Videogame Grabbag! | Talkcast Podshow Ep. 47 - TeamFourStar (TFS)


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    Nick, Grant, and Scott talk about one of their favorite casual past-times: VIDJAGAMES!
    00:00 Intro
    01:17 The Round-Up! (New Segment)
    18:40 Main Topic
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    1. akbmfm

      By "not buying it" you are actively boycotting it without bringing attention to the subject and possibly create the opposite of the intended effect.

    2. LEGO

      I always hear people talk about certain franchises. I feel like an outcast because I have never played a Pokemon or a Zelda game in my life

    3. Siris 95

      I need A Link Between Worlds rerelease

    4. Some Guy From The Internet

      If vampires just turn into dust when you decapitate them you can do it PG-13 but it'll be lame.

    5. Akinokaze Haruichiban

      The Nick Cage FNAF film wasn't good, but it did get me to watch the Banana Splits movie, and that was actually pretty damn good.

    6. wolflance64

      As someone in the splatoon community, I suggest giving the dlc of splatoon 2 a shot if you want more single player stuff of that, and multiplayer is great with friends 2v2 lobbies can be neat.

    7. THEEND4444

      I will not accept any negative criticism of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. It is a masterpiece.

    8. MARMAJE69

      35:40 Here is it guys. HK

    9. Andre Carpenter

      I love hearthstone, but I never spent a single cent with it and because of that can’t play most of the actual decent decks. Blizzard has been doing this shit for many years

    10. 1SeniorSmurf

      My question to Kaiser is who is the bigger child, the one who insistently complains about something that doesn’t affect them. Or the one who has their opinion, but ultimately moves on with their day. Unsolicited complaining is not the same as critiquing. Sometimes people want to just enjoy things without someone reminding of the things wrong with that they enjoy. Edit after finishing the vid: Chill Kaiser. You’re a cool dude, but you go from 0 to a 100 faster than may be healthy.

      1. Zacman1123

        I'd say the one who complains insistently about something that doesn't affect them is the bigger child because it's like "obviously you DO care if you're complaining about."

    11. Brendan Smith

      I guess it’s a testament to how good the series was, but the amount of comments that just won’t let DBZA REST IN PEACE already, makes me want to set fire to the Internet. I’m just glad that we’re still getting dragon shorts and other anime related videos from the team

    12. ultimataco

      "Kombat babies, make your dreams fatal"

    13. Sharkdoge429

      Literally the only podcast I watch

    14. Machamp

      Hey guys, it’s Machamp, again. Here to ask, AGAIN, if/when we will be getting Nuzlockes for Gens 5 and 6 of Pokémon?

      1. Dark_Tail

        Hoping they do one for the Sinnoh Remakes as well.

    15. SAUCEBOSS49

      You know what would be crazy.... if they were working on dbz abridged this whole time.... crazy right?....right?

      1. SAUCEBOSS49

        @Brendan Smith no I mean like the actual series

      2. Brendan Smith

        Yeah, they’re called Dragon shortz.

    16. Destroyerpizza

      Please make dragon ball buu saga please

    17. David Tidwell

      I’m glad I picked Hollow Knight up again. It’s my jam right now. I bought it on Steam years ago and put some time into it but eventually moved to the Switch version for the portability. Then I stopped playing for some reason. Now I’m back to making progress on the Steam version and it’s amazing on an upgraded rig. Beautiful, brilliant game with some really smooth gameplay and excellent world design.

    18. romin raims

      But guys ik blizzard sucks but hey we got Diablo remakes...little on the new Diablo...damnit blizzard the last thing they had going

    19. Bubbatauti

      I spent $100 on Fire Emblem Heroes in one day. Made me realize I have an affinity for compulsive gambling. I refuse to play gacha games nowadays, full stop, even if I legitimately think they look fun like Duel Links or Genshin. I won't fall back down that spiral.

    20. Zerixo Slacker

      Do the Buu guys you’re like at the finish line in DBZ

    21. Bradley Silvers

      Please start a super abridged series

    22. Ruben Guzman

      Dragon ball z broly second Coming Movie??????

    23. Double g officieel

      You must obey the 10 commandments that are written in the Holy Bible.

    24. Scripted Valor

      wow Lanni looks so thin.

    25. ClauXIT

      When the hell is majin buu saga coming out I know its over but i still want it I want it i want it i want it

    26. detective foxley

      Hollow Knight fans assemble

    27. DBPrince OS

      When are you gonna do the Buu saga of Dbz TFS?

      1. Thomas Adams

        They aren't. It ended with Cell and the Trunks Epilogue.

    28. Clark Hack

      Hi Dudes, Question, so when Super Kame Dende Made the wish to bring everyone that was kill by Freezer... Does that mean he brought back all the Sayians From that Bardock spacial just to have them die in space again!? Hmmm

    29. Erik Kongslien

      I met you guys at a convention I worked for years ago and I just want to say hi. We should catch up some time.

    30. The Jurassic Republic

      I was going through abridged and I was excited for the buu saga now I'm sad

    31. Mr Cherry

      Make a song call Piccolo’s dad is a bitch

    32. MightyQuon

      Why isn’t dragon ball super abridged happening again?

    33. Eli Shreddinger

      I know DBZA is over but there's this song... Olivia Addams - Are we there (yet?)... Whenever it plays on the radio, I hear Nappa instead of the singer. Any chance a cover would happen, pretty please?

    34. Orestis Veseli

      Can we have a new abridged series the pandemic made a void I need to fill please 😟

      1. Brendan Smith

        Check out the occasional “anime in minutes” videos they’ve done. Or the dragon shorts, which continues the abridged universe in original video bits

    35. OtakuSparrow

      "Then don't buy it" reminds me when people complain that games has stuff that makes it easy, but the stuff is OPTIONAL. I do think it's fair to say "Then don't use it" in this case lol

    36. fortnite unicorn z girl


    37. Deoxy360

      I've been listening to this podcast since episode 1 and it's always fun to listen to while I chill out and play video games or need something to listen to while reading.

    38. Trinexx Slayer

      Closing your DS is just putting it in sleep mode and is only used once in Phantom Tracks (better known as Phantom Hourglass)

    39. FunDumb Hero

      I'm sorry, but if you charge 60 dollars for games that are older than my kid (11 this year) you better jam pack that in with some extra stuff.

    40. Kira Aotsuki

      In regards to skyward sword, sadly old zelda games never had camera controls, so while i know wind waker and TP remake had full camera control, this one might be the old classic of just using z target to re center the camera. All that said, i still actually love this game and do have faith that the remake will trim some of the fat (Fi interruptions, over-tutorializing, etc) like the other games got. I also get the price is a bit high, but i hope they do a good job streamlining the game for new audiences

    41. Gxraider

      Try octopatb Traveler, made by Square Enix it was well worth it

      1. Robert Mercer

        They played some of it on their gaming channel

    42. Luis Munoz

      Brrrooo @teamfourstar there making a live action version of hellsing you need to be in it many people have accepted the abridged version as canon

    43. max wortel

      Had to drop a like for hollow knight

    44. CR64productions

      TFS plus Jim Sterling! What a combo. I know that Laura K Dale knows a couple of TFS thanks to the butt book, could we have a Talkcast Podquistion? Also, all the people asking for DBZA 61: it’s not happening. They did a post about it. They have moved on and there’s plenty of things coming that have been postponed due to COVID.

    45. Sasha Saitanya

      I wish these guys would at the very least do the Majin Vegeta speech scene from the Majin Buu arc.

      1. Robert Mercer

        Check Lani's Twitter, he posted his version there

    46. ranwolf76

      For me, the only time "Then don't buy it." is a valid argument is when someone is complaining about a comic book series issue after issue. If you hate it so much why are you reading every issue?

      1. ranwolf76

        @KaiserNeko And I've seen it happen in forums fairly regularly and by the same users time after time

      2. KaiserNeko

        I mean yeah. At that point, put the comic down and walk away, friend. I understand wanting to stick with something to the end, but like... unless the enjoyment you get from bitching about it is *really that good*...

    47. PUFFA FISH

      What's a skalper

      1. ranwolf76

        Some one that buys an item in high demand like the PS5 or tickets to a concert or sporting event and then sells then for a massive price hike. A PS5 costs about $500, but scalpers are selling them for $2500 and up.

    48. superboardvii

      lol these boys need to rewatch iron man 3 the whole mandarin bit is the entire 3rd act twist. not a good one, but very much integral to the story

    49. Blitz Plays

      46:00 please stop contributing to climate change Lani

    50. Blitz Plays

      40:10 Same kaiser, same

    51. Blitz Plays

      27:36 that was phantom HOURGLASS

    52. Matthew Smith

      Modern Blizzard isn't really Blizzard anymore! It's Activision! Activision sunk their slimy parasitic tentacles into what Blizzard and has changed it into a husk of what it was which they puppet around to try and get at people's nostalgia!


      Nice XD 😎

    54. sam picou

      I keep dropping in to see if they finally realized they can and should keep dbza going and keep pushing myself deeper into depression at the lack of new dbza.

      1. Brendan Smith

        You should check out their dragon shortz videos. It’s the same abridged universe, but with completely new assets so they can do original stuff… Like Vegeta harassing teen Gohan to FIGHT ME!

      2. Kaelmic

        @KaiserNeko i certainly hope one day you all can produce an original piece of writing imbued with the same passion in dbza, helsing, ff7, etc, because from my perspective at least, i havent seen it yet. Thats what i keep checking in for, anyway. Yall have a lot of untapped potential still.

      3. KaiserNeko

        It isn't happening friend. We have some new shows coming, but DBZA is finished.

    55. Lain

      For bitcoin at least, value rewarded to miners halves every 4 years. Eventually mining will stop/slow down because it won't be cost effective. This is for a given currency. Since a few currencies will always dominate, there will come a time when most mining will no longer be cost effective. So, yeah. I don't think mining will always be an ethical concern for crypto.

    56. David Bishop

      Stephen's face during the sponsor read. Perfect, hope that was a bit. Stephen's a good one.

    57. Luigizilla

      Even as someone who genuinely enjoys Skyward Sword, I think 60 bucks is way too much

    58. Ryan

      Whaaaaaat? Something involving 5 nights at freddy's was awful? That's shocking! I am shocked! Who could've seen that coming said no one ever.

    59. Matt329

      They thought grinding in Overwatch was bad? Try grinding in MK11 It’s goddamned nightmare to get the things you want for any of the characters you like

    60. Saixer

      Hey guys, can people use less than 30 seconds of one of your songs? for ending screens for example?

    61. ArtistaFrustrado - KFP Night Shift

      -oh yeah Kano is literally going to be the most obvious "twist" -yeah, Five Nights at Nick Cage's was an ok time watching it with friends over Discord, but yeah they not giving any dialogue to Nick was a massive waste -fuck Scalpers, might all their shit be rendered worthless & then stolen anyway for the rest of their miserable lives

      1. Thomas Adams

        @Ryan It wasn't the official Five Nights movie. Just a knock off. The actual movie could be good, there is an overarching story that could make for a good movie.

      2. Ryan

        Who thought that a five movie was going to be GOOD? I don't see anything from those games that you could've pulled to make a movie. Maybe as a short film where you just do what you do in the game.

    62. Bearer of Bad news 13

      I excited for Miitopia love that 3Ds game has nice charm to it. I’m Glad I get to play it again and I my try the unconventional jobs for my mii this time.

    63. Lil Tucci

      Imagine this being brodcasted by Vegeta.

    64. TheDarkSkyKingdom

      Damn, you can get the entire kh collection for what? $20? And Skyward sword for switch is actually a whole $60?

    65. Osvaldo Cabello

      Then don't buy it

    66. Ursy R

      Ide like to know how kaiser feels about team fortress 2 and its in game transactions, unusuals, MVM, and that whole market.

    67. OniAkuma

      Valheim is amazing! How are there 100 comments and no one else has mentioned it? Sold 4 Million Copies in less than 4 weeks of release

    68. Donald Appelbaum

      All I want from Nintendo is Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch...

    69. cherch222

      I knew I loved Ryan Reynolds at an early age. Blade 3 is the first movie I saw him in, and he is the entire reason Blade 3 is my favorite.

    70. DeathGodRiku

      I've only beaten Oracle of Ages and Phantom Hourglass

    71. DeathGodRiku

      How is Skyward Sword worse than the LoZ 2?

      1. Euan Griffiths

        It isn't, Scott said he's only played BOTW so I'm pretty sure he's just talking out of his ass.

      2. Jay T.

        That's a very unfair comparison with the huge time difference between what was possible in games. LoZ 2 was far too ahead of it's time for what it was trying to do, and tried to be too different from the previous game without having advanced enough technology.

    72. DBTGAMER

      Hi good podcast! I would really like to see you guys continue your, Pokémon Nozlock seri Gen 5 Gen 6. 🤔🙂🎮

    73. Kevin Cullen

      Splat tim 3

    74. Mese Ktet

      Been playing City of Heroes lately.

    75. Jacob Nevin

      My unexcitment for Splatoon 3 stems from the fact that the first game was imo much better than the second, they don't support the game for as long a time as they should after release and I feel like it is going to end up becoming the call of duty of Nintendo

    76. Kumakare

      I've never really been into podcasts before i started watching your series lol

    77. Kumakare


    78. Azhrei Vep

      Splatoon had a TWO? The mind boggles at the idea that the first sold well enough to warrant ONE sequel, let alone two.

    79. Obi Juan

      "Super Marioverse: age of Yoshi " is a proper name

    80. Ronin11111111

      Who needs Diablo when you have Nioh 2

    81. Guilherme Franco

      I had a fucking stroke when they said Kano never fought for the side of Earthrealm. It's ok if they only know the lore from 9 onwards, but maybe they should say "to my knowledge". Other than that, fantastic video

      1. Guilherme Franco

        @Jay T. true, but it still had good lore. And in fact kano still fought with the good guys. It's still a fucking rule that warriors can only fight for their realm

      2. Jay T.

        Meh, old MK lore is basically considered inconsequential. They'll pull some characters from that but besides that the actions characters do only matter in the current timeline.

    82. Xavier Jimenez

      "no ethical consumption under capitalism"

    83. Bexarath

      RLM talked about the Nick Cage FNaF movie on the latest Half in the Bag. Seems to be an incredibly lazy cash grab.

      1. Jay T.

        Yeah it's garbage.

    84. Xavier Jimenez

      Love the vidjagames graphic

    85. GolfnGame Approach

      When are you guys gonna dub my hero!

      1. Jay T.

        Different people are doin a MH Abridged and they've said before if that's what people want check put that channel. They're done with Abridged content for the foreseeable future.

    86. Isaac Ambert

      There's a rumor of wind waker and Twilight princess coming in double pack and also thank you for recommending jujutsu kaisen, its fucking amazing.

    87. Edward Nygma

      God, 0:21 to 0:38 was so good.

    88. Kelvin lo

      Can you guys do cell vs mortal kombat scorpion and sub-zero

      1. Jay T.

        DevilArtemis has basically taken over the Cell Vs. videos.

    89. Trap Peach!


    90. SkyDrifter

      >Take that genshin impact Thank you about time someone said it. I will never support gambling/loot box garbage in video games.

    91. pokecool22

      Alright, skyward sword has a great story, but is an ass game. Very hard to play but such a good story and concept. Wasted potential imo.

    92. The810kid

      I'm sorry Lani I have to correct you but Crossbones was never in Agents of Shield

    93. Michael Wong

      48:10... How's this for a mind-screw: free range animal farming is actually regenerative, while plant farming only depletes. Regenerative farming of animals is better for the environment than mono-crops. I wanted to believe that plant farming was better. But between killing the soil, over use of pesticides, and the need of heavy machinery, it's not.

    94. AquelGamerMexicano

      Okay, sorry, i have to say this, Kaiser, 23:10 , are you actually fucking serious? I get it, "don't buy it" is not a counter-argument to criticism, but it's still something worth saying, because guess what? Companies listen to you WHEN YOU SPEAK WITH YOUR WALLET. It's honestly quite hard to swallow when you, of all people, say "shut up, you're a fucking child" to the people on an argument that yeah, adds nothing to the conversation, yet it's not a lie. Wait for a price drop, or don't buy things you don't think are worth your time and money. It really is that simple.

      1. AquelGamerMexicano

        @KaiserNeko Oh no trust me i hate when that happens so it wouldn't be fair for me to do that to you in a discussion i know we both care about. And i appreciate you also be open for a discussion after my own attitude being on a low point.

      2. KaiserNeko

        @AquelGamerMexicano I just appreciate you approaching me directly and giving me a chance to explain. A lot of people would hear what I said and just tune me out altogether.

      3. AquelGamerMexicano

        @KaiserNeko Yeah, i do apologize for my own approach, i can definitely improve on that if i want to also share my own thoughts on these kind of topics. And yeah, we did talk about this previously, and i appreciate the response regardless. Once again, my apologies for my own approach.

      4. KaiserNeko

        We talked about this on Twitter, but to clarify for anyone else reading this: My point was in response to people who deflect media criticism of things they like with the phrase, "Don't buy it!" Obviously we should vote with our wallets. I do my best to never purchase any product when I'm feeling ripped off or exploited. I actively promote other people do the same. I was only-- ONLY-- addressing people who get defensive over the things they like and use "Don't buy it!" as a way to deflect criticism. That being said, I was pretty frustrated when I said that, and I don't think the way I said it was appropriate.

    95. dantedoomsday

      It's been confirmed for awhile now that the real Mandarin will be in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    96. Mayeur000Donz

      The "Don't buy it" crowd appear in many forms. Criticize a movie or TV show, they'll say "Don't watch". It's easier to paint it like you're exhibiting a character flaw, than it is to just accept there's criticism out there for a product they enjoy.

    97. BrimstoneBro

      The poor lads, they don't know that the PlayStation direct had pretty much nothing worth getting hyped for XP

      1. ssantos88

        Final Fantasy VII fans: I think it was a pretty decent direct.

    98. MrSHADOWANGEL999

      Many interesting movies ahead

    99. BlakeJ210

      In MK 9 He was pretending to be a Special Forces Agent

    100. TheeKyuubiKidd

      Kinda ticked off that VtM:B2 got shelved. I loved that freaking game!

      1. Jay T.

        It's not shelved for now just pushed back.