Wandavision! FULL REVIEW | Talkcast Podshow Ep. 48 - TeamFourStar (TFS)


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    The series has wrapped up, and now Stephan, Scott, and Nick are diving deep into the first step in Marvel's Phase 4: Wandavision!
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    1. Diana Bacovis

      I doubt any Marvel series will have multiple seasons, with the exception of 'what if'. These shows are meant to take characters from point A to B in a format that wouldn't fit in a movie, either for artistic or profit reasons, after the character is taken to point B, they'll show up in a movie and their story will continue. If there's need to make another show starring Wanda, she'll no longer be in point B, because the movie(s) will have taken her to another point in her life and it wouldn't make sense to call it a sequel to WandaVision, it would be a different show.

    2. Lazypackmule

      Not surprising that two-thirds of the people in this are massive weenie babies about Rurouni Kenshin

    3. SapphicSammi

      I would like to see the MCU do: A Dr. Doom movie/series about his origins The Crew series An A-Force series Young Avengers/Champions series Silver Surfer movie Nova movie

    4. Rick Bone

      What’s up with the kenshen movies?

    5. TBuckley 20

      I really think Greg Cipes would be a great live action iron fist

    6. Arc Caravan

      Now I am contemplating if Mephisto could show up to strike a deal with MCU Spiderman.

    7. Akinokaze Haruichiban

      Since the Universal Studios issue has been keeping them from making a Hulk movie [I've heard that Disney owns him as of late 2020, but not seen it confirmed so gonna proceed as though they don't,] I wonder if Disney could make a Disney+ Hulk show? There's a lot you could do with the character in a series setting [it has been a series before afterall] so that would be a good way to tell full Hulk stories now that they haven't been able to do in the films [like a real Planet Hulk series instead of some minor nods within Thor Ragnarok.]

    8. Akinokaze Haruichiban

      Idris Elba as Walter sounds good at first.... till you think about where Walter ends up and who he works with.... I don't really see him fitting in with that particular crowd XD

    9. Cesar Rojas

      I wonder if you'll watch Invincible this Friday

    10. Benjamin French

      Immortal Hulk but it'll never happen

    11. Jordan Carrillo

      Wanda married her vibrator think about it

    12. Some Guy From The Internet

      I want a Doctor Doom series. One of Marvel's greatest tech AND magic users not to mention a dictator. The first season could be about his drive to save his mother's soul from Mephisto. Mastering sorcery and technology while also slowly turning from a good-hearted child to a brutal monarch. Doctor Strange helps Doctor Doom fight Mephisto and the producers have their movie tie-in. Second season can be about his rivalry with Reed Richards and his rise to power in Latveria. Then y'know, from there Doom does as Doom pleases.

    13. Gene Jost

      Yall didn't like Dawn of the Dead?

    14. Johnny Anton

      Rambo's character looked drunk half the time, and sober the other half. It was bizarre. I don't think the actress was drunk, but at the same time if it was played as confusion she might of been playing it like that. The 1000 mile stare.

    15. Drew Hoskins-Smith

      I was disappointed that Peter Evans' Quicksilver wasn't pulled through from the X-Men universe, to be honest. Marvel does like to tease us with the multiverse so far! As for the sitcom jokes not being too funny, could that be a fan writing problem? Loads of us like to think and even say what would be cool or funny in a series we love, but it doesn't mean it's in keeping or as good as we think. Wanda could just be a bad fan writer.

    16. Kentrc11

      Wow, just saw Cell in Hell. Could not take my eyes off of it - had to watch it from start to finish. More of that please! Was that a leak?

    17. Kinoksis

      It's a good thing I saw Cell in Hell the moment it was uploaded, but why remove it?

    18. Rimikatz

      What's wrong with Cell in Hell? 🤔

    19. TheChosen One

      Bring back cell in hell I was watching that!!!!

      1. But First He Lit it on Fire

        I didn’t even get the chance to see it before they recalled it.

    20. i

      Why did you just delete the cell video

    21. Daniel De Broeck

      I really want a X-Men show in the MCU you can flush out so many characters you couldn’t in a movie

    22. Bulba Saur

      Channel is dead without dbz

    23. TypausZuendorf

      Okay guys the Pandemic is kinda not stopping so start making new DBZ Abridged episodes. I do think the people need that....

    24. Savage Tasku


    25. Elias The man

      Can they do dragon ball super parydo pls

    26. Durf6199

      I would love to see some of the mutants stuff on Disney Plus. Like I know they won't do the main X-Men team on tv instead of a movie, but like what about some of the other teams? X Factor, X Force, or New Mutants(would probably have to wait for the stink of the movie to go away for that one first) would be ones off the top of my head

    27. deadcard13

      I vote Karl Urban as Alucard, and Michael Sheen as Walter. I'd say Girard Butler as Father Anderson, but I know Amazon has the money to get Urban and Sheen.

    28. GentlemanDemon

      I'm stoked for the Ms Marvel show. She's a fun character, and she treads a lot of the teenage superhero stuff, like what you were saying about having a Spider-man show.

    29. nirobu

      wait what? what was the thing they were talking about with the rurouni kenshin thing?

    30. tharealmb

      I just listened to an explanation on how expectations and sight influence our taste more than.... taste. So not finding out by taste you had the wrong snack, didn't surprise me ;-)

    31. Nero Alexander

      I don´t get it, if they can do this then why can´t they do a D&D campain

    32. Mese Ktet

      Just going to say it; Nicholas Cage as Alucard.

    33. matthew holmes

      Bring back dbza

    34. Magneto

      You want to cast a live action Alucard. You might groan when you read this, but hear me out. You want a strong character actor who can look the part, right? Someone who can inhabit the costume, the body language, and just kinda make the over-the-top nature of Alucard work, right? How about a guy whose memorable portrayals of larger-than-life characters have literally kept entire franchises afloat? A guy who can blend extremely well into the kind of grim, dark, yet absurd world that Hellsing takes place in? Johnny Depp. You ask me, Johnny Depp is your Alucard.

    35. Dhyfis

      Super stoked for the Falcon and Winter Soldier. If we're going to get a series that hasn't already been announced, then I would really appreciate a combination of the Howling Commandos and the Invaders where we have the Howling Commandos tacking Nazis with occasional appearances of other World War 2 era characters like the original Human Torch (the first Marvel character) and Union Jack.

    36. Bangerang Eliko

      The last episode of WandaVision was labelled as a series finale - so, no it wont get a season 2. Just a miniseries that connects to Doctor Strange 2 and Spider-Man No Way Home

    37. Ghassan Aldalali

      I wish you guys did the majin buy saga it would have been funny

    38. Zerixo Slacker

      Do the fucking buu saga like you guys fought when your vids got taken down and we all stood with you and if it happens again will fight with once more just don’t give up when you’re at the finish line

      1. Joshua Levenberg

        Team Four Star said they were done with DBZ Abridged. Let it go.

    39. Dr. Yeezy

      I think young avengers would be a great like 10 episode series and it could help to play with some Kang the conqueror shit

    40. Gorgonzola2104

      GREAT LAKES AVENGERS!!! Pardon my shouty voice. The MCU is fundamentally Action-Adventure with healthy zests of comedy added in. A GLA series could be a lot more comedic with dashes of action thrown in.

    41. MahoganytownXD

      Lani kinda giving off Haley Joel Osment vibes right now.

    42. Chris Cannon

      Shame they don't have much comic readers on the team, I would've loved to inform them about key elements from the comics.

    43. Edward Calvo

      Easily could bring Harry and Ozcorp into the MCU and you'd need to do it with a show. Harry was the third musketeer of Peter, and Ned but moved away in middle schools because his father's pharmaceutical company was taking off. First episode Harry is back in town, Ozcorp gets a big contract to replicate the super soldier serum and at the end of the episode Norman is exposed and through the first season he exposes himself more and more until he becomes the green goblin.

    44. Ran Wolf

      Marvel should cast Henry Cavill as Hyperion or Sentry just to mess with DC.

    45. Turd Blossom

      I miss DBZA

    46. stardustmagician24

      Am I the only one who wants Scott, Stephan and Linkara to talk for an hour about Spiderman?

      1. GentlemanDemon

        You should look up their Spider-man episode of the show cuz they literally had Linkara as a guest lol

    47. Torterra

      Honestly, I’m hard pressed to think of a show they aren’t already giving me. Ms. Marvel She Hulk Secret Invasion The only way I could somehow be MORE happy is if they found a way to make Nova into a show, but I have a feeling it’ll be a movie before anything else. And if they’re going the same route Ant-Man did, it’ll be an aged Richard Rider mentoring a young Sam Alexander.

    48. Justin Pruett

      Stephan seems like a great guy, but he and I would not have a fun MCU talk. He apparently wants and expects completely different things from this “series.” Also he’s flat out wrong about the kids disappearing. That was the best way to handle it. It was the ultimate “you shouldn’t have to worry.” Her kids went to bed in peace. That’s beautiful.

    49. Alex J

      Personally, I’d love a Ghost rider mini series with Nick Cage coming back. With 4 billion souls leaving heaven/hell would be a perfect opportunity to reintroduce the character. It doesn’t have to be Cage though, I’m not picky.

    50. Torterra

      Stephan has the exact same attitude about Zack Snyder’s Justice League that I do. This is going to suck. But goddamn it, this is gonna be a fun four hours.

    51. Juho Tapojärvi

      Ok, show of hands, who else giggled like a child when Scot's face lit up and the squeak sound effect went off?

    52. LouKrisha Davis

      Can you please do Dragon Ball Super abridged

    53. Jacob R3DD

      Get back to doing db abridged

    54. Claymoresmash

      Stephan, stop talking over Kaiser.. As someone accused of doing this a lot myself, really listen to this and try to listen for where you're doing it. It gets uncomfortable in places.

    55. Rookee Alding

      lol, if the next spiderman has a "sparta" moment in which a lot of people dressed as spiderman, Pull off their mask and proclaim that each of them are Spider man, and two or three people in you get the other two actors. As a way to divert expectations and do something with the ending of spiderman 2.

    56. Austin Peters

      Are you guys going to make any new abridged series, or is that no longer a thing?

    57. narutoman165

      other than bokksu, how and/or where can i order japanese snacks ?

    58. NathanielBolt

      A zack Snyder made atlas shrugged would be awesome!

    59. Blue lantern Guardian Angel

      Wandavision was a hit and miss for me. Most of the stuff they did I liked with a few exceptions: One, the military dude being the villain was completely unnecessary. Why does he need to be the villain? He could've been like general Ross from Ang Lee's hulk. Someone who put the safety of the civilians above all else and if that included killing Wanda so be it. He could've said "I dont to but unless she takes it down or we can cross safely, killing her might be our only option" he doesn't need to be cartoonishly evil just because he's a white man Two how the hell did sword get vision's body? First of all he died in wakanda so he's already in an unreachable location. Second Bruce banner was present when it happened, you dont think he would've done something with his body? Put it in storage or anything? And even if they somehow got vision's body, why didn't wanda go to Pepper Potts and ask for help. Vision was made by Tony stark AND Jarvis was part of his programming so it stands to reason that vision belongs to stark industries (yeah yeah he's sentient blah blah I'm just covering for semantics lol) Three, Agatha was the hero and Wanda the villain, idk why Monica was sucking dick so hard lol And lastly no doctor strange at all???? It would've been fine if this all took place within like a weekend but if I remember correctly they said it's been weeks. Even if dr strange couldn't sense a disturbance in the force, it probably would've made it on the news. AND even if they silence the media, you don't think they would've called him anyways cuz magic be wilding? Idk it just seems like a missed opportunity. It's like having a horror movie but without the cops showing up to help at the end Ps I loved the video from youngrippa on SEprom when he made a video about Agatha. Basically marvel took an almost unknown character that nobody cared about and made her popular with good writing and a good cast. If that's the case.......... they have no excuse on making more diverse characters into movies. "Oh nobody wants a black/woman/gay/whatever lead as a hero" bs we've been wanting a John Stewart green lantern movie for ages now you dont have any excuses Hollywood executives!

    60. Macaroni Men

      I hate it when people say comics "reboot all the time" when DC has rebooted twice (and not even completely either time) and Marvel has never rebooted Also U.S.Agent hasn't been a villain in decades

      1. Joshua Levenberg

        @Ran Wolf More like Secret Wars merged the Ultimate Universe with the mainline one.

      2. Macaroni Men

        @Ran Wolf They didn't reboot, just renumbered all their series back to #1

      3. Ran Wolf

        Marvel rebooted with the Secret Wars series a couple years ago

    61. KazyYazy

      Y’all should make attack on titan abridged

    62. HayleyDBZ

      James Franco as Harry Osborne was always my favorite but still I wish they'd have Harry in the mcu 😔 they kinda just,,, made things weird with Spidey

      1. HayleyDBZ

        @Montecristo Smith 😏😏🤸‍♂️

      2. Montecristo Smith

        He was...so good😎

    63. HayleyDBZ


    64. HayleyDBZ


    65. HayleyDBZ

      I love what yall said about race and Falcon and Winter Soldier, that's not something I knew and it was super interesting and I kinda hope they talk about this and handle it well!

    66. DantheDeer

      after Endgame it would take 3-4 movies before non-hardcore fans would get back on the hype wagon. This show was a good way to get fans back on board for phase 4 movies. I personally didn't care about the winter soldier and captain Marvel 2, but now i'm re-invested; there's been a breather time and i'm ready for more cut&paste classic-style movies that keep getting regurgitated from Marvel.

    67. HayleyDBZ


    68. HayleyDBZ

      I believe Loki and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are all supposed to be just one season of 6 episodes and that's it. nothing more

    69. HayleyDBZ

      "what if doctor who was chaotic neutral" 😭LMAO

    70. Doctor4077

      Lani: you’re not bringing back any of the villains *Red Skull has entered the chat*

      1. o0bookwyrmknight0o

        It’s weird because Abomination is still alive but I doubt at this point Marvel will do anything with him, or the Leader.

      2. Franciszek Rychlewicz

        Aaand Loki.

    71. NRB10ful

      Michael Caine as Walter

    72. The Skeleton

      Ok this is not related but please do the seven deadly sins movie abridged. I’m not forcing you to do it but OMG there are so many things you can make fun of or make jokes about in the movie. It’s as if it was made to be abridged. Do whatever you want but please consider it

    73. C Jajenkins

      13:50 "We live in a society" Jared Cobblepot

    74. First name Last name

      The guy who plays John Kreese from karate kid as Alexander Anderson!

    75. JB97

      Disliking 300?!

    76. David Tidwell

      Hit the nail in the head regarding WandaVision. The best parts of the show were the parts that focused on the title characters. All the buildup was intriguing. The payoff was a bit disappointing. Still a worthwhile series overall, but it could’ve shaved off the unnecessary lead-ins to other series or movies.

    77. Uncleanactions

      I'd adore a taskmaster spin off show where he's the main character

    78. Kyan Barrett

      Bring back dbza

    79. Ty nolen

      What about people from New Asgard? wouldn't their children take place of mutants?

    80. necro6767676

      I want a show with shuri and okoye/Nakia figuring out who should be the next black panther. I don't want shuri to become black panther though. Her as iron man and tech girl to rhodey would be awesome and could spin off to develop that relationship.

    81. common viewer

      Monica really needed a scene that concretely justified her being there. Her presence ultimately amounted to nothing. Like Quicksilver.

      1. AlexArken

        More Monica

    82. Daniel Mays

      What do I want from the MCU on Disney Plus? A show about Magneto and Xavier going around hiding the existence of Mutants for the last 70 years, revealing mutants have been there all along. Also showing Xavier swapping bodies and Magneto hardly aging so they can keep their interesting origins.

    83. Jake Croft

      I genuinely think the Xmen need a show not a movie. They cast is too big, a show gives you more time to delve into the many characters and give everyone their time in the spotlight

    84. TheIllustriouBlueJay

      There's no multi seasons planned for the shows. They're meant to be one-shots leading into the movies.

    85. Braxton Jones

      I still want an xfiles style jimmy woo show

    86. AkodoRokku

      I want Jimmy and Darcy just doing X-FIles shit.

    87. Broseph Stalin

      Ok that's a really interesting and hopelessly optimistic prediction on Stephan's part, that Falcon and the Winter Soldier would actually critique America's role in WWII or examine its history in any critical way. Not gonna happen. You're expecting a challenge to American nationalism and identity, a glove in the face of the status quo... from Disney. Keep dreaming, buddy. You're going to get the same milquetoast explanation for every time the US government does anything bad in the MCU: "the system isn't the problem, it's just being controlled by the wrong people." You MAY be onto something about maybe bringing in a racial component to how the show portrays Sam's introduction as Captain America, but chances are it's going to be really subtle.

    88. Broseph Stalin

      I don't know who on this show needs to read this, but your phone has a mute switch so we don't have to hear you texting

    89. rakbel316

      Not counting what Marvel has already announced for series, I would love to see a Namor series, I think Namor better fits a series than a movie.

    90. Bluefox 40k

      fun fact. Marvel has never done a reboot. they have retconned thing but never full blown reboot.

    91. Justin Webb

      Ok, I do not know if they have announced anything regarding this already, if they have pleases let me know. I would like to see a disney plus show focusing on the Guardians of the Galaxy with Thor. I want to see the dynamic they set up with Thor and Starlord at the end of Endgame expanded upon, and I want to see how Peter interacts with the "New" Gamora. I loved both the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Thor Ragnorok, so I hope they can take the energy of those movies and make a show with it.

      1. Justin Webb

        @cg123ize thanks for letting me know.😃

      2. cg123ize

        There is a guardians, a guardians sequel, guardians holiday special, and a Thor sequel in development. The Thor film is coming out first and appears to be a prequel to the guardians sequel just mentioned

    92. dougtheheavy

      Ooook, if you wanna listen to a talk about wandavison, go ahead and skip to the 30 MINUTE MARK. Good lord.

      1. Diego Cortes

        @dougtheheavy personally I prefer podcasts where multiple topics are brought up and multiple discussions are had. One topic being talked about exclusively for more than an hour can get a bit repetitive. There’s only so much that can be said about any one thing, a lot more can be said about many things.

      2. dougtheheavy

        @Jay T. We do not have similar experiences with podcasts.

      3. Jay T.

        It's a podcast, there isn't a single topic but there can be a main one that gets a longer part of the discussion.

    93. Euan Griffiths

      I can't help but feel you guys are less Marvel fans and are more MCU/Spider-Man fans specifically, just the vibe I'm getting.

    94. Frankie Cedeno

      I can’t help but feel like y’all didn’t mention the second Post Credit scene of the final episode which to me confirms the thing Kaiser and Stephan fear the most which is a multiverse. Now, I don’t think it’s the worst thing because rather than making a huge mess of continuity they can use the multiverse as an excuse to make any movie with any actors WITHOUT worrying about continuity. Maybe in another 10 years we get a multiverse crossover, but I really don’t see it mucking up anything in the here and now.

      1. dylanaruto

        Multiverses are pure laziness.

      2. Bryzantine

        the multiverse has been confirmed since endgame and the announcement of doctor strange 2

    95. Draven1895

      1:13:44 Maybe a Adam Warlock Show

    96. Gandalf Monkey Animations

      I agree with Stephan, I want a live action Tom Holland Spider-man show. No multiverse, just a show where we see live action Spider-man swinging and we can see a narrative with so many of his villains

    97. Crono Sapien

      I very much enjoyed hearing ya’lls discussions on WandaVision, even if I don’t really agree with most of Stephan’s takes. I’m more so with Lani where while I do think the finale falters in several aspects, I don’t think it brings it down the show significantly like Stephan does. And also unlike Stephan, I don’t think the series is just good, but great, as for me it’s a 9/10 series with a 7/10 finale. I do think it more or less did lose its identity towards the end, as well as finding the finale a bit disappointing since it juggled so many characters together that it overall just felt jumbled and rushed, and I felt like the series actually could’ve benefited from another episode or two to further flesh certain things out. But at the same time, I don’t think it brought down the show as a whole all that much, and it still gave an emotionally satisfying conclusion to Wanda’s story as well as serving as an engaging origin story for The Scarlet Witch. So overall, even if it didn’t quite stick the landing, I still largely enjoyed WandaVision and am much looking forward to Disney+’s other MCU projects. Especially since Falcon and the Winter Soldier is premiering in only a week.

    98. ch0pper116

      I do like that they stick to the major conquences of deaths and that vision has been the only real revival. Amd I really want them to stick to their guns on Tony. But untill Disney has some sort of memorial attraction set up in their parks, its only a matter of money till Iorn man is back.

    99. swaggamon36

      Whats wrong with kenshin?

    100. WestWard Media

      Monica was the sympathetic voice for Wanda, she has a great new intro, works great for introducing S.W.O.R.D., and a cool way for her to get her powers I loved Monica in this show