the way you interact

    41. Joe Fanik

      For the next one, you should do top 12 Dragon Ball arcs. This can include the show, manga, filler, and movies (maybe)

    42. Ian Malcolm

      Still waiting on the top 24 reasons why monster carrot is the best.

    43. Epic Guardian

      21:20 am I the only one who disagrees this form isn’t earned. I agree that Dragon Ball power ups should be earned but. This form is earned, since he would never be able too use it if he never gained the love for Chi-chi, made friends with Vegeta, and have his first born actually get a bun in the oven. If Goku never had humanity he wouldn’t be able to achieve Godhood

      1. dnmstarsi

        @Joe Fanik I understand. I feel like it got the shaft despite it being cooler looking than Blue.

      2. Joe Fanik

        @dnmstarsi fair enough. I'm mainly just upset God never gets any mention in the series

      3. dnmstarsi

        @Joe Fanik That's subjective. I rather have the final form be more built up like Super Saiyan is something Goku is more aware but has trouble accessing despite moments where he has tapped into the power briefly. Kinda like Gohan's outbursts but that's me.

      4. Joe Fanik

        @dnmstarsi it would have been better if God was the last form they could acquire. Their strongest form is something they couldn't reach alone.

      5. dnmstarsi

        @Joe Fanik Not really. While it is interesting to see a new power via ritual, there's little depth into a acquiring God power through a ritual when it comes to Goku. It's better to have him work to gain God Ki than have him just get Saiyans despite befriending humans and Saiyan foes. As repetitive as this is, at least training shows the progress he makes into becoming more powerful than before.

    44. SSJ Legend

      I never realized I've been watching this for an hour

    45. Tzer

      tfw sonic kinda had ui with ultra and hyper

    46. Tzer

      remember the spirit bomb cant hurt those pure of heart so it kinda makes sense it gave goku a powerup

    47. Tzer

      is golden oozaru the original super saiyan broly ssjgod or bardock

    48. EZMoney

      Surprisingly, Gohan isn’t the main character of Z. Neither is Goku or Vegeta. It’s Krillin.

      1. Frimy

        Wait wha-

    49. ToastyTea

      Hehe they probably put ssj4 gogeta in fighters hehehe, and he has and insta kill -_-

    50. ToastyTea

      I mean, they said that Vegeta had been training with whis so it was implied that he got the form through pure effort, but that's just me.

    51. Japanlover79

      Out of all the dragon ball movies. The trunks special is probably my favorite. The sheer moment when trunks transformed was so good.

    52. JustClark

      The form he got after paragus died was just SSJ (probably mixed with ikari) he got legendary in that weird dimension thing

    53. Mourique Ritchie

      Imagine having Cell as your stepbrother.

    54. Snake Man448

      28:15 Clean shaven Nappa is surprisingly more intimidating than his normal design.

    55. Blake

      Where is drip Goku

    56. Anansi's Meerkat

      still can't get over the way he says goku

    57. MaxNMotion

      I think this list was great overall. I’d argue for SSG being earned though. The movie’s main theme was about how he can’t earn it alone through simple training like all other forms. The challenge is Goku has to get out of his comfort zone and do something his pride wouldn’t agree with. All 3 of those movies-Battle of Gods, ROF, and Broly-and even the tournament of power, were about teamwork and how Goku could never hope to succeed without trust and help from others. The SSG ritual fits perfectly with that narrative. Kaiser even said that a downside to a transformation, in the case of SS3, was a positive. Why can’t it be the same for SSG? Sidenote: I love how that whole SS4 rant from Kirran was just a ploy to convince Arc to put one in FighterZ and it worked.

    58. Biznett Uni

      I understand all of the reasons you guys chose what you chose. I like blue though. The color. So I also like the form. I know that’s controversial, but I like it. Not mention I love the music incorporated with the blue forms. Despite how meaningless it was in the end, Vegeta’s Blue evolution made me feel something.

    59. Tzer

      Tbh thoughs on toyotaro (the guy behind the manga rn) 's AF manga wish there was an af game like officially instead of being semi official how many official games reference ssj5 without dropping it miras ultimate form and gogetas alt color... like that fan animation tho of ssj5 also... super seems based on af the color platinum/silver/grey seems wise the color of mui resembles ssj5

    60. Derva Kommt von hinten

      rank 1, ssj4 rank 2, ssj1 rank 3, ssj3 rank 4, ssj2 rest are shit in terms of saiyan transformations i really cant agree with your list here. i personally think perfect cell is way more boring than his first form. he just looks like a human in insect-pope armor. but what could i expect. you rate color swaps like instinct and god as good. instinct even better than ssj4. so whats next? if the hair gets brown you get excited and if it suddenly turns purple with green stripes you lose your shit? edit 1: ok, kudos guys. forgot about broly. edit 2: and i forgot about oozaru. god damn i suck it sucks that the oozaru was never used again. and why the fuck would broly not have a tail? what reason would he have to rip his own tail out for good? super transformations are just toriyama playing with the color pallet. just lazy. both design and transformation ritual are stupid. as if on vegeter there have never been a couple saiyans holding hands....

    61. Mr. Mando

      I personally like to believe that they just did the God ritual again for Vegeta off screen

    62. Harrison McKenzie

      5:27 Buu saga confirmed.

    63. VelkanKiador

      One thing that makes Super Saiyan 3 stand out to me is that it feels like a form so powerful that you cannot learn it while in a corporeal form. Like while Goku was dead the form didn't burn through his Ki, only his time on earth. And the only way Goten and Trunks achieved that form is by fusing, you know a technique that Goku learned in the afterlife. Makes fusions a bit more unique as well as they are at least a bit less corporeal than their regular forms (Remember how Gotenks could make his nose grow?). But the thing that ultimately downgrades Super Saiyan 3 is that there are way more powerful forms with none of the downsides of this form.

    64. Jarvis Whiteley

      i miss you guys! like abridged growing up was so near and dear to me!

    65. ElectroCat23 IDK

      I consider it a transformation, don’t know about tfs but I’m surprised Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken wasn’t here. His fight with hit is literally my FAVOURITE moment in all of Super. And yes I enjoyed the entire universe 6 tournament arc more than the universe survival arc.

    66. John Johnson

      Kid Buu is my spirit animal

    67. Knap Gamen

      And the winner is Zarbo... oh wait ...

    68. Mxrri4x

      bruh the auras for god and MUI looked decent to me as well as the silver hair for MUI. isn’t white/silver kinda of like an angelic color anyways?

      1. dnmstarsi

        @MaxNMotion Like I said, it's your opinion. So what if you think it looks better. I won't argue especially when I like SS4 a bit more. :)

      2. MaxNMotion

        @dnmstarsi It's not even that I don't like it, I love the design, it just fits Vegeta better since the saiyan monkey aesthetic makes more sense for the royal heir. But the makeup eye liner is weird.

      3. dnmstarsi

        @MaxNMotion It's your opinion much like Kaiser believing that Ultra Instinct is better than all other transformations that aren't Super Saiyan. Would you get hate? Probably but should you care that much? LOL Nope.

      4. MaxNMotion

        @dnmstarsi gonna flack for this but I think it looks better on Goku than SS4. So what if it makes him look older, isn’t Goku past 50 by now!? Does that include years in the time chamber?

      5. dnmstarsi

        Yeah but it doesn't mean it looks good on Goku nor doesn't fully nullify their opinion on it. ^^

    69. Sky4Jus

      Top 10 forms: #1: Gokui MUI #2 - #10: Irrelevant

    70. EnDisneaR chaliko

      Kid buu all the way. Primal and psychotic 🤓

    71. Wombat

      "No techniques, because they are not transformations, but techniques" How is Buu's absorptions on the list? I'd definitely count that as a technique.

      1. dnmstarsi

        @Wombat Still, his absorptions are both technique and form based.

      2. Wombat

        @dnmstarsi Well, about Cell's absorbtion, he has two kinds. The one with which he sucks people by just sticking the spike into them, and the one in which he eats the androids as whole by opening his butthole. The former is purely a techniqe to become stronger with, while the latter imo could be somewhat compared to installing new parts to a car or pc, for example.

      3. dnmstarsi

        @Wombat Well, while that is an understandable point, the end result is what makes a difference and separates it from the others who use absorption as an actual technique. Plus Cell utilizes absorption as both a transformation and a technique given his first form absorbed more than just 17 so in that same way, Cell and Buu are one of three characters that have a transformation that is also a technique (Goku and UI).

      4. Wombat

        @dnmstarsi Good point, but I'd still count it as a technique. Cell's transformations were engineered to work in specific ways, absorbing the androids 17 and 18. So they are transformations, no doubt. But Buu's absorbtion isn't specific like that, his forms are not predetermined forms. Instead, sending out parts of himself, absorbing any person he can catch, and gaining some of their attributes seems a lot like a technique to me, just as much as the fusion dance.

      5. dnmstarsi

        Buu undergoes a new form when he absorbs people much like Cell. He became different in both appearance and character unlike those who use absorption as a technique.

    72. An entity on youtube

      Personally I like SSJG's aura

    73. Camila Ibarra

      I want the top 20 bulma outfits. She is stunning!

    74. Ehab L

      I love the passion

    75. dobovan davis

      Ozaru ➕ supersaiyan

    76. Spex 2601

      I'd say Goku's Ultra Instinct is a technique adapted INTO a transformation. The angels don't appear to be transformed yet use the skill, but Goku gets shiny, then white hair. You know what I mean.

      1. dnmstarsi

        Also his mannerisms change compared to normal.

    77. J K

      If toriyama made gt about goku black and ss4 Gt would’ve probably been revolutionary

    78. Nigha Verse

      j j

    79. Mr. Honey Bee

      Kid buu always.

    80. 杰森Jasonジェイソン

      I would put ssj2 Gohan 1st then ssj Goku but they can be interchangeable then ultra instinct Goku. Hope Gohan comes back with his own transformation and it would be dope if it were ssj4. Because he embodies the rage of Oozaru

      1. dnmstarsi

        I doubt it since he's focusing on his human side than his Saiyan one or both.


      The pee yellow Oozaru looks awful and I really don’t like the look of SSJ4 it looks like someone wanted to make him edgy. I immediately hated the design of 4 the minute I saw it. It was way too much and needed to be toned down.

    82. the greedy king

      i'm gonna say it and get hate for it but f#$k it ssj 4 is so much cooler than ssgss fight me

      1. the greedy king

        @Patrick fair point

      2. Patrick

        SSj4 is the one part of GT that most people actually like, not a very controversial stance.

    83. Ten Digit Number

      As sad as it is to say... I actually wish Cell had stayed full bug monster. I was actually DISAPPOINTED as a kid when he changed into his semi-perfect form and then his perfect form. Imperfect Cell is probably the reason I love slow horror movie buildup and gore as much as I do. But that might just be me, and that doesn't knock how absolutely terrifying his transformations were. I don't really disagree with the placements of this list, though I kinda wish Super Saiyan 4 was higher for the reasons Kirran ranted about. It feels like it's the most real super saiyan of the forms, if only because it brought back primal monkey monster with the true oozaru heritage. Also that fur looks soft AF and I want to pet it.


        He looks like the edge lord villain who “feeds on your fears” and had the basic tragic backstory of oc villains.

    84. DarthBil1

      It pisses me off every time you pronounce Goku that way.

      1. DarthBil1

        @dnmstarsi What the hell makes you think I'm trying to be cool? He pronounces it differently than every other English speaking person; you don't do that by accident. And that is irritating to me. You get over me not getting over it.

      2. dnmstarsi

        @DarthBil1 Wrong. He grew up watching the Japanese version of Dragon Ball and is used to saying that as opposed to what the dub says and it's pretty sad when you're upset over a guy who prefers going by the original pronunciation than what the English version says and you assume he's saying that to feel "superior". Get over it, it's pathetic and not cool.

      3. DarthBil1

        @dnmstarsi He, along with everyone watching this video, grew up hearing it pronounced the way we all pronounce it. He just pronounces it differently to feel superior. It is fucking annoying.

      4. dnmstarsi

        Dude, he's just going by the original pronunciation. It's not good to be peeved by that. LOL

    85. Jacob Bertelsen

      Still kinda salty they gave mastered UI different hair colour. Reeally wish they just stuck to the white outlines from the initial unveiling. I sorta get why because they cant "stay" on it, but goddamnit it cheapens it a lot.

    86. King Vengeance

      I'd listen to Lani and Kaiser read me a book any day of the weak. You can tell they put a lot of passion in to the things they talk about and Kaiser's explaination of SSJ2 and U.I took me on a journey I wasn't quite prepared for but enjoyed anyway!

    87. JPlay45

      22:18 Apparently, at that point in heroes, they originally wanted trunks to be able to transform into SSJ4, but they didn’t feel like that red fur worked well with trunks’ hair so they went with god instead.

    88. The Ultimate retro Gamer

      Okay, I swear to fucking god, this song here: 36:00 sounds exactly like Pulp: The Fear, or at least has the same tune

    89. Ividboy

      *B R U H*

    90. Just a low quality memes salesman

      y'know Nick, Scott, and Curtis could become a barbershop trio and I would not complain one bit

    91. AlucardaLaCarte

      ArkSys to Kirran: Is this what you wanted? Is this what you had in mind? Is this what you wanted?? CAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GETTING!!!

    92. Kellen Lue

      I like super Buu, He's smart, Dangerous, and keeps his charm even after he absorbs people. But even still, he's got an 'explosive' temper. Also, can I get a "HELL YEAH" for SSJ4 Gogeta in FighterZ?!

    93. SSJBlueGoku0

      I was kinda sad when i saw that Super Saiyan Blue (Evolution) ( the last form vegeta unlocked) wasent there

    94. Omni Movie nerd

      Technically...Dokkan battle gave us answer to how Vegeta could go blue and god! 😂😂😂

    95. BlindBrad BradCarriage

      How does he still fuck up the pronunciation of Goku?! I know that it’s wrong, I hear that it’s wrong, but I have no idea how he does it!

      1. gjn jjbgjmg

        @BlindBrad BradCarriage I understand

      2. BlindBrad BradCarriage

        @gjn jjbgjmg Ahhh, I see. Then I take back my negative connotation, but I still don’t understand how he’s saying it though. I can here that it’s different, but it’s still so close to how I know it to be pronoucned that it’s tripping me out

      3. gjn jjbgjmg

        That's how it's supposed to be pronounced, it's how they say his name in the original. Just because an American dub you watched pronounced it wrong doesn't mean he's saying it wrong.

    96. Roland Terrell

      The gainful trowel dewailly arrive because process spectroscopically shiver after a separate armenian. polite, poised uncle

    97. mohammed hussain

      fat buu 100 percent

    98. Carnign91

      The thing about SSJ4 I would have loved it if it the fur was gold they went from giant golden apes to pink fur? That part was always odd to me and the getting new clothes part was weird Gogeta is a fusion so that made sense but SSJ4 was just another transformation so was strange to me

    99. Samuel Basso de Oliveira

      23:50 i dont get,what he means like full brazilian?

    100. Why We Watch

      I can't believe you didn't talk about Cell's voice One of the coolest things I ever read was a comparison of the main characters' fighting styles. Gohan's was punishing, and it's so perfect for his arc, and it's even maintained in the Buu saga. Gohan as this universe's Batman, in multiple senses, is something that could've been expanded quite a bit, at least up to a certain point before things get a little repetitive or too close to Bruce's story. (I'm having trouble finding whatever I read, but to help with that, I think someone's was efficiency. Maybe Vegeta?)