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    Join Quinn, Nick, and Scott as they delve deep into the first three episodes the new Disney Marvel series: Wandavision!
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    1. TeamFourStar

      The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/teamfourstar01211

      1. Thorax999

        don't forget to state you are supporting fascism as well ;)

      2. b jo r n . wa lte rs

        Avtually just anything but a podcast no offense

      3. b jo r n . wa lte rs

        Please bring back dragon ball abriged it made me happy

      4. MojoMohMoh

        @Stormer I care

      5. Orphenoc Ou

        @Stormer dude, they did that for 10+ years and poured their heart and soul into it. They deserve to sit back and profit a bit without copyright claims, C&D letters and thousands of threatening messages everyday asking “wen 61”. Unless you mean the db shorts which also take time & effort or db reviews which they do a bit here or discussing db what if’s, which you may see on masakox channel

    2. oopsy444

      even those they were only 3 eps so much of what they said came true almost completely

    3. MatenDigitiZer

      I wish you would do a Wandavision update podcast because.......HOLY SHIT!

    4. Zach Ufert

      After episode 6 they predicted a lot of shit on the nose. Good job!

    5. Rob S.

      Your calling was abridged series... Podcasts are shit. The numbers obviously speak for themselves. This podcast will get 26,000 views... tops. The Broly abridged movie has 25,000,000. You'd get 10 times the views of all of your podcasts combined within the first hour of your next abridged episode... As I said... the numbers speak for themselve. PLEASE... more abridged!!!!!!

      1. SadPanda

        You REALLY don't know what you're talking about if you're comparing the views of an insanely popular video from over four years ago to those of a relatively recent and comparably niche podcast. But anything to shit on current TFS projects, right?

      2. Jimbo Bob

        Shut up dude

    6. Paul-Junior Black

      Y'all may have done Wanda vision a bit too early

    7. Rahma Shifa

      Only the OGs remember DBZA

    8. Vincent Vonschert

      Good thing you guys didn't start off with content like this. You would have never had an audience

    9. Hugh Sorensen


    10. MaaG1nen

      So. Dbza is never gonna happen..

      1. MaaG1nen

        I'm sure I'd think that yes

      2. SadPanda

        You'd think the video they made saying that they were done would've clued you in earlier...

    11. Mandeep Kaur

      Buy saga

    12. Luca

      Bring back DBZA :(

    13. Physically Damaged

      I jus wanna know y yall purposely chose to kill ur channel yall had something going with the dbz dubs i watching yall yrsss ago now yall doin podcast not the change i was hoping for but its just my opinion best of luck to yall ❤️...💔

    14. Frank Woods

      Its funny that yu gi oh abridged outlived dbz abridged

    15. Generał Mynutemen'ów

      ...when buu saga?

    16. Keister

      Please continues the DBZ We're waiting Please

      1. Keister

        @SadPanda thank for telling

      2. SadPanda

        @Keister Burnout was a big factor, and they decided the finale at ep 60 was a good end for their telling of the story. I don't think they've completely closed the doors on DBZA, but they've closed them enough that folks should stop pestering them for new episodes.

      3. Keister

        @SadPanda why did they stop?

      4. Keister

        @SadPanda why?

      5. SadPanda

        It's over. It's been over for a while now. Stop waiting for it.

    17. mohd ibrahim khan

      Make naruto parody #missurparodies 😁

    18. robert shep

      Finish dbz abridged!!!!!! ASSHOLES

    19. James Pinder

      BRING BACK DBZA!!!!! 😥

    20. J M

      Hello I am Dragon Ball fan. Please make T.O.P video I miss the series please bring it back.

    21. ZBOGAMER123

      The day you guys realise that Dragon Ball was the thing that kept this channel alive I feel it might be a bit too late lol

    22. [MAL SUEÑO]

      This channels kinda cheeks without dbza

    23. Michael Braddy

      I miss the Dragonball z abridged series guys

    24. Dragonfist

      Why no dragon ball 😭

    25. Sean Tapp

      Hay teamfourstar

    26. K TF1277

      What u want to continues dbz abridged series ??????

    27. Dominic Courtois

      Bee keeper= AIM agent

    28. Lazypackmule

      The space season of AoS was actually really good, and served as a perfect ending to the series Shame they kept going after that for like two more seasons

    29. BigBlueDrew97

      Spoilers: Wandavision is mostlikle following a similar story in the comics called House of M where Wanda creates a world where muntants rule the world but then she reverts back to the original world with a twist. The number of X-men decreased and led to in my openion, the best marvel story ever: The Avengers vs. X-Men.

    30. hawk222

      Damn, I keep listening and hearing them go "man, we just don't know what this is" followed up by "well, what if it's kinda like this" and accurately predicting exactly what happened. These guys, they're perceptive.

    31. Nash Hodges

      Would mean the world to me. take it down if its not true

    32. 44briggs

      So my theory is that this show will follow closely to the comic book source; not House of M or disassembled, but the plot around her children’s first appearance. I think she is in control after someone showed her how to control her powers. She couldn’t warp reality before, and in exchange for this perfect world that she can now create for herself, she is manipulated into bringing Mephisto into the world through the birth of her twins (just like in the comics). Phase 4 and the marvel universe going forward is all about the villains. Specifically, major enemies that will be recurring and reappearing through various films and shows. PS. Her manipulation of Vision’s body may lead to the revival of Ultron. A hidden piece of his AI is powered by her hex magic and he is revived in Vision’s body. Paul Bettany stays in the MCU as Ultron-6 (the 2.0 to the success Ultron-5) Idk. Just a few ideas.

    33. K S

      Does anyone know what the opening theme is called?

    34. AGENT Leo

      i wonder, will you guys do more Abridged series?

    35. Killerhub93

      Im sure there is a post about this somewhere but are you guys ever going to do more dbz abridged or dbz super abridged?

    36. WestWard Media

      Scott: All Anime Shows, The Budget & Time For The First Few Episodes Lets Their Animation Look Great And Then It Starts To Suffer. Have We Forgotten About Super Already????

    37. WestWard Media

      How Dark They're Willing To Go One Fan Theory Floating Around Is That Wanda Is Just Carrying Around Vision's Dead Body In This Town

    38. Chris Cannon

      Sucks they have no marvel comic experts on the team, I'd have such a blast filling them in with House of M and other storylines.

      1. Adrian

        Yeah, iirc thry had Linkara on before. Would've been interesting

    39. visoredgruntR34

      The Space Season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was pretty great though.

    40. zimbuwawa

      Well, Dinosaurs just came to Disney+ this week. Like, it's right next to WandaVision on "what's new". So maybe your theory about DinoVision has more legs than you think.

    41. Remy Delprey

      It's so different listening to people talk about this that aren't comic book readers. Borderline fascinating.

      1. BigBlueDrew97

        I am not a comic book reader but I watch comic but channels and all I can say is this: House of M.

    42. Anime PDX

      Soooo.. does like no one remember agents of shield or does that not count now?

    43. Robert Buck

      I'm 35 and I used to get in trouble for staying up late and watching nick at nite in the 90's. You are not alone.

    44. Baato Painter

      So far, listening to this podcast has made me want to watch Cobra Kai, and now...I will start watching WandaVision.

    45. GameWizard001

      Scott said it's a comedy, and it isn't. It's a sci-fi thriller pretending to be a comedy. Something horrifying is happening with Wanda or because of Wanda, and she is forcing everyone to play along. It's like that Twilight Zone episode where the little kid has god like powers and everyone has to be nice to him, not be mean or angry or he kills you with his brain. The only difference is no one is aware of the lady with the powers and she wants it that way to pretend to be normal.

      1. strifenineteen

        Some people seem to be at least alittle aware of things like Mrs. Hart or their neighbor (not Agnes)

    46. Jayden Taylor

      Do buu saga Abriged

    47. CsBTransition

      Paul Bettany would make a perfect Herman Munster.

    48. Torterra

      This show is definitely feeling like a breath of fresh air to anyone who was getting fatigue from the constant stream of MCU movies and superhero films in general. And I am super glad that we’re getting at least two other shows this year in addition to the three movies that are expected to come out starting with Black Widow.

    49. Torterra

      It’s funny that they mention Kathryn Hahn being a welcome addition, because this isn’t actually her first Marvel related project. Remember the gender bent Doc Ock from Into the Spiderverse? That’s her.


      Kind of irresponsible not to wait until the whole season was out.

    51. Rob H.

      I actually didn’t find it particularly funny. And I’m easy to get to laugh. It was super interesting though and I’m liking it a lot so far.

    52. Brendan White

      This channels so fucking dead just release dragon ball Z abriged shows or just stop uploading no one wants to see this shit

    53. Ozma Richardson

      You guys guessed pretty accurately

    54. Ozma Richardson

      Next series: a spinoff all about Happy, they can call it Happy Days

    55. Matthew Daye

      Fun fact the toaster beep? Same beep as the star missle that exploded and put the shrapnel in tony's heart in ironman 1.

    56. It's Baby Yul

      Your content is absolutely amazing.😊 I'm sending my full support. God bless you.😊❤️

    57. Samuel Harms

      “That organisation with a sword” so S.W.O.R.D? Essentially S.H.E.I.L.D. Cosmic? Would people recommend the show to those that have read the comic that this takes inspiration from?

    58. [ Shana Reviews ]

      I came here to enjoy talk about Wandavision and while it did happen, hearing Korra being trash talked is...not what I came here for, thanks Scott. but hey, i'm a Korra apologist, so I know what it's like with you being an Age of Ultron Apologist

      1. [ Shana Reviews ]

        @Zacman1123 still trashing the series

      2. Zacman1123

        That "Trash Talk" was, what, less an a minute and slightly on topic?

    59. Ghostsurfer421

      *Vision's kid after hitting him on the head* "Not the Wanda!" Also, Dinosaurs ended with a meteor strike, and Wanda's debut movie involved a villain wanting to kill Earth with a big rock... O.O

    60. VENO

      When is the next dragon short

    61. Krov ven

      First time listening...4min in...and all I can suggest in the future is to get rid of the background music. I listen to podcast while doing other things, and the music is just an additional layer of unwanted noise.

    62. Jake Croft

      Hey guys. I love the podshow have been listening since ep1. I either use Spotify or SEprom and was just wondering out of the two which gives you guys more revenue because I'll use whichever platform that is

    63. Diana Bacovis

      I feel like weekly shows is better than binge. It keeps the discourse going for longer, since people actually discuss episode by episode, week by week, instead of discussing the highlights of an entire season for a single week, this keeps the series alive longer, in TV and in our memories, since it occupies our minds for 2 months instead of like, 6-8 hours over two days in an entire year. With the added bonus of having one MCU show around the entire year.

    64. Blitz Plays

      Ya'll should have asked Linkara for help on this

    65. Cyber Miner

      I've always been curious - does Lani come up with the titles for his co-hosts on the spot, or are they scripted?

    66. Kyle Ashley

      I hope the Talkcast comes back to this topic at the end of the series. They lean very dark in the 4th episode. I think this is going to spill over into the entirety of Phase 4 given Dr. Strange 2 and Spider-Man 3's cast listing

    67. Orphenoc Ou

      I’m you guy’s generation and grew up with all those nick at nite, snick, etc and loved Genie etc. I can’t believe Fresh Prince is retro either. But 80s they might also do a nod to Full House instead of 90s since it was 87-95. Also AoS in space (season 5) was good. It helped explain how it started in regular MCU timeline and could ignore everything after Doctor Strange was taken into space. All of daredevil, season 1 and 2 of Luke cage, and season 1 of Jessica Jones are great. Defenders is short but fine. Iron fist, well season 1 is horrible. If you can survive that season 2 will be a breeze

    68. brad carver

      That opening to episode 4 holy shit way to make the blip reverse tense af

    69. Tyson Cook

      When's the next Dragon short coming

    70. Andy Jazzson

      ⚠️ DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS SERIES ON DISNEY+ OR NEVER SEEN MARVEL'S AVENGERS THROUGHOUT, THIS IS CHOPPED FULL OF SPOILERS! ⚠️ (and no, I didn't get spoiled, just a fair warning for those who haven't)

    71. Kelley Jones

      47:45 ...imagine giving Quicksilver more time to be a character.

    72. Joebobjon112

      I’m glad I (accidentally) waited for 4 episodes to air before I started watching the show.

    73. SuperFlik

      In reference to the shows Wandavision is parodying, I'm in my 30s myself and while I'm aware of old shows like I Love Lucy, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, etc. I can't say that I have an memories of watching them

    74. Malytheria s

      Ahaha skillshare ad

    75. Malytheria s

      Glad skillshare is getting love

    76. Elijah Eun

      55:58 you were THIS close to not mentioning Snyder again

    77. Krugis Punk

      *gasp* My favorite shounen anime protagonist is making an appearance on the Talk Cast Pod Show! Is this a crossover, or is the TFS Universe bigger than we realize? Given that my favorite rival duo Lani and Kaiser regularly make appearances on the best anime Among Us: Stream Four Star, I think it's the latter! Omg I love this universe!

    78. Cal D II

      I gotta say I think I would have been even more invested in this show if I hadn’t seen trailers and went into this blind.

    79. vdubmerc3

      Maybe the red coming through is a reference to the Giver?

    80. Miles

      Sword is a sister organisation of shield. Interestingly the acronym stands for something different in the comics than in the show. Spoilerlation: Agnes might be *Ag*atha Hark*nes*s.

      1. HailMuffins

        You were right.

    81. dudemunch87

      I hope they make a followup podcast after another couple episodes or after the series wraps, because they were almost 100% spot on with how episode 4 went and what we learn and how things work.

    82. Keister

      We beg You To do Dragon ball Please

    83. poetascarafaggio

      Man, that prediction about episode 4 after minute 24:00.

    84. Elros04

      it HURTS to hear how ignorant they are about some things... S.W.O.R.D. is a "cabal"? geez...

    85. trident042

      Can confirm Scott is not alone on Nick @ Nite being my evenings and early mornings. I did not have cable but my grandparents did, and whenever I stayed over I was on that Nickelodeon jam. As for Marvel's TV stuff, SHIELD was a good show. Not a great show, not a terrible one. But it took a bit to pick up steam. The Netflix shows were also fine, but in different ways. Iron Fist was a disappointment.

    86. Cameron Pearce

      I hope Wanda gets to keep her kids, Wiccan and Speed

    87. Cameron Pearce

      Anybody notice that Vision has Super Speed in this when he never had that power before

    88. Cameron Pearce

      We’re definitely getting a Modern Family episode. Mondays am I right XD

    89. Cameron Pearce

      I really really hope we see the Snapper ad

    90. Cameron Pearce

      I’m fascinated by all the Mephisto imagery as well as knowing that theirs a big stained glass window of him in (I think) Loki

    91. Louis DellaLucca

      Spoilers I think Ralph will be revealed to be Dormammu, or Mephisto manipulating everything

    92. geoffrey gilsdorf

      Once again, Lani rocks that long hair.

    93. DragonFae16

      Most theories I've seen about Agnes is she's actually Agatha Harkness, the witch who taught Wanda magic.

    94. Devasta The Seeker

      So what I got from this is that I need to watch 500 movies so I can get the full wandavision experience so that's a big ol nope from me. What happened to just making good stand alone superhero movies?

    95. ninjabreadman1993r

      I mean, there *is* a counterpart to SHIELD in the comics that is literally called "SWORD" so...

    96. M o I

      After watching ep 4, fucking quinn is on point

      1. Diedkid 145

        I was incredibly surprised by how well he was able to call it

    97. Macaroni Men

      Just for clarification, Wanda and Vision had a mini series in the mid-80s where they lived in suburbia and the children were brought into reality but nothing was done with them they just existed. Then in the late 80s, there was a story where Vision was taken by the government and wiped of his personality, and they basically got a divorce. Not long after, there was a really awful story where it was revealed that "the kids were portions of Mephisto (basically the devil)'s soul" and Agatha Harkness (elderly witch and Wanda's mentor) allowed them to be absorbed into his soul so that she could destroy it. And of course Wanda was unconscious during all of this so Agatha and the Wasp (could be others, I don't remember) just decided they would never mention it again. Over 15 years later, Brian Michael Bendis (when he decided that the Avengers weren't "cool" enough), had her regain her memories, murder Agatha, and "indirectly" kill Vision, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and Hawkeye, among other things. Afterwards she was looked over by Magneto and Professor X, in the remains of Genosha for some reason, (Genosha was a nation comprised of mostly mutants that was genocided by Sentinels) and Bendis decided that Pietro should become a villain and manipulate Wanda into making an alternate reality where mutants were the ruling class and her family were the rulers. She was eventually talked down and decided to bring back reality how it was before excet with the whole "no more mutants" thing because Marvel thought there were too many. Afterwards she mostly dropped off the face of the Earth for a while, but we did get her kidsreincarnated into Billy Kaplan (Wiccan) and Tommy Shepard (Speed), as members of the Young Avengers (along with a rebuilt Vision). BTW Young Avengers is really good for those who haven't read it. Eventually there was a story called "The Children's Crusade" that made it so that Doctor Doom was the one manipulating her and that she was aware of her kids. After that, they haven't done much with Wanda, they had Vision make a robotic family and have all but one of them die (and almos never bring it up again), and Billy and Tommy really didn't get used again until last year when Billy finally got married to Teddy (Hulkling).

      1. Macaroni Men

        Sorry that was so long

    98. The Comic Platypus

      I'm so glad this is weekly; Binge release was a mistake

    99. Jason Crews

      Scott, I also grew up on the Nick at Nite shows, it’s how I saw Get Smart and The Munsters for the first time.

    100. neutralraff

      How cool would it be if they did a reference to the adult swim ARG fake ads like the ''watching a bear'' live stream or ''this house has people in it'' OH GOD PLEASE!!!!